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  1. Calm down Cochofles, it has been only one week for you here. You will get caught fast this time. BOT is watching!!
  2. Good Boys looking for that $80M mark, @baumer BOX OFFICE FOR SEPT. 13-15 thumb rank film dis. screens (chg) friday(vs. prev fri) 3-day total wk 1 it Chapter Two NL/WB 4,570 $12.9M (-65%) $40.1M (-56%) $153.1M 2 2 Hustlers STX 3,250 $13M $32.5M $32.5M 1 3 Angel Has Fallen LG/Mil 3,076 (-153) $1.2M (-30%) $4.3M (-28%) $60.3M 4 4 Good Boys Uni 2,736 (-457) $1.1M (-30%) $4.1M (-24%) $73.1M 5 5 Lion King Dis 2,365 (-245) $850K (-14%) $3.7M (-14%) $534.1M 9 6 Overcomer Sony 2,293 (+140) $725K (-28%) $2.71M (-27%) $28.9M 4 7 The Goldfinch WB 2,542 $895K $2.7M $2.7M 1 8 Hobbs & Shaw Uni 2,050 (-249) $687K (-27%) $2.66M (-30%) $168.1M 7 9 Scary Stories… CBS/LG 1,494 (-607) $499K (-18%) $1.9M (-19%) $64.6M 6 10 Peanut Butter Falcon RSA 1,490 (+180) $532K (-15%) $1.8M (-15%) $14.9M 6
  3. Good Boys: 3.05 up 37% H&S: 2.1 58% TLK: 2.05 53% AB2: 1.75 73% Spider-man: 0.415 20% Wow that Spidey increase. I wonder how things goes next weekend!!!
  4. From deadline; UPDATED, Thursday AM: Sony’s Angry Birds 2 ranked 4th yesterday with $1.6M, -36% for a running two day total of $4.2M. Disney’s Lion King and Universal’s Hobbs & Shaw are currently fighting over No. 1 Wednesday with $2.3M a piece. CBS Films’ Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark took third place with just under $2M and six-day total of $28.5M. Paramount’s Dora and Sony’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood are wrangling over 5th with $1.5M a piece. Lion King $2.3M H&S $2.3M Scary stories $2M Dora $1.5M Bigger drops from last week with schools opening each day. Hope the Friday jump is big especially for Birds.
  5. OS and WW updated Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $857,916,768 30.7% + Foreign: $1,937,556,293 69.3% = Worldwide: $2,795,473,061 By the way Scott Mendelson is a big ASS!!
  6. I guess I am one of Charlie's alt and I am not aware of that!!
  7. The problem with TOG is he thinks he is defending art-house cinema, originality and good quality witch is a very good thing. But in fact he is just fed up Disney is dominating the box-office now, if it was another big studio. He won't complain at all. It is all about some inner desire for everyone.
  8. You should say: Will the next week releases be affected by the awesome hold of Alladin?
  9. This place has some of the nicest people out there. Porthos is someone you could offend and he respond by smiling at your face. With all the TLJ drama, it fascinated me he is always calm and treat people the same way. Talismanring taught me lots of things here. Really BOT is one great forum for all.
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