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  1. Croods 2 probably should have an asterisk besides it but still very impressive nonetheless.
  2. Crossing $1 billion OS with a negligible amount from the top 2 biggest OS markets is one of NWH's most impressive achievements.
  3. I have $781 million down for your contest. 😅 Is there anyone else participating in the range of the projected finish? I noticed one entry for $777 million was after the deadline so don't know if you counted it.
  4. A properly marketed global re-release/remaster with bonus footage (and sneak peek at Avatar 2) would bring the original over $3 billion WW.
  5. Minions (2015): $823,352,627 OS Despicable Me 3 (2017): $770,175,109 OS Not sure about Minions 2. There's been a long gap from the previous film, and the franchise isn't as popular as it once was. Plus, there is still a lingering concern about the pandemic among families. Maybe $500 million OS is a good target for now.
  6. It seems Maoyan has opened up the rating for NWH, where it currently has a 7.9 score. Venom 2 also has a 5.5 score on Maoyan now.
  7. Found the source of the error. 🤣 Market Release Date Opening Gross Germany Dec 17, 2021 $9,619,622 $759,409,290
  8. That is the simplest explanation to me, especially when everyone else is using 14億6750万円 as the official number. As for why the tweet wasn't corrected, they might not even be aware they made a typo.
  9. Are you sure that's not a typo from the author? It was reported as 14億6,750万円 in other official publications. This figure was also confirmed by Eiga, which is an authoritative source. https://eiga.com/news/20201029/8/
  10. I'm confused. Doesn't that tweet you shared say the actual reported figure for the 3-day weekend figure for Endgame was ¥1,467,500,000 (same number that Corpse gave)?
  11. Corpse says Endgame OD was ¥505 million / 329,000 admissions.
  12. Some of the songs are indeed forgettable, but We Don't Talk About Bruno is incredibly catchy. And evidently popular enough to propel the entire soundtrack to #1 on the Billboard 200.
  13. Disney really underestimated what they had with Encanto. Pre-pandemic/Disney+, this would have been Moana-sized at least I feel. Movies that have soundtracks that trend for weeks usually develop stellar legs, especially over the holiday frame.
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