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  • Official: COCO Opened to $2.3 Million Domestically on Tuesday Night

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  1. Am stunned. Just learned about this now. So disgusted. For someone like Lasseter who we trusted and looked up to for children entertainment this is so sad, angering and unacceptable.
  2. Can WB lose $50-100M due to JL? https://theplaylist.net/justice-league-lose-100-million-20171121/ Edit: Posted already, sorry.
  3. That would be one of the year's biggest stories along with It, Split, Get Out etc. Wonder is a film everyone should see, sends a fantastic message the world needs today. It's so wonderful. Everyone in the cinema was very affected by it when I saw it.
  4. Emma Stone would be so perfect as Batgirl imo.
  5. DM3 closing on 1.032 B Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $264,194,540 25.6% + Foreign: $767,763,850 74.4% = Worldwide: $1,031,958,390
  6. My hopes for DECU: 1. No more CGI fests - the less CGI the better, look at Nolan's films 2. Get grounded stories 3. Get excellent directors, no more synder and the likes 4. Get excellent villains that are not video game villains 5. Make your films FILMS and VIDEO GAMES. Make them grounded, believable, realistic. Raise the stakes that we can be invested in. 6. Change Affleck, he looked really un-interested in JL. 7. Don't try to be Marvel. Don't over-do the humor just to be Marvel. You won't and shouldn't.

    615m OS 230m DOM 845WW
  8. Just came back from WONDER. Such a beautiful, emotional experience. Give it all the money. It deserves it. I don't think many films like these are done nowadays. Certainly reminded me of The Blind Side. Feel good, uplifting, emotional and without cheesy CGI-fests or cliche' romances.
  9. Rank the DCEU films

  10. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    My new article in AWARDSWATCH:
  11. Justice League (2017)

    This was a VIDEO GAME. Not a proper FILM. I miss the Nolan days when DC films looked and felt grounded, real, and believable. If you want to do fiction, make it believable. And if you want to do drama, raise the stakes by bringing real villains that don't look like a mess of CGI. Mess. Very disappointing. 3.5/10
  12. Going to be really interesting - and certainly surprising - when the top 5 films worldwide of 2017 have only 1 superhero film. (SW8, BATB, FF8, DM3 being the first 4). And even more shocking that it may end up being Thor and not Guardians nor JL.
  13. Agree with this. I believe the main reason why WW worked is that it was the most believable and least CG, video-game-like film of the DECU. Yes it had CG but the film's WWI setting and overall execution felt grounded and real and not a video game like Snyder's films.

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