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  1. YUp this is dropping OS. English speaking markets will need to have a 30% bump on TLJ for it to even have a chance of beating TLJ OS total Domestic TLJ is falling though...easily
  2. ROTS ROTJ TFA ESB ANH TLJ AOTC TPM Only counting Saga films. Apart from TPM I rank all the films above 8/10. Love all of them. So despite it being a ranking most of them are very close together in how I feel about them. ROTS/ROTJ are in a league of their own. I have always preferred finale movies because of how the films feel (in any franchise I always like the finale films the most). The only non finale film I like more than a finale is TDK. TPM I like too but find it basically a nothing movie which could have been skipped lol 7/10 I fully expect TROS to slip in nicely around ROTS/ROTJ
  3. Indeed..absolute BS criticism Yoda vs Sidious fight symbolically, metaphorically and with the music is also amazing. Also just *insert person* thought the fights had no emotional weight does not mean they didn't.
  4. People expect so much from star wars box office wise. TFA did way better than anyone expected frankly The performance of AOTC/ROTS was below the best blockbusters of the 00's. At least TLJ was #1 for the year. I can't imagine what the doom and gloom must have been like when AOTC was beaten by spider man 1 lol Actually AOTC was THIRD for the year...behind LOTR:TT too. And ROTS was lucky Shrek/POTC did not release its year or it would not have been #1 I honestly thought TFA would do around $500-600mill domestic max. It doing so well has led to ridiculous pressure for TLJ & TROS to somehow do similar numbers Fact is apart from TPM/TFA...star wars saga has not even been at the top of the year box office wise whenever it releases.
  5. This is indeed an important movie. Not Star Wars will please everyone but they must be hoping for TFA type word of mouth/energising. I honestly think 'Mandalorian' in a way is even more important. If it really pulls of TV star wars spectacularly and has an impact...it is in a way more important than TROS. On some level people will always show up for a big star wars at the cinema (I mean AOTC is the low bar in ticket sales wise which is still better than most franchises)
  6. This is gonna be so epic. Really feel like it's gonna be the best DAS film in decades
  7. Your username indicates a huge lack of faith in the force. Gonna listen to the clips in a bit! Hyped!
  8. Well yeah that goes without saying. The fandom menace people are the main reason I no longer watch any star wars content on youtube. All my recommendation videos get clogged with crap. Anyway I have very little mindshare for any star wars fandom. I love all the films ultimately. I love anything with star wars in it. The franchise will always put a smile on my face. And I have people I know in real life who share in this kind of joy for star wars. I've blocked out all the online fandom noise now. Tbh having been a fan of the prequels I already had been good at blocking all the noisy opinions
  9. TLJ is not a Indy 4 situation though. It is critically lauded, made money and had the most home video sales for 2018. Even if he knows many fans were disappointed it is almost easier to pretend they were not for the optics. Also he probably wants to focus the convo on TROS not create controversy in regards to TLJ
  10. Two characters stood back to back with weapons ignited with opposing colours of light and darkness in a franchise where light and darkness fight...is shippy? Err no Reylo narrative is downright insulting and really says a lot in terms of how people are okay with abusive relationships. But then people swooned over the downright creepy bella edward twilight romance...but at least he never murdered people she knew lol If you were joking sorry but most people aren't lol
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