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  1. I finished rewatching TFA and I‘ve gotta say I had such a great time. Around the release of TLJ I didn’t enjoy this film so much, kinda burned out of it, but not this time. The first 30min or so are basically perfect SW. Its not flawless (underused characters, aging visual effects, several plotpoints copied from the OT), but after seeing it again, I‘m ready for JJ to close the chapter. Oh and the chemistry between Daisy, John and Harrison was off the charts
  2. That song was heat, the production and overall structure >>> I miss the Justin Vernon x Kanye days. They made many of my favorite songs.
  3. It still has 2 month, so you‘re practically comparing ROS with the biggest promo punch ahead of it to two movies with past hype-trains in their full glory.
  4. I have the feeling Adam‘s gonna give his best performance yet, same with Daisy. I‘m so excited for their shared screentime, the Rey/Kylo chemistry is one of the best parts of this trilogy.
  5. On the other hand, Beyoncé‘s The Gift was really good, maybe the best thing thing that came out from the whole LK hype. It fits the themes of the movie so well, it is really rare these days that I don’t skip the interludes.
  6. And this against 2010’s exchange rates, mighty impressive. It is really a genre-defining saga, carrying the legacy into another decade.
  7. I don’t understand when people say Beyoncé is oversinging. Just because most artists don’t have the technique to perform vocal runs anymore doesn‘t mean she is „oversinging“. Donald Glover was the weak part, definitely not Bey.
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