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  1. My I2 showtime is full of adults, there was only 1 kid and he's with his mother. Had such a blast The movie is so much fun and Jack-Jack is the cutest thing ever
  2. TLK is gazillion times more popular in Asia than Star Wars can ever hope to be
  3. It's good but not very good. High chance of dropping from JW.
  4. Yeah, IW is way more deserving than TFA IW's built on 10 years of hard work, planning and crafting 18 "fresh" movies TFA's built on 10 years of hiatus and awful prequels
  5. yeah, I just check release info again (it still has quite a lot countries yet to open), it should do $700M+ OS. Hope DOM can reach $400M
  6. Yeah, it's the good hold but its OW was a little underwhelming. I'm seeing $600-700M OS. Under BP WW is likely.
  7. Is Disney gonna put I2 estimate at $170M with 30%+ drop on FD Sun? I'll not be surprised
  8. You guys are so old The first movie I watched in cinema is Harry Potter 7
  9. Theaters are f*cking full here for I2. I'm gonna wait till Tues morning to avoid kids
  10. Frozen is fine, not great but good enough a movie. I much rather it be #1 than the f*cking Minions
  11. This Studios should stop trying to gain appeal in Asia by hiring some random asian. It's embarrassing. Look how enormous IW is in Asia with absolute zero asian in it. Asians don't face racism like black people in the US. We're the majority here. We actually prefer some good-looking white people on the screen

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