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  1. A week later, I'd probably rank it at the bottom as well. Pretty crazy how boring it is in relation to the sci-fi ridiculousness. 9 better take it back to the tuna.
  2. This is my own anecdotal evidence but three people I know all had the same "meh" reaction to it. Guess I'm saying I get why it's not holding that well.
  3. Vice Glass Apollo 11 Captain Marvel Climax Greta Us Gloria Bell The Beach Bum Avengers: Endgame Amazing Grace John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum Booksmart The Dead Don’t Die The Last Black Man in San Francisco Toy Story 4 Midsommar Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
  4. Baumbach getting Screenplay would make whatever other travesties happen this year worth it.
  5. Pains me to say this but I was bored senseless. It got exactly one chuckle out of me ("That was my phone.") and the injection of F&F FAMILY HEART later in the film was a big dud. Reynolds was amusing enough during his first scene but the extended Kevin Hart riff on the plane went on and on to the point of NEXT SCENE ALREADY. Between this and F8, I don't know about my passion for this series anymore. Maybe I should've quit when I left F7 weeping. Plenty of Vanessa Kirby, though. That worked for me. And Rob Delaney. I'll give it those two points.
  6. Watched Basterds for the first time in several years and forgot how much it rules. Light my funeral like Robert Richardson.
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