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  1. Must not have been able to get it into his contract on the first one! And it seems pretty easy to come by, these days!! (Or perhaps he wanted his name off...but really, who refuses free money for essentially doing nothing?)
  2. One can be a fan and follow with interest and still not read any "leaks" -- so officially, they are revealing nothing quite yet.
  3. I'm sure they...wanted to? But it's almost impossible to keep secrets like this these days, even on "closed" sets and with NDAs. The examples of big films that have been able to do it vs. not been able to do it are few and far between (Thor: Ragnarok being one that was able to keep Damon completely quiet until less than a month before release.) All this "stuff" for Spider-Man is completely unconfirmed at present and the trades have only mentioned one or two of the rumored cast members officially. General Audiences know nothing, and will be mostly surprised with either a Traile
  4. Someone, somewhere, has made/is still making money from these, otherwise they wouldn't be made...simple as that.
  5. We'll see... I prefer to think that it's probably because, you know, Keaton's Wayne will be in his 60s, at this point...and therefore slowing down. It's much more probable that he's getting hit more often... In fact we will probably see him "quitting" in this movie to be more mentor-ish, a la Batman Beyond.
  6. I would say...for everyone... wait and see! To be fair, we have no idea what the story will be here! It's very possible -- and I'd say even likely -- that Portman is one-more-and-done, here. She could even be completing a 3-film contract that Marvel had her in originally that she never quite fulfilled, of course. What if Jane is only really "Thor" for this film, but by the end, does decide to give it up? Naturally, the best way to end it would be to pass the mantle over to...Valkyrie. This would I think please almost all corners of this debate. The Portman fans get their movie, The Valk
  7. However big Hemsworth is, The Rock has him beat for pec peculiarity. Have you *seen* his recent selfies? I think the steroid-suspicious crowd should look at Mr. Johnson..
  8. I would expect this first trailer to possibly show or hint at anything that has been officially confirmed in the trades...and sometimes fans forget a bit about what that is...or isn't... in this case, those two names above are not officially announced as attached to this project. Neither are many other names that are percolating corridors of websites. I am sure SONY and yes, MARVEL will want to keep *something* a bit quiet until closer to release... then again, it's SONY we're talking about here, and their trailers for these franchises have a history of "giving things away." I
  9. Not sure where to place this baby... but this seems like a good spot. The latest "public" quotes from SONY Production head Sanford Panitch on all things-rumored via Spidey, Multiverses, Villain Solo Silos, Sinister Shlocks... "There actually is a plan..." 😂 https://variety.com/2021/film/news/spider-man-sony-marvel-kraven-sanford-panitch-1234984449/
  10. Anything's possible. I think everything stands as it has been announced...unless/until they change it. 😉
  11. Nice to see some great discussion of FILM HISTORY in this thread! TCM doesn't "own" anything, but I think you're talking about the Ted Turner-owned catalogue of pre-1986 MGMs that was eventually picked up by Warners? https://press.aboutamazon.com/news-releases/news-release-details/amazon-and-mgm-have-signed-agreement-amazon-acquire-mgm Above is the official press release from Amazon. Film rights can get contentious for a number of reasons, but certain titles here oddly stick out. They mention POLTERGEIST and BASIC INSTINCT -- the former of wh
  12. Uh... by "genius blockbuster" I mean... I would rather go back and watch any Bay movie from the 1990s than almost any Hollywood blockbuster from the last 10 (or possibly even 20) years... There's a style and brash attitude there in the filmmaking that is wonderful entertainment, no matter how "stupid" the films may seem... and top quality tech credits and practical effects that aren't glossed over by copious CGI and "digital glossing."
  13. Hey there... I ain't necessarily talking about *my* reaction to it all... but audiences, critics, internet, the whole shebang that comes with it... the "cultural discussion" it encouraged. No one involved in this production wants another one of "those" moments, I'm sure... And all those other moments work because they worked in movies that were infinitely better. It's as simple as that. Anything's believable as long as the audience buys into it from the beginning. It's when they don't that there's a problem...
  14. Yes... which is why I said "from the last ten years"...most Bay pre-Formers is genius blockbuster filmmaking. And by "divisive"...you know who/what I'm talking about.
  15. Obviously... so boring by now. Take a stand, people! And Tyrese mentioned every other opening country *except* China in his bit in that promo video, so why aren't they angry at him?? 🙄
  16. And the final scene in the teaser shows us that the Eternals are indeed directly in-tune with recent happenings in the Marvel Universe. Why is that unclear? Newsflash... the Eternals probably made mistakes, too. If they were perfect, what's the interest? Boring...
  17. Live free, love free. No major director currently in the film business exemplifies this more than Waititi! Bravo. 😂
  18. As one of Eternals will probably say at some point in the movie: "We don't think in such small-minded terms." I'm betting a significant part of the plot for present-day happenings will revolve around what happened with ENDGAME (the final dialogue confirms this) and that the Eternals see that this is the moment when they need to get involved... humanity can't handle it's own shit anymore. Perfect metaphor for reality right now. Too perfect. If only we had some Eternals to help convince people to wear masks and take vaccines...and not believe conspiracy theories. 😉
  19. OK, I'll put "human beings" in quotes... obviously we know most of them were... 😂 But you know what I'm saying. Never underestimate Disney's conservatism, yes... but I find it hard to believe they'd have any issue with this plot point... But yes, it would probably still be allowed to be more interesting and nuanced under different studio. Although my assertion is that most major Hollywood studios are more conservative now than they have ever been...and it's boring.
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