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  1. I have no clue how Hereditary is going to do with no marketing on TV (it still hasn't aired any ads). Social media buzz can only get you so far on its own.
  2. June predictions: Adrift: 10/25 Action Point: 4.5/10 Upgrade: 4/10 Ocean's 8: 33/100 Hereditary: 9/25 Hotel Artemis: 7/17 Incredibles 2: 150/530 Tag: 15/50 SuperFly: 5/10 Jurassic World: 135/350 Sicario: 22/70 Uncle Drew: 17/45 Christ, this is going to be a lame month to track outside of a few movies
  3. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    lmfao this guy is so delusional
  4. lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Solo WTF happened to A Quiet Place? Even with that TC loss that's a fucking horrendous increase
  5. I’m thinking 40%. Movies that skew so old don’t have large Saturday increases
  6. Box Office Casino

    Mind extending this to one more person?
  7. Talk to me when marketing picks up because that teaser did NOTHING
  8. The show went downhill big time in Season 5, and alhough it’s gotten better, I don’t really care about it anymore. Hell, I haven’t even watched last season’s finale
  9. But that’s a movie with four women in the lead! I imagine they’re opting for Show Dogs instead.

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