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  1. Comscore Introduces ‘Movies Everywhere’ Cross-Screen Measurement System Full story: https://deadline.com/2021/01/comscore-movies-everywhere-cross-screen-measurement-system-1234679650/
  2. She's beloved in the role and WB made a lot of money out of her casting. It was objectively not a dumb decision.
  3. The acting is way too serious for a plot that sounds very silly. This should have the same tone of Kong Skull Island. I still haven't seen King of the Monsters, it seems so boring.
  4. Last time I saw the CW DC shows they were far from being comic book accurate. I would be worried if the same team would be helping shape up the future of DC Films.
  5. This feels unreasonable, the WB move didn't affect any film of his. Also, didn't they get his sister-in-law's film out of the advertisements, suggesting it will not be part of the HBO Max plan? It's not like the other big studios aren't also sending films to their streaming services, or selling them to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. I'm sure WB is willing to commit to a theatrical-only release for Nolan's projects.
  6. What are the real WW84 numbers? Exhibitor Relations is the only one I'm seeing with the $1.9 million 3-day number for WW84. But Variety and THR both say the $2.6 million reported by WB is for the 4-day, while Deadline has it for the 3-day. It seems more likely that Deadline is wrong.
  7. It definitely doesn't look like things will go back to normal for the exhibition business this year, WB made the right decision for the company while also providing theater owners big movies to play and make some much needed cash to stay afloat. Disney will likely follow WB with this strategy, while the other studios will either delay movies even further (like Sony already started doing, with Morbius) or simply sell some of their big movies to a streaming service. Releasing those big movies in cinemas and on HBO Max and Disney+ is the best thing to do right now in my opinion, for both the studios and theater owners.
  8. COVID herd immunity will not happen in 2021, says WHO https://www.dw.com/en/covid-herd-immunity-will-not-happen-in-2021-says-who/a-56197701
  9. Can we all leave Richard Donner's Superman in the past now? I love those movies too, but they belong to their time. There is no modern box office performance to support the idea that audiences want this kind of movie from DC. It's sad to see WB wasting time and money on movies that fans are not interested in seeing, when there's so much potential to the franchise.
  10. Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984 did an estimated $22.5M in its first week. Eeesh. Now these numbers do not come from Warners as they’re not reporting until Sunday, rather box office sources with their ears to the ground. https://deadline.com/2021/01/wonder-woman-1984-news-of-the-world-first-week-box-office-christmas-new-years-eve-1234663866/
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