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  1. Any rating in other sites? Yet to be updated in maoyan!
  2. Yea it should. I hope the budget is around 60-70m and not more than that ! Rampage budget was 120m but no way this should be more than jumanji (90m)
  3. Rampage opened around 35m in its OW. Anything more or equal to the opening of rampage should be a good start!
  4. I am surprised that it's releasing in 3d given its genre! Director has give many hits but all were comedy. Handling his first action movie , I am eager to see how it fares!
  5. Set in Chinese territory too! Is that a bonus?
  6. Is the genre Chinese friendly ?
  7. Will skyscraper have a release in china?
  8. How is the quiet place opening ? Is it ok?
  9. IW JW dp starwars all r big franchise movies I suppose. I don't know how we can compare all those movies with a non franchise movie. Moreover it did well for its budget. All I said was it did a decent business. I think most of the people would agree with my point of it being a non franchise movie and still garnering 400m ww for its given budget. @A2k Raptor 's analysis above seems to be legit.
  10. Still it performed decently worldwide. Very few people gave it a chance to breach 400m..it did really well. Rock is a big draw ww. No doubt in that !

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