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  1. Best Picture 1. Argo 2. The King's Speech 3. Green Book 4. Spotlight 5. 12 Years a Slave 6. The Artist 7. Birdman 8. The Shape of Water 9. The Hurt Locker 10. Moonlight
  2. Roma was the most boring among the best picture nominees no matter how much artsy and classic film making have gone into it. Glad that Green Book won. Looks like it have pissed off many people. But don't think it will go Crash way. It does seem to be one of the crowd pleasing/favorites among the nominated movies (after BP, BR, ASIB) Olivia winning was a joke. She shouldn't have been even nominated as leading actress. Her role was supporting and should have been fine with that.
  3. Why people are so shocked? Blackkklansman didn't won in most of other awards functions. Roma and Green Book were the favorites and had momentum with them. Anyways I am overall very happy with the awards on personal level. Most of my favorites who I wanted/thought to win had won. Except may be Olivia which was surprise as didn't expected her to win.
  4. RT score is decent but have been dropping. Probably will end around with 62-63% score.
  5. FF2 could very well end with around $150-160m domestic total given the reviews and audience feedback so far.
  6. Hopefully this bombs so that WB fires Yates from directing HP and wizarding world franchise. He have been such a mediocre director.
  7. Pity it didn't got extension in China else it would have sealed 800m. Nonetheless great ww numbers
  8. Fantastic for Nun...only if the movie was not so terrible
  9. Underwhelming increase for MI6. Hopefully will have solid jump on Sat
  10. Lower than AM2 first monday. Is it due to summer weekdays being over?
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