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  1. It‘s your favorite? I don‘t think ESB can be topped. At first I had TLJ at third place, but it moved up one place as I‘m enjoying it more and more, so many great themes and visuals.
  2. 6:44 is one of the reasons I‘m glad Rian did this movie and the way he wanted. Reminds me of watching The Director and the Jedi documentary again.
  3. Sometimes I wish Star Wars fanbase wouldn‘t be so big and opinionated. But then...
  4. Giesi

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Woody😥 I don‘t know how many tears are left to cry for Pixar films
  5. The film received universal acclaim from critics, and from my own experience SW fans who are cinephiles and don’t care more about Super-Jedi Luke seem to enjoy TLJ. The movie also sparked some great essays/discussions about several aspects and themes, mainly Rey/Kylo symbolism and Luke‘s arc.
  6. Giesi

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    This could very much become the best Pixar sequel/prequel since TS3 TS3 > I2 > Dory > Cars 3 > MU > Cars 2
  7. Finding Nemo and Incredibles are more loved, well I‘d say even Monsters Inc. from the same year Shrek came out is more iconic and has a bigger fan base
  8. It‘s freaking Star Wars, I know it is not set in stone, but „no shot“?
  9. Out, TFA will hold the DOM crown for many, many years. $700M should happen though
  10. I‘m eagerly awaiting Queen Bey‘s 2020 Oscar performance and acceptance speech.
  11. I‘m curious why you hate GoF so much? As a book purist, I guess you can criticize many decisions, but to me it is still one of the most entertaining. The climax on the graveyard still gives me goosebumps, Ralph Fiennes is just that good.
  12. Go and watch her Coachella setlist, there will be articles written about that performance 50 years from now.
  13. Kinda off-topic, but I’m so happy that Nintendo came back from the awful WiiU years, the Switch is killing it right now.

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