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  1. TOY STORY N5 at MT, 38.5% The Secret Life of Pets 2 22.2% Aladdin 12.8% Rocketman 4.1% Dark Phoenix 3.2% Toy Story 4
  2. It went up, eh sorry down by $3.2M Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $33,000,000 24.1% + Foreign: $103,743,621 75.9% = Worldwide: $136,743,621
  3. $2.5M more with OS actuals. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $232,385,926 38.3% + Foreign: $375,035,365 61.7% = Worldwide: $607,421,291
  4. Dude, right now WB executives are in deep shit after the GKATOM and LEGO debacle. And the so so boxoffice of Shazam and Pika. The last thing they need is swimming in unknown waters and invest in a new IP like MK.
  5. It is just business and mutual interest. They all care about making more money and they are both smart. They dont want to make steps that poisen their relationship. No one is afraid of the other. They just want to benefit from each other.
  6. As much as I want AEG to cross Avatar. Disney excess are not thinking the same. They are building a strong relation with JC and they surely make sure not to try to prefer anymovie over his. If AEG beat Avatar with its actual run (which is impossible now) no one will complain. Any tentative to push AEG to do that will hurt JC. Disney already have a strong relation with JC company and they have a 4 miga movies to make. They will be very happy if Avatar 2 makes $3B. As of now I think they might greenlight a sequel to Alita just to deepen the relation with JC.
  7. 100% Disney made using Sony money. Technically it is a Disney movie and Sony assure Marketing and distribution and get all the box office income.
  8. What if they change the whole concept of the X-Men origine and make them the result of the snap side effects. This will only require 5 years and the snap supposidly happened in 2023. And you introduce them into the MCU easily.
  9. I dont understand why you are wasting your time with him, he is clearly trolling. He hates Disney so much which is fine as it is his own choice. This ass wrecked havoc when Venom was released and spend weeks insulting Marvel or anything Disney related. Give it a rest and just ignore him.
  10. First Pixar has nothing to do with Illumination, Second you might misplaced ass with heart. Where is the heart in these Illumination movies. Unless you meant this:
  11. A 4% drop from Yesterday for AEG, it is just pretty good and a 24% drop from last Week. I hope the trend continue with the weekend.
  12. I never liked these Illumination movies. The best part was Vector ''OH YEAH'' from DM1. They try to sell themselves as a brand. They even start to market their trailers with ''From Illumination Studio'' a la Disney. This is just dumb. Well you cant fool people so many times. Besides being funny. There is nothing to talk about these animation movies. I would rather prefer they focus on DWA which is by far a more established brand and has really some of the best animated movies. If Illumination don't bring something french, they will end up like the Ice Age franchise.
  13. 8% drop from yesterday. And 26% drop from last week. AH THESE LEGS. I LOVE IT
  14. A 25% drop from Tuesday, pretty good and a 30% drop from last Wednesday. Finally showing some good holds.
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