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  1. Not certain people in this thread defending JK and her despicable views ☠️
  2. Bey might actually get her first Academy Award nomination with this song? So excited to hear it and watch the movie.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/jethrothevirgo/status/1398567555514646531 okay now I HAVE to watch it
  4. Looking forward to it, the first season had a likeable cast, especially Rachel Holson, who is also fantastic in This Is Us!
  5. How did Tenet not get at least nominations in Best Cinematography and Best Score?
  6. Lol at the Skyfall knock-off shot. Also I don’t like how Awkwafina gets typecasted as the exact same side character for comedic relief in every single Hollywood movie nowadays.
  7. Seriously folks, go and watch Black Is King. Beyoncé worked her ass off for over a year, the story is simple but relatable, the songs are catchy and it‘s a visual powerhouse, both creative and determined from the way it serves the plot/narrative. The best thing that came out of all the bland Disney remakes.
  8. I must say Mission Impossible, Quiet Place and Spider-Verse are the only noteworthy movies that were mentioned. I didn’t care about any of those other movies. I‘m not into Marvel, Incredibles 2 was a disappointment due to high expectations, A Star Is Born left me cold with its basic plot. The less we talk about Bohemian Rhapsody and Fantastic Beats 2 the better.
  9. Exactly, the numbers in the US were astounding with simply no connection to the source material. I‘m German and if I hadn’t been interested in those kind of things, I would have never known about the evacuation. I wasn’t taught in school, my grandparents never said anything (I bet even they didn’t have a clue). To me, it’s the greatest and most effective war movie ever made.
  10. It most likely will be. But It’s okay, as long as the scenes involving Zilla and Kong are great.
  11. The megastar deaths were too depressing! Prince, Bowie and George hit too hard and Carrie’s passing broke my heart.
  12. I just finished watching the BTS stuff and I have nothing but profound appreciation for the whole team making this movie possible. Every one, from stunt coordinating the insane choreography during the battle/fight scenes, the camera crew doing things with the IMAX heavyweights that’s never been done before, set building department to even the ones making sure all safety measurements are being kept. They all did a tremendous job!
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