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  1. MI5 also didn't have 3D if I remember correctly.
  2. I don't understand why WB didn't give Rampage double features with the Meg. They pair perfectly together, and Rampage would have easily gotten over $100 million given how close it already was to the milestone.
  3. KP1025

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    Domestic: $413,025,695 31.9% + Foreign: $882,500,000 68.1% = Worldwide: $1,295,525,695 Less than $4.5 million to go until $1.3 billion.
  4. KP1025

    Crazy Rich Asians over 150 million club

    Thanks, I missed that. Definitely more confident about this club now!
  5. KP1025

    Crazy Rich Asians over 150 million club

    Where did you get this figure? BOM says CRA dropped 26% on Sunday. We're the Millers could be another good comparison for this, being another August opener that legged it over $150 million after an OW around $25 million. I don't think it will be easy, but I'm still IN.
  6. South Korea has a huge Marvel fanbase, and they are consistently one of the top 3 OS markets for any Marvel film (performing above average for its market size). I can see why Ant-Man 2 had a big increase from the first film in South Korea, as the character is more well-known now. The other OS markets just don't seem to care about the character as much.
  7. It looks like The Meg will end up beating Solo WW with ease then. 🤣
  8. KP1025


    I'm thinking around $600 million OS. TS3 benefited from one of the best ERs and a very high 3D share for an animated movie. Inflation and market growth will make up some of that, but I think TS4 will fall short of the previous film.
  9. KP1025


    Corpse: Weekend Forecast (08/18-19)01 (---) ¥575,000,000 ($5.2 million), 0, ¥865,000,000 ($7.8 million), Gintama 2 (Warner Bros.) NEW 02 (01) ¥441,000,000 ($4.0 million), -28%, ¥6,950,000,000 ($62.4 million), Code Blue (Toho) WK4 03 (02) ¥408,000,000 ($3.7 million), -23%, ¥3,510,000,000 ($31.6 million), Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Toho-Towa) WK3 04 (03) ¥339,000,000 ($3.1 million), -27%, ¥3,480,000,000 ($31.4 million), Incredibles 2 (Disney) WK3 05 (04) ¥241,000,000 ($2.2 million), -22%, ¥7,390,000,000 ($65.9 million), Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Toho-Towa) WK606 (---) ¥225,000,000 ($2.0 million), 0, ¥225,000,000 ($2.0 million), The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoner of the Sky (Toei) NEW 07 (05) ¥202,000,000 ($1.8 million), -17%, ¥1,030,000,000 ($9.3 million), Ocean's 8 (Warner Bros.) WK2 08 (09) ¥148,000,000 ($1.3 million), +20%, ¥785,000,000 ($7.1 million), One Cut of the Dead (Asmik Ace) WK9 09 (06) ¥117,000,000 ($1.1 million), -24%, ¥2,490,000,000 ($22.6 million), Mirai of the Future (Toho) WK5 10 (10) ¥87,000,000 ($785,000), -29%, ¥2,685,000,000 ($24.3 million), Pokemon: Everyone's Story (Toho) WK6 11 (07) ¥85,000,000 ($765,000), -39%, ¥1,255,000,000 ($11.4 million), My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (Toho) WK312 (---) ¥80,000,000 ($720,000), 0, ¥110,000,000 ($990,000), Penguin Highway (Toho Video Division) NEWGintama 2 is outpacing its predecessor in pre-sales by a fair margin (~15%), and looks to once again debut above the ¥500 million mark, and maybe reaching ¥600 million this time. Live-action adaptations of popular manga/anime haven't performed well in recent years, but the very loyal fans of Gintama brand continue to support it in every way they can. Look for it to finish around ¥3.5-4 billion ($30-35 million) if the weekend forecast is accurate. It's the shonen series that always seems like it's about to lose steam/popularity, just to rises back up once again.Code Blue will likely be dethroned in its fourth-weekend, but is still going to deliver a strong result in second place. It'll be right on the cusp of the ¥7 billion milestone after Sunday, and will soon overtake Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It's easily going to exceed ¥8 billion ($70 million), a milestone that only seven other domestic live-action films have done before it, and will be aiming for a total around ¥9 billion ($80 million) -- a milestone that only three domestic live-action films have achieved. It's the favorite to win the 2018 yearly crown now, as it'll overtake Fallen Kingdom as mentioned, and should outgross Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer (est. ¥8.69 billion).Mission: Impossible - Fallout and Incredibles 2 continue to remain incredibly close to one another and are aiming to exceed ¥5 billion ($45 million+). Both films are very likely to exceed the blockbuster milestone, and may approach ¥6 billion (~$55 million). I'm leaning toward Fallout being highest earner of the two, since it'll survive the post-Summer drop-off more than Incredibles 2, but it's going to be close.Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is still performing very well, and is going to exceed ¥8 billion ($70 million) without much trouble and should reach ¥8.5 billion ($75 million)... But I just don't think it has enough in the tank to finish closer to or above ¥9 billion ($80 million) which is needed to win the yearly crown. Either way, it's looking at a 89-92% retention from the original, which is stellar.The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoner of the Sky is an original animated film based on the popular manga/anime series and should deliver a solid debut based on good pre-sales. It's unlikely to open in the Top 5, but a debut around the forecast may be enough to get it above the ¥1 billion ($10 million) milestone.One Cut of the Dead is expanding a bit more and will probably see another increase based on its pre-sales. It's pretty incredible how this zombie-comedy managed to stay very relevant in limited release for nearly two months to achieve an expansion (very rare in Japan), and to now be posting these numbers while still in limited release (96 theaters). It's certainly one of the most impressive performances of the year, and may stick around in the bottom-half of the Top 10 for many weeks to come.
  10. Like Avatar, Toy Story 3 had an extremely favorable ER and a very high 3D share for an animated movie. Its OS gross would probably adjust to around $500 million with ER today. It's true that inflation and China (Toy Story 3 made around $17 million there) will make up some of that, but I don't think beating or even matching Toy Story 3 OS is going to be easy unless Toy Story 4 is an even better film. For now, I'm guessing it will earn close to what Incredibles 2 is making internationally- around $600 million OS.
  11. How is the China date? Can MI6 earn $200 million there?
  12. KP1025

