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  1. So I2 basically increase this wk right? Its TC drop is bigger than its dollar drop.
  2. bladels


    I wonder how My Hero Academia movie doing?
  3. bladels

    Monday's Numbers

    Incredible 2 drop just 19% from last Mon, enjoy its climb to $600M. Can its sweet late legs get it to pass TA?
  4. Black Panther is not really a high bar at all. CGI in BP is video game level of awful but it isn't really matter with BP but it's extremely important for Aquaman
  5. Ugh, I'm really looking forward to Aquaman but this trailer is not good. The cut is very rough and the CGI looks bland and unfinished Let's hope they iron out the CGI kinks in time and people who're in charge of this trailer aren't in the movie's editing team
  6. I2 ain't missing $600M with that Fri number, $500K increase from estimate The question is can it pass TA? The supposed to be peak of CBM can be surpassed 3 times this year
  7. Dam, that I2 hold. Some of you had me believe it performs like a CBM rather an animation and because of that, Ant Man would cut its leg. If that number for I2 is true then $600M is very much alive, Disney will have 4 $600M+ movies in less than a year
  8. C+ from Stuckmann. I usually agree with him but his reviews are really spoiler-y so I just check the score.
  9. Still look like ~$550M for I2 to me. its leg has been shaky (for a Pixar animation)
  10. JW: +38.5% (-51.5% from last Sat) I2: +31.6% (-43% from last Sat)
  11. When is review embargo lift? It's already been released in Vietnam.
  12. bladels

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    Yeah but I2 open just few days after JW2 here and it's still keeping majority of screens. JW2's screens lost is bigger than normal
  13. bladels

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    JW2 is fading quite fast here in Vietnam. In the closest theater to me, JW2 is down to 3 showtimes per day while I2 is still got the majority of screens. I wonder how it's holding in other Asian countries, it seems to hold really well in Europe.

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