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  1. IT also broke September OW in Vietnam with about $1M. That's Avengers' level OW in the dead month - September
  2. mother! will not be released in Vietnam Damit! All those polarizing reviews got me so excited
  3. WB is ON FIRE 🔥🔥🔥 Any chance of they taking #1 DOM spot from Disney?
  4. Finally got to watch this today. The story is meh, enjoyable, also forgettable. I guess the contract between Marvel and Sony doesn't allow them to do anything drastic with Spiderman, at least not until after IW. But I really really love Tom Holland, best Spiderman and Peter Parker to date imo.
  5. FB views is kinda irrelevant. It's how much money do you pay to get your video in front of people. FB count view when you scroll through a video (autoplay turn on)
  6. The movie is gorgeous and it has some very intense scenes but it has no character development. He didn't remember any character name when he finished watching it
  7. Jeremy Jahns doesn't like the movie, dam it! My taste in movies is very similar to him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS0K_dwdZU0
  8. I'm 23 and my oldest niece is 14, oldest nephew is 10. He's just digging for things to justify his hatred.
  9. 3 bad to really bad DCEU movies doesn't seem to affect WW at all. I can argue that 3 bad movies in the franchise makes fan desperately want a good one.
  10. WW was definitely my favorite theater experience this year. Still think Logan and Get Out are better movies but I had a lot more fun with WW. Chris Pine and Gal Gadot are so good together. Btw, both CA: FA and WW both have a Steve sacrificing himself to take down German's plane containing weapon of mass destruction

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