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  1. Impressive that Uni. has the first 2 spots for Hollywood films this year OS. They don't get enough credit for their OS success.
  2. Last Jedi total in China less than the OD of DM3, XXX and Resident Evil! Gotta love how crazy and unpredictable the China box office is. More interesting to follow than many markets including domestic.
  3. Give Jumanji all the money.
  4. Still an interesting metric to measure blocbusters' performance on
  5. Among the 2017 domestic 200+m grossing films this year, Wonder Woman is first and has the best multiplier and DM3 is second. Thanks to @ak2net for the list: SW8 2.91-3.0x BATB 2.88x WONDR 4x GOTG2 2.66x SMH 2.86x IT 2.65x THOR3 2.54x DM3 3.65x JL 2.42x LOGAN 2.56x F8 2.29x
  6. Right, I meant to refer to 200+ DOM Friday openers in 2017. Wonder Woman is first, DM3 is second.
  7. This. It had the 2nd best Domestic Multiplier this year (x3.64) after Wonder Woman (x4) which means reception was surely good in the US. EDIT: This is among 200+ DOM Friday openers in 2017. Also it's never about DOM only, it's about worldwide for sure. Domestic is where the media focuses on because these writers are from the states, but what matters is worldwide these days.
  8. They submitted only This is Me, but they could have submitted a 2nd one, but they didn't want them to compete with each other.
  9. Yes! That was a lovely song too. Very powerfully performed and acted.
  10. That's what makes the film's soundtrack great. Everyone has their favorites and it's not 1 consensus song.
  11. I think Rewrite the Stars is the best scene in the film and the best song.
  12. YAY for JUMAJI finally beating TLJ on Monday! It's a much better film imo. Like other posters said, you could really connect with its characters. Oh and I loved Greatest Showman too. Flawed yes, but the soundtrack is on fire and it puts you in such a great mood
  13. Universal will have the 2 biggest #1 and #2 OS hits of the year FF8 1B OS DM3 769M OS

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