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  1. "Hurricane Irma will have a major effect on the numbers (which was totally believable before these numbers came in)!" Pennywise: Hold my beer
  2. This is fantastic. Assuming the clown doesn't suddenly pull out an axe or something.
  3. [mod edit] Moderation.....we're keeping that stuff out of this thread.....there is an IT spoiler thread if you want to discuss book spoilers. thnakfully crap like that wasn't in the movie
  4. Finn Wolfhard (Richie) has had an awesome two years. Stranger Things last summer, now IT and Stranger Things 2 next month.
  5. Phenomenal number. Pennywise ruling the box office, what a time to be alive.
  6. "May crack" $90 million. Oh Gitesh. It will likely be sitting near or already over $90 million going into Sunday.
  7. This is not going to be frontloaded. Not with this level of word of mouth.
  8. Shining remake, starring Taylor Kitsch as Jack.
  9. Rock as Ben, delivers the Rock Bottom, spinebuster and then the People's Elbow to Pennywise. All topped off with a glorious one liner. I would buy a dozen tickets for opening day to see that.
  10. Yeah, people don't give a damn about Luke Skywalker. Nope. No way. Same for whoever this Leia person is. Bunch of nobodies IMO. As for this new cast, in between all the Finn/Poe fanfic love stories out there and the endless discussion about Rey and just what the heck is her background, yeah, just not really seeing the love for the new cast AT ALL. They should just admit they screwed the pooch, cancel the rest of the trilogy and go back to the drawing board. Otherwise they are goddamned DOOMED!
  11. Detroit is a serious movie, probably little or no humor anywhere in it, so it will sadly underperform or outright bomb. Hopefully it can surprise though.
  12. People just have shit taste. Not the first time it's happened with great movies, most definitely won't be the last. Flash forward to like a year from now and all the "gosh this Apes movie is incredible! Why did it underperform!?" articles will be flying in, as we sit here throwing our hands up, telling these idiots I told you so.
  13. And yet Homecoming is dropping like a rock, despite being "fun". And yet Dunkirk has few action set pieces, pace isn't that fast, it's dark and a bit depressing. And also, the notion that summer is just for fun blockbusters needs to die in a fire. It's not true anymore.
  14. Considering how people seem to be having trouble following along with the timelines, I can see why Nolan went heavy with exposition in the past. People are stupid.

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