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  1. This was after age of ultrons 'disappointing' domestic gross...pre infinity war No one got Star Wars as low as 500's yikes
  2. I was thinking of what a potential potter sequel saga first entry would do I'm giving it Deathly Hallows part 2 gross inflation adjusted +15% attendance + adding on extra for a stronger china $550 million domestic $1.5 billion overseas + $300 million china = $1.8 billion So I have it coming out to a $2.3-2.4 Billion run worldwide This is if it released in the current market
  3. This movie does not have good WOM. How is this surprising?
  4. Can't wait for Harry Potter 8 where it is revealed Harry almost kills hermione and rons son because he sees him becoming as powerful as voldy in a vision. This leads to ron and hermiones son actually becoming evil. Harry then goes into exile and vanishes until a youth wants to bring back the boy who lived to spark hope in the fight against the new dark lord
  5. TLJ reception would be 100% better if it ended with Luke lifting his x wing out the water and leaving ach to rather than dying looking like he'd taken a massive shit in a toilet It would maintain the fake out battle but would also signify Luke is powerful enough not to die using force skype. And OT fans would have one final film with Luke to look forward to
  6. So lower than ROTS attendance is in play for TROS. Possibly lower attendance than AOTC. ST has literally haemorrhaged ticket sales
  7. Cinderella has always been an overrated snooze fest of a story. As is Snow White tbh The gross is what the story deserved (never saw the film but there is only so much you can do with that source material). Alice as a story is wayyyyy more interesting & it had that 3D gimmick too.
  8. Strong vision + creativity + plan + respect/love for the series 4 things you need not just a little of...but oodles of. Feige and the team at Marvel nail this. TFA had the respect/love TLJ had the creativity aspect TROS...well felt like a puppy & his 6 year old owner wrote the film because they love star wars so much. So guess it has love for the series But as you can see there is zero cohesion.
  9. OF course TLJ is playing its part. However I really believe TROS was heading for a 210-220 OW till the premiere impressions and then reviews dropped. In the presales thread you could see how the final 2-3 days for TROS stalled...it just didn't explode in sales. The B- score and the kind of film TROS is is on its head. You cannot blame TLJ for the asspull decisions TROS made. Not when the writer of Batman vs Superman wrote it....it is very obvious where the issues rise from. TROS being a shite film is all on its director and writer.
  10. Good thank god we can stop this good WOM rubbish The film was shite through and through. Lowest CS of any star wars episode for the worst star wars episode since TPM
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