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  1. WrathOfHan

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Climax is in my top 3 of the year right now. I didn't know what to rate it after I saw it because it's a very uncomfortable watch that almost made me walk out of the theater, but that's a testament to how fucked up it is. I felt what Noë intended me to feel so 🤷‍♀️
  2. I'm seeing this late tomorrow with a bunch of people. Going to be a fun time ahead!
  3. WrathOfHan

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Suspiria was my "Oh, so THAT'S what mother! haters feel" movie. Climax is good stuff tho
  4. This is really cool https://www.onceuponatimeinhollywood.movie
  5. Haven't done one of these in ages: Captain Marvel: Remainder of this week: 24.4M (290.6M Total) Mar 22: 33.5M (12.3M weekdays, 336.4M Total) Mar 29: 20.2M (7M weekdays, 363.6M Total) Apr 5: 10.9M (3.5M weekdays, 378M Total) Apr 12: 6.9M (2.2M weekdays, 387.1M Total) Apr 19: 5M (1.9M weekdays, 394M Total) Apr 26: 4.3M (1.6M weekdays, 399.9M Total) May 3: 3.8M (1.3M weekdays, 405M Total) May 10: 2.3M (600k weekdays, 407.9M Total) May 17: 1M (300k weekdays, 409.2M Total) Final Total: 413M (2.66x) Us taking away the vast majority of PLFs and some IMAXs is going to damage it a bit this weekend, but if it can pull a drop below 45%, a 3x is on the table imo.
  6. WrathOfHan

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I’m glad I’ve posted so little about my current crush on the forums lmao.
  7. Slightly bigger than IW all around. Btw, wasnt huge on The Hidden World. It starts out strong, but the whole film felt very filler.
  8. lmao @ James Gunn being rehired. This is a good development, but I give it 3 hours for Roseanne to be brought up.
  9. At the theater for HTTYD3 and Five Feet Apart. I support Haley Lu Richardson.
  10. Not digging through 40 pages of trash, but I fucking LOVED Captain Marvel. Top 3 MCU for sure.
  11. I was only planning on seeing it twice, but my friend convinced me last night to see it in Dolby today bc I’m not doing anything else in the afternoon lol btw I have heard firsthand from two friends they really enjoyed it
  12. There is a strong chance I see Captain Marvel 3 times over the next week-ish 🤔 Seeing it in Dolby this afternoon

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