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  1. The ”mein kampf” of the 00’s. Hate propaganda and the kind of dangerous criticism that insults a talented and gifted movie directors vision. In many ways he probably is the reason why we got the TFA trash grab
  2. Wonder how the lists would have looked like if redlettermediaidiot wasnt around
  3. Eh... ”Bambi” has some of the most awesome cinematographies ever. The compositions in the frames are all Mona lisas
  4. does people still think that the "I Don't Like sand"-monologue is cringy/bad. Even if you overlook the many (3 maybe 4) aspects of that particular line it's still way better and more quoteish than any line read in the ST. I miss george
  5. spoilers in that sense that we now know that it's probably just gonna be same old same old I find the lack of creativity and imagination in the ST disturbing 😛
  6. I Dont want to spoil the party but i Wrote a similar story when i was seven or eight about me writing McCartneys ”pipes of peace” and my mother got so proud. In real life Shes proud anyways. Quite a lady. And i suppose the bus at the beginning took him on a magical mystery tour. Touché.
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