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  1. Around $780m WW is fantastic result for this
  2. Fantastic for Nun...only if the movie was not so terrible
  3. Underwhelming increase for MI6. Hopefully will have solid jump on Sat
  4. The Dark Rock

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Lower than AM2 first monday. Is it due to summer weekdays being over?
  5. The Dark Rock

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    MI6 looks flat compared to yesterday?
  6. Incredible for CRA Amazing for MI6 as well. Although with 2.2m Friday shouldn't it be around 7.7m for weekend?
  7. If this weekend number holds true for MI6 then although 200m is done deal but won't reach 215m to become highest in the series.
  8. The Dark Rock

    Thursday Numbers

    Was kind of expecting this as it was running very close to RN in last few days. Also RN had some great holds from 3rd weekend and onwards.
  9. Was thinking same. May be it will do similar numbers like MI5 depending on China
  10. The Dark Rock

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    What excuses they are coming with. No one subscribes Netflix expecting Game Of Thrones.
  11. How much MoviePass issue may have affected MI6? Or not that much?
  12. MI6 true Friday is very close to RN's. Probably will miss $60m OW and will open less than adjusted RN's opening.
  13. That doesn't sound promising for MI6

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