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  1. RichWS

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    But folks arguing pre-sales (which, as Solo: A Star Wars Story should have taught you, aren’t a 1-to-1 predictor of opening weekend) positioning the film for a $100m-plus opening are doing all parties a disservice. Do you really want to put Peele, Universal and the rest of the gang on the defensive when the movie “only” opens to $55m this weekend, That One Guy? Huh?
  2. RichWS

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    1. I thought it would do 65 so I'm not sure why I thought beating Halloween wouldn't happen. I WAS WEAK. 2. Usually pretty good at not falling into the early Deadline estimate trap but I WAS WEAK.
  3. RichWS

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    Oh, I don't like slasher movies either but Halloween is my lone exception. The 40-year/Jamie Lee return was always potent. They may not have made much in the past but there was love for the franchise overall and if you build that nostalgia up just right....well, we know how that can go.
  4. RichWS

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    I don't follow pre-sales one bit so I'm in the dark with that. All I know is anything over 50 is a big time success.
  5. RichWS

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    Halloween is a brand. Brand always wins. They marketed that thing brilliantly. Plenty of 30-somethings like myself (I grew up watching the original with my grandmother) went opening weekend with bells on.
  6. RichWS

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    Calling anything over Halloween was a pipe dream. I admired the gumption, though.
  7. I've been blocking and muting more than ever in the last month. Big problem is I follow too many people and while I enjoy most of them, they love to get pissed and retweet/quote idiotic things I have no interest in seeing. My feed is always losing their minds over something and I simply don't have the proper stress management for all of it.
  8. Step one yesterday was deleting the Twitter app on my phone. I feel close to done. It's a hellhole that sucks up too much of my time and gives me NOTHING but agita.
  9. If I left after the early great dance scene, I would've given it a thumbs-up.
  10. We are simpatico. Yeah, Suspiria tested me with that length but I was engaged enough. I can't get behind Climax, though. There was nothing to connect to so I just felt stuck at an awful party. I always admire Noe's pizazz but it felt in service of nada. That said, I did like Tall Lady.

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