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  1. If Lost Daughter sneaks into Picture, I can easily see Colman running away with it again. A win at the Globes and/or Critics Choice on Sunday would help too, especially when the HFPA gave Gyllenhaal a Director nomination.
  2. None of the major critics groups (NBR, NYFCC, NYFCO, and LAFCA with NSFC and BFCA tbd) have gone with Stewart despite her being the overwhelming presence at regional groups. She's had 17 wins so far; Haim is second with 3. Stone (2016) and Kidman (2002) were the only times in the last 20 years an Oscar winner didn't have at least one of the big groups. Curious to see where Critics Choice and NSFC land.
  3. Is Matrix even gonna beat Dune's OW at the rate it's dropping?
  4. Could maybe argue double lead noms for Leo and JLaw is the example this year. 5th spot in actress is wide open
  5. Don't Look Up is safe after it exploded on Netflix. Should easily become their most watched film and might end up in Squid Game/Bridgerton territory. Picture, Screenplay, Editing, all happening. Probably Score. Maybe Song and a lead nomination. Don't think the directing branch will let McKay in this year unless he makes DGA.
  6. Not unless it pulls a Green Book post-Oscar nominations. It's going to lose a bunch of screens by mid-January and wait for a re-expansion.
  7. POTD is divisive Belfast is old news WSS and King Richard bombed Licorice PIzza has #discourse That leaves one option: the box office hit loved by audiences and the industry
  8. WSS is really terrific and Spielberg's best in a long time, but it's not going to pull off Greatest Showman legs. TGS had broad family appeal going in its favor; no kid under 10-12 is going to care about WSS. Maybe it does a 7-8x if it's lucky with re-expansions.
  9. tfw you've been seeing many movies in theaters but only 2 have had trailers
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