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  1. I think I liked this? It definitely has issues and a wet fart ending, but I was always interested. Also, I enjoy seeing Rufus Sewell in things.
  2. My goodness, this is a very dull flick. Putting the plot aside, the action here is truly bottom of the barrel Marvel garbage. Horrifically edited and completely disconnected to any other scene involving actual actors. And why is Black Widow completely impervious to pain and injury? She could survive a nuke blast with nothing but a tiny scratch above her eye. But sure, Pugh and Harbour are fine.
  3. Having re-watched the whole series beforehand, this one has the exact problem they've all had since 6: They're too long and I'm always zoning out during the last 30-40 minutes after the really cool second act set-piece that's ultimately the best part. There's also Too Much Toretto, another Macguffin I couldn't even tell you the name of, and the Great Returhan being pretty blah. On the other hand, I actually enjoyed the running Tyrese invincible bit. Is it better than Fate and H&S? I guess so if only because Lin has a better feel for the characters. It'll definitely
  4. Here in Rhode Island, we're pretty much back to normal. I was at my first party yesterday and it was great seeing so many friends. It's nice living in a state with a high vax rate; you can trust most people are telling the truth about getting their shot.
  5. I'm not saying HBO Max didn't have some effect but I don't know....for all the raves online, I never felt any real buzz for this. I'm sure theater geeks and trendy white folks are into it but there seemed to be a very strong assumption that the LATINO monolith would flock in mass. I don't think they cared about this from the start.
  6. My problem is most movies today don't earn their length. Feels like a lot of these big studio flicks carry an extra 10-15 minutes of excess because the filmmakers just couldn't let it go.
  7. If the Ryan Reynolds-hating 2005 me only knew he would watch TWO awful Ryan Reynolds trailers before a movie in 2021. That's what life really is.
  8. The IMAX trailer before AQP is "take my money now" territory. I wish it was coming next month.
  9. After suffering through Cruella, anything that's around 2:15 makes me nervous.
  10. This movie was a SLOG. I really thought about bailing towards the end because I couldn't care less about what was happening but I'm better than that.
  11. In the Heights going day and date feels like a shame. At least give it a 30-day window.
  12. Long-time fan of the franchise but even I feel like it's all played out. I'd really be okay if they just wrapped it up with one more.
  13. Where is Dean Cundey? I miss that man.
  14. 1. It was incredibly foolish to change the categories around. Kinda funny it blew up in their face. 2. I think the five months-long "Chadwick is an absolute lock to win" narrative hurt. A lot of voters likely assumed he was gonna win and voted Hopkins. 3. I would've voted for Hopkins or Riz Ahmed over Boseman so I don't have an issue with the win.
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