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  1. Not groundbreaking? That sounds like a Joss Whedon movie to me. I swear to god if this bitch ruined my JL movie I will never support anything from dc
  2. I would say Henry's version of Superman is very interesting and nuanced, but that's always controversial so let's not get into that, but he was fun in The Man from Uncle and got great reviews for that movie. Chris Evans never did anything remarkable, and it wasn't for lack of opportunities.
  3. He was hilarious in Ghostbusters.
  4. Snyder announced months ago that he wouldn't be involved in JL's post production. This isnothing new. I dont know why some members are trying to start this discussion again when its in the thread title that this is wont be allowed.
  5. One of them will move. There's no way they keep the 2 most anticipated movies of the year so close to each other. SW has the advantage now, but who knows how episode 8 and Han Solo will turn out?
  6. Matthew Vaughn also produced the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot, is rumored to have directed the reshoots that made the movie worse, and won 2 Razzies with it.
  7. Wow, average rating is way below MOS and close to BVS. More respect for fellow filmmakers next time
  8. If Marvel makes a new Captain America movie but this time without ScarJo or any other popular Marvel hero to carry it, it won't even reach Ant-Man numbers. The character is just uninteresting and Chris Evans can't act.
  9. A MV-directed Superman movie with a 28% RT score would not open to $166 million.
  10. Time for WB to search for a new Superman director...
  11. I'm rooting for this movie but that poster and teaser were very underwhelming. Hope the trailer tomorrow is great.
  12. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Sad to hear Jedediah is leaving The View, she was conservative-ish but she was great, smart, funny, respectful, unlike that girl from Full House who was a Trump supporter. The show won't be the same without her.
  13. I think Gal is referring to Batman and Wonder Woman being superheroes for a long time, thats why they understand what Superman stood for more than the other members of the League.
  14. This mother number is so surprising to me. The trailer was exciting and intriguing, JLaw is a huge star, Aronofsky is a prestige director, and earlier RT score was good. I thought it would have at least a big opening day. Marketing seemed good to me. I'm very excited to watch the movie and see why it's getting such a toxic reaction. I bet I'll love it, but I'll have to wait for the blu-ray release because it won't play in my city, so I hope I can avoid spoilers until then.
  15. Days of Future Past is not only a great movie, but also better than anything from the MCU. Don't @ me.
  16. That's a fantastic tracking number. With great reviews, it will certainly make more than $150 million domestic.
  17. LMAO Another film blogger who too loved to bully DC fans also got fired this week:
  18. The Classic Conversation Thread

    She's 37 years old?
  19. The Classic Conversation Thread

    It Comes At Night was really good, but I understand the backlash. I avoided seeing the trailer before, but even the title is misleading.
  20. Lucas Film getting Chris Terrio to write the next Star Wars movie could be a good sign. They fired Josh Trank because of the drama on Fantastic Four, before any of us had heard about what happened.

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