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  1. On the other hand, Beyoncé‘s The Gift was really good, maybe the best thing thing that came out from the whole LK hype. It fits the themes of the movie so well, it is really rare these days that I don’t skip the interludes.
  2. And this against 2010’s exchange rates, mighty impressive. It is really a genre-defining saga, carrying the legacy into another decade.
  3. I don’t understand when people say Beyoncé is oversinging. Just because most artists don’t have the technique to perform vocal runs anymore doesn‘t mean she is „oversinging“. Donald Glover was the weak part, definitely not Bey.
  4. Out of all the soundtracks this decade, the LK has to flop🙁 I don’t get it, The Gift especially is such an awesome record. Maybe it’s true that Afrobeat doesn’t connect with the GP like latin music for example.
  5. I really enjoy Elton‘s music, and still I was very surprised how much I liked his new song. What do you think of Beyoncé‘s new Lion King album?
  6. Beyoncé really came through on this record, I love Spirit, and I understand why they chose it as the leading song, but it really is one of the weaker tracks. The album is phenomenal.
  7. LOL she is the best fit. She is celebrating her blackness and the culture around it, both American and African, for years now.
  8. Your country does at least have record-breaking numbers to celebrate in recent years....
  9. Spirit my Beyoncé is currently the #1 trending music video on YouTube US. There you have your info, so let them keep on fighting and derailing this thread😁
  10. Temperature is on a rise starting Thursday, LK will suffer big time from this. What is everybody expecting this weekend?
  11. Blame Donald for his lack of a powerful voice compared to Beyoncé. I would’ve loved to hear her with Frank Ocean on this track.
  12. 80+ on RT is locked, I can‘t see this getting BatB like reception. It already looks more promising from the trailers and it has Favreau, Elton and Beyoncé attached, all three critical darlings, respectively.
  13. It‘ll be interesting how much African American moviegoers are gonna drive LK‘s ticket sales. Any comparisons to other Disney remakes available / demographic breakdowns?
  14. Next year we will get 2 new original movies from Pixar and „Soul“ sounds intriguing from the story synopsis alone
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