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  1. The Karate Kid Part 2 opened 35 years ago today and was one of the few sequels at the time to outgross the original, which is something that is commonplace today
  2. yes Kloves deserves credit for condensing the books but that’s all really did. Some of the decisions on what he chose to leave out and leave in were kind of baffling and original dialogue and moments he made up were actually pretty bad.
  3. Steve Kloves is not a good writer. He had the books to rely on when it came to the HP movies but most of the new stuff he invented for those movies were pretty cringey
  4. This is going to bomb so bad domestically. Dark Phoenix/Allegianr style. Overseas it should still do decent but I’m not sure it will be that profitable
  5. happy 25th anniversary to the movie that started it all. Brian De Palma's Mission Impossible
  6. 60% after only 5 reviews. Will likely be rotten. Looks like critics are Fast and Furioused out
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