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  1. This is the least excited I've been for a Pixar movie since The Good Dinosaur, but hopefully it'll prove me wrong.
  2. Seems like this must significantly weaken the relationship between Blumhouse and Universal.
  3. One of Shawn Levy's projects, he certainly keeps busy.
  4. Not entirely convinced that Rebel Wilson was the right fit for this role, but otherwise great trailer.
  5. American Assassin with it's first press event today. Dylan's been pretty much invisible in the year and a half since his accident, it's good to see him again.
  6. So I was listening to an interview with Shawn Levy on the Hollywood Reporter's podcast, and he didn't sound too sure that he'd be directing this movie. He also mentioned that Tom Rothman personally approached him with the idea of rewriting the script and casting Tom Holland, so Sony must really love him.
  7. Can't wait to watch this. A bit of trivia: in a career of eight movies to date, this will be Dylan's third with cinematographer Enrique Chediak.
  8. Interesting choice. I don't think he's ever played a villain before.
  9. Looks good. I think the only movie I've seen set on an oil rig I've seen is Armageddon. I'm assuming this will be quite different.
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