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  1. My local multiplex announced today they're reopening on Thursday. The only title so far is Ghostbusters.
  2. Rhode Island governor announced Phase 3 will begin around July 4th and includes movie theaters at 66% capacity provided 6-foot distancing. I know those who are opposed to going are very passionate and that's cool. That said, I'm ready to see Tenet in IMAX opening weekend. I'll wear the damn mask and I've always sat as far from other people as possible.
  3. https://deadline.com/2020/06/movie-theaters-california-reopening-governor-newsom-1202953969/
  4. This Mark Ruffalo twin brother thing is straight up misery porn.
  5. Watched Blood Father, Killing Them Softly and Dirty Harry yesterday. Testosterone levels at all-time high.
  6. I live in Rhode Island now but my mother works in NYC and lives in Jersey. I was at her house last week for a day after flying back from Cali so I'm self-quarantining in RI as the state wants travelers to do. Not showing any symptoms. I'm talking about a national lockdown. Notice the politicians aren't even publicly discussing it so I have no faith it'll happen soon.
  7. We need to do a 2-week lockdown immediately. Instead, we'll just wait another month when the Midwest and South finally start getting hit hard. This piecemeal state-by-state approach is terrible.
  8. I try to not be political on here but Trump is such a putz, I find myself shaking my head just reading the headlines.
  9. Watching the US Office for the first time in ten years. I completely forgot how terrific the second season is.
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