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  1. Yeah, it feels like 1917 is winning Picture and Director now. Throw in Score, Cinematography, Production Design and one or both of the Sounds.
  2. I nearly suffocated under the crushing weight of melodrama.
  3. Me during the bad guy is Mike's son reveal Overall, I thought it was decent fun. Martin was great. (B-)
  4. 1. Parasite 2. Irishman 3. Hollywood 4. Marriage Story 5. Little Women 6. FvF 7. 1917 8. Joker 9. Jojo Rabbit It's a really solid group this year. Despite being ranked last, I didn't dislike Jojo.
  5. I am from Staten Island; my entire family still lives there. I've never thought much of Davidson and Apatow is hit-or-miss, but this is gonna be a big summer event for me.
  6. This might be the least surprising set of nominees in recent memory. Phillips getting in isn't surprising but Joker leading in total noms is. No Song Kang-ho nom blows; I was really rooting for that. I've been on the Hollywood winning Picture train for over a month but it feels like 1917 vs. Parasite at this point. Same for Director.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised at all if this wins Picture and Director. The shortened Oscar season means this is gonna peak as ballots are filled out.
  8. I'm gonna go the standard nine for my final predicts: 1. Once Upon a Time 2. Parasite 3. 1917 4. The Irishman 5. Jojo Rabbit 6. Marriage Story 7. Joker 8. Ford v Ferrari 9. Little Women
  9. I find the elf character design so unappealing. My brain immediately goes, "NO THANKS!"
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