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  1. No... but probably around 60M or more [i counted almost 40M just on Marvel YT / FB / TT pages]
  2. There's no overestimate here... presales also indicate a $ 150M debut or more
  3. Pre-sales is really close to Black Panther
  4. they have? i remember a lot of nonsense predictions from they like + 350M for MPR, + 500M for CW, just 170M for Aquaman etc
  5. Captain Marvel is delayed because they decided to present her at the end of phase 3, because they will need fresh heroes after that... Brie Larson was hired in 2015, they are putting effort on this movie and character for years
  6. Presales keeps gettin' bigger every year, but still CW remains untouchable for almost 2 years, so the numbers must be really big. In 2017 we have Guardians II [$ 146.5M], SMH [$ 117M] and Ragnarok [$ 122.7M]... all of them with big openings and great preview numbers, but still none of them beats CW presales on first day. My point is: CM beating CW is an excellent sign, just like BP last year. I don't think we'll see another $ 200M opening, but i think $ 150M is not just a feeling now, it's becoming realistic.
  7. Wasp was that strong because they’re open presales just 18 days before the release.
  8. We don’t know by how much CM outpace CW... probably it’s more close to BP than CW
  9. Presales for AM&TW starts just 18 days before the release, that’s why
  10. Yeah, personally i also think they're open presales too soon
  11. Nobody was expecting CM to have similar numbers to IW/SW anyway... something similar to BP is already great and bodes well for a possible $ 150M plus debut.
  12. Yeah, the reception on YT is MUCH better than it was for the trailers So far, almost 16K likes against just 124 dislikes
  13. The spot is much better than both trailers together, this destroy everything people are complaining... lots of action, fun and charisma It happens the same thing with BP, the spot released with pre-sales are better than the trailers

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