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  1. Yes, i was refering to the non traditional markets ( Western Europe, Australia and Japan..) But i think even with the decrease of these markets, the chances of getting money today in the worldwide market are quite bigger, with Latin America (Brazil and Mexico), RUssia, east Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phiippines...) and for sure India and the soon biggest market in the world China. But thanks for the correction, i didn´t express proper.
  2. Would be nice that all the young people in this forum that they were saying last week, "Titanic is locked ww" visit here and start to understand how legendary was this b.o. run. As we can see, even 20 years later, with all the worldwide markets much bigger and developed, this film is still n.2 alltime... Simply the biggest run alltime!!!!
  3. setna

    Tuesday numbers RPO 5.4

    Next monday will be day 53 th, guessing on tuesday go up, on wednesday will fall under 1 million, that is day 55 th....anyway, i´m agree is exceptional, beating Avengers that was 52 days...
  4. Very interesting post!!! i didn´t know at all that the filn industry was also leaked. Would be very nice if this will published for everybody attention, specially the forums memebers...
  5. I´ve read in the net that Avengers Infinity War costs about 1 billion, i guess this is for the 2 movies, like Lord of the Rings or Hobbit that were filmed at the same time. Because it´s for one movie would need to gross at least 2 billion to break even and only 3 movies did in film history... Anyone has data for the real budget of these Avengers movies?
  6. I´m sad to see so few comments in the biggest week of the worldwide box office history......
  7. Me the same, hahaha!!! i didn´t hear about it, but maybe this is the future, films orientated to the China industry, the real business is there!
  8. Hey Gavin, do you know if Wolf Warriors 2 has finished its run or is still in theatres? Thanks and have a good day!!
  9. someone who is interested in Wolf Warriors 2 !!!!! If you look the all time domesti adjusted in BOM, WW2 would be number 3 all time in tickets sold, surpassing iconic hits like Titanic, E.T., Jaws...only would be behind GWTW and Star Wars. I think is the number 1 all time in tickets sold in a single territory in its first run with a big difference with others. I add a statistc of tickets sold from a good german website, it says has sold more than 157 million!!!!!!! which is absolutely shocking. http://insidekino.de/BO/CN2017.htm
  10. I´m happy to see WW2 is still alive!! Let´s see what happens in the next days, the next goal could be 836 million and be under 100 million with TFA!!
  11. Thanks Baumer for creating this thread. I´m happy to see that north americans start to recognize this film is making history in the BO
  12. Actually is n.3 all time at a single territory in number of tickests sold!!!!!! http://insidekino.de/BO/CN2017.htm http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/adjusted.htm?adjust_yr=1&p=.htm Would be only behing GWTW and Star Wars!!!! i think this thread should be much more popular, because is making absolutely history and i think in a short future we´ll be talking about records much more with Chinese films. At least to the ones who love numbers beyond nationalities. WW2 actually is: n.1 2017 in a single territory Highest monday, tuesday and 2nd weekend grosser in a single territory, dethroning TFA (this is more than amazing!) Highest Chinese grosser all time First non USA film to be in the top 100 worldwide in history Inside top 15 all time movies worldwide excluding USA ( this is shocking at all, cause is surpassing many films that got a lot of momey around the world and WW2 did almost all alone in China) not bad at all, not bad.....
  13. i think WW2 is already the all time tickets seller in any territory in its original run. Cause the top 5 in USA had several releases.

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