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  1. I just finished watching the BTS stuff and I have nothing but profound appreciation for the whole team making this movie possible. Every one, from stunt coordinating the insane choreography during the battle/fight scenes, the camera crew doing things with the IMAX heavyweights that’s never been done before, set building department to even the ones making sure all safety measurements are being kept. They all did a tremendous job!
  2. Awesome write-up as always! Is it just me or has Gravity‘s popularity greatly diminished in the last years? When I hear people talk about the movie they always just mention the awesome 3D effect it had, but they rather wanna chat about Interstellar or even The Martian!
  3. 2012, what a year. It was the first time visiting New York for me after graduating, I still remember all the Brave merch in the Times Square Disney store and the huuuuge promotional ads for TDKR all over Manhattan. Those were the times. Thank you for this read, I‘m always anticipating new posts from you in this thread.
  4. 4th visit this Saturday, it won’t be his true masterpiece or the movie he‘ll be known for in 50 years, but it’s pretty damn good.
  5. I hoped for something better, I‘m sure the whole industry did. Let’s see the coming weeks.
  6. Guess I keep pretending that I‘m loving this movie to my friends this Friday and next Monday then.
  7. The critics and fan reviews are overwhelmingly positive, many are saying the movie gets even better with repeat viewings.
  8. I already booked my 2nd and 3rd viewing. The movie just won’t leave my mind and I can’t wait to watch it again without all the pressure surrounding the movie.
  9. I never had problems understanding what the characters said. Maybe it has something to do with the IMAX cinemas and their painfully loud volume levels?
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