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  1. Don‘t remind me of that, I‘m still pissed to this day.
  2. I‘m not surprised by the I2 drop, weather is predicted to be fabulous today and on Saturday. Maybe Sunday can turn some things around for the family films.
  3. Those MakingStarWars rumors for the new live-action series
  4. Well, holidays are on the way and the weather is predicted to be much worth in the following days. Still a bummer and I think 3M adm are off the table.
  5. Giesi

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    I just came back from watching Incredibles 2. The animation was just on a whole other level compared to the first one and I‘m wondering if we can expect such a huge step again for Toy Story 4. I mean TS3 already looked really really good and I think we reached a point where the technological advances won‘t be as prominent as before.
  6. I have the feeling that the end of Merkel has slowly come, she really did a great job in the 13 years of being the head of government. I‘m so worried who and what will come after her, I really am. But that’s off-topic.
  7. Pixar only had 2 movies over 4M adm, I think we should lower our expectations. Anything over 3M would be fine considering the situation of the market right now.
  8. I already thought Rogue One being the most attended movie of 2016 with barely 4M adm was piss-poor, but if IW really takes the 2018 crown with 3,4M......
  9. I don‘t know, everytime I see this Newt guy and his friends, it prevents me from getting more hyped up. Why couldn‘t they just focus on Dumbledore and Grindelwald for those 5 movies?
  10. But the CGI (or some parts of it) in BP was atrocious, it doesn’t deserve to be nominated in that field.
  11. TLJ elevated Luke Skywalker from a 7/10 to a 9/10 character for me. I loved the Luke arc specifically because I felt it was a psychologically profound exploration on crisis of faith, guilt, repressed feelings, etc. Aspects that mattered less to the average hardcore fan who wanted just to see Luke pull out that green saber and teach and fight.
  12. All the princesses basically have the same face wtf. Like what have they done to Pocahontas?

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