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  1. i don´t see it at this moment. I see this weekend under 30 and final between 825-840. i think tomorrow bump and saturday will be smaller than IW.
  2. Do it, do it, i´ll do stronger when EG miss 850 million. By the way, i didn´t predict a drop for yestrday, i said +10 or flat, was +16, so i wasn´t too far...
  3. I said yesterday before tuesday numbers appeared and some laughed on me. I see today more people are joining to see EG slowing down a lot. I don´t see it even touching 850....those first days were out of this world and the appeal of this movie is not the same than Titanic, Avatar or TFA, at least in the US, because i don´t see it beating this movies in the adjusted total
  4. I have the feeling that EG is gonna start collapse, because it has gone too fast until now. I sse for tuesday a maximum 10% drop if not flat, maybe not touching 850 even...
  5. If it´s not Avatar 2 or 3, i don´t see a movie beating TFA in the next 5 years. Only inflation Will do...
  6. Thanks very much for the graphic Charlie, it´s very nice to see it for a lover of numbers like me. For me this is also the best way to measure the success of a movie, admissions. Many people in this fórum are more interested in dollars, because is the only way to see some récords fall. In my opinión, Titanic is the greatest hit all time, and i see very very very difficult another movie can surpass it. Besides, this kind of run, ultraleggy, are much more funny to follow, to see a movie 16 weeks at number 1 and having it´s highest grossing day on 58th it´s much more entertaining for me. That 1,8 b in 1998 was something out of this world, for me Titanic undoubtfully n. 1 all time.
  7. All ths story about beating or not beating Avatar is resumed in one Word, China. Avatar made 200 million 10 years ago in a very Little market compared with today. Now, EG Will make more tan 600 million, this is a really huge 400+ million difference. If EG beats Avatar with less than these 400 million difference, the thing is obvious, not counting 10 years of inflation. Of course EG has an amazing run, but i think being realistic can´t eclipse Avatar unless it makes 3,2 b, that i don´t see it. Avatar did 100+ million in 10 countries!!!!, this is something astonishing, that EG, don´t think Will do...
  8. I think the hardest record to beat from TFA is it´s second wednesday at 28 million. I think this will last at least 10 years more, absolutely from another world!!!
  9. i see this discussion about Avatar or EG, but i think Titanic WW adjusted today will be 3,5 billion, so the real champ is this one
  10. Locked? I think we are in an uncharted territory with this mega monster opening. One day can arrive bigger drops and not even touching 850, maybe also can surpass 1B, who knows at this moment? I think is impossible to predict a run of this kind....
  11. By the way, i don´t know if i missed it, but, anyone knows how much were finally previews from thursday?
  12. I think is a very good analysis, but we are in uncharted territory and we can see terrific legs for 1B+ or see a meltdown after first week and not beating any of these 2 movies. Let see, sounds very exciting days for BO followers!!!
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