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  1. As I said on the other page, the audience going to theaters rn (which is growing every day as vaccinations rise) isn't the HBO Max audience.
  2. I said Dune would do 300M Dream a little bigger, darling. It'll increase a lot more than that with 600 extra theaters and a holiday.
  3. Yeah, it's clear that HBO Max isn't really gaining many new subscribers/activations for the day-and-date strategy. WW84 only gained a few million from Early December, and at that point, not even 50% of HBO subscribers activated Max. Audiences who want to see the films in theaters will keep going there instead of getting another streaming service.
  4. I got my second dose of Moderna this morning! Only two more weeks until I reactivate A List
  5. This forum is misogynistic and racist for not giving Nomadland anything.
  6. Pretty good nominees all around. The Ma Rainey/Miami snubs don't totally surprise me after poor BAFTA showings.
  7. ACE: Drama: Mank Minari Nomadland Sound of Metal The Trial of the Chicago 7 Comedy: Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm I Care a Lot On the Rocks Palm Springs Promising Young Woman The Father has officially missed every guild except SAG (and a first-time DGA nomination).
  8. Back in January, I was on the Mank missing train, but I think there's too much tech support for it to miss (Sorkin could also be the DGA snub if it's not Fincher/they don't go 5/5). The SAG and BAFTA underperformances make me think no acting noms for it though. Mikkelsen or Rahim will take Oldman's spot in Actor.
  9. I got my first dose of Moderna on Friday! Looking forward to having immunity soon.
  10. Eh, she's still a solid fourth. It's been a while since Globe+SAG but no Oscar nomination has panned out more than twice in the same year. Jared Leto is likely getting snubbed based on his BAFTA shortlist miss, and if Foster is in, at least one of Close/Bakalova/Zengel will have to miss since Colman and Youn are safe with Seyfried still on the fringe. Kirby has the benefit of consistent support for a film otherwise missing everywhere.
  11. It's Regina King x3 Day and Pike aren't even on the BAFTA shortlist Pike makes more sense because the film is late breaking and was never really a priority for Netflix until now, but considering how Hulu has been campaigning Billie Holiday, Day missing the BAFTA shortlist bodes much worse. We'll see what happens.
  12. The United States vs Billie Holiday is a godawful movie. Andra Day deserved much better than the concoction Lee Daniels brewed.
  13. tbh I really don't buy the arguments that McDormand or Davis can win again so soon when Mulligan and PYW have gained so much momentum. It's very hard for actors to win another Oscar within 5 years (10 years?).
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