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Happy Summer Movie Season. Play the summer game.


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  1. Rewatched the first one last night; Michael Nyqvist is the real MVP.
  2. When you see Only God Forgives is on Netflix, YOU WATCH IT. Bury me with a copy of it.
  3. I let out a very loud OHHHHHHHH! That's the great stuff.
  4. Man, this is a tough one. 60 is pretty much where I think it opens. Ehhhhhhhhhhh....I'll go out (barely). I know others have said pre-sales are okay but I don't sense all that much buzz or excitement.
  5. I once enjoyed analyst Jeff Van Gundy.
  6. I'm sure he's right here but Yashar Ali is one of the great sanctimonious windbags of Twitter. He's a classic "that guy must be great at parties."
  7. Give me all the Game 7's so go Rockets.
  8. Every Friday at 3: "Those numbers seem off. I don't buy 'em. Let's wait. Deadline is smoking crack."
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