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  1. Something will beat it soon if COVID ever being under control. Vietnamese movie industry was growing extremely fast before Covid.
  2. My point is Hollywood just make a good movie and we gonna see it. Cheap strategies like adding a few actors or few references won't work. Asia is way too big and diverse for that to happen. Avengers use none of those tricks and it's the highest grossing film in many countries.
  3. Hollywood movies for now but Chinese movies are growing fast Local movies are growing the fastest tho. Few years ago, top grossing movies in Vietnam are all Hollywood's. Now only Avengers and Fast & Furious movies can compete with local movies.
  4. Yeah Disney claimed Raya is the first South East Asians Princess. WTF is that even mean? I'm Vietnamese and in no universe we act like Raya. The only thing remotely Vietnamese about Raya is when Raya and Namaari calling each other “dep la”. That's vietnamese word but it sounds so strange in the movie, nobody in Vietnam use the word like that. I'm glad the movie boombed in SE Asia. And people in this thread can forget about the idea that casting one or two famous Chinese actor can increase movie's box office in Asia. That just seems a little insulting.
  5. LOL. They dont hate it, they hate the half-ass attempts. People need to realize Asians are very different from Asian Americans. I don’t feel any connection with Raya at all despite it being praised by Asian Americans. Moreover, Asia has 60% of the world’s population, contains 48 countries with very different cultures. We hate it when America movies lump at all together
  6. Dam, I really really hope Covid is under-controlled by the time this is released. I miss the fun of tracking box office number 🤓
  7. Eh, all of that is just excuses GOP use to brainwash people, the end goal is money. The US is built like a business, just look at your “most expensive and least efficient in developed world” health care system.
  8. Everything in the US is about profit. You are ready to deny science and let half of a million people die for the economy. And all that money is largely in the hands of the 1%. Look, I’m able to get this home internet speed plus cable TV plus a mobile plan for less than $7 per month. You guys in the US are so screwed by the rich.
  9. I've never liked Falcon. His "power" is lame and I don't find him to be funny at all. He's like Walmart War Machine. Winter Soldier is better as a villain. As soon as he turn good, he's bland AF. I hope this series can do to them what Wandavision did for Wanda and Vision. Wanda and Vision is now my fav MCU couple.
  10. People here keep saying that not all Americans are as bad as Trump and his cult but recent polls still have Trump approval rate in mid to high 40%. That means nearly half of Americans are either bat-shit crazy or extremely ignorant
  11. Why the hell a normal person need that heavy weapon for? US laws make absolutely no sense to me And those people come home and accuse others of being terrorist. Do they even look at themselves?
  12. Republicans continued to sabotage covid 19 containment effort Federal judge blocks Kansas limits on religious gatherings https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/18/judge-blocks-kansas-limits-on-religious-gathering-coronavirus-193907 A federal judge on Saturday blocked Kansas from limiting attendance at in-person religious worship services or activities to 10 people or fewer to check the spread of the coronavirus, signaling that he believes that it's likely that the policy violates religious freedom and free speech rights. How the hell is this related to religious freed
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