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  1. I’m honestly wondering if Skyscraper can fall below Incredibles this weekend. They’re going to be pretty close
  2. A little over a month? Oh no, it’s 3 weeks now
  3. This is also happening at 2/3 AMCs in the Orlando area
  4. Right now I’m thinking Hereditary numbers. Having an open market will help.
  5. WrathOfHan

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Thrououghbreds was pretty disappointing. Cool cinematography, but it doesn’t really do anything with its premise. The ending would’ve been a lot more effective if the main characters had actually progressed throughout the movie and not just in the last 10 minutes. I didn’t hate it, but the film’s just sort of eh.
  6. That's not a terrible idea tbh. It can help maximize the TC and potentially get it to #1 that weekend.
  7. Hah, public schools go back three days after this comes out in my county. Also, I don't think The Meg is targeting older males specifically. The under 25 split is probably going to be around a third of the audience.
  8. At least Ehrlich will finally get Kong Dong in Godzilla vs Kong.
  9. WrathOfHan

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Hopefully my list will actually be at the top all the time instead of Netflix randomly deciding where to put it
  10. Unfriended could be going sub-3M with these presales and the low TC tbh. Upgrade was selling much better IIRC

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