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  1. Here is a news article released after Avatar ended its run. The top 5 imported films of 2010 in Taiwan sorted by NT$ were: https://web.archive.org/web/20190202180604/https://tw.appledaily.com/headline/daily/20101217/33042904
  2. I'm speechless. This is one of the most glorious previews I've ever seen. Easily dwarves my excitement for Endgame.
  3. Which makes BOM's Captain Marvel forecast even more puzzling. It was already showing week on week increases yet they still predicted a near-40% drop. That's notably worse than the previous weekend despite Easter and anticipating a stronger Endgame bump.
  4. How high it goes in China will depend on the level of spectacle in the movie. For live action Hollywood movies, not enough action is usually the main reason for mixed WOM. Too much comedy (especially American humor) also doesn't go well in China, as Deadpool 2 and Shazam have shown (7.5 and 7.8 on Maoyan respectively).
  5. KP1025


    That's a good point. Even $1 billion domestic is probably a more achievable target than $2 billion OS.
  6. KP1025


    More like a 50% increase from Infinity War OS assuming Endgame domestic total is around $700-750 million range.
  7. I vote Jurassic World. It literally doubled (or more) what most people here were expecting on OW. I don't think anybody ever thought it would set the OW record when Age of Ultron failed to do so.
  8. Not sure if there's one even higher, but Dangal has a 9.8 right now on Maoyan.
  9. @Deuce66 I just wanted to say that BOM's Avatar gross for Taiwan is incorrect since it only includes the city of Taipei. Avatar is the highest grossing movie in Taiwan still by a large margin at NT$1.1 billion ($35.7 million using current ER).
  10. KP1025


    According to Corpse, it will lose a lot of theaters by then.
  11. Over $1 billion WW seems doable, but I highly doubt this will hit $1 billion OS. F8 just barely crossed that mark with nearly $400 million from China, and interest there is definitely lower for this film without Vin Diesel.
  12. Why though? What kind of fan would suddenly decide to skip the OW just because some unseen footage was leaked? Judging by the reactions I've seen here and elsewhere, people seem even more excited for the film now.

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