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  1. Blame Donald for his lack of a powerful voice compared to Beyoncé. I would’ve loved to hear her with Frank Ocean on this track.
  2. 80+ on RT is locked, I can‘t see this getting BatB like reception. It already looks more promising from the trailers and it has Favreau, Elton and Beyoncé attached, all three critical darlings, respectively.
  3. It‘ll be interesting how much African American moviegoers are gonna drive LK‘s ticket sales. Any comparisons to other Disney remakes available / demographic breakdowns?
  4. Next year we will get 2 new original movies from Pixar and „Soul“ sounds intriguing from the story synopsis alone
  5. One of the many mysteries of the boxoffice I simply can’t grasp my head around remains the complete lack of interest for this franchise in my home country.
  6. One Of Us is still my favorite track from LK2, but HLIY is also great, especially the bridge.
  7. I can‘t picture the next Oscar without a Best Original Song Award for the inevitable new Beyoncé solo song.
  8. This reminds me of how far we’ve come, I remember watching King Kong back in 2005 and I couldn’t believe how realistic they were able to realize him, the fur and facial expressions, acting together with a real human. But these GIFs above are on another level.
  9. I definitely feel the hype already here in Germany, the original was massive back in the 90s. I remember back in 2006 my whole class went to Hamburg to see the musical and we were all mind-blown. I‘d say 5mil admissions for the remake is locked with even more at play.
  10. As expected after the trailer, the Rodan introduction scene was the highlight for me.
  11. @Disney will be sponsoring this year's #TheLionKing-themed #WearableArtGala—A Journey to the Pride Lands; Beyoncé will be attending as Honorary Chairperson. So it begins
  12. I‘m really excited for the soundtrack. Will „Be Prepared“ be on it? How are Bino and Bey gonna sound together on CYFTLT? Woman-empowering Nala song and Shadowland? It’s gonna be huge.
  13. It thought this was a real cat for a moment, looks really photorealistic.
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