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  1. MinaTakla


    How much did Conan make/drop?
  2. MinaTakla


    Fantastic record especially that it opened on Friday and burned some demand there!
  3. MinaTakla


    That's a franchise record for Conan, no?
  4. MinaTakla


    Will it beat Conan 21's OW?
  5. MinaTakla


    Will it beat the OW of the previous film (the 21st)?
  6. MinaTakla

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    You betcha:) Will definitely do - get ready!
  7. MinaTakla

    Best Animated Feature 2018 - Predictions

    Hi Jason, thanks for asking! Yes that's me indeed - I am the foreign correspondent of Awards watch and all year long, I go to film festivals (Cannes, Venice, Berlin, BFI London and Annecy) and write weekly Oscar pieces on 2 races: Best Animated Feature and Best Foreign Language Film. I started working with them on these articles last year and covered both races across around 50 articles. Erik Anderson - the manager of the website - uploads all these pieces (I send them to him in word format) and since he's the website admin as well as being its founder and manager, any article he posts (whether by me or his), the CMS of the website counts it as "by Erik" since he uploaded it. That's why we made my name appear in the footer since I am not uploading them on my own. Next month I will be in Cannes and will be covering all animated films there on Awards Watch - stay tuned!
  8. MinaTakla

    Best Animated Feature 2018 - Predictions

    Thanks for posting these, written by yours truly:) I forgot to add them here on the forum.
  9. MinaTakla

    Isle of Dogs | Wes Anderson | April 20 2018

    Saw this at the Berlinale and it's amazing and wonderfully done. One of the films that should be BP contenders.
  10. My favorite film of 2017. A
  11. Impressive that Uni. has the first 2 spots for Hollywood films this year OS. They don't get enough credit for their OS success.
  12. Last Jedi total in China less than the OD of DM3, XXX and Resident Evil! Gotta love how crazy and unpredictable the China box office is. More interesting to follow than many markets including domestic.
  13. Give Jumanji all the money.

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