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  1. It’ll hit 40M+. January is weak, so this can maintain a pretty prominent presence during that month. I have it doing 55M rn
  2. lol @ thinking WB will kick Rowling out. If she’s out, there are no more Beasts movies
  3. SM2 SM SMH SM3 Venom ASM ASM2 My opinion is RIGHT godddammit.
  4. *sees deadline estimates* And I had no comps to use or much thought put into the predicts bc I’m away from home rn
  5. Only problem is this gives less time for smaller and midsize theaters to hang onto it as it’ll be gone from those theaters when the Christmas onslaught starts
  6. Green Book is only opening in 1k theaters next week. Hm.
  7. I was looking at apartments all day (got a lease!) so I son’t have any sellouts. That said, I’m gonna lowball all three openers based on what I’m reading in here.
  8. This is going to be a very sweet movie.
  9. If it falls below 600M WW, then WB will start worrying. However, that definitely won't happen until the third or fourth film at the earliest. Yeah, this is why I'll probably skip it this weekend lol.
  10. I want to see this in Dolby while I’m up in Tallahassee this weekend, but my mom would be so fucking lost as to what’s happening Give my some advice on this one.
  11. Yeah, Glass is a pretty major one that has a 95% chance at increasing from Split.

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