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  1. Just keeps getting better! Audience score now at 95% with 721 reviews. I feel a backloaded weekend incoming. Sunday's hold will be interesting.
  2. Just keeps getting better! Audience score now at 95% with 721 reviews. I feel a backloaded weekend incoming. Sunday's hold will be interesting.
  3. New Japanese trailer! May seem a bit on the spoilery side towards the end of it but god, those VISUALS and that cinematography 😍 Beyond hyped.
  4. You're partially correct. They only officially released ONE clip pre-release and that was the "The Party is Over" clip on October 25, 2013. The first clip of any songs from the movie (Let It Go sequence) was released December 6, 2013 and Demi Lovato's Let It Go was released November 1, 2013.
  5. Frozen had its last trailer premiere October 18, about a month before its release. That trailer was called the "Elsa Trailer" and is the only one that featured music from the movie (which was The First Time In Forever, so not even that movie's breakout musical number). We could see a final trailer at the end of October but that's still far from a guarantee. The first Frozen and Moana had the pop versions of their main music numbers released at the beginning of November. I wonder if this will be the case with Frozen II. I guess we'll have to wait and see!
  6. New trailer drops Monday, September 23! Will probably be shown in front of Abominable and will 100% be shown in front of Maleficent 2. 663 people are talking about this https://www.google.com/amp/s/screenrant.com/frozen-2-new-trailer-monday-confirmed/amp/
  7. Frozen is not primarily made for 6-year olds but yes I do find it funny (to be fair, 6 yo's are a demographic).
  8. Just last year, Ralph Breaks The Internet which, like Frozen 2, is a sequel had its first full trailer in June.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/comicbook.com/movies/amp/2019/05/20/toy-story-4-woody-big-change-bo-peep/ I. AM. SO. EXCITED.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/comicbook.com/movies/amp/2019/05/09/disney-frozen-2-test-screenings/ OMGOMGOMGOMG Hopefully we get the first trailer before Toy Story 4. Before The Lion King is 100% going to happen IMO, but I hope it can squeak in before Toy Story 4.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2019/04/10/avengers-endgame-infinity-war-box-office-batman-star-wars-harry-potter-twilight-jurassic-park-spider-man/amp/ "But it is just as likely that it’ll open slightly worse or only slightly better than its immediate predecessor." Scott just compared it to a bunch of franchises ignoring the movie's freaking presales and hype. Then there's this. "I mean, I guess Avengers: Endgame could open with $382 million, but it could also open below the second frame of Disneynature’s Penguins. Both things are about as likely," First of all, it opened to just $25 million less than that and apparently it was just as likely it would open to less than $1.14 million than $382 million or more. Once again, $25 million away! And it opening to $50 million let alone $1.2 MILLION is impossible so $355-385 million opening was essentially deemed impossible. "The 35% jump from Clones to Sith (“finale bump” and all) would give Infinity War a $348 million debut. But Marvel already played the “it all ends here” card with Infinity War, and Revenge of the Sith wasn’t three hours long. History shows that it’s as likely for Endgame to open just below Infinity War." Ended up opening $9 million higher. And once again there was NO actual indication it would opening lower than Infinity War. He is using irrelevant excuse of "history" meaning anything for Endgame. Please discuss the RECENT history regarding presales and awareness. "Using this history, we’re arguably looking at an opening weekend between $230 million and $283 million." That's one of his problems. He's using irrelevant history with movies and is ignoring actual tracking and hype. "The difference between a bigger opening and a lower opening than Infinity War will be whether that many people are super-psyched for Avengers 4 in a way that they weren’t for Avengers 3." And they WERE....because of Avengers 3's cliffhanger and good will which was absent in Age of Ultron. "Moreover, it may be a matter of folks who were excited for Infinity War because of Black Panther and whether Endgame can replicate that excitement with Captain Marvel." People were hyped for Endgame before Captain Marvel. That movie is not the reason people were hyped for Endgame. Infinity War is the reason. Black Panther's breakout performance was actually way more of the reason for IW's hype than CM was for EG. But CM did make some people more excited than they already were. Endgame would have still made a ridiculous amount of money without CM. "Again, it’s going to make gobs of money worldwide over the week of April 26. But just don’t be a Debbie Downer if it “only” opens with $257.6 million domestic and/or $838 million worldwide." That so-called "realistic" worldwide figure is why this guy has no idea what he is talking about. Did this guy forget about China? It opened to almost $700 million from China and the US alone. Also, $257.6 million would be an underperformance based on once again, tracking and hype which were ignored by Scott. Not hating, just sometimes amuses me what the professionals have to say about the box office that us "amateurs" are "unaware" of. 😂
  12. CRUMBLINNGGG Well, in all seriousness, I'm not too surprised due to just how massive its first week was. I just hope it gets $209,641,362 (-55.8%) for its second week and has an average weekly drop of -39.5% from then on to reach $1 billion before The Lion King...but I know, wishful thinking.
