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  1. I Dont want to spoil the party but i Wrote a similar story when i was seven or eight about me writing McCartneys ”pipes of peace” and my mother got so proud. In real life Shes proud anyways. Quite a lady. And i suppose the bus at the beginning took him on a magical mystery tour. Touché.
  2. Or The Balance of Supply and Demand?
  3. I think 65% of them haters are people who just want George Lucas to return. Episode ix without George Lucas’ input is sad and unavoidable regardless of you liking the prequels or not. Haha people will a hundred years from now ask wtf TFA is and see that its just a cheap copy by [Mod Edit] people, liked by [Mod Edit] people.
  4. Fantastic november thus far given it outperforms november 2015 with a Bond- and a hunger gemes-movie. And 2016 and maybe even 2017 will be outgrossed...
  5. LOL You like what people tells you what to like. Your idea of a good Movie is purely based on what RedLetterMedia tells you is great. TFA is what you get when the powah of RedLetterMedia grows too strong. Yeah.. right.. TFA is the 12th mest Movie of all time according to you…. LOL
  6. Yes yes, listen to the wise guy. Many films he's seen, all the avengers and all the harry potters. Great wisdom he possess coz he Always agrees with the critics. TFA having 96% fresh rating on RT automatically means TFA is the 12 greatest Movie of all time. The prequels suck because RLM says they do. Daxtreme, the man of wisdom. Better to follow the stream than your Dream. :)
  7. Were you not one of those who thought TFA is one of the 15 greatest movies ever? The magic is back. Kathleen Kennedy to you must be Cameron to ironjimbo.
  8. Hello! I want the film "Elfchester United" to be made. It is going to be about an elvish soccer team trying to start from scratch. The goal keeper, a middle aged elf, has been struggling with questions about immortality and how to feel more alive. The forward has anger management issues but trying to get his life together again (by having another beer). The defender wants to make peace with his relatives living in another forest. Together they want (to drink beer and) reach their different hopes and dreams for a better life. They make up their minds and - for different reasons - challenge their elvish forest neighbours and their great soccer team. Can Elfchester United be the team that all of the players desperately need?
  9. Didn't you think TFA was the 15th greatest film of all time just a couple of weeks ago? EDIT: 13th apparently: The magic is back...
  10. 1. Changeling 2. Let me in 3. In bruges 4. Baader meinhof complex 5. Still walking 6. Wall-e 7. Synechdochr NY 8. Kung FU panda 9. Speedracer 10. Vicky Christina barcelona 11. The happening 12. Iron man 13. Taken 14. Doubt 15. Wanted 16. Star Wars: clone wars 17. Burn after reading 18. The dark knight 19. Frost\nixon 20. Indiana Jones 4
  11. Likewise. What if j.j. Comes up with something inspired and interesting? Maybe he has talent that will flourish.
  12. In other news: domestic box Office 2018 will pass 7billion tomorrow. 2016 reached the milestone in question in early august.

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