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  1. The first Pets disappointed strangely in Brazil and Germany did fine so I'd say better to see how China, Japan and Mexico do in July (and Europe too but I think that's in late July..The staggered release makes it a bit harder to track.
  2. Too early to tell. The film has a very slow rollout and has most of Latin America, Europe and Asia left. It fell -40% something from last weekend and had a good Australia debut despite facing TS4. So too early to judge really but it will end up less than part 1 for sure so there's that.
  3. It depends on how audiences will see it. They are selling this one as a sequel to the DM franchise's most successful chapter (Minions) which didn't have Gru nor the rest of the gang in it (I actually think there's a reason they insisted on having Gru in the film title domestically versus just Minions 2 which is what the film is being called overseas. They are absolutely aware of potential domestic fatigue. Reminds me of what they did with Fast 8 domestic vs OS with regards to the film title/perception for the same reasons). This one has more Gru so there's that. And they're bringing back Bob, Stuart and Kevin (which they intentionally did not feature in DM3 despite Bob's popularity) to position it as a direct sequel to Minions 1 rather than a DM4. - a continuation of where Minions 1 left off (minions joining Gru) rather than where DM3 is concerned. An expected marketing/positioning tactic. I agree that the perception you mentioned might apply domestically, but I don't think OS audiences will see it that way. Ice Age I think is a bit of a different case (OS/WW at least).
  4. Uni started promoting this apparently at Cine Europe two weeks ago. This post from someone who was at the event shows their intro clip to the film. From what is shown in it, it looks like the 70s will be the theme of the film, as opposed to the 60s featured in part one.
  5. Ha! Well I am rooting for some non-animation films later this year too but then I feel like..there's too much doom and gloom here about them that makes me feel sorry for them somehow.. apparently everyone (probably except you :p) thinks Minions 2 is certain to flop and drop I dunno like 50%-60% WW and that Illumination is (close to) dead and that Sing 2 and whatever else they make is gonna flop etc.. so I feel like they suddenly became a true underdog lol now that everyone is gleefully certain that their upcoming stuff will flop and all..which sounds weird to say for a studio this size and track record
  6. It's a staggered release so not sure where it will end up yet. Last weekend had $16 with $1.5m of previews added in from previous week for Netherlands, so total true weekend was $14.5 This weekend: $8.5 with 2 new small markets of 600K so true weekend: $7.9 or so. -45% drop from last weekend
  7. THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Universal The well-reviewed sequel had difficulty domestically this weekend, and is not at the levels of the previous blockbuster installment overseas where competition is rife. Folks have not necessarily rushed out to see it on opening weekend, indicating the possibility of sturdy legs — the UK and Russia had small drops in their 3rd frames — but messaging on how this film differs from the first has been blurry. However, there is much road ahead for the Illumination/Universal title which rolls out over the next two months and has yet to hit such majors as Australia, Germany, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, France, Spain and Mexico. Each of those markets is key for the film. This session, the Pets grossed $16M for a $49M offshore total thus far in 30 markets. The Chris Renaud-helmed animation was No. 1 in nine of those this weekend. Globally, it is approaching $100M. Netherlands led openers this frame with $1.74M at 139 locations for the top spot and ahead of Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks The Internet. Vietnam was also a No. 1 opening with $1.25M at 185, coming in just below Pets 1. Italy made $1.1M at No. 2; last time around, Secret Life Of Pets had a special screening at the Venice Film Festival just before it opened. Elsewhere, the UK had a strong hold in weekend three, down just 25% to cume $18.9M. Russia has made $16.9M to date. Australia takes these guys out for a walk next weekend. DHD
  8. I didn't expect Pets to be that low, but then again the first part didn't do that well in Italy as far as I recall (I think it did like half or third of the DM movies). Still, a 50 or 60% decline (maybe more?) in OW is v. disappointing, despite the differences in release calendars. Curious, what's your prediction now for Minions 2 WW and in Italy specifically given the steep - and unexpected - decline of Pets 2?
