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  1. This is pretty much the boat I'm in now that I'm living back home with my immunocompromised parents. I was planning to see Jungle Cruise and The Green Knight today, but with Florida hitting all-time highs with COVID, I can't risk a breakthrough infection and spread it to my parents. My dad is especially at risk of hospitalization/death if he has a breakthrough case. It sucks because I was finally in a place where I could set aside pandemic anxiety, but now it's back because too many people can't do the right thing. I likely won't go back to a theater/gym/theme park for a few weeks until cases
  2. I should probably mention that TSS is currently trailing ITH Friday at the same point in time by four tickets in my comps
  3. If TSS actually opens under Mortal Kombat.... lmfao Really wish I was counting sales for that weekend between MK and Demon Slayer.
  4. They also don't want to risk Daniel Craig going berserk at the EON and MGM offices for being held in the film's promotional campaign for almost 2 years.
  5. I sincerely doubt Shang-Chi is the make or break movie for reasons I outlined in last weekend's thread. No Time to Die would be a much more appropriate fit for that criteria, but even then, studios won't keep delaying their films when we have vaccines widely available.
  6. Nope, Free Guy is the first Disney/Fox release that's doing a 45 day window. Speaking of which, I have no idea why Disney stopped marketing Night House in theaters once it was delayed a month. The trailer was at everything in April and May, but I haven't seen it anywhere since AQP.
  7. I'd like to be wrong on it, but current tracking is 9-14M. It's a niche enough horror franchise to the point where Peele's brand feels diluted.
  8. I think Reminiscence is going to be a bomb for the ages between a confusing trailer and HBO Max release. At least Hugh has a potential Oscar with The Son next year. Free Guy has been getting strong early reactions and is tracking well. An over performance like Jungle Cruise isn't impossible.
  9. I'll go with: Suicide Squad: 30M Free Guy: 25M Respect: 12M Don't Breathe: 11M Paw Patrol: 10M The Protege: 8M Night House: 6M Reminiscence: 5M Candyman: 10M I don't see Delta impacting the box office more than a weak slate; aside from potential over performances with the August 13 releases, the second half of the month looks dire for hits. The messaging for vaccinated people on Delta has been inconsistent to the point where not many are concerned by updated guidelines, and cases will likely start declining in
  10. The Suicide Squad: 7:00 Dolby: 48/236 7:30: 0/107 8:00 IMAX: 9/372 Total: 57/715 Comps: 16% of Black Widow Previews the day before (2.1M) 44% of F9 Previews three days out (3.1M) 52% of AQP2 Previews two days out (2.5M) 259% of Jungle Cruise Previews five days out (7M) 317% of Old Previews four days out (4.8M) 335% of The Green Knight Previews five days out (2.5M) 407% of Snake Eyes Previews four days out (5.7M) Currently, I'd expect 2.5-3.5M based on comparisons like F9, AQP, and Green Knight. This has a ful
  11. That's a great opening for JC with all variables in consideration. Remove Premier Access and it probably would've made 45-50M. It's probably going to have good legs into mid-September as Free Guy is the only four-quad movie in August (which JC will have double features with).
  12. Father, Son, and House of Gucci is currently the third search result on Google when you reach "Father So"
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