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  1. Plot does not make a film feel like star wars. What TFA lacked was great cinematography, great music, long sweeping takes of star ships landing on a planet, big memorable lines, sound effects in the background, politics, cool new vehicles, weird characters speaking in tounges, actual picture composition. The scenes are too short and the pacing is too fast. TFA is dead at core. A rotten cheap product starring Ford.
  2. Wednesday Numbers: 7.9 M IT

    501 R-rated horrors. 150 Supernatural Horrors According to BOM.
  3. Top 25 films of 1997 (open due date)

    A failed experiment in staying true to the comic books and at the same time using modern day tech. Interesting to watch. But a fail nevertheless.
  4. Top 25 films of 1997 (open due date)

    Its gonna be BS fine
  5. But a 291% jump? Thats logic a la prometheus..
  6. Whats up with A:C? (Dont want to go through 10 pages of germans complaining They wont get to see IT before the end of the Month)
  7. Im glad @MinaTakla follows its Box Office run. Elaborate analysis incoming.
  8. Movie was great.. weak script though.. but the direction was kinda flawless and the actors were fine! 1. Dunkirk 2. Wonder woman 3. Borg 4. Get out 5. Logan
  9. I feel the same way. And i respect your "taste" (that you actually see what a movie wants and analyse how It fails/succeeds) very very much. But clockwork is a bizarre hollow depressed creation without comparison. Executed with perfection. It leaves u with a bad taste.
  10. Wed Numbers: AC - 740K Dunkirk - 505K WW - 180K

    #replacingbkb #doesnotknowhowtoGIF
  11. Wed Numbers: AC - 740K Dunkirk - 505K WW - 180K

    A:C should be able to reach 100m right?

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