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  1. As an 11-year old in 1997, I can attest to the original's VHS power. There's massive nostalgia among a WHOLE lotta people my age. There was also the soundtrack, which was absolutely massive. The trailer isn't any good but my first thought was "this will do very, very well."
  2. My thought exactly. Everything in there looks great but both trailers are terrible.
  3. Booked for IMAX on Saturday afternoon. At this point, it's more about having the theater experience than the movie itself.
  4. Nolan: "His insights into the musical and narrative mechanism were immediate, insightful, and profound." Travis: "SKRRT SKRRT!"
  5. I was in the "just cancel the MLB season" camp all summer. Without the bubble, it seemed infeasible to get through the games. I've watched these games so far with a persistent sense of anxiety that it could all fall apart tomorrow and that's not much fun.
  6. My local multiplex announced today they're reopening on Thursday. The only title so far is Ghostbusters.
  7. Rhode Island governor announced Phase 3 will begin around July 4th and includes movie theaters at 66% capacity provided 6-foot distancing. I know those who are opposed to going are very passionate and that's cool. That said, I'm ready to see Tenet in IMAX opening weekend. I'll wear the damn mask and I've always sat as far from other people as possible.
  8. This Mark Ruffalo twin brother thing is straight up misery porn.
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