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  1. Just got home from the IMAX and it was everything it was hyped up to be. Hate to be hyperbolic but kinda astounding.
  2. As a huge fan of the show, I was very confused as to what this movie wanted to be. It's kind of a dud. Nivola and Vera Farmiga were both great.
  3. I watched Bronson for the first time last night and Hardy is such a blast.
  4. Hell yeah, it's opening at the arthouse this weekend. Very, very excited.
  5. As a Sopranos mega-fan, it's pretty much the greatest piece of entertainment created in my lifetime and the only thing I recommend to everybody. I'm sure this movie will spark another re-watch.
  6. Maybe I was already checked out by the twist. Really thought the first 2/3 were a boring slog with a couple of entertaining moments sprinkled in.
  7. I thought this was fairly crappy. Big twist didn't do much for me. I really feel confused about the generally good critical response.
  8. This has "six dollar matinee in an empty theater" written all over it.
  9. Can't believe I didn't zone out until the very end when the two dragons were fighting and the sister was hanging off, yelling "LET ME GO!" At that point, I was like okay that's enough of this. Up till then, I thought this was one of the more enjoyable MCU flicks. Tony Leung kicked ass, Simu Liu and Awkwafina were both quite likable. I mean, Ben Kingsley doing his Trevor killed me in IM3 and it works here. That mid-credits scene feels like they had Larson and Ruffalo for about 15 minutes. "Just throw any wig on her!"
  10. Wonky trailer but it's gonna be a BIG hit. Nice to see something with genuine hype again.
  11. I think I liked this? It definitely has issues and a wet fart ending, but I was always interested. Also, I enjoy seeing Rufus Sewell in things.
  12. My goodness, this is a very dull flick. Putting the plot aside, the action here is truly bottom of the barrel Marvel garbage. Horrifically edited and completely disconnected to any other scene involving actual actors. And why is Black Widow completely impervious to pain and injury? She could survive a nuke blast with nothing but a tiny scratch above her eye. But sure, Pugh and Harbour are fine.
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