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  1. Noctis trolled us with the $30.3M number. But 25.5 is still an awesome number.
  2. How much is IT up from yesterday at your theater?
  3. http://deadline.com/2017/09/it-stephen-king-movie-jennifer-lawrence-mother-dylan-obrien-american-assassin-weekend-box-office-1202170367/ 2nd Update: As forecasted, New Line’s It is prevailing with an estimated $55Msecond weekend, -55% for a running total by Sunday of $213.7M. Again, that’s a record because’s it’s the second best weekend in September ever following It’s mind blowing $123.4M three-day. Today alone, It will make an estimated $17.5M per industry estimates. CBS/Lionsgate’s American Assassin is looking at $6M today and $16M for the weekend in second place. The pic was co-financed by CBS and Lionsgate for $33M. Paramount’s mother! is looking at $4.2M today and $9M-$11M this weekend. Many believe it’s going lower because audiences since last night have been hating on the Darren Aronofsky-Jennifer Lawrence team-up. mother! was sold like a Screen Gems horror film, but when moviegoers finally get inside the theater, they find out it’s something completely different. PostTrak results reveal a 51% overall positive and a 33% definite recommend, which is as bad as its gets. American Assassin has better results, but not super hot with 67% overall positive and a 43% recommend.
  4. Agreed. Definitely needs to pick up. I actually forgot about the movie a couple times over the span of a few months ago. Still hyped for it though.
  5. SAT $45.65M 9 1 (estimate) $45,650,000-10.5% / -4,103 / $11,126$96,650,000 / 2
  6. Who could've predicted that IT would beat SM:H's opening day?
  7. $51M! https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2017/09/09/box-office-it-floats-to-record-crushing-51m-friday/
  8. $47M would mean nearly beating the September OW record in a single day. INSANE.

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