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  1. I saw this movie on opening day, and I will admit it, it was great. I had my reservations going in and I completely expected it to be mediocre. I was wrong. The comedy was great and there was a good mix of that along with action. I loved the new characters and enjoyed seeing the old ones. My only problem was that the plot was thin, but they needed that to focus on new characters. If the plot would have been huge with throwing new characters in, I feel it would have been too much. Overall, great movie. Definitely in the top 3 star wars movies for me. Final verdict is an A-. I fully expect episodes 8 and 9 to be the best of them all. I literally can't wait. Such a good start to a new movie series in the star wars saga.
  2. Saw the movie for a second time. Better on second viewing. Did notice something though. So I can see how some didn't like the movie. It is true that there was a lot of build-up in prior movies and there really isn't that much of a climax. I'm kind of confused as to why Francis Lawrence didn't show more of the rebels. Rebel scenes were in part 1, but not really in part 2. Only a few scenes are shown outside katniss view. I chalk it up mainly to the fact that it really is one movie and was filmed as one. Anyways, what really is satisfying is that katniss does finally meet snow etc and if that hadn't happened the movie would definitely not have been as good. Overall, the ending and epilogue brought the story full circle imo and were the most satisfying. Still not the best movie in the series, wasn't blown away like the second movie, but still a good movie and ending.
  3. Good point on this too. I think the lack of "games" coupled with this=lower BO. I honestly think if this would have at least been near the first two movies in reception, more people would have seen it. If they didn't see it OW, then at least WOM would have helped.
  4. Well I am a true fan and I suppose I can even agree with you on some of this? Btw, did you read the book? You would then know why katniss dismissed Gale as I rated this movie second best after CF, but now that I think about it, it may actually be third best. It just didn't keep my attention as much as it should have. I actually think the trailer made it look better than it was.
  5. I think so too. A lot are saying that it won't even get to the 700 mil mark. I feel like too many of these people are haters. Nothing against star wars fans, but I notice a lot of them are the ones saying this and are glad mockingjay didn't do as well at the box office. I really hope star wars makes under 200 mil on ow so I can come back here to tell them told you so. I'm also going to do that when it fails to beat Jurassic world worldwide.
  6. There is a simple reason for what happened. The bandwagoners got off the wagon. Once there were no more games, that was it. Most didn't care after the games, and didn't care about the revolution. That is why you didn't see this happening to harry potter and twilight. You take a core element out of a series and there you go. It's almost like taking vampires out of twilight. In the end, it really is sad that many didn't care as the themes were always at least subtle in the first two movies. Mockingjay just expanded them. I also think many expected all four movies to be hunger games because the whole series is titled that. Once they saw where the movies were headed the bandwagoners jumped ship.
  7. So floppingjay part 2 is real now. This movie is also very unlucky opening right after a terrorist attack with movie theaters closed. I doubt LG will make any more movies once they see how bad this movie performs compared to the other three. It really is such a shame and disappointing for a FINALE with such promise.
  8. Mockingjay Part 2 under $350M DOM

    Are you getting enjoyment out of this?
  9. Sadly, this movie will be lucky to get 800 million WW now. So sad and disappointing.
  10. Mockingjay Part 2 under $350M DOM

    Looks to be happening now. I think it will definitely make over 300, but my guess is no more than 330. So dissapointing. When I saw the numbers for thursday, I was like wtf. Terrible way to start, and for a FINALE even worse. This movie will obeviously profit, but it looks like it will struggle to make over 800 million worldwide. I do think word of mouth will be better than part 1 since it is a noticeable improvement, so that may help, but in the end, then s movie will not make the money it should.
  11. It really is. I think most people only cared about the games imo, not the revolution. Once that was gone, I think a lot the viewers left. Luckily we do have the loyal fan base who care to see the movies to the end.
  12. Lol that is why I said some and not all. My husband didn't like any of the movies. He said part 1 was a train wreck. He actually enjoyed part 2. I think opinions will vary, but I think there will be a higher viewer rating than the reviews imo.
  13. just saw it. Better than part 1. Overall, a 7.6 out of a 10 and a B+ from me. Second best only to catching fire.

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