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  1. My favorites as of now. 1. Star Wars: Episode I-V (1977-2005) (with RotS being the greatest, AotC being my personal favorite, ESB being the most technically accomplished, TPM being the most unique, and ANH being the most fun/nostalgia awakening) 2. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) (impossible to review; the greatest single piece of sound and vision I’ve seen) 3. Schindler’s List (1993) (being as close to magical a tragedy can be) 4. Deer Hunter (1978) (another magical movie – the opera soundtrack upon those mountain tops is goosebumping and that weird tension between those macho men is uncomfortably precise) 5. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) (I just love the fact that this masterpiece so much tribute to Mozart – not only can you hear his requiem in the background, that masked ball could very well be a nightmarish take on a scene from AMADEUS (1984)) 6. Singin’ in the rain (1952) (pop culture for everyman. Very talented people behind this) 7. Uncle Boonme (2010) (after Singin in the Rain this might be one of the happiest films ever) 8. Bambi (1942) (Disney’s masterpiece; this has BOYHOOD written all over it) 9. Psycho (1960) (technically flawless) 10. Citizen Kane (1941) (technically flawless too)
  2. Pretty much the reason why people keeps on hating the first two Star Wars prequels. Not their kind of stuff though the film making is pretty flawless. But I respect your taste and wisdom. Hence this list should be called "BOT's favorite movies" instead since we're not really talking about movies as art and assess movie's uniqueness and intentions. BTW I too am a bigger fan of Apocalypse (the voice over is nitpicking at its finest). And I'm not a big fan of 12 angry men now when we're talking politics in film.
  3. Tuesday numbers; BP -5.1M

    @IronJimbo you know what to do next?
  4. Tuesday numbers; BP -5.1M

    Avatar had a 30% tuesday-tuesday drop on its fourth tuesay. But that tuesday was the tuesday after the holidays. So I suppose Avatar is a champ. But if BP decreases less than 17.6% next tuesday from this tuesday I suppose BP will be some kind of champ as well.
  5. That movie is pretty much as far from a sinking ship a movie can be
  6. So besides BPs amazing run (and the amazing run of avatar #iron jimbo): Peter rabbit dropped 0.3% from last monday and jumanji dropped 1%.
  7. I think its awesome that your ten favorite movies also happen to be the ten highest grossers of all time.
  8. I think this thread needs some ranting about the successful run of avatar.. that should end this nonsense
  9. Can someone please call the moderator... a gal in my class wondered what kind of forum i was visiting.
  10. Record breaking february at 999.3m. Highest grosser of feb 2006 was another panther.. Year Total Gross Change Movies Avg. #1 Movie Gross % of Total 2018 $999.3 +27.7% 191 $5.2 Black Panther $428.8 42.9% 2017 $782.5 -2.1% 180 $4.3 The LEGO Batman Movie $135.4 17.3% 2016 $799.0 +4.3% 185 $4.3 Deadpool $287.6 36.0% 2015 $765.9 +9.3% 197 $3.9 Fifty Shades of Grey $145.0 18.9% 2014 $700.5 +13.3% 197 $3.6 The LEGO Movie $192.7 27.5% 2013 $618.1 -24.5% 179 $3.5 Identity Thief $97.7 15.8% 2012 $818.2 +24.1% 193 $4.2 The Vow $105.0 12.8% 2011 $659.5 -12.6% 193 $3.4 Just Go With It $79.5 12.0% 2010 $754.8 -1.9% 175 $4.3 Avatar $110.8 14.7% 2009 $769.3 +10.7% 161 $4.8 Taken $84.3 11.0% 2008 $694.8 +8.6% 192 $3.6 Hannah Montana $62.4 9.0% 2007 $639.6 +2.3% 176 $3.6 Ghost Rider $82.2 12.9% 2006 $625.4 -0.7% 193 $3.2 The Pink Panther (2006) $61.8 9.9%
  11. Does anybody know if there some place where one can see the numbers for each state in USA? Would be interesting to see in which states Black Panthers a hit and which ones American Sniper was a hit.
  12. Black Panther Wednesday 15 mill

    Blue aliens in the jungle will be beaten up and battered around by black jungle book character if this will be true.

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