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  1. I already published this ranking in insidekino forum. I think it maybe insteresting.
  2. 1936 -San Francisco Less than 30 millions. It was re-issued in 1948.
  3. 1955 -Oklahoma Less than 30 millions -Guys and dolls Less than 30 millions
  4. 1957 -The bridge over the river Kwai 60 m * It was re-issued in 1963.
  5. 1958 -South Pacific (1958) 68,80 m * It was re-issued in 1983.
  6. 1961 -The absent-minded professor 30 m * It was re-issued in 1967 and 1975. -El Cid 38 m * -101 dalmatians Less than 30 million. Probably 20 millions in his initial run. It had 4 re-issues between 1969 and 1991 accumulating a total estimate of 60-65 million tickets.
  7. 1962 -How the west was won 52,53 m * From user Walt Disney
  8. 1964 -My Fair Lady 60 m * Hard case. Due to this reason that is explained in the book "The Hollywood Story" of Joel Waldo. These figures are estimates only and are occasionally revised, years later, as happened with My Fair Lady (WB, 1964), which was reduced from rentals of $32 million to $12 million ten years after it was first released. But at the end of 1997 Variety published a ranking of all time rental-champs and "My Fair Lady" was with 34 millions. So who was wrong? What is the real number? I don't know. But the trigger to opt for the 30 million
  9. 1965 -Dr. Zhivago 87,44 m* It was re-issued in 1971. One of the most complicated cases. A true worldwide hit. Although the rentals or gross overseas never published i verified that in Europe, Australia and Japan attracted more than 70 million of spectators.
  10. Thanks, Joel M. In the sources that I mentioned in the thread there are data of re-issues. I also collect informations from books, forum and old websites. This site is also very useful: https://ameblo.jp/ayumi-niwano/entry-12249286244.html And the numbers of "The ten commandments", "Ben Hur" and 2Dr. Zhivago" are not so insane. I will investigate a little more about them. Keep in mind that they were the "Titanics" of his time.
  11. 1967 -The Graduate 71,75 m * It was re-isued in 1972 with rentals of 5,20 millions.
  12. 1968 -"2001: A Space Odyssey" Less than 30 millions of tickets. It was re-issued in 1971 and 1972.
  13. 1969 -Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 48,59 m * It was re-issued successfully in 1974 with $16,653,000 rentals.
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