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  1. After the confirmation Justice League is only 121 minutes long including credits I decided to not see the movie unless WB releases a directors cut on blu-ray. It's clear to me this will not be the movie I was hoping for so I'll save myself the disappointment. This also made me lose interest in box office and movies in general. Don't know if its temporary but I just have no interest in any of this anymore. Thank you guys of this thread where it all started for me, I really enjoyed the time I spent with you my dear friends, but I think I may be gone for some time.
  2. I know the runtime means nothing quality wise. But there's simply no way this movie is the same kind of experience as BVS was for me, with a 2 hour runtime with credits. I know deep in my heart this will be a disappointing, soul crushing experience, and I don't think I'll see this movie anymore.
  3. Tyler Perry is the ultimate tomato slayer. Keep showing these white male movie critics who is The Queen of the box office, Madea.
  4. Valerian was a great movie and the studio hoped for a miracle, while Geostorm is clearly being dumped, not the same situation here.
  5. At this point with this 121 minutes runtime rumor and all the changes in the trailers I'm not sure I even want to see this movie anymore. Zack's BTS pictures on Vero will probably give me more pleasure than the actual movie. Good luck to all of you, I'm out.
  6. Considering how BVS was the best comic book movie of all time, getting a standing ovation from WB executives would be good news for JL, but I'm not expecting that, considering who's handling post-production.
  7. They can always go back to the Superman Returns / Green Lantern days if they're not happy with the franchise Zack and Nolan created. Good luck with that.
  8. Horror 2017

    I also liked Watched it a few weeks ago for the 1st time.
  9. Horror 2017

    Annabelle Creation was really good, too bad WB pulled it from theaters right before it could outgross The Conjuring 2.
  10. I remember last year people here saying how BVS was generally disliked and this franchise was dead, yet here we are with Wonder Woman making $400 million and high expectations for Justice League... Lex Luthor was fantastic in BVS and I bet a Superman movie with him as the main villain would still be successful. The opinion of some movie bloggers with a lot of time on their hands doesn't represent the opinion of the general audience. [mod edit]
  11. I'm behaving myself lately, I'm not even that excited about DC anymore since that guy took over the post-production of Justice League he's probably ruining my movie anyway. I'll probably agree with the haters on this one, so I will create no problem this time.

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