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  1. I am ready for @Sheikhin the playoffs. Only a small underdog by my calculations.
  2. Rolling Thunder

    Derby League 3

    This league has unfolded much different than I projected at the start of the season.
  3. Oh wow, I assuredly believed I won.
  4. The top half of every league is competitive, and really, getting to the playoffs is all that matters. In our league, Sheikh is certainly a serviceable player who's worked hard to put distance ahead of me. The playoffs roll around and it's a brand new ballgame.
  5. Rolling Thunder

    Derby League 3

    No, my understanding is we don't reset to zero. This is just the scheduling leading up to the playoffs. In our league, anyone already in the Top 6 has clinched a playoff berth for all intents and purposes. We're all just playing for position. A first round bye is still up for grabs.
  6. Rolling Thunder

    Derby League 3

    Not sure what happened this past weekend? Good thing the Derby isn't on the Vegas sportbooks - casinos would be hurting with @chasmmipulling a rabbit out of a hat. 🐰🎩
  7. Wow, I feel like a shepherd boy laid me out cold with a slingshot. 😨
  8. I'm making my ascent back to dominant status, which is where I'm most comfortable.
  9. Rolling Thunder

    Derby League 3

    In the words of AC/DC, I'm ready to leave a whole bunch Thunderstruck ⚡
  10. Rolling Thunder

    Derby League 3

    I'm historically poor with urban-oriented films unless they are Madea, lol. And yes, just a game, but been playing it so long (well before BOT) that I don't take slumps very well. I can learn a thing or two from you!
  11. Rolling Thunder

    Derby League 3

    Thanks in part to Superfly overperforming, I was dealt an unexpected defeat against @Sheikh. Another strong performance from, Keanu which is great to see. There are some very tough players across all leagues, but as the Washington Nationals of MLB remind us, one can dominate a division but still miss the ultimate trophy. Time to dust myself off and get back to the way I'm capable of playing.
  12. Wasn't based on the standings. I had myself as a slight favorite in this one. In the league setting, the focus is playing the player. My scouting report had Disney Tentpoles as your Achilles heel. I'll be prepared for our next match.
  13. Tips cap to Sheikh pulling off the upset.
  14. With Superfly overperforming Friday, Sheikh may actually beat me. Have to love the unpredictability of the Derby.
  15. Rolling Thunder

    Derby League 3

    What a logjam for 2nd! I should cut Sheikh's lead in half this weekend. I'm counting on our other great division members to deal him some blows! 😎

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