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  1. Back home, a couple theaters had re-opened two weeks ago but just shuttered again due to low attendance. They were playing Focus’ titles from this year (Irresistable, Emma, The High Note) along with a few smaller indies and WOM hits from the past few years. They’re not going to re-open until new movies come out, and it’s not hard to see why when they were operating at extreme losses.
  2. Oooh yes Raise the Red Lantern is some good shit. Dunno if it’ll be in my top ten but it’s super underrated
  3. This is mother!’s list to shine My top 20 has changed pretty drastically from two years ago so i’m excited to submit a new list
  4. In Telegram earlier I said these would’ve been the extra films: 2019: The Two Popes 2018: Cold War and Beale Street 2017: The Big Sick 2016: Jackie 2015: Carol and Straight Outta Compton 2014: Foxcatcher and Inherent Vice 2013: Blue Jasmine 2012: The Master 2011: Bridesmaids
  5. Eh fuck it I'll do some predictions with the new rules in place: Ammonite Da 5 Bloods The Father The French Dispatch Mank Minari Next Goal Wins Nomadland Soul Tenet
  6. Now that Da 5 Bloods reviews are out and its acclaim is on the same level as BlacKkKlansman, it should be good for a nomination. Being a June release, who knows if it can win.
  7. I’m Thinking of Ending Things is probably one of their strongest contenders given it’s Kaufman
  8. Been watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for my current TV binge. I think... I think I’m turning into a weeab Killing Eve has been trash this season. Better Call Saul *chef’s kiss* My film watching has consisted of shitty 00s comedies, but I managed to sneak in Beastie Boys Story which is fantastic.
  9. Only 709 for Wakaliwood's finest? Fuck this world. I will say I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of support Edge of Seventeen got. We were *this* close! I also got Bong's Mother confused with Aronofsky's mother!
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