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  1. Great flick, but I wish they didn't erase Halloween 2 from the continuity. Donald Pleasance was such a badass in that.
  2. Yeah, if this is true, I'm not really in favor of this idea. But it's still one of the comic book projects I'm most looking forward to. It might work great in this particular film.
  3. I'm hoping it's not WW84, but they usually don't mention this kind of stuff unless it's a highly anticipated film.
  4. I don't get the hate for Rose. She was very sweet and compassionate. It's not Tran's fault that some of the writing was off. And the way many online "fans" treated her is unconscionable. For me, that may have been the darkest moment in fandum. All of the news about Carrie coming back is making me excited for a new Star Wars movie. Something I didn't think possible after my disenchantment with much of TLJ.
  5. Actually Bill Finger, the same guy who got shafted by Bob Kane and DC, is also the co-creator of the Flash and was shafted again. Talk about an industry that ate its own.
  6. I don't want Stark to die. He's the glue that holds the Marvel Universe together. I don't think the series will be the same if he's gone. I'm hoping that the international scope will give Spidey 2 more of an epic feel. We haven't had a really epic SM movie since SM2. Mysterio is an amazing character, his art of delusion and illusion can make for a great movie, and I'm sure some of the tricks Mysterio pulls will involve Peter's trauma from the events of IW.
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