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  1. Parasite Little Women The Irishman Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 1917 Jojo Rabbit Joker Marriage Story Ford v Ferrari nothing below a 9 imo
  2. If 1917 wins PGA tonight, I don’t see how it loses BP.That would pretty much lock it for DGA too
  3. Can i be added to the tracking team? I was one of the site’s first consistent sellout trackers and still do it occasionally
  4. And that's 2020! I think there's room for plenty of breakouts (especially from unscheduled and indie releases), but there's no doubt it will be a much more dreary year than 2019. The big studios are slowly starting to realize original content is necessary to remain relevant in the streaming era as their brand powers are nowhere near as big as Disney's power, but even the Mouse will be facing some of these effects this year. 2021 could be a revolutionary year for cinemas, but we have to get through 2020 first.
  5. December 23/25 The Croods 2: Is this actually happening? I feel like this has been talked about for ages. This will be releasing almost 9 years after the first, and The Croods has maintained no relevancy in pop culture. Hell, it didn’t even maintain relevancy the year it came out. I’m sure it will be good, but it feels like a box office dud. 20/27/80 (4x from 3 day/2.96x from 5 day) Tom and Jerry: I have many concerns about the quality of this, but considering the only other family option for Christmas is The Croods 2 (and WSS to a lesser extent), this should have good returns. Too bad this wasn’t fully animated like Scoob!, but we’ll see how those CGI designs for Tom and Jerry are. 30/45/150 (5x from 3 day/3.33x from 5 day) News of the World: I think this should start in limited then go wide in January. The Christmas frame is stacked with adult releases, and this feels like it will get lost in the shuffle if it stays wide on Christmas. Tom Hanks alone can’t carry a film anymore. 10/40 (4x)
  6. December 18 Coming to America 2: Eddie Murphy is regaining popularity thanks to Dolemite is my Name, and this is a safe bet on paper for his comeback to rise even further. Coming to America was a massive hit when it came out, and although younger audiences aren’t too familiar with it, this will have lots of publicity leading up to release that could pull out some college audiences over the holidays. The quality is probably my biggest concern as comedy sequels are spotty, but with the original writing duo alongside Craig Brewer and Kenya Barris, that seems pretty damn strong to me. 30/180 (6x) Dune: People have been shitting on this film’s potential after 2049 flopped, but I’m here to tell you that Villeneuve is coming in hot with Dune. This is THE big budget event of the holiday season and probably WB’s main push for the year. With Fantastic Beasts flailing, LEGO dropping off the face of the earth, and Monsterverse providing diminishing returns, they need this film to be a success so they can gain a new franchise alongside DC. If Dune fails, it will cost the studio lots of money, especially because a companion series is in development at HBO. They are riding high on this, and honestly, it should pay off Villeneuve has an amazing filmography, and given this is his first writing credit in about a decade, he is putting lots of passion into this. The cast is great, and it will have IMAX for the entire Christmas frame (probably Dolby too if it’s not sharing with West Side Story or something else). Dune will be really refreshing for the current big-budget climate and the event of Christmas. 60/350 (5.83x) Uncharted: this aint happening fam. West Side Story: Spielberg is an interesting choice to tackle this musical, and I’m interested to see how unique it is compared to the original film. My main concern is that this is a remake that feels pointless, and although WSS is one of the most famous musicals of all time, there is already a classic film for it. I think this will have enough interest to last at the box office for a while thanks to an empty January (if not with awards buzz), but I expect it to have a fairly low opening. 15/165 (11x)
  7. December 11 Samaritan: Julius Avery made a fun genre movie with Overlord, and this sounds like a good take on the superhero genre. It has Stallone too! I expect the December schedule to change a bit, but if no other film takes this date, I’d be very curious to see how it fares. This sounds like it has a lot of potential for the holiday season. 20/100 (5x)
