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  1. $3.7 million opening weekend in Japan, only 6% down from La La Land. Corpse says $30 million is doable.
  2. It would have to be in Anaheim or one of the international parks. Apparently, Universal Studios has the exclusive rights to Marvel for their parks in Orlando indefinitely.
  3. TFA was off by basically $10 million according to BOM. Est. / Act. Diff Movie Title (click to view) Studio Studio Est. / Actual Diff % Diff Theaters Est. Total Actual Wk 1 1 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens BV $238,000,000 $247,966,675 $+9,966,675 +4.2% 4,134 $238,000,000 $247,966,675 1
  4. @mahnamahna No Avatar on your revised list? There was no precedent for it doing nearly as well as it did other than the success of Titanic 12 years earlier.
  5. He also didn't like the post, which he usually does if someone guesses a number correctly.
  6. With Black Panther's breakout, this seems locked now. EDIT: Since this club is still open, I'll go IN.
  7. A very longshot but not impossible given the nature of Japan. $125 million would be 50% of Frozen's gross in Japan.
  8. The score and musical numbers were also a very big draw to people nostalgic for the original animated film. I don't see many people wanting to check out WB's take even if the dark and gritty take had been more unique. Without seeing a trailer, I'm guessing this will do Legend of Tarzan numbers at best.
  9. Frozen 2 opens on a Wednesday though, so it's likely the 3-day will fall short. Among Wednesday openers, I think only Shrek 2 has an adjusted 3-day OW higher than the November record (Shrek 2's 3-day adjusts to almost $160 million). Wonder Woman 2 could do it, but it definitely won't be easy. I agree about Grinch being more a leggy run- it doesn't seem like the type of hyped film that would attract a large opening.
  10. The Lion King should easily take the opening weekend record for July.

    Even South Africa is not a big market. Ultron only made around $3 million there for example.
  12. They also didn't bother to fudge the less than $800,000 TFA needed for a $150 million second weekend.
  13. Even with the Jurassic Park brand behind it, I remember people were quite pessimistic when projecting its run (likely due to the mediocre reception of JP3). I think the average prediction was like 1/3 of what Jurassic World actually ended up earning.
  14. JW should definitely be included in the same breath as those. I remember people were predicting around $70 million opening for that.

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