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  1. I’m a big fan of his too, and he’s a fantastic actor with a unique gravitas. But I’m not sure how his English is... Not surprised that the top choice of Chinese netizens is Eddie Peng. He ticks all the boxes for superhero but his age is quite a bit older than what Marvel seems to be looking for. He’s been my pick for Namor since ages ago. I’m on the Ludi Lin train but I’d be just as happy to see them cast a mainland Chinese actor like Liu.
  2. Doubt Disney intends for Spidey to lead the MCU when his films are still financed and distributed by Sony. But I do think there is some post-Endgame fatigue at play.
  3. Maybe my math is off but I don’t think 1 billion is in any way guaranteed, think some have been misled by the China number which admittedly is big but is not indicative of other OS markets. DOM looks to be flat imho. If so will have to pull 480 OS - China and I dont think that’s assured.
  4. Aladdin has got to be the most satisfying run I’ve followed. So happy for the cast and crew. For this movie to do what it did, against the odds and mixed critical reception, is fantastic.
  5. Chines-American 😑🙄 not impressed with the decisions Marvel is making so far. they don’t seem to understand the stakes at play. China could very easily ban this film.
  6. I think it should be able to get to a billion. Think it has a better chance than Aladdin actually. Hope both make it.
  7. I think we can expect actuals to come in a bit higher for Toy Story and Aladdin, as we’d expect from Disney. Toy Story should be able to get to 400 and Aladdin 340.
  8. Its funny how fast things turn. Yesterday Anabelles preview number caused almost everyone to pronounce it a hit, and then a day later it turns out to be a flop. Recall one poster yesterday saying that the preview number is probably highly frontloaded and others attacking them for it. Funny how things turn out.
  9. 120 for Toy Story 4 is great but still disappointed that it fell so far short of tracking. Honestly don’t know where it went wrong; thought that marketing was flawless. Maybe it was scheduling - a Fathers Day release may have been better. But it’s been a poor summer generally so that could have played a role.
  10. Disney needs to make Favreau their Spielberg and lock him up. Give him whatever he wants. Jungle Book 2, Magic Kingdom, whatever. They don’t need JJ Abrams.
  11. Third point most important. Endgame will boost this movie spectacularly.
  12. I wonder if there is a twist in the contract between Marvel and Sony regarding bringing Spidey into the MCU... the terms we know about (Marvel getting access to the character, but Sony getting full BO returns for solo films) are way too good for Sony. I find it hard to believe that a company as strong as Disney would OK a deal that is so unbalanced.
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