  9. They won't keep doing sequels for long - SLOP 3 won't happen. Minions 2 will happen since it's the highest grossing animated franchise in history and was long into production already. And that will have a focus on Gru and not a fully Minion-esque film so it has some potential to surprise. After Sing 2 (if they don't shelve it or push it), they won't have anymore sequels for a while. It will be the Mario film and the Pharrel Williams original pic.
  10. Here's what I think Illumination should do: 1. Market Minions 2 and any upcoming sequel from a story-driven perspective and not character trailers. I disagree that Grinch and DM3 marketing was bad, it wasn't as omnipresent yes but it sold the films' premise well and ended up working well for both on different levels. Grinch especially had a clever and controversial billboard campaign that was talked about. DM3's marketing overseas (where I live) also worked well. With Gru being part of the story in Minions 2, they better put coherent story-driven trailers. 2. Push Sing 2 a bit, and let that franchise breathe a bit. Keep Minions 2 as I still think it will do well overseas. Not sure about domestic but I think if marketed well it may not be another SLOP 2 3. Push Sing 2 to the winter spot which works very well for Illumination 4. Prepone the Pharell Williams film to 2021 if possible 5. Re-think marketing strategies and come up with more original content 6. Pay attention to the Mario movie, which I think they are as they've recently announced full creative control for the original Mario creator. Could be their Spiderverse or close to it, the way that film worked wonders for Sony I feel like while SLOP 2 is a disappointment, it will not be the case for other Illumination films and won't spell their doom. Minions 2 is definitely seeing a decline (not sure on Sing 2 just yet) but I feel SLOP 2 was a misstep and a mishandled campaign. Part of me feels like Uni did know that - SLOP2 is the first and only Illumination film never to premiere at Annecy for example. Could be a sign that they knew something if off with it and perhaps that's why the marketing wasn't that coherent.
  11. They're wrong. The first week, marked as zero, was just previews. The total after week 1 with previews is 11.6 as per DHD and Screen
  12. SLOP2 opened to 11.6m in Russia vs 16m in Russia for SLOP1 - both with previews
  13. Sing did actually very well. I don't remember 300m predictions for it, it beat Moana domestically with 270m versus 230+ for Moana and Grinch beat Ralph (a movie some predicted will beat Grinch) with also 270m vs 200m for Ralph. In both instances. Illumination had the highest grossing winter animated film. Sing and Grinch made more than Coco, Moana and Ralph domestically - all winter films. I think SLOP2 is the first true shocker for Illumination.
  14. As most of you know, I’m a huge Illumination fan. I created my account on the forum back in 2015 just around the time when Minions was going to be released. Since then, Illumination has delivered a stellar box office track record, delivering big hit after big hit and none of their films ever came below 500m WW. With SLOP 2 on its way to becoming their lowest grossing fully-animated film domestically and among their lowest WW (though it's still early to assess this), they definitely will be concerned. Yes they probably won’t panic because their low budgets would assure it is still profitable but they won’t achieve the heights of SLOP 1 or come anywhere near it. Several questions come to mind: - What could the future be for the studio? - Does SLOP’s underperformance become a standalone case where the marketing and film failed to ignite interest or does it impact their future releases which are Minions 2 (2020) and Sing 2 (2021) and I assume Mario is 2022 with direct supervision from the original Mario creator? Do we look at SLOP 2 as a special case where there was simply not a franchise there or as a downward trend that may cascade to upcoming Illumination IP - Every animated studio has a dud or underperformer. This could be Illumination’s 'Lego' moment. But can/will they recover? - Has Illumination lost its touch with the public or is this a one-off dud relatively speaking? I’m also wondering about the future of non-Disney/Pixar animation in the coming few years from a box office perspective – and not from a quality standpoint. Until Mario in 2022, there looks to be a lack of potential/probable sizable box office hits except Minions 2, Trolls 2 and Boss Baby 2. Could streaming be impacting animated films more than other genres?
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