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  1. Doable. I may write everything I have to write next week and be done with it, but knowing myself, that will most likely not happen.
  2. ChD

    Tag (2018)

    I enjoyed this movie a lot. It was incredibly fun. Obviously, it was over the top for like... the majority of the time, but I couldn't care less. I had some issues with it here and there... I didn't really like Hannibal Buress and Renner's performance, but on Buress part it's how his character was written while Renner simply seemed to only tune in occasionally. I assume it was because of his character being bad ass that he didn't care to drag it out into something more than a one dimensional being. Anyway... the biggest issue of the movie was the writing for one certain thing: Renner's relationship with the group. At no point do we even get the remote idea that Renner is as good a friend with any of group as they are between them. It went as far as basically barely having him share any god damn screen time with the main actors. If you cut out the segments where Renner appears, you barely lose any scenes in the movie that contain any of the main characters. It's ridiculous. But yeah. It was fun. I loved the ending. It explained things... but it wasn't really CONFIRMED or DENIED that it was legitimate, which seems to be a thing thats needed in this movie. A-/B+
  3. 1. Will Mamma Mia Open to more than $35M? 1000 YES 2. Will Mamma Mia Open to more than $40M? 2000 NO 3. Will The Equalizer Open to more than $25M 3 Day? 3000 YES 4. Will The Equalizer Open to more than $30M 3 Day? 4000 NO 5. Will the 2 films combine to more than $65? 5000 NO 6. Will Unfriended open above $7.5M? 1000 NO 7. Will Hotel Transylvania stay above $25M? 2000 YES 8. Will Incredibles finish above Unfriended? 3000 YES 9. Will Uncle Drew stay above Ocean's 8? 4000 NO 10. Will Skyscraper have a bigger percentage drop than The First Purge? 5000 YES 11. Will Sicario's PTA stay above $1,400? 1000 YES 12. Will Ant Man drop more than 50%? 2000 YES 13. Will Three Identical Strangers enter the top 12? 3000 NO 14. Will Jurassic World stay above $10M? 4000 YES 15. Will Piers Brosnan singing be more painful than anything done by Denzel? 5000 YES Bonus: 9/15 5000 10/15 8000 11/15 12,000 12/15 16,000 13/15 20,000 14/15 24,000 15/15 30,000 Part B: The top 3 predictions will score points as follows: Closest: Within 1% - 15,000, Within 2,5% - 12000, Within 5% 9,000, Within 10% - 6000 Outside 10% - 3000 points 2nd Closest: Within 1% - 12,000, Within 2,5% - 10000, Within 5% 7,000, Within 10% - 4000 Outside 10% - 2000 points 3rd Closest: Within 1% - 10,000, Within 2,5% - 8000, Within 5% 5,000, Within 10% - 2000 Outside 10% - 1000 points 1. What will Mamma Mia make for its 3 day? 37.8M 2. What will Skyscraper's percentage change be? 57.6% 3. What will Sorry to Bother You's PTA be for the Weekend? 2555 Part 😄 There will be 6 films to place and points are expanded because traditionally people haven't scored well here: 1. Mamma Mia 3. Hotel Transilvanya 5. Skyscraper 8. Unfriended 10. Sorry to Bother You 11. Sicario Because I realised bonuses are stupid... 1/6 4,000 2/6 10,000 3/6 18,000 4/6 25,000 5/6 36,000 6/6 - 50,000
  4. Yeah well I love that series. Legit one of the best things I've seen in years. Then I started re-watching 5 centimeters per second and realized the dude who directed the anime is literally the best pick I can find for a movie like that. I had Zoe Kazan direct the original, but skipped on a cast (so I left it ambiguous if it had a Japanese cast or English cast), but people gave me a lot of shit for just writing "Unknowns" for the cast.
  5. Not from what I know. I don't know any well established live-action directors that could work with a movie like this though -_-.
  6. Would it be too tacky to get the guy who directed 5cm per second the anime to also helm the movie? Or alternatively Hollywood-ize it and get English speaking director/cast?
  7. 5 centimeters per second Director: Taichi Ishidate Genre: Drama/Romance Release Date: June 5th Major Cast: TBA Theater Count: 2801 MPAA Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 110 mins Production Budget: 50M Plot: TBA
  8. 5 centimeters per second.
  9. The Day We Found Earth Director: Duncan Jones Genre: Science Fiction Release Date: February 28 Major Cast: TBA Theater Count: 2135 MPAA Rating: PG-13 Runtime: TBA Production Budget: 50M Plot: TBD
  10. Well, okay, if you see anything you like from the rights I have, please let me know and we'll trade.
  11. Yeah, I don't know what I was remembering then. I'll take the rights to Transistor.
  12. @4815162342 I'm not exactly sure if I'm remembering correctly, but did you adapt Transistor at some point during CAYOM v2?
  13. Doubt I have anything you'd like. I suggest you keep the rights if you have an idea on how to adapt the series properly because I'd mostly focus around the story of Anne Magnolia in the first movie (probably would be a trilogy by the end)
  14. The Last of Us Director: Alfonso Cuaron Genre: Thriller/Drama/Horror Release Date: October 30 Major Cast: TBA Theater Count: 3131 Rating: R-rated Runtime: TBA Production Budget: 125M Plot summary: TBA

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