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    Weekend Actuals from Corpse: Weekend Actuals (02/16-17)01 (01) ¥195,969,200 ($1.8 million), -38%, ¥964,945,800 ($8.8 million), Aquaman (Warner Bros.) WK202 (---) ¥188,486,300 ($1.7 million), 0, ¥252,356,500 ($2.3 million), Fortuna's Eye (Toho) NEW 03 (03) ¥171,939,000 ($1.6 million), -36%, ¥3,733,280,400 ($34.1 million), Masquerade Hotel (Toho) WK5 04 (02) ¥165,010,600 ($1.5 million), -39%, ¥1,513,236,400 ($13.9 million), The Seven Conferences (Toho) WK3 05 (04) ¥153,734,680 ($1.4 million), -40%, ¥757,770,500 ($6.9 million), City Hunter (Aniplex) WK2 06 (05) ¥118,672,900 ($1.1 million), -45%, ¥536,718,450 ($4.8 million), Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Showgate) WK2 07 (06) ¥113,411,700 ($1.0 million), -21%, ¥11,669,939,780 ($104.6 million), Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) WK15 08 (07) ¥x88,613,600 ($803,000), -34%, ¥848,808,000 ($7.8 million), Mary Poppins Returns (Disney) WK3 09 (08) ¥x76,204,800 ($690,000), -43%, ¥1,320,217,700 ($12.0 million), 12 Suicidal Teens (Warner Bros.) WK4 10 (09) x¥72,658,400 ($658,000), -43%, ¥851,657,300 ($7.8 million), Snow Flower (Warner Bros.) WK3As mentioned in the weekend forecast, this weekend was a slow one before the upcoming Spring box office season begins. A few films did drop a bit harder than expected, but overall, no notable performances really. >Aquaman repeats atop the box office, however, while this is its second victory in revenue, it actually comes in second place once again in admissions (selling 126,000). Its second weekend drop is basically the standard for the genre, and it's on track for a total a little above ¥1.5 billion ($15 million), perhaps finishing with ¥1.6 billion or so. >Fortuna's Eye debuts in second place, selling 141,000 admissions over the weekend frame across 302 screens. That admissions figure was enough to achieve first place over the weekend in ticket sales, but its low average ticket price prevented it from reaching the top in gross. Not a bad start, and it should be enough to almost guarantee a total above the ¥1 billion ($10 million) milestone. >Masquerade Hotel remain in third place, continuing its very impressive run for this time of year at the box office. Its five week admissions have exceeded 2.8 million. It remains on course to finish around ¥4.5 billion ($40 million+), which will keep it in the yearly top 10 for most of the year, if not for the entire year (albeit at the bottom). >Bohemian Rhapsody is still going strong, and achieves the fifth biggest fifteenth weekend on record, and is only the sixth film to gross more than ¥100 million in its fifteenth weekend of release. I expect it'll finish near ¥12.5 billion ($111/112 million) unless it surprises at the Oscars this upcoming weekend.
  2. MPR seems like an outlier here. It had the lowest audience score but will end up with the highest multiplier out of the December openers.
  3. KP1025


    @salvador-232 beat me to it! 😅
  4. According to Maoyan, Toy Story 3 grossed 118 million yuan ($17.4 million today). I'm guessing it will probably gross around the other recent Pixar sequels- $40-50 million. Frozen 2 could gross over $100 million if it's as well received as the first film, which has a 9.5 on Maoyan right now. It will be interesting to see which Hollywood animation wins the year in China. I think HTTYD3 could also gross over $100 million since the second film grossed $65 million in 2014.
  5. Or Tangled, which was even further behind at the same point in time.
  6. > EXPANDING 11 27 Ralph Breaks the Internet Buena Vista 1,354 +956 +240.2% - - - - 13 I completely missed the large theater expansion for Ralph Breaks the Internet this weekend. Estimated gross yesterday is up 215% over last Friday. Disney is indeed pushing this to $200 million after all. It should be mentioned the film is already out on Digital HD.
  7. I think this should be fine where it is. Wonder Woman came out just one week after Pirates 5, and I see F&F9 not much bigger than that film (around $200 million domestic).
  8. I think $100 million would be a successful total for a film like Alita, although I'm a bit concerned about its legs when it has HTTYD3 (buzz seems good for an animated film) just one week after and Captain Marvel the week immediately after that.
  9. Where did the "give Elsa a girlfriend" movement even start from? In any case, I highly doubt Disney would jeopardize the box office potential of Frozen II (conservative parents would forbid their kids from seeing it, and it would also not get released in countries like China, Russia, etc).
  10. I think November OW record is looking pretty good.
  11. I edited my post because the numbers may go up later, but Deadline is currently saying $5.2 million for the 3-Day.
  12. If even Japan won't embrace MPR, South Korea is a foregone conclusion.
  13. Alice 2's OW (and domestic gross) was less than 1/4 of the first film. 1 Alice in Wonderland (2010) BV $334,191,110 3,739 $116,101,023 3,728 3/5/10 2 Alice Through the Looking Glass BV $77,041,381 3,763 $26,858,726 3,763 5/27/16
  14. Wow! So it did beat Incredibles 2 in the end!
  15. It seems good for an animated film teaser. The record so far is Incredibles 2 with 113 million cumulative views after 24 hours.

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