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  1. bladels

    Tuesday Numbers

    That's 200k
  2. bladels

    A Star is Born OVER 200M club DOM

    Oh, shut it. I'm still waiting for the video of you eating crow I'm out, btw. ASIB's drops seem good but not good enough for $200M unless some major post-Oscar expansion
  3. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8479831/a-star-is-born-soundtrack-no-1-debut-billboard-200 No.1 Billboard 200
  4. Venom's actually having a good hold considering lost of premium screens and last week's inflated Sunday. ASIB has excellent hold but it'll still be quite difficult to catch up with Venom now.
  5. I've never understood why people like Ryan Gosling so much (2 of my friends absolutely adore him) He just looks like he's bored all the time
  6. Book Club was a really special case tho. Its audience is extremely old hence it's very weekdays centric. Its first Thurs/Fri = 0.375 compared to ASIB's 0.288
  7. bladels

    Wednesday numbers

    People come out in force to celebrate Venom's big drop
  8. Take a look at iTunes US top 7 Halsey has cameo in both movie and the chart
  9. ASIB sountrack is killing it on iTunes US, 6 songs in top 10
  10. bladels

    A STAR IS BORN - 74.7M OS - 201M WW

    ASIB seems to do quite well in Vietnam. Good enough for my local theater to add 4 more showtimes/day and kick Venom out of the largest stadium
  11. ASIB number is a little disappointing. It's still above tracking but not as high as it could have been. Amazing for Venom tho, can't see how it miss $80M with that Sat while Mon is a holiday.
  12. Nah, she still doing better than all who's not A+ star. She has fallen a lot from her peak, sure. I'm not arguing with you about that. What I disagree with you is you talking like nobody cares about her anymore when she still moves 200K+ albums in 1 week. Country albums are known for longevity not debuting power. She didn't "have to" switch career, she's still gonna release new music in the future.

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