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  1. It was more of a monster movie than a horror movie other than the occasional jump scares. Not great but I thought it was fun & entertaining. Rotten Tomatoes who?
  2. When it's all said and done FK will end up dangerously close to TLJ ww. Extrapolate the drops from their predecessors and JW3 is likely to crush SW9 WW and NA won't be able to save SW next time.
  3. Woah. I don't even know who that is - legit thought it was a guy and didn't mean to offend anyone. My bad. Mackenzie is a man's name anyway, right?
  4. Hamilton looks tired and the other 2 look out of place - especially the skinny white dude in the middle he's the stuff of nightmares. Looks like a poster for a low budget remake of The Walking Dead.
  5. M:I 6 was better than all those movies put together To be fair the latest Bond and TJB were pretty good. But this was better!
  6. DC should forget about the extended universe BS and stick to what works for them. Focus on wonder woman and bring back nolan for more stand alone batman movies with christian bale without flying aliens in colourful costumes.
  7. 402.5 gets it past JP's lifetime DOM gross so that's a pretty good milestone IMHO. 2nd highest grossing Jurassic movie both DOM and WW. Btw, does anyone know JP's adjusted WW gross? Using DOM inflation rates it appears to have crossed $2b WW this year but I was wondering if anyone has more accurate numbers.
  8. People dressed as insects is apparently cool these days. Back in my day it was just bats and arachnids. I have another idea for the comic books: Why not have a cockroach man like in Powerpuff girls? Here's a good origin story: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6561372/cockroach-ear-doctor-remove-patient-shenzhen-china/
  9. Just saw it for a second time in 3 days because a friend wanted to watch it with me. Feels more dumb and repetitive when sober but still a lot more enjoyable than infinity clusterfuck.
  10. I didn't mind it all that much to be honest. I was a huge T-Rex fan back in 2001 when I was 8 (and the male Rex from TLW is still my favorite dino in the franchise) but it took me a month at most to get over this fight. In fact I started liking the spinosaurus more once I saw how much hate it started getting from butthurt fanboys lol and it continues to this day. It's a very interesting dinosaur and was a nice addition to the franchise, not to mention the outstanding craftsmanship by SWS and ILM to bring the creature to life. In a universe where featherless 6 foot tall raptors can
  11. And yet you lump FK with Solo. The irony.
  12. Adjusted for inflation I think TLW would be a billion dollar movie or at least really close to it.
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