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  1. ThomasNicole

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    This is clearly no Incredibles 2 / Frozen 2 but the numbers are pretty great for an animated movie. $ 350 - 400M DOM seems appropriate
  2. ThomasNicole

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Trailer views - 26 hour update: YouTube: 14M Twitter: 13M Facebook: 11M Total: 38M Note: this is only from Pixar channels, official numbers should be much higher even if they don’t reveal.
  3. Us is becoming a possible monster... it will be great if it manage a $ 80M or so. I’m expecting $ 50M now but the bigger the better. Dumbo seems really strong too, considering is still early... I think $ 60M is completely possible, I hope it manages something like $ 65-67M just to cross $ 200M. Shazam seems kinda off but it should pick up after break embargo on the 23th.
  4. 5-Day trailer views update: YouTube: 42M (23M from Disney US / 13M from Will / 6M from FilmSelect) Twitter: 11.1M (from Disney US) Facebook: 30.7M (from Disney US) Instagram: 14M (11.4M from Will / 2.6M from Disney) Total: 97.8M views
  5. nah, $ 70M is absolutely possible depending on saturday jump even with a smaller saturday than normal, this will end up with $ 68M
  6. Exactly, even studios count numbers from every social media platform to have 24 hours numbers. EG have MUCH lower views than IW on YouTube and still is the most viewed trailer on first day, and nobody complain about that or call it cheap. Aladdin have solid numbers or better in every single platform and this time with great reception, ignore this and use just YT numbers (which are good) to fit in the “people aren’t interested” argument is just dumb.
  7. Will Smith also posted the trailer on his YT channel, so i count both for obvious reasons, the number you post is just for Disney channel. And it’s a great number, why do you think trailers should do better than teasers? Historically this doesn’t happen that much, if you see IW, IT, Thor Ragnarok, Incredibles 2, Pikachu, Captain Marvel... the teasers made much better numbers than the full trailers, then why Aladdin need to? Teaser pull big numbers, and also the official trailer despite being lower than the teaser. Also counting views from everywhere is far from cheap considering this is exactly what studios do to have their numbers, how do you think EG made almost 300 million views on 24 hours? LOL. I could count even for channels outside Disney US / Will Smith pages and will still be valid. It seems like you’re trying to dismiss Aladdin numbers since yesterday without reason, the numbers are undeniable solid.
  8. YouTube: 9.3M Twitter: 9.2M Facebook: 20.5M Instagram: 10.9M Total: 50M This is from: Disney US pages on YT / TT / FB / IG and Will Smith pages on YT / IG
  9. Right? I mean, Aladdin made 50M views on 24 hours just on Disney / Will pages and still people comparing this movie with Solo. It doesn’t make sense
  10. Trailer Views After 24 Hours: YouTube: 9.3M Twitter: 9.2M Facebook: 20.5M Instagram: 10.9M Total: 50M Note: this is just on Disney US / Will Smith official pages.
  11. Ok i get it, this isn’t that important for me. This movie faces a BIG backlash last month, so change the reception is far more important now than trend, and they do a good job with this. Also, it’s the first full trailer but it’s also the third official video about this movie and usually the first one is the biggest no matter what, the teaser was really huge on social media so i don’t see the problem in being overshadowed, it’s still doing great numbers.
  12. It takes some time to trend. But anyway, the question is almost everyone bury the movie last month, so there’s not so much people expecting good numbers from this movie until today. I don’t think it will breakout domestically before and i still don’t think, but reactions today show the movie is far from dead, buzz exists and people are excited now so this could pull decent numbers at least (which is +200M domestic). Worldwide is another story, it will be a hit anyway, even the spot was kinda well received outside US.
  13. ThomasNicole


    Pretty standard, considering China drop. Not great or bad. Still on course to 1B
  14. In less than 3 hours YouTube: 0.8M Twitter: 1.7M Facebook: 4.3M Instagram: 5.1M 11.9 million views already just on Disney / Will accounts and the reception are great. Anyone who still thinks this is gonna bomb are just delusional, the hype exists and now it’s good. I don’t think it will be huge domestic because of the competition but +200M shouldn’t be hard, also OS will eat this up. I’m gonna update this after 24 hours, I think this could easily pull 40-50 million views just on Disney / Will Smith accounts across social media.
  15. ThomasNicole

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    CM also locked TS4 and Aladdin could do it... but I think competition will block them. TS4 should be +900M and Aladdin around 800M

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