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  1. I would have been less surprised to have seen Black Panther won. I liked Rhapsody enough but out of the nominees, it was the weakest.
  2. He's friends with Farrelly though right? I mean they've done a few films together.
  3. I need Best Drama and I'll have done 50/50 wins and losses. I'll take it.
  4. Is the Kominsky Method actually better than Lorre's other stuff?
  5. No "Box of Scraps" in this montage. I'm a little disappointed.
  6. Wasn't as good as the first season but I still highly enjoyed it. Criss was great.
  7. Was hoping Criss would get it. And with that, I now have more wins than losses.
  8. Glad I chose Clarkson. As a fan of the book, she did an amazing job. Still, wish Adams had won.

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