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  1. pensivepenguin

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Clearly not, as you can see.
  2. pensivepenguin

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Ehh, I guess “freaking out” is open to interpretation. But seriously, that dude — in nearly every single thread where IW’s box office is discussed — only contributes whiny, negative stuff. I’ve avoided all threads he frequents because of that but he’s been in this one, too, and ... it’s been a little hard to enjoy what an otherwise great run for IW overall has been because of him. (The ignore function doesn’t work when others quote his posts and on mobile) Back to box office— Anyway, based on presales talks, it’s understanable why people would’ve expected more but a record is a record so IW did fine. Avengers 4 will only be higher.
  3. That's what I'm assuming. It pays to be the first Avenger actor in the MCU. I don't think Marvel/Disney does that type of deal anymore (like: Hemsworth has become a bigger star than he was in 2011, who knows he might have something similar since all of the original Avengers had to renegotiate their contract for Avengers 4)
  4. These "Downey is making $200M from Avengers 3 and 4" rumors are hella annoying because they're so ridiculous. If he had *demanded* for that much, do people really think Marvel/Disney would cave in? (Having said that, if his agents managed to add a percentage-of-earnings clause into his contract, which I'm assuming was renegotiated after IM1 came out, and maybe again after TA1 came out, then that's just smart business.)
  5. I guess I shouldn't have used "record breaking drop". What I wanted to ask is, what number is considered "ok" for Monday's gross?
  6. This is mighty impressive and all but given how we're not in the holiday season (like how it was during TFA's run), should we expect a record-breaking Sunday-Monday drop, too?
  7. http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/news/2018/04/26/0200000000AEN20180426002051315.html
  8. WEEKEND ACTUALS 1. Captain America: Civil War $72,637,142 2. The Jungle Book $17,115,708 3. Money Monster $14,788,157
  9. pensivepenguin

    CIVIL WAR OS | $744M OS | $1.15B WW

    Good. Ugh, I just wanna be wrong. I feel like this film deserves as much money as it could make and it disappoints me a little that it's sort of not meeting even my personal modest expectations (which itself was swayed by the crazy predictions that I saw others make).
  10. pensivepenguin

    CIVIL WAR OS | $744M OS | $1.15B WW

    Huh, a very divisive film that CACW is now having trouble keeping up with and will likely fall under in the long run. I'm thinking at best CACW will do 1.1B in the end, assuming that it doesn't drop any harder than it's been dropping in the subsequent weeks.
  11. It's interesting though, at least to me, because CACW had a lot of things for it -- great marketing, great reviews (some glowing), good performances, good press/publicity, coming off a cult-favorite/well-received sequel (TWS) and another sequel that was seen as a disappointment but arguably still did ok (AOU). From that, one logic sort of dictated that it could do better than AOU, which is why while I thought some of the predictions/expectations went overboard, it's not like some of those other predictions didn't make total sense (e.g. 200M opening, DOM total above AOU). In the end, it's like Marvel can do everything perfectly or near perfectly (and I think they did that with CACW) but ultimately this is the 13th film in this interconnected franchise, this has become an annual event (so some luster is lost) ... there's just a plateau. That's not even factoring the storyline (not a kids film imo; plus, hard to follow/care if you're not invested in the previous MCU films), the pseudo-politics topic (tbh, I feel like that's a major turnoff internationally). Of course, all this only makes sense if we're looking at this as an Avengers sequel; if this is solely consider as a Cap one, these numbers are fantastic no matter how you slice it. PS. -- same thing will happen with the Star Wars films, especially since there'll be one or film SW-related films a year now.
  12. Yeesh. Ehh number (given that the last time I was on this forum it was predicted at 22M Friday). Is this even going to beat IM3 worldwide? I'm thinking this will come under, like 1.1B (that's what I was thinking early this week).
  13. pensivepenguin

    CIVIL WAR OS | $744M OS | $1.15B WW

    Sorry if I'm not gonna read past this page (page 18) but can someone just summarize: is this film doing better or under IM3 internationally? I'm getting a sense that it's the latter.

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