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  1. Tom knows this needs to happen. It's what the people want and Tom will deliver to the masses.
  2. Jon Watts has zero visual panache.
  3. Red Hot Lego Batman Movie Take: The first hour is a fun barrage of one-liners, but it can't support the runtime. I was zoning out in the last 20, but a good time overall.
  4. Yeah, it'll decrease but should do well enough. Aside from the 5-year gap, there was a large novelty factor to the first one.
  5. https://deadline.com/2019/01/kevin-hart-the-upside-aquaman-keanu-reeves-replicas-dogs-way-home-weekend-box-office-1202533526/
  6. RichWS

    GLASS vs US domestic total BO

    The "Glass will break 200" brigade was crazy even before the reviews came out.
  7. I'm mixed on Thompson. She's gorgeous and game, but she has an arch on-screen presence that's somewhat off-putting for me.
  8. I don't give a crap about Lady Gaga apologizing, but she only did so after everybody was piling on her for not already doing it.
  9. Ahhhh Kline. Of course.
  10. Picturing a 2002 version with Franco and Quaid directed by Mike Newell. Or Roger Michell.
  11. Fandango/Atom/Your Mom ticket sales beat INSERT MOVIE PRE-SALE RECORD is getting up there with RT audience scores for me. Definitely on my radar.
  12. I will give The Happening this: I saw it opening night back home in Jersey and it's still one of the more memorable theater experiences of the last decade. My God, we started laughing and didn't stop. It was dreadfully delightful. Plus, it's a tight 90. Can't argue with that.

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