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  1. With the #10 WW milestone achieved and no higher ones within reach, I think I can finally step back from following this run. Looking back at the Frozen II contest thread, OS and WW numbers comfortably smashed my expectations while domestic fell a little short. All in all, an amazing performance. Frozen held the WW animated crown for 6 years. Will Frozen II hold onto it as long, I wonder.
  2. Toy Story 3 was ¥10.8 billion. Second highest Pixar film under Finding Nemo's ¥11 billion.
  3. Toy Story 4 actually passed Toy Story 3 in admissions. It just had way worse exchange rates (TS3 would be under $100 million under current ER) and much lower 3D share.
  4. Correction. Japan is very big for local animated films by big name directors like Miyazaki or Shinkai. Other than Frozen, no other imported animated film has gotten much higher than the ¥10 billion milestone (only Finding Nemo and Toy Story 3/4).
  5. Looks like a typo in the tweet. Very unlikely it's expanding to the exact same number of theaters Dolittle is opening in.
  6. Corpse is away this week, but here are the Top 3 film's actuals for last weekend. 1. Kaiji: Final Game: ¥362 million / 248,000 admissions 2. Frozen II: ¥345 million(-30%) / 265,000 admissions 3. Star Wars 9: ¥331 million(-32%) / 221,000 admissions
  7. It's glitched and missing the numbers from earlier in the day. Probably only started counting when it came back online.
  8. This is totally normal behavior for the family films, especially the animated ones. They normally should have dropped over 80% on Monday and instead all dropped sub-70%. The weak Tuesday bump is just compensating for that, as many predicted yesterday.
  9. BOM recently updated the original Frozen's gross. It was $874 million OS and $1.274 billion WW a few days ago. DOMESTIC (31.3%) $400,738,009 INTERNATIONAL (68.7%) $880,064,273 WORLDWIDE $1,280,802,282
  10. Corpse: (C)2019 Disney. All Rights Reserved. Weekend Actuals (01/04-05)01 (02) ¥496,239,900 ($4.6 million), -07%, ¥11,288,789,850 ($103.5 million), Frozen II (Disney) WK7 02 (01) ¥488,519,830 ($4.5 million), -25%, ¥5,242,272,320 ($48.0 million), Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Disney) WK3 03 (04) ¥167,000,000 ($1.5 million), +33%, ¥731,948,560 ($6.8 million), Welcome Back, Tora-san! (Shochiku) WK2 04 (03) ¥x97,105,850 ($899,000), -32%, ¥1,162,919,600 ($10.6 million), My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (Toho) WK3 05 (05) ¥x68,085,070 ($630,000), -41%, ¥737,612,680 ($6.8 million), Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation (Toei) WK3 06 (08) ¥x67,428,850 ($624,000), -08%, ¥879,702,400 ($8.1 million), Murder at Shijinso (Toho) WK4 07 (09) ¥x59,872,050 ($554,000), -17%, ¥598,489,900 ($5.4 million), Yo-Kai Watch Jam: Yo-Kai Academy Y - Can a Cat be a Hero? (Toho) WK4 08 (06) ¥x56,473,500 ($523,000), -30%, ¥985,821,900 ($9.0 million), Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight (Shochiku) WK5 09 (10) ¥x50,444,450 ($467,000), -15%, ¥799,148,300 ($7.4 million), Jumanji: The Next Level (Sony) WK4 10 (11) ¥x43,351,900 ($402,000), -22%, ¥1,039,507,200 ($9.6 million), Lupin III: The First (Toho) WK6>Frozen II reclaimed the top spot in its seventh weekend of release, selling a further 382,000 admissions, bringing its 45-day admissions up to 8.82 million. The film performed very well over the holiday frame, and in doing so, allows it to keep its sights on the ¥15 billion ($140 million) milestone. >Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker performed well over the holiday period as well, but did end up dropping to second place in its third weekend selling 319,000 admissions to being its 17-day admissions up to 3.24 million. It's tracking 16% ahead of Star Wars: The Last Jedi after three weeks in release, but the Last Jedi hadn't enjoyed its New Year boost yet. So, this three-week advantage will definitely shrink fast, and they'll probably be pretty even after week four. I'm still favoring it beating The Last Jedi (since that had very poor late legs), but it won't be by much if it does. Look for a total between ¥7.5-8.0 billion ($70-75 million). >Welcome Back, Tora-san! certainly received a proper welcome back over the New Year, earning almost 6x its estimated opening weekend last week over the past seven days. Renowned director, Yoji Yamada (88), returned as the director of the 50th entry--and first since 1995--in his Otoko wa Tsurai yo franchise, the third most attended franchise in the market with over 81 million admissions. The film sold 137,000 admissions in its second weekend, bringing its 10-day admissions up to 590,000. >My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising drops to fourth place and has sold 920,000 admissions after 17-days in release. The second film in the popular anime/manga franchise displayed some frontloading in the middle of the holiday period, suggesting it's exhausted its core fanbase, so expect it to drop fast from this point forward. It should still be capable of reaching ¥1.5 billion though. >Lupin III: The First managed to claw its way back into the top 10 and exceeded the ¥1 billion mark after six-weeks in release. It's great that it managed to get above this milestone, but it's probably half as much as Toho was expecting at this point.
  11. Frozen 2 is actually holding pretty well. Around 60% drop from a very inflated Monday. Normally, I would expect around 80% or higher. I wonder if some schools are still off.
  12. Apparently, November is not a great release date for an animated film in Italy (the first Frozen released before Christmas). Too far from holidays to really take advantage since it would lose most of its screens to December releases by then. So it had a big opening but ended up with weak legs.
  13. Highest China gross will probably go to Minions 2, unless Raya strikes a chord culturally. It will be interesting to see if DM3's breakout was a one-off performance due to specific factors (massive marketing push, the lone Hollywood film in summer blackout, non-existent family competition, etc), or if the franchise is actually retaining its popularity there.
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