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  1. I'm totally screwed in the next round, aren't I?
  2. Unbreakable is one of those movies in the current HBO rotation that I try to watch every time it's on.
  3. Wait, Jack Bauer doesn't even play his original character?
  4. Renamed Insidious: The Last Key, trailer has been rated. https://twitter.com/trailertrack/status/903654111245193216 https://twitter.com/trailertrack/status/903654111245193216
  5. That Crooked Man movie will probably suck though.
  6. I'd rather have this big campaign go towards Logan but this was pretty damn good as well.
  7. Celebrity Name Game

    Lucille Ball
  8. Irving's actually playing his Uncle Drew character in a movie?
  9. Skyline Sequel (Beyond Skyline)

    The "Worldwide Blockbuster"
  10. BOT's Hurt n' Heal - Round 1: Domestic (Adjusted) Top 15

    Star Wars (16) Star Wars: The Force Awakens (22) +4 The Empire Strikes Back (20) Ben-Hur (0) -1

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