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  1. All the princesses basically have the same face wtf. Like what have they done to Pocahontas?
  2. Giesi

    Monday Numbers: MI6 - $4.46M

    It makes me so happy to see these numbers for MI:F
  3. Honestly, I preferred his Pacific Rim haircut.
  4. If First Man delivers, Gosling will become my #1 actor of the decade. And I think he definitely has a draw with woman, they love him.
  5. I still can’t get my head around how truly awesome the score for this trailer is. It sounds like an old Disney movie classic to me but somehow it fits perfectly.
  6. Why are the trailer views on Youtube so shockingly low?
  7. I still don‘t really care for Newt and the other new characters, but I‘ll be there opening weekend.
  8. I missed her so much during the TLJ press run.
  9. I‘m just glad they didn‘t put Leia in the Raddus, otherwise we wouldn’t have got the scene with her and Luke. And I‘m really excited what they do with her in 9, I still want my Kylo/Leia moment. 1,5 years guys😩
  10. Holy shit, that number reinforces my 4M prediction here in Germany.
  11. How does Pixar‘s boxoffice history look like in France?

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