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  1. It's that shit Jake Paul was on.
  2. Biggest Surprise of the Decade Is?...

    Sniper. Almost voted for Jumanji, but Sniper's numbers are still baffling.
  3. Ultron is locked, yes? Now for 200M.
  4. Doing Tarantino's movie would've squashed any complaints about fading awareness with the GA.
  5. I'm more of a Bizaardvark guy myself.
  6. Lab Rats is some casual shit.
  7. WrathOfHan's Top 20 (and Bottom 10!) Movies of 2017

    #4. The Post "My decision stands, and I'm going to bed." Spielberg has been on a political roll this decade, but The Post is easily his best of the bunch. Sure, it isn't the most unique or inventive film, but having masters of the craft do their thing cannot go wrong. Meryl Streep stands out with her best role in a LONG time as Katharine Graham, and Hanks is great as Ben Bradlee too. There are so many supporting players here with Bob Odenkirk as the most notable one, and watching all these great actors interact with each other is awesome. Spielberg doesn't slouch with his directing either, and this film has the most underrated cinematography of the year. The Post is filmmaking done right.
  8. I Googled Tucci to see how much he shaves off and found a "bald actors when they had hair" slideshow with both him and Harrelson. Crazy!
  9. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Needed a dab tbh
  10. It's incredibly awkward. Reading posts to the left of my screen un-centered is no bueno!
  11. What the hell is this tweets box?
  12. JLaw can easily be a draw if the film is GA appealing. This and mother! are basically the exact opposite of GA appealing and have/had somewhat misleading marketing.
  13. WrathOfHan's Top 20 (and Bottom 10!) Movies of 2017

    #5. Get Out "Sex slave! Oh, shit! Chris, you gotta get the fuck outta there, man! You in some Eyes Wide Shut situation. *Leave*, motherfucker!" Get Out made every white person in America woke for good reason. Jordan Peele burst onto the scene with a shockingly great directorial debut. Get Out is a film that relishes in every little detail, and rewatching this movie is extremely rewarding. The cast is solid too with a standout performance from Lil Rel' Howery that caused the HFPA to categorize this as a comedy. Get Out really is a pitch perfect masterpiece that is worthy of the insane box office.

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