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  1. Rolling Thunder

    2019 Derby Leagues Rules, Teams, Information & Help

    I still like a Friday deadline. Maybe 10am EST before official preview numbers? BOM hasn't been reliable providing complete theater counts by Thursday night.
  2. Rolling Thunder

    If you want to get Derby, we can get Derby | Week 12

    Access to insider information aside, @Sheikh's consistency is really impressive.
  3. Rolling Thunder

    My name’s Rex Dangervest. This is my Derby | Week 6

    Can't believe I placed 2nd with 85%.
  4. I'm very happy with my score, sans Schindler's List.
  5. We have to predict the Schindler's re-release? Yikes.
  6. Someone with some ridiculous predictions skewing most of the averages.
  7. Rolling Thunder

    Look at those greedy little Derby monsters | Week 45

    I did, but not to this degree. It got blasted.
  8. Man, it's tough believing you're a legend when your scores don't reflect it.
  9. Lol, I know. Something went terribly wrong. 😨
  10. What happened with my score last week?
  11. Although a statistical underdog, it was generally believed I would prevail. Looks like it's hitting the back 9 now.
  12. Kin killed me, IMAX screens totally let me down. @Sheikhwill be pleasantly surprised to advance.
  13. I am ready for @Sheikhin the playoffs. Only a small underdog by my calculations.

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