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  1. You're right. It can be annoying. Apologies
  2. You're right. Apologies. Which is why I changed to the original over $500 million which is now certain to fail. Sorry for all the changes.
  3. Club closes Saturday, June 29 at 12 PM EDT.
  4. IN for this club and all over $600 million
  5. Club closes either June 23, June 25, June 29, July 6 or July 20 depending on its opening weekend.
  6. Club closes Thursday, June 20 at 12 PM EDT.
  7. Frozen is not primarily made for 6-year olds but yes I do find it funny (to be fair, 6 yo's are a demographic).
  8. Keep in mind that it could top $600M and not top Incredibles 2. It would need $609M+ for that. Let's hope that happens.
  9. $400 million just seems WAYY too easy now.
  10. I thought I'd bump this club and raise the goal to the coveted $600 million.
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