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  1. All myths are foundations of Derby | Week 11

    Well, scores were rising even before that. Players are just getting better. I've gone from elite to ordinary.
  2. Derby Leagues Are Coming

    I agree league members should be randomized. Looking forward to this! The Derby has evolved.
  3. I find trash talking is hot air when I'm playing like said refuse.
  4. I may be slumping but would still command a high draft pick if traded.
  5. 92% used to blow 'em all away. Not sure where those days went.
  6. I remember when my reliable 88% used to be dominant.
  7. Who is this @Sheikhguy anyway? Totally off my radar.
  8. Well, this was like a NY Giants week for me. Championship potential, draft pick performance.
  9. Well, if I had to exit the tournament in incredulous fashion, it might as well be at the hands of the weekly winner.
  10. @AndyLL, predictions appear to still be locked.
  11. Lol, I'm going to advance in the tournament with a score under 70%.
  12. What an embarrassing Bye week performance for me. Another score like that and I'm sunk.
  13. As luck would have it, I did take a screenshot of them - appreciate the offer to help, though!

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