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  1. Charlie, are you able to get an admission list domestic for movies like Jaws, The Exorcist and Sound of music? Would be very interesting to see breakdown for these movies, cause idon´t think they got this monster numbers with just one run. Thanks!!!
  2. By the way, why did you put ANH and not E.T.?
  3. Bigger or maybe the lack of accounting systems??!! You said that there were chinese and indian movies in the 60, 70 and 80´s with more than 300 million admissions and today the recrod books in these countries are quite smaller than those numbers....
  4. Thanks for the wonderful work, Charlie, for a data freak like me this is paradise. Even though, i am not agree with AEG sold more tickets than Titanic in its first run. I have no evidence but i have the feeling that minimum 50 million admisssions are lost from countries with bad acounting technology at this year, but thanks a lot anyway!!!!
  5. Thanks Charlie, intersting data. With these numbers we can see South Korea is the country with highest percentage of moviegoers-
  6. 2.6 billion tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charlie, is this science fiction thread??? The population on earth in that year, was slightly over this number..... really hard to believe, really hard....
  7. Hello Barnack, thanks for your excellent answer, it´s a pleasure to me read posts like this, from people who really cares about box office. I´m agree with most what you say and also with Charlie said before, but my big doubt is how in the hell they could count the number of admissions in those years???!!! Even in USA, the most developed market in movie worldwide they don´t have very good data pre 1982, so in rural China in 1965, how can they have a good research about tickets sold??? Charlie said in their previous post that a movie sold 2.6 billiion tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was almost the complete population of earth in this year...i really have big doubts about these numbers....
  8. In 1982? Where was a big lack of technology in China? I have my difficulties to believe it, Charlie. What should be the way of accounting data in those times in China? And the population in this year was just 1 b, so should go almost every chines to theatres. I accept very well this 325 m from India, it seems reasonable, but 880 million.....Wolf warrior 2 was a big success in China with a population of 1.4 b, and it sold 160 million tickets, so 880, it seems to much to me... i don´t have ny source or data, just my feeling.
  9. 880 million admissions???? Have i understood well???
  10. On a base of 10 dollars per ticket, South Korea would be the country with most tickets sold per inhabitant (almost 4 times per person going theatres in a year) On other point, probably in 2020 China could take the crown of the highest top earner in the world, but with this situation, we never won´t know it, maybe 2021... Thanks for the data Charlie and have a nice day!
  11. Hello Charlie, isn´t India counting admissions today? Would be very nice to have this in such a populated country
  12. I think a success like Titanic is out of times, because attracted people from every corner of the world and also from very different ages. I think this is very rare and even in these times of massive and short runs, a movie like Titanic also could have a very leggy run, because it was more than a "movie" it was cultural phenomenon worldwide, where people like me, we were 3 times to theatres, it was something very unique that mixed all the factors to make it an universal success and today i think it could make like 4 B easily.
  13. Go then to Boxofficemojo and pay for a subscription and then you can feel like a customer demanding data. People like Charlie or Rth, or everybody that are giving their talent and energy for free to us are only on object of admiration in this money society.
  14. What are average increases/decreases for movies in wed/thu/fri/sat/sun thanksgiving week? It´s to value how can perform F2 these days... Thanks in advance!!!!
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