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  1. 1. Star Wars Episode IX : The Rise of Skywalker 2. Frozen 2 3. Marriage Story 4. Joker 5. Mulan 6. Knives Out 7. TENET 8. WW84 9. LAst Christmas 10. Onward
  2. What a boring year it will be WW2 and FF9 are the only shoe ins
  3. If it beats TLJ or even if it gets to 600 million this will be the most commercially and critically successful trilogy in cinematic history (assuming TROS can get 90% rottentomatoes like TFA and TLJ)
  4. 'His' sword? So Rey will turn bad and get a sex change in TROS. Alt right youtube star wars base will never reel from the shock --------------- This looks amazing. Almost cried at the teaser of all the films, and visuals look spectacular. There is fake CGI on that last scenes...Rey's face & hood look weird. Some major misdirection going on...
  5. To be honest a rey and kylo romance would've been amazing if planned since TFA. Would echo anakin padme and be interesting to watch. It would've meant kylo could not have been that bad a villain though or it wouldn't have worked (for reasons it cant work now) But kylo being turned good for rey would've been the perfect symmetry to anakin turning bad for padme
  6. WAs watching a live stream of the announcement and the reaction Star Wars got there was incredible with Kenobi getting people to stand up. But everyone told me Star Wars hype was dead Mandalorian trailer looks amazing but for me Star Wars is the Jedi and the force...the rest is window dressing. Will watch it anyhow
  7. Zayn cover was awful. The enunciation of the lyrics of both him and Zhadia (who was even worse) was unbelievably bad. This song is pretty nice
  8. I know right. People forget Leia was a progressive breakthrough female character back in the 70's. These muppets would be offended with how she speaks to Luke/Han in Ep 4 had that movie been released today lol (You'd get BS videos like people have made about poor Brie Larson)
  9. Excuse us if we did not drool over a scene for scene remake of a 90's classic worse in pretty much every way. We did not even get an epic Beyonce song for goodness sake (considering how much they rehashed why they did not get her to sing Shadowland from the musical I do not know) You know it's bad when Aladin's Speechless (great song but naomi scott is a nobody in terms of singing) has almost double the views of Beyonce's Lion King song 'Spirit' lol Marvel films have way more heart than any of these remakes. And as such are being rewarded. Superhero films which suck (Justice League) have similarly not been rewarded and dismissed.
  10. Gonna cream my pants whenever this 9 saga film trailer hits. Expecting it to be epic on the level of ROTS's original teaser (well ideally even more) which used dialogue from EP IV.
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