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  1. I believe no one expected a hit, but I agree that the failure is 'too' due to market saturation, in fact this year the only animated film we can consider a success is Toy Story 4. However, the fact that Playmobil is being butchered by critics contributed to people losing interest in the movie. The film's director, Lino DiSalvo, had never directed a movie in his career, the writers had never written anything either, unfortunately for fans of the brand, Playmobil: The Movie was an 'announced tragedy'...!!! 😭😭😡😡
  2. Any chance for Playmobil The Movie in the UK? Debuted yesterday!
  3. Projections point to a $ 1.5 billion market by 2030! With only eight theaters in the country, SA is already the third largest market in the Middle East. Saudi cinephiles are hungry for movies! You can't ignore a $ 1.5 billion market! https://www.arabianbusiness.com/media/424689-investors-urged-to-star-in-saudi-cinema-revolution
  4. The film was screened at the Annecy Animation Festival for a select audience, unfortunately for me and Playmobil fans, the prediction of the most skeptical was confirmed, reviews and comments on the film are insulting, HR described the film as 'generic promotional tool without life' some comments claim to be a 'real disaster'...😢😢 It is certainly a huge step backwards for On Animation Studios, producer of the Playmobil: The Movie and also of the award-winning The Little Prince, On Animation was on the rise in the world animation scene. I found it a big mistake to hire a
  5. As a fan and collector of PLAYMOBIL I admit that everything that involves the film is very precarious, especially the marketing. Missing less than 4 months for the premiere in theaters worldwide (August 7 in France) we do not have a official poster yet, trailer we have only one and very strangely edited. The budget of the movie is $ 80 million! With the same budget the Illumination does something much better!
  6. I am considering more than $ 100 million in China! (Original Pets made $ 58 million in that country 3 years ago). In relation to TS4, TS3 made $ 1 billion worldwide without China! Imagine how big TS4 will be in China!
  7. I agree that perhaps the Playmobil brand is not so well known in the U.S, but I still believe that a good story and a good script is more important than the value of a property. PLAYMOBIL fans are grateful for STX Films, we will do everything to make the film a success. STX Films has more representation than the bankrupt Global Road, certainly was a good deal for PLAYMOBIL: The Movie! PLAYMOBIL: The Movie over The Lego Movie 2 worldwide...!!!😁 Who lives will see!😉
  8. I watched the movie yesterday, five people in the session. Two weeks ago there was nothing 'marketing' for the movie in my theater, I watched 'How to Train Your Dragon' and 'Wreck-It Ralph' and did not see the trailer for 'The LEGO Movie 2'. Yesterday already had two great displays of the film, a little late do not think? About the movie, it may sound a bit confusing to kids, but I liked it. It is clear that the film is produced for countries that have English as the official language, especially the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. It is almost certain that there will be no r
  9. I liked it a lot! Some comments here are disrespectful! What's the problem with Paramount trying an animation department? The animation style of 'Wonder Park' is better visually than the animations of Illumination, for example!
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