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  1. Untitled Horror - October 30 - dir. Alfonso Cuaron
  2. Hmph, gonna try return to this next year.
  3. Since you mentioned animes I also want Sword Art Online
  4. When will Part 1 close?
  5. Okay, let's do this: The Themis Files series. The Lotus Wars trilogy. The Alice Network
  6. For someone out of the touch with this forum and box office in general, what do people consider Jumanji's chances to hit 1b worldwide are?
  7. Anyone here watching F1?
  8. Which is funny because I've never heard of her before Braindead and 10 Cloverfield Lane.
  9. Oh if everything goes according to plan she'll go for Best Actress too.
  10. ChD

    CAYOM Y3 - Advanced Schedule

    I'll take Notes from the Otherspace.
  11. Depends on the number of people that vote. If it's an odd number the tie will be clearly broken, but if it's even theres a chance it might result in another tie.
  12. This is turning out to be an emotional rollercoaster I am not tall enough to ride.
  13. Was about to say this. It was below the Top 10 on the critical consensus. That would be a major upset.

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