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  1. Wow. This was so much better and entertaining than the reviews suggested. It could have been even better with better dialogues etc. However it is quite good for what it is. Yeah it's not GOT but it doesn't have to be just because of the genre. It's already a hit for Netflix and if they improve even marginally in 2nd season this will be a jackpot for Netflix and next biggest thing in TV series.
  2. Wow. Shocked by the reviews. Didn't expected such low rating with Abrams as director. Hopefully audience wom will be better than critics ratings.
  3. The reviews are really horrible. On the levels of Thugs, Ra.One, Race3 etc. Let's see if it will have average drop or collapse.
  4. Given the reviews and average wom it's not that surprising. I2 had much better reviews and wom in comparison. TLK2019 would have done even worse if not for the goodwill of TLK. TLK2019 had so much potential at bo if not for being so serviceable and average affair. Huge success nonetheless but it had potential to be so much more.
  5. After episode 4 and 5 leaks it was obvious the 6th one was going to be correct as well. And as such I had hardly any expectations. Except Jon, Dany and Drogon scene it was meh mostly. Specially the second half was pedestrian. Writing for the final season kills this otherwise gorgeously shot season. However don't know how much to expect with writers when GRRM himself is unable to finish the satisfying conclusion (he have been writing it forever). He started something great but is stuck regarding conclusion since years. And I doubt he will be able to finish the books. D
  6. The production value was great. Specially this shot is so epic. Only if the script/writing was even half that good.
  7. They have completely destroyed the legacy of GOT. Mad queen would have been fine if circumstances lead to that and they made it believable. But she heard the bell and saw lannisters dropping the sword and decides to burn thousands of innocent lives? She had temperament issues but she had mainly killed enemies/people who had been against her or betrayed her. But here D&D decide for no reason let her kill thousands of innocents to justify the mad queen angle. Cersei ending was lame and so was Jamie. And what joke was that between Euron and Jamie. So not lo
  8. The episode was just shit. The writing and character arcs have all gone down the drain. Episode was free of any logic and filled with stupidity. Its like they just want to wrap this up. They are setting up Dany as mad queen in rush that it looks meh. Sansa is as bland and boring as ever. I now even prefer Cersei on the throne compared to Sansa. In fact the series and these Stark family drama have gone so awful that I won't mind her killing them all and winning. Although not going to happen. The have made everything so evident what is going to be the outcome. And for shock values they are using
  9. That is surprising if fans took it like that. GOT was/is always about the thrones. All the rage/revenge/character arc etc all are about throne. NK/WW was always sideshow.
  10. Fantastic episode. It could have been even better if they had mixed episode 2 and 3 to give some breathing space and balancing both episodes (even NK giving two proper episodes) I think major issue fans are having with episode is it being too dark. Twitter and social media flooded with complaints of being way too dark. (60%) Many not liking Arya killing NK so easily and all of sudden. Jon fans or GOT fans who had always believed/expected Jon will be the one. (25%) NK done in one episode only (15%) Looks like Sansa will indeed sit on throne in the end. Everyth
  11. Best Picture 1. Argo 2. The King's Speech 3. Green Book 4. Spotlight 5. 12 Years a Slave 6. The Artist 7. Birdman 8. The Shape of Water 9. The Hurt Locker 10. Moonlight
  12. Roma was the most boring among the best picture nominees no matter how much artsy and classic film making have gone into it. Glad that Green Book won. Looks like it have pissed off many people. But don't think it will go Crash way. It does seem to be one of the crowd pleasing/favorites among the nominated movies (after BP, BR, ASIB) Olivia winning was a joke. She shouldn't have been even nominated as leading actress. Her role was supporting and should have been fine with that.
  13. Why people are so shocked? Blackkklansman didn't won in most of other awards functions. Roma and Green Book were the favorites and had momentum with them. Anyways I am overall very happy with the awards on personal level. Most of my favorites who I wanted/thought to win had won. Except may be Olivia which was surprise as didn't expected her to win.
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