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    I wonder if JW2 will have a big Labor Day expansion domestically like the first film. JW added almost $17 million after a $1.95 million weekend because of the expansion.
  13. The Meg will not only beat Solo easily OS but will also likely beat it WW too. Looks on track for a $400+ million WW gross.
  14. Let's assume $150 million in China (around 10% increase from MI5 which seems very reasonable). MI6 then has another $30 million left from Japan, which means the remaining holdovers only need a bit less than $45 million combined for it to hit $500 million OS. Current markets minus Japan added about $32 million this weekend, so that would require a 2.4x multiplier off this weekend.
  15. KP1025


    It looks like Incredibles 2 will recover this weekend with a strong hold. Corpse: Weekend Forecast (08/11-12)01 (01) ¥579,000,000 ($5.2 million), -17%, ¥5,140,000,000 ($46.2 million), Code Blue (Toho) WK3 02 (02) ¥486,000,000 ($4.4 million), -24%, ¥1,975,000,000 ($17.9 million), Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Toho-Towa) WK2 03 (03) ¥459,000,000 ($4.1 million), +09%, ¥2,060,000,000 ($18.6 million), Incredibles 2 (Disney) WK2 04 (04) ¥259,000,000 ($2.3 million), -12%, ¥6,400,000,000 ($57.1 million), Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Toho-Towa) WK505 (---) ¥250,000,000 ($2.3 million), 0, ¥335,000,000 ($3.0 million), Ocean's 8 (Warner Bros.) NEW 06 (05) ¥138,000,000 ($1.2 million), -52%, ¥900,000,000 ($8.1 million), My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (Toho) WK2 07 (07) ¥136,000,000 ($1.2 million), -08%, ¥1,985,000,000 ($18.1 million), Mirai of the Future (Toho) WK4 08 (09) ¥122,000,000 ($1.1 million), +05%, ¥2,325,000,000 ($21.0 million), Pokemon: Everyone's Story (Toho) WK5 09 (06) ¥120,000,000 ($1.1 million), -54%, ¥525,000,000 ($4.7 million), Kamen Rider Build: Be the One (Toei) WK2 10 (08) ¥95,000,000 ($855,000), -18%, ¥580,000,000 ($5.2 million), Sensei Kunshin (Toho) WK2Obon Festival -- the strongest week of the box-office every year -- approaches, and right before it begins we'll see a strong weekend box-office with many notable holds, and potentially some increases as well.>Code Blue is likely to repeat atop the box-office for a third-consecutive weekend, and will very likely exceed the ¥5 billion blockbuster milestone in the progress. Its cumulative total is running ahead of every other film this year at the same-point-in-time, and it's about to enter the biggest holiday period of the year on Monday -- Obon Festival. Unless it receives a lackluster boost next week, I believe it has the advantage in the three-way battle with Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom for the 2018 yearly crown, and could finish near ¥9 billion ($80 million). >Mission: Impossible - Fallout should post a good second weekend hold, but could fall to third place in its sophomore frame. It opened 11% higher than Rogue Nation, but will probably fall a bit behind it after this weekend. However, Rogue Nation was released a few days closer to Obon Festival and had received its initial boost in its second weekend. Once Fallout experiences the holiday period boon next week, I'm confident it'll pull ahead and not look back. ¥5 billion+ ($45 million) is still likely. >Incredibles 2 didn't impress in its debut weekend, but it has since delivered great weekdays, and is in position to experience a second weekend increase. Japanese audiences have dismissed the Pixar sequels, so perhaps it just took awhile for moviegoers to gain interest in this entry. Its chances of reaching the ¥5 billion ($45 million) blockbuster milestone, and possibly even outgrossing the original film's ¥5.26 billion total have gone up dramatically in just a matter of days >Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had a harsh 50% drop last weekend due to screen/showtime & IMAX cuts, but it has since recovered some over the past weekdays, and based on Saturday pre-sales, looks poised to deliver a strong fifth weekend gross. It's still in the three-way battle with Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer and Code Blue for the 2018 yearly crown, however, it has slipped a bit and may be the likely third-place finisher. A total around ¥8 billion ($70 million) remains likely. >Ocean's 8 debuts this weekend, but based on its Friday numbers and Saturday pre-sales, doesn't appear likely to become a hit in the market. It'll earn a top 5 debut, but an opening around the forecast will probably only result in about a ¥2 billion ($20 million) total.

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