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  1. Saturday numbers Hi Mom 43, 9 M Total : 583, 3 M DC3 14, 7 Total: 610 M Let´s see tomorrow numbers for Hi Mom and especially monday to see if it has a chance to beat WW2, while DC3 is absolutely crumbling and after a giant 400 M opening weekend, let´s see if can touch 700 M, dramatically frontloaded...
  2. Friday numbers: Hi Mom 50, 3 M Total : 539,1 DC3 17,3 M Total : 595 It seems that at Sunday Hi Mom will overpass DC3
  3. For sure these two movies are getting the record for the most frontloaded blockbusters all time!
  4. Yeah, i imagined so, bt i just wanted to refresh WW2 weekly numbers. With your predictions it seems that Hi Mom will beat WW2 total, let´s see and thanks!
  5. Can anybody refresh the weekly numbers of Wolf Warrior 2? I´d like to compare its 3 first weeks with possible numbers of DC3 and Hi Mom. thanks in advance!
  6. Black Panther did it, but it was holiday, but i didn´t rememeber about Mermaid...
  7. ...amazing, i thought that 40 million first monday of TFA never will be broken, and now we have 2 movies at the same time overpassing this, crazy!!!!
  8. I think this data is very interesting, cause USA+ Canada (Dom) had the record for highest grosser in single territory for over 105 years, maybe more, but at least 105. There are few records that last so long, maybe they won´t have it again....
  9. Whatttt?????!!!!!! Does it mean that more than 80 million people will go to see a single movie in just one weekend?????????????
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