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  1. All three doing above 75m which is pretty decent !
  2. Seems like as will have 7-8m weekend. What are its chances from here. 100 still possible ?
  3. Can SS survive and still make $110m?
  4. https://variety.com/2018/film/box-office/skyscraper-tops-china-box-office-million-opening-1202880722/ But with the hugely popular Dwayne Johnson leading the rescue, the film was able to overcome fear of heights and only modest ratings on popular ticketing and ratings sites. Despite being produced by Wanda-owned Legendary Entertainment, the film is considered as a revenue-sharing quota import, and is distributed by state-owned China Film Group and Huaxia Distribution. The connections to Wanda, China’s largest cinema circuit, as well as a powerful marketing machine, can only have helped. The film rated 7.1 of out 10 on the Wanda-owned Mtime ticketing and merchandise site, and 6.6 on Douban.// How far is this true. Reviews are modest. I heard maoyan and taopiaopiao has a very good rating for the movie! @POTUS @firedeep @Olive @fmpro
  5. That's a good for ss I suppose
  6. Flat even for night shows ?
  7. 110 by 9.30pm. how much can it add from here. Another 10 maybe?
  8. 100m is a win for a non franchise starter i suppose! for its genre especially
  9. 47m yuan at 2.45. whats the saturday multiplier
  10. Pretty decent start for 100m target I think

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