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  1. Still, YouTube's views are the most legit. FB/IG counts view after few seconds. If you scroll slowly enough, it counted as 1 view. I don't know how Twitter counts views but I suppose it's the same as FB/IG
  2. LOL this is #2 on trending because YouTube reserved #1 spot for that god-awful YouTube Rewind
  3. I agree but I think they did the best they could. They can't really show a big moment like with IW's trailer.
  4. bladels

    Golden Globes thread

    What are the chances of ASIB winning all 5 noms?
  5. This movie is a wild card. I don't get why people feel the need to shut down others' predictions, you can't say for sure those predictions aren't gonna happen. I'm IN btw If there's a club of TLK over Avatar WW, I'm IN too. I want to be a believer And you guys know that when @CJohn make a 300M OW prediction, new OW record is coming
  6. bladels

    Thursday Numbers: ASIB stays over $1M

    Let's celebrate ASIB's epic run by listening to this wonderful song
  7. People thought ASIB would drop 40% because of BR
  8. For me this year, Black Panther had the most impressive domestic run and Infinity War had BY FAR the most insane OS run. IW beat previous all time records by 70-100%+ in several countries which is absolutely NUTS I remember having so much fun with IW in China thread
  9. An 8.75x multiplier . It must have a very good reaction from the industry.
  10. bladels

    Thursday Numbers: ASIB:$2.01M

    ASIB would be locked for $200M if wasn't for Bohemian Rhapsody
  11. bladels

    Tuesday Numbers

    That's 200k

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