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  1. I gave it a D when I first seen it. Rewatched it yesterday. This movie is something you hate more with each viewing. It is an F for me now. I love Star Wars and I think this movie did lots of damage to the brand and was the reason of creation, existance and the flourishing of tens of YT biased channels and blogs that aleinated the fans and create lots of toxicity arround Hollywood.
  2. @The Panda A League of their own was released in 1992 not 2012.
  3. Wearing a mask will help you a lot. Please do not touch your face, mouth or nose even if you are wearing gloves. Wash your hands as much as possible and use a disinfectant. It will help you a lot. I am really sad that this forum falls on racial and political issues. While most of the members seem very friendly. It is always a small group that brings endless fights and debates that are not necessary. People die and others take this as a joke. My parents are very old and I had to keep them away from the world. The only thing that scares me is to pass the disease on to them if I get infected. Please take this matter seriously and try to be helpful and constructive.
  4. Sorry, I thought it was a typo from you. Never heard of it before. Just google it now. Is this really exist? WTF!!!
  5. GALENTINES day is today not yesterday. Happy Valentines you all.
  6. BB3 EXPLODED!! Box Office For Jan. 24-26 thumb rank film dis. screens (chg) friday(vs. pv fri) 3-day tl wk 1 Bad Boys For Life Sony 3,775 $8.9M (-62%) $33M (-47%) $119.6M 2 33 2 1917 Uni/Amb/NR 3,937 (+325) $4M (-35%) $15M (-55%) $103.1M 5 3 Dolittle Uni 4,155 $2.7M (-55%) $11.3M (-48%) $43.5M 2 4 The Gentlemen STX/Miramax 2,165 $3.7M $10M $10M 1 5 Jumanji: The Next Level Sony 3,121 (-202) $1.7M (-21%) $7M (-28%) $282.5M 7 6 The Turning Uni/DW 2,571 $2.5M $6.6M $6.6M 1 7 SW: Rise of Skywalker Dis 2,800 (-258) $1.3M (-34%) $5.1M (-38%) $501.6M 6 8 Little Women Sony 2,528 (+25) $1.25M (-24%) $4.65M (-27%) $93.7M 5 9 Just Mercy WB 2,408 (-49) $1.1M (-33%) $3.9M (-32%) $27M 5 10 Knives Out LG/MRC 1667 $920K (-19%) $3.6M (-15%) $151.9M 9
  7. Because Disney doesn't care about Fox movies as lots of members say here!!
  8. I just finished my second viewing of TROS, I like it better than the first time. The music is just top notch. I will be seeing it twice more before new year. It is a bit messy but It is also a Star Wars popcorn from the beginning to the end. I think TROS will have better repeat viewing than TLJ. There is a big potential for this in the future. They just need planing and good management. The success of the Mandalorian is a better example.
  9. I really enjoyed TROS regarding all the doom and gloom. Disney really fucked up big this franchise and I hope they course correct this ship in the future. My ranking for SW now 1 ESB 2 ANH 3 ROTS 4 RO 5 TFA 6 TROS 7 TPM 8 ROTJ 9 TCW 10 SOLO . . . . . . . . Any Sharknado movie . . . . . . . TLJ, I hated this movie a lot and hate it more with each viewing.
  10. Thread title edited 4 times... I guess I am drunk Way Better hold today,.... Movie Distributor Gross Change Thtrs. Per Thtr. Total Gross Days - (1) Joker Warner Bros. $2,405,000 -2% 4,090 $588 $258,675,421 21 - (-) It: Chapter Two Warner Bros. $90,000 -15% 1,528 $59 $210,073,781 49
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