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  1. I'm disappointed in its run too after such a big opening day. Unlike most sequels, it doesn't seem to have expanded the original fanbase by much (if at all). It will likely fall under the first film adjusted ($215 million) at this pace.
  2. As expected, Grinch is holding extremely well with Christmas looming so close (same with Nutcracker). The only thing stopping me from jumping on the $300 million train is that Christmas-themed films have notoriously bad legs after the holidays. Still, beating Sing would be a major success.
  3. This might actually be my most anticipated film of 2019. Monster movies are my guilty pleasure, and I've always dreamed of seeing these kaiju (particularly Ghidorah) on the big screen in a way that only big budget Hollywood CGI can accomplish. I'm a bit sad that Godzilla vs Kong appears to be the final film of the MonsterVerse.
  4. KP1025


    I can't believe this could go below even my original conservative predictions. Seuss is just too hard to sell overseas, Illumination brand or not. Though $500 million WW should still be on the table, no?
  5. Interested to see what post-holiday legs are like for Grinch. If it follows other Christmas-themed films, should drop like a rock once holidays are over. I see most people have Ralph 2 over Grinch from that weekend onwards.
  6. KP1025


    That's terrible considering South Korea has a huge Marvel fanbase and are routinely #2 or #3 biggest OS market for their films. I guess being an animated film does make a huge difference in perception in many markets.
  7. I think it should beat Ralph 2 DOM, but Grinch is probably out of reach as it looks like that will leg it out above Sing ($270 million) and maybe closer to $300 million depending on its post-holiday legs. WW I think is even more difficult based on early results in key territories. Looking like >50% domestic share is likely (sub-$200 million OS) unless China breaks out. Spider-Verse will probably finish under $500 million WW without a strong performance in China, and I see both Grinch and Ralph 2 above that milestone (Ralph 2 probably closer to or over $600 million).
  8. Definitely looking like domestic will be >50% of the gross based on how it's performing in a few major markets.
  9. KP1025

    Wednesday numbers

    It seems 7th week theater record may be in play as well then for the Grinch, though I honestly don't know what kind of theater drop to expect for it given the number of major new releases coming out next week. It is a Christmas film though, so I'm guessing theaters will be more inclined to keep it until the holidays are over.
  10. What kind of opening is expected for Spider-Verse next week?
  11. I would have preferred they call it King Ghidorah, but I guess that wouldn't fit as well on the poster.
  12. KP1025

    Wednesday numbers

    It looks like by quite a margin too. I honestly didn't expect Grinch to hold so many theaters still, even if it is a holiday film. Based on its PTA last week, I was expecting a similar theater drop as Ralph 2.
  13. Aquaman was pure unbridled spectacle and far more impressive in scale than most CBMs. I can certainly see why it's a giant hit in China, as it has everything they love most about blockbusters. Pacing was fantastic with almost non-stop action (some huge set pieces) combined with stunning visuals. Even the slower parts felt entertaining because of the world building and mythos. Atlantis was gorgeous and a delight to experience on the big screen. I don't think I've been this enthralled with a fictional world since perhaps Avatar's Pandora. Another home run by James Wan.
  14. I missed this reference too. Which scene was it in?
  15. Crazy Rich Asians was also a big misfire in China and a waste of a release slot. But I guess these studios all expected much higher results. China - 11/30/18 $1,143,179 70.4% $1,623,336 12/9/18

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