  8. November 25 King Richard: This sounds like a great prestigious family film for Thanksgiving. The Williams Sisters are two of the most popular athletes of all time, and a biopic about their early lives with Will Smith as their father sounds like an absolute winner. However, I don’t know if this date will stick as it hasn’t entered production yet and has nobody cast outside of Big Willie. Being a mid-size film means it can be made pretty fast though, and hopefully it comes out this year. 20/30/120 (6x from 3 day/4x from 5 day) Raya and the Last Dragon: Wow, has it really been 4 years since the last original Disney animation? Time flies. Raya’s plot gives off major Moana vibes, and given it’s releasing over the same time period, that’s a good baseline for it. If the movie is really special and well-received, I can see it hitting 300M. It’s the first animated film since September as well, which will be a massive boost for it. 60/80/270 (4.5x from 3 day/3.38x from 5 day)
  9. November 20 Godzilla vs Kong: What a weird fucking franchise the Monsterverse is. Godzilla 14 was hyped excessively then hated by audiences. Kong Skull Island wasn’t generating any buzz until a couple days before release when it suddenly became a hit with all ages. King of the Monsters repeated the trajectory of G14 except with significantly lower returns. The concept of Godzilla vs Kong is enough to grab eyes, but this franchise has gone through so much random stuff. Being delayed half a year doesn’t help my outlook either. If this is good, I can see a total in the mid to high 100s, but this franchise’s track record is making me go much lower. 45/110 (2.44x)
  10. November 13 Clifford the Big Red Dog: Well, at least this design isn’t atrocious. I have a feeling this will be another Dora at the box office. I have no clue how relevant the brand is to young kids today, especially because it’s been 5 years since the last book was released, and people like me who watched and read this series in their childhood are too old to care about it now like Dora. Clifford’s design didn’t generate much buzz when it dropped a couple weeks ago, so that is proof older audiences don’t care. It also has family competition from Raya over Thanksgiving. The film might be very good, but garnering interest will be a challenge. 15/60 (4x)
  11. November 6 The Eternals: BUFF KUMAIL EVERYONE. The Eterrnals has received a lot of buzz since D23 as it has an incredible cast directed by a promising new director. It also sounds very different than any other MCU movie, which is refreshing for the franchise. Being the only big action movie of the month will help it greatly (I’m not forgetting anything), and it will establish itself as the event of the month. 110/330 (3x)
  12. I'll post November when I wake up and December sometime before the Globes.
  13. October 23 Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: This sounds like a cult musical in the making. I don’t see this having much success domestically, but in the UK it may do well. 10/30 (3x)
  14. October 16 Snake Eyes: Oh Paramount. You’re relying on a dead franchise when you have solid adult hits (on paper) this time of year. Never change. GI Joe feels irrelevant, and given how audiences have been rejecting useless sequels, I have very low expectations here. 15/35 (2.33x) Halloween Kills: Speaking of useless sequels, here is another movie nobody asked for! Halloween 2018 was a fine return to the franchise’s roots, but it had a one-time novelty. Outside of diehard fans, I have no idea who will be interested in the “last” two movies of the franchise. I’m going out on a limb and predicting a sub 100M total. 40/85 (2.13x)
  15. October 9 Death on the Nile: Jesus, this will be out almost 3 years after Orient Express. Time flies! Depending on the marketing campaign, I think this can stay close to OE’s total if not increase, but I could also see it flailing down to 50M. It’s all up to Disney’s marketing. 25/90 (3.6x) Fatale: Deon Taylor doesn’t have a great box office track record. Based on his last couple films along with the cast, this feels like another low grosser. 5/12.5 (2.5x) Respect: Jennifer Hudson and Oscar 2? Hmm. MGM already released a trailer for this, so they will not be slacking come October. Expect this to be a very buzzy film. 35/105 (3x) The Witches: This sounds great, but Zemeckis’ box office track record has been piss poor for a long time now. This could be his first hit since Flight depending on the energy WB puts into it. For now, I’ll go low. 20/60 (3x)
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