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  1. Anyone think this performance will change the stigma of the R Rating as box office poison or is Deadpool just a well marketed oddity?
  2. That's what dollar amounts are for. That's when you follow the march to $1 billion instead of the march to 100 million tickets. Then you go into production budgets and hey, that free to play game can afford Arnold Schwarzenegger in it's commercials that air in prime time. What kind of in app revenue could support such a massive ad budget? And so on and so on.
  3. The final run: Now TFA is performing less Avatar-like and more like a normal blockbuster. It's still due another $200 million plus, especially since it'll probably hold on to it's PLF and IMAX screens for another 3 weeks.
  4. Star Wars TFA Tuesday Actual: 29.5M !!! (-6%)

    More fun with the Avatar Run: These records are going to be obliterated so badly that it's going to take a miraculous run and 20 years of ticket price inflation to even approach them. It took 11 years for another film to approach ET's original release total (Jurassic Park) and another 4 for a film to finally surpass it (Titanic). Titanic's record took 12 years and 3D to be surpassed.
  5. Wednesday Star Wars TFA ACTUALS - 38,022,183

    Updated Avatar Run: The actual percentage drops day to day for TFA are disturbingly close to Avatar's. We might get more $30 million weekdays from it next week.
  6. The Avatar Run (Avatar's daily % drops compared to TFA's Sunday going forward) as of now puts TFA close to $400 million for the first week, which is surprisingly possible. Holiday weekdays can make anything happen.
  7. Spider-Man 2 with $27,661,137. Well, until yesterday.
  8. On Discount Tuesday during Christmas Break? I don't think so, even with the massive grosses TFA is bringing in. Watch it do another $35-40 million Wednesday will be the nosedive, if anything.
  9. Food for thought: The last time a OW record holder had a multiplier higher than 4 was Jurassic Park back in 1993.
  10. Watch as TFA has a better first Monday drop than Avatar. The only thing stopping this film is some Day After Tomorrow-esque weather event.
  11. Updated Avatar run: I think a $40 million Monday is going to happen. At the very least, it's going to break the Monday record and probably Tuesday too.

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