  13. Assuming a $476 million first week (so a $22.6 million Thursday), it's INSANE to think that this can drop 50% EVERY week and still make $952 million in it's domestic run. *Edit, the movie made $21.4 million on Thursday and the week one total is $473.8 million* Dropping 50% every week gives these results April 26-May 2: $476,000,000 May 3-9: $238,000,000 May 10-16: $119,000,000 May 17-23: $59,500,000 May 24-30: $29,750,000 May 31-June 6: $14,875,000 June 7-13: $7,437,500 June 14-20: $3,718,750 June 21-27: $1,859,375 June 28-July 4: $929,688 July 5-11: $464,844 July 12-18: $232,422 July 19-25: $116,211 July 26-August 1: $58,106 August 2-8: $29,053 August 9-15: $14,527 August 16-22: $7,264 August 23-29: $3,632 August 30-September 5: $1,816 September 6-12: $908 Total: $951,999,098 But obviously.....it won't be dropping 50% every week, maybe on select weeks yes, but I believe Spider-Man: Far From Home will boost numbers quite a bit as fans will want to rewatch Endgame so it can be fresh in their minds before they continue with Far From Home which is confirmed to be the end of Phase 3. Also Toy Story 4 and The Lion King might have double features and also the reception is out of this world. By comparison, Infinity War had a weekly average drop of 37.1% and if you don't count its first week drop, it dropped an average of only 36% a week from its second week until its closing date. Endgame has undoubtedly more competition so let's put the week 1-to-2 drop at 56.2% (0.2% less than Infinity War) and make the average weekly drop from that point on slightly higher than 36%. Let's say.... -39.5% Assuming Endgame is in theaters for 20 weeks like Infinity War was [EDIT: Made $473,894,638 actual for first week so I will make the second week drop slightly lighter at 55.8%, the third week drop slightly steeper at 40.1% and the rest of the drops the same -39.5% average to balance things out] Week 1: $473,894,638 actual (Apr 26-May 2) Week 2: $209,641,362 (-55.8%) Week 3: $125,559,280 (-40.1%) Week 4: $75,963,364 (-39.5% from now on) Week 5: $45,957,835 Week 6: $27,804,490 (May 31-Jun 6) Week 7: $16,821,717 Week 8: $10,177,139 Week 9: $6,157,169 Week 10: $3,725,087 (Jun 28-Jul 4) Week 11: $2,253,678 Week 12: $1,363,475 Week 13: $824,902 Week 14: $499,066 (Jul 26-Aug 1) Week 15: $301,935 Week 16: $182,670 Week 17: $110,515 Week 18: $66,862 Week 19: $40,451 (Aug 30-Sep 5) Week 20: $24,473 Total: 1,001,370,108 So IMO, I'd say this has a very good chance at hitting $1 billion domestic due a mix of very strong word of mouth, amazing repeat viewing value, and what I previously mentioned about Spider-Man: Far From Home's effect on said repeat viewings. There is just too much going for this movie! FUCK IT I'M ON THE $1B DOM HYPE TRAIN!!
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