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  1. I think TFA for one reason in special; i think Avengers movies are more focused in a smaler segment of ages, rather than TFA who atracted to theatres kids, teenagers, adults and even seniors who went with their kids in 77 to see the first SW film. and Marvel movies, i think are much more focused to people under 30 years old, and talking about an event is important to atract to many different kind of people, so with difference, TFA.
  2. Hey Charlie, how is going TWE? Many days without numbers...
  3. ASIB has done today more than 11 mondays ago!!!!!! Probably this is a record, very interesting run from this movie with so many ups and downs in the last 10 weeks
  4. I remember when some people after 1st week of TWE talked, about beat TFA, later WW2 and said 700 minimum locked, it seems that China is not so predictable.... It´s a pity even touch 700, let´s see next megahit here....
  5. Hey, Charlie, can you please update the daily numbers from TWE? thanks a lot!
  6. It seems with this today drop, 700 million is in danger.....
  7. Then it seems will be number 3 all time in a single territory passing BP, if it gets 5B ( 744 million USD) will be very close from number 2 Avatar and let´s see if with this will be number 1 this year in a single territory.
  8. No official number for yesterday here? No numbers today?.......
  9. Can anybody please remind us the first 30 daily numbers from ORS to have a nice comparison with TWE numbers? would be funny to follow the run of TWE with this. ...and about monday number? Thanks in advance?
  10. Are you sure TWE will go over 700 million? Sometimes Chinese movies drops like a rock after second week. i really would love it goes really high, but maybe it´s soon to confirm this...
  11. I´m agree with ppzvgos, this kind of run only happpens few time in life. Titanic run defied every rule of box office behaviour, don´t forget ever that its highest grossing day was 58 th!!!! and this is in uncommon at very time. I also really would love to see a run again like this, leggy, leggy, leggy...
  12. Why doesn´t appear 2.0 box office from India? It did more than 50 million in the weekend!!
  13. It was, my friend, it was. I never had the same exciting since then, and very probably won´t have again.... 15 weekends n. 1 domestic!!!!!! More than 200 million in Japan, mora than 100 million in UK, France and Germany, 20 years ago!!!!! N 1 all time in a lot of countries.....and the most amazing record and never possible to repeat, highest day in domestic box office run, was day number........................58 th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think this is once every 100 years.
  14. setna

    True Box Office Hits before 1980

    I really love the idea of this topic, i´m here for this kind of great statistic documents, great job!!!

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