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  1. I was always in the fan club. Now I just have one project to clearly be excited for over the rest.
  2. 1. Marriage Story 2. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 3. Joker 4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 5. Parasite 6. The Farewell 7. Ford v Ferrari 8. Little Women 9. Knives Out 10. Ad Astra Alt: The Irishman I feel very confident about the top 5 getting in and somewhat confident about Farewell and FVF. After that? 😬 We’ll see where the race/narrative ends up after TIFF ends
  3. Lowkey wondering if this could have a nutso run and get 40M on OW. Great reviews at TIFF would help
  4. Do you guys want another horror countdown this year or should it be bi-annual and wait until next year?
  5. Yep, Soul is winning the year. This is going to be Inside Out on steroids.
  6. This is having a Dolby fan event the week before release. People are sleeping on this. btw, I tried watching Season 1 last week but don’t think I have the willpower to make it through all six seasons. Still may catch this if it gets good reviews tho
  7. Honestly TWS making the top 5 surprises me a bit. I feel like it's been overshadowed by more recent MCU stuff.
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