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  1. Shazam is American teens comedy.It won't be Huge As Aquaman.Wonder woman cross ¥600($90M).Maybe $80-90M for Shazam? Btw End game Still release in May in China.Captain Marvel March.Shazam April.One month apart.It's okay for shazam. May is a bit crowded with End Game,Detective Pikachu,Godzilla:Kings of the Monsters.All of them will be Big in China.April is fine.
  2. Spider-verse is more hard-core For Comics Fans.Aquaman is more GA-friendly.1BN or not.It's all Depends on domestic now.if It's Very close to 1BN,WB will push it.800-900M is still decent for Aquaman
  3. Well,Most films finished Production before September.So WB can start campaign early.MPR Starts campaign Very early.While Aquaman drop first trailer in July,MPR campaign has already started.They just Released in December.Aquaman finish all the staff around November.It's a bit Late.All campaign resource is on Asib.So It's make sense Aquaman don't get much campaign.Campaign don't make difference for vfx?I Remember someone says the order of the shortlist make a lot difference in nomination.if It's on the Top of the page,It's more likely to Snub.The middle is the best.It's happened to durkirk last year.It's from A vfx expert says.There is a long shortlist for vfx.vfx also needs campaign
  4. Isle of dogs,annihilation,fantastic beasts also get snubbed.vfx are Great.Even If those films don't get a nomination,vfx is great too.Sometimes Nominated or not don't make the vfx not Great.No one can tell the truth why they get Snubbed.Maybe some experts don't like it.It doesn't make vfx not Great at all.It's just a shortlist for nomination.
  5. But It's still a bit Late for Award Season.Usually,they Start campaign in September.Aquaman finished all the vfx staff early November.Only Star War get nominated at last moment These years.WB Is focusIng On ASiB this year.Aquaman doesn't get much campaign as wonder woman.I am not very Surprised That Aquaman don't get a nomination.It's too Late.Still pity for Aquaman
  6. Christmas is not holiday in China.Young generation will Celebrate As Half valentine's day.New year has 3-Day holiday.There is still some Holiday Bonus for Aquaman in coming weeks.$270M is Loading
  7. Foreign language Films are much better than Hollywood production This year.Burning,Cold War,Roma,Shoplifters are Great
  8. Maybe Aquaman release date is too Late.Campaign should start August or October at least.MPR Start campaign Very early.Fantastic beasts snub again too.WB choose RPO.RPO is Great.But It's pity Aquaman don't have a nomination
  9. Aquaman presale is 25% below AntMan2,also behind SpiderMan:HC and Black panther.now it will be 125% Ahead of them.I don't expect those Crazy Number in SK.Aquaman cross more than JL/WW/SS is a good result
  10. Yep.It's 2nd Best weekend drop.The Best is wolf warrior2 up 10% on 2nd weekend.Aquaman only drop 42%.Most films drop 60-70%
  11. Actually,Aquaman is doing well OS-China.China performance is extraordinary.OS-china is not bad.It's Better than JL and ww.Some are close to bvs.It's right to release OS before dom.
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