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  1. September is a good month to release horror films though. Just look at how much the IT films grossed. Even creepy themed family films like Hotel Transylvania (1 & 2) did really well.
  2. Where are you seeing that? As of today, Johns Hopkins has Michigan at 4th in the nation behind NY, NJ, and CA.
  3. I'm really curious how much these re-releases can actually make considering how rampant piracy is. If there are no additional/exclusive scenes, I'm not sure how many will pay for what they can already watch for free at home.
  4. Thanks for the quick answer. Though IT 2 did have previews that Thursday, so I'd go back to September 4. https://www.the-numbers.com/box-office-chart/daily/2019/09/05
  5. I wonder when was the last day there wasn't a single film over $1 million nationwide?
  6. I still see people across different sites/forums pointing to the swine flu statistics (which look far worse on paper) as an example of how everybody is wildly overreacting to the coronavirus. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Looking at TROS' recent OS update, there is no need for Hildur concerts for Joker to win WW. With coronavirus set to shut everything down, these numbers are probably close to final.
  8. This is probably one of the last updates for TROS before theaters shut down. Will fall shy of Joker WW regardless of the Hildur concerts. DOMESTIC (48%) $515,192,185 INTERNATIONAL (52%) $558,941,706 WORLDWIDE $1,074,133,891
  9. I was starting to get a bit worried it wouldn't make it due to the coronavirus shutting down theaters, but Frozen II has crossed $1.45 billion WW at last. DOMESTIC (32.9%) $477,368,818 INTERNATIONAL (67.1%) $972,653,355 WORLDWIDE $1,450,022,173
  10. Onward could finish under Spies in Disguise DOM (WW is already locked), another Tom Holland voiced animated film. Depends how quickly theaters close across the country.
  11. $100 million is probably dead for Onward with that hold and escalating situations. It will almost certainly be the lowest grossing Pixar film DOM and WW.
  12. I wonder how this affects Fast and Furious 10, which was supposed to release next year as well (and Diesel supposedly said it would be split into two parts).
  13. Didn't the IOC say that if it doesn't happen this year, it wouldn't happen at all? I imagine there are a lot of scheduling issues that might cause a cascading effect if the Olympics are pushed back to another date.
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