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  1. What are the real WW84 numbers? Exhibitor Relations is the only one I'm seeing with the $1.9 million 3-day number for WW84. But Variety and THR both say the $2.6 million reported by WB is for the 4-day, while Deadline has it for the 3-day. It seems more likely that Deadline is wrong.
  2. It definitely doesn't look like things will go back to normal for the exhibition business this year, WB made the right decision for the company while also providing theater owners big movies to play and make some much needed cash to stay afloat. Disney will likely follow WB with this strategy, while the other studios will either delay movies even further (like Sony already started doing, with Morbius) or simply sell some of their big movies to a streaming service. Releasing those big movies in cinemas and on HBO Max and Disney+ is the best thing to do right now in my opinion, for both the studios and theater owners.
  3. COVID herd immunity will not happen in 2021, says WHO https://www.dw.com/en/covid-herd-immunity-will-not-happen-in-2021-says-who/a-56197701
  4. Can we all leave Richard Donner's Superman in the past now? I love those movies too, but they belong to their time. There is no modern box office performance to support the idea that audiences want this kind of movie from DC. It's sad to see WB wasting time and money on movies that fans are not interested in seeing, when there's so much potential to the franchise.
  5. Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984 did an estimated $22.5M in its first week. Eeesh. Now these numbers do not come from Warners as they’re not reporting until Sunday, rather box office sources with their ears to the ground. https://deadline.com/2021/01/wonder-woman-1984-news-of-the-world-first-week-box-office-christmas-new-years-eve-1234663866/
  6. Depending on how Justice League does next year we may be see her in Zack Snyder's Justice League 2
  7. US movie theaters just got their best weekend in 9-10 months all thanks to the HBO Max release strategy. So much for WB killing the theatrical business.
  8. I don't blame WB/DC for throwing continuity out the window, they were led to believe audiences despised the other DCEU films. If fans care, they should have been more supportive of the initial plans for a shared DC universe back when people were trying to destroy it.
  9. Warner Bros. isn’t reporting any official box office results for Wonder Woman 1984 on its opening Christmas Day –which various sources tell us was record-worthy for the pandemic stateside (...) I’m told that Wonder Woman 1984 is on its way to posting the best 3-day during the pandemic, feasibly grossing in the low teens, and besting the 3-day of Tenet ($9.3M) and Croods 2 ($9.7M). Theater count is around 2,150. https://deadline.com/2020/12/wonder-woman-1984-hbo-max-glitches-christmas-day-box-office-1234661645/
  10. He sampled it at Patty Jenkins' request. They also used it in the first movie.
  11. I haven't been checking Zack Snyder's social media activity close lately but I've seen him supporting Bernie Sanders, and later subtly supporting Joe Biden. He's not very vocal about his political views, but he's definitely not a conservative. He faced a lot of criticism for 300, but denied intentional political messages in it. And his more recent films had progressive messages, female characters in important roles and diverse casts. Another source for accusations of him being far-right came from the announcement that he would direct a novel written by a philosopher that heavily influenced conservative and libertarian politics in America, but we haven't heard more from it, it's probably not being made anyway, so we don't know what it would gonna be like.
  12. Can anyone explain to me how did Diana get the golden armor? I feel like I missed something. She was flying with her regular outfit to where Max Lord was broadcasting his message, and next time I saw her she arrived using the golden armor.
  13. In my opinion the first movie along with Man Of Steel and Batman v Superman are the great DCEU movies. The rest of them have not even come close. I have high hopes for this and The Snyder Cut, it's been 3 and a half years since I had a great experience with a DC film for the last time, and from what I'm reading I have a lot of confidence that WW84 will deliver. Can't wait to finally see it tomorrow.
  14. Google delayed its intended return-to-work date from June to September 2021, which shows things aren't expected to go back to normal until later in the year, even with vaccination already starting. I believe a year from now the industry will be looking differently at WarnerMedia's decision, as I don't see a better alternative for them. We also have to keep in mind that an HBO/HBO Max subscription costs twice as much as a Disney+ subscription, so they only need half the amount of subscribers to get the same revenue.
  15. Producer Zack Snyder will be part of the WW84 DC Fandome premiere event:
  16. Bought my ticket for next Wednesday, but I'm having eye problems and I'm not sure I'll be better by then and be able to see the movie, but I'm happy to support it anyway.
  17. People are overreacting, this is only for their 2021 films. Nolan can simply demand in the contract for his next film that it plays exclusively in theaters for some time, and so can other directors and stars. The only way Warner/AT&T continue to release movies in HBO Max beyond 2021 is if they make more money this way, and if that's the case, talent will make more money as well. The only people screwed would be theater chain owners, but they are on board with WB's plan for 2021.
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