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  1. There should be a thread with all the current exchange rates somewhere in this section. Unfortunately, I don't have time for that and to keep the work going.
  2. So you're saying that Avengers 3 will outgross TLJ? Good luck with that. Just compare the multiplier of the two predecessors!
  3. What do you guys think of Fack Ju Göhte 3's boxoffice potential? The teaser has collected 3,7M YouTube views in less than 3 days and that's just from 2 main channels. I think the hype cooled down a bit compared to the 2nd part, but I think 5M adm should be possible! TLJ is safe for its yearly crown.
  4. but tbh, I'm going to avoid everything except for the upcoming trailers. And the last days before the release I'm trying to stay away from social media altogether.
  5. Rian also confirmed that Snoke is interely CGI in the movie, the on-set puppet was used for lightning references.
  6. Is that practical/puppet Snoke? This looks fucking amazing.
  7. Does the movie really have a chance to increase on TFA's opening though? Rather than helping the opening to explode, I expect Carrie's death to soften the inevitable drop. Maybe something like $220M +/- $5M. I just can't wait for this movie and it's historic boxoffice numbers.
  8. I'm out Jedi 800/850/1650 JL 380/550/930 I hope TLJ can overcome a huge drop from TFA in overseas territories. I'm pretty optimistic it won't see a TPM - AotC decline on the domestic market, Luke and Leia will make sure of it.
  9. It's getting worse for Spidey down to 275k, that's just awful DM3 up to 650k on the 3rd trend (-24%, slightly worse drop than DM2, Minions even increased in its 2nd weeknd iirc)
  10. This movie can gross $700M and people are gonna say "meh, whatever, can't wait for Black Panther"
  11. Fiennes as Amon Göth might be my favourite acting performance ever. The way he portrayed this terrifying and psychotic mass murderer was extraordinary, shooting down jews while being bored of the "everydayness" in the nazi camp. It made me a fan of him.

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