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  1. No because there is no proof. I have provided the mods with a complete list of IPs - so any left over accounts that shit is still using will soon be banned. I do hate that my name is still be slandered by mods such as @DeeCee and idiots like @Ozymandiasin the fanboys thread when NCSoft, Pure Spirit and dashrender also left the site, unless they are also being accused of being alternate accounts.
  2. The one I publicly posted here? It was posted again by Hydrogen? If you have any other correspondence with him could you please forward it to me. Thank you.
  3. As many of you may or may not have heard, I was suspended on July 22nd for using ‘alt-accounts’. This came as a shock to me, as I did not know what I was being accused of, and had zero recourse to challenge this judgement by the omniscient moderation team. After some initial misunderstanding on my part around exactly why I was suspended (I am not down with all internet lingo), I realized that the ban had been made over something I certainly did not do. I say certainly because, If any of you have had experience of me you will know that I am quite computer illiterate, and most certainly would never come close to the level of technical wizardry required to commit the crime I was accused of. I had a hard enough time understanding exactly what I was being accused of. I hope my understanding of the specifics has, in the time since, become somewhat better. The moderation team is quite aware of this as well; WB himself has had multiple interactions wherein I was in need of his help to complete tasks many other users seemed to find quite trivial. Although I suppose in the narrative of the mods this is merely part of a more elaborate plot of mine (I wouldn’t know if this is the case, as already mentioned, I was given zero recourse for dialogue, or even a response). You may also note that this seems to have happened at a very ‘opportune’ time, the very same day that Avatar was overtaken by EG. Strange to think that the user in question had been using these various accounts for years, and yet the staff only noticed now... A very strange coincidence indeed, but as ever, I contribute it not to malice, but incompetence. Afterall, I assume the staff here are paid pro rata for their work… To my genuine shock, and later, sullenness, I have come to find out that a person responsible was a contractor who worked with our firm. I use was as the operative word here. I cannot speak too much about the person in question, as litigation is still underway. However, I can say that both the users ‘GrandMoff’ and ‘Hydrogen’ are in fact the same person, and created at least two other accounts that I have highlighted to the moderation team (although both of those have not been active since at least 2018 as far as I can tell). I would be on the lookout for any further accounts the person in question may have made too. * * * * * I want to make it clear that I have nothing but warm regards and respect for the majority of users on BOT, I admit I’m a little upset that no one stood up for me, or even questioned the narrative once the mod team had spoken, but this has not changed my view of any specific user. I should also remark that there are many users I think should be addressed specifically: @LaughingEvans - a more misjudged character I have not met on the forums, I remember we clashed quite a lot early on, but I hope you’d agree that has changed since. I have to come to respect your views and have found myself agreeing with them more than I’d have expected! One of the few users I regard as an actual comic book fan! @That One Guy - I have always deeply admired your naivety and passion TOG, and believe we share similar views on DIS. I just hope you don’t let yourself be influenced too much by lesser users. I get the feeling @canastop is one, and who is my own personal financial advisor… actually he’s not - for any of you interested check out Barry Didato, and learn about the yield curve - if you think Jim doesn’t want to play the ER game again you’re wrong (as some of you know I’ve been using A2 as a measure of future economic health for some time). @Jake Gittes and @rukaio101, although we didn’t always see eye to eye, and certainly came to loggerheads many times (especially you and I ruk), I commend your passion and knowledge for film, and the box office, and hope that continues. ruk, my offer still stands about putting you in contact with my friend in publishing; whatever happens in the future I hope you see your writing pursuits bear deserved fruit. @4815162342, @Panda, and @chasmmi, (and every other user who made the polls) I thank you massively, and would also like to note that I understand this entire debacle has impacted you significantly. Let me be clear, I regard your efforts in making the poll threads, and then putting together the lists etc. of immense value (perhaps the greatest input of all users on the site). I would never seek to bring any of that into question or seek to undermine it in anyway. If I’m honest this is one of the areas that has made me the most disgruntled. I hope you can accept my apology; as I realise I did have some hand in this mess by not really understanding how the internet works, although I would also ask questions of the staff who seem either too lazy or inept, and allowed this to happen. @baumer and @Plain Old Tele, I enjoyed talking about sci-fi and movies with you both, probably as you’re two of the users who are actually in my age range! @Deep Wang you may be cocksure, but I do appreciate your cynicism and views! I’m surprised you weren’t more critical of the mod action here given your nature on other things, but that’s neither here nor there. @Zatt was right - your defense of EG during its run was one of the most ardent and passionate times on the forum and I was enamored by your resolute! I see you and Jimbo as two sides of one coin. Which of course brings me to the Jim Gang! The Jim Gang (and others) @IronJimbo, @NCsoft, @Pure Spirit, @dashrendar44, and @MrGlass2. My brothers in arms, you all already know how much I value you and I'm sure our paths will cross again with the imminent arrival of A2. Jimbo, the audacity with which you combat your detractors is deeply admirable, even if I do believe it to be misguided. I hope that you continue to be a thorn in the side of those who doubt the brilliance of JC. God forbid this place needs more voices critical of DIS and funnybooks. @Avatree, I can’t put anything majorly specific about you as our interactions haven’t been that numerous, but I for some reason find you to be a very important piece of the fabric of the forums. You bring a certain point of view that I’ve not seen in my users. I wish you all the best. Last but not least, @Barnack, my absolute favorite user, every single time I’ve read one of your posts it has put a smile on my face. Please continue being as brilliant as ever. If you’re not mentioned above, please don’t fret, I either didn’t interact with you, or you never made any kind of impression on me! * * * * * I shall not be returning to the forums after this post, the staff have made it quite clear that I am not welcome here given my treatment around this issue. I was quite wrong when I thought that my upstanding in the community might help me rectify the issue, although given the above evidence about how long the staff knew of the other user’s dishonesty, I’d say it’s likely the entire thing was quite possibly planned, although I truly hope it wasn’t. Oh well. I have enjoyed conversing with many of you and reading your insights, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope you all continue to enjoy movies, and the money they make! Warmest farewell, and best of luck, ‘JamesCameronScholar’
  4. Jim will never allow this, anyone claiming it will go on D+ doesn't know the first thing about JC. He's all about the theatre experience and blowing your mind on the biggest and most visually impressive screen possible.
  5. It depends what @Nero's predition is, happy to make terms once he's given suitable predictions against my own. An aside, @Permanent Magnet FYI it's usually referred to as MI6, never with a lower case 'i' if you're referring to the UK SIS.
  6. Right back at you Zatt! Well done for being so steadfast and being one of the very few posters who was always happy to engage in serious discussion. Enjoy the win!
  7. Finally! Massive congratulations to Disney and Marvel for finally toppling Jim. No easy feat! This is a huge win for the movie industry in general. I was tiring of bespoke single vision movies and think that more interconncted universes and committee based film making are honestly better for those on the ground to have their voices heard. I'm just glad Disney did it fair and square in the end. Enjoy the victory MCU fans, it's tough at the top!
  8. Watching this on acid was wild, another one I loved via that route was Paprika. Mind blowing.
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