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  1. I mean the Japanese are more willing to work with us, what ever we make to honor Chinese culture, they spit in our face, i think we forget sometimes that China is an enemy of the USA
  2. The sad truth is Asian lead movies are a hard sell, and Asian countries don't like American Asian lead movies
  3. I'm troubled by the 45 day window that is becoming the industry standard, it's like cutting the box office in half... i get movies make half of their box office in the first 30 days,but they make the other half in the next 3 months,why do this I mean, if that's the case why release it in theaters anyway.. the movie theaters should play hardball
  4. I work on Wall Street and that is the thinking there, actually the stock brokers here would wish Disney + followed HBO MAx and released their slate on Disney + with no $30 extra
  5. Because studios would rather have subscribers instead of ticket sales, think about that, you can completely replace your Worldwide theater income with 100 million subscribers, without even having to leave the US
  6. I believe the movie theater industry is done, when you start getting to 1.5 month window, seems like a waste of time, the studios know there is more money in streaming, once a streaming service reaches 100,000,000 subs , you replace your worldwide movie theater income, my only question is when does congress step in and require streaming services to report daily streaming numbers
  7. Simu should be ashamed of his self, he is basically saying Chapek is racist and attacking his culture, when he knows that is not true,he knows Chapek was saying the 45 day day window is an experiment, good luck seeing Shang Chi in anymore marvel movies, or at least a Disney + series
  8. I blame movie theaters for the death of their business, Nato could have got together and started a streaming service, where they would share 50% of profits with the studios, but they fought netflix every step of the way back in 2012
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