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  1. Okay, girl... We're still gonna need more scenes of MJ with the mace... Cons: I'ma need MJ to get that red hair dye sis, nd I mean SOON!! It's not all that important, but still. Miss Daya rocked it during the interviews. The first half of the movie was admittedly ass, and very poorly edited. All those quick ass jump-cuts, never letting anything have room to breathe. Many of the early jokes (that were hilarious in the trailers) fall flat in the actual movie due to this. BUT! Pros: Thank God the last half of this movie pulled through! Turned out to be a really spectacular experience. After Mysterio reveals himself to be faking it, that's when the movie actually starts to get good. He's really a very amazing, complex, and unique kind of villain. Almost sad that they killed him off in this. Anyway, all of Jake's scenes (post-mal-intention reveal) are fucking outstanding. The Mysterio hallucinations that Peter went through were some of the best scenes I've ever seen in an MCU movie. Holy shit. Blaming Pete for Iron Man's death.... Mysterio, girl, WE- AND THEN having a Zombie-Tony come out of the grave nd come for him!!!! CAN YOU BITCHES SPELL "TRAUMATIZED" But omg, the score isn't bad!! Okay, Ms. Giachinno ! He ain't come to play this time around! Also, gratuitous shirtless scene... +3 The kiss scenes between Spidey nd MJ (finally) were v cute too. Bitch, aww. "My wife fake blipped." A tragedy. Truly. I love how May shut that shit down with Happy. Girl, whew. Idk lmfao it was just weird to imagine Happy nd Aunt May... as a couple... And as for that credits scene! BITCH THE OG J JONAH JAMESON BEING THE MCU'S J JONAH JAMESON, I AM LIVIDDDDD!!! AN ICON !!!!!!! ND THEN MYSTERIO FULL ASS NOT ONLY MAKING SPIDER-MAN THE "BAD GUY" BUT SAYING HIS REAL NAME AND PUTTING A WHOLE ASS PICTURE OF HIS FACE OUT LIKE I KNOW U FUCKIN LYIN! HOW ARE Y'ALL GONE END FFH ON A CLIFFHANGER EVEN BIGGER THAN INFINITY WAR'S KNOWING FULL MF WELL THAT WE'RE GONNA HAVE TO WAIT AT LEAST 2/3 YEARS FOR THE NEXT ONE TO COME OUT !!!!! Overall, it's better than Homecoming. Way better. But the first half is still very much ass. Loved the villain, he was so unique and it gave way to some very immersive scenes. Mysterio is like a "spectacle" villain. Like if his powers weren't a facade, he could deadass be a Doctor Strange type of villain. Anyway, I like how they put the whole "Earth 616" thing in the movie, but then they ultimately dumped it when it was revealed that Beck was really just from Earth. Foreshadowing, maybe? Ion think so. Anywho, if anything this made me look hella forward to Doctor Strange 2. We need a lil more magic in the MCU. (82/100) B-
  2. And to think I couldn't stop smiling during the first 10-15 minutes of this. Whew. Oh well. Let's get into this, girlies. Pros: - The. fucking. score. was. phenomenal. At least one thing remained consistent with these damn X-Men films. God, Zimmer never disappoints. Bitch imagine if Endgame or Infinity War had this shit. Music that elevates the scene and further immerses the audience into the movie rather than it just being background "fluff." True potential could've been reached. Anyways. - The acting was great, the cast did what they could with what they were given, lol. - They finally gave my bitch Storm more shit to do. Love ha ass, regardless of who's portraying her. I STAN. - CGI was good lol but that's expected with a film with this premise and a big ass budget. - I loved alll the scenes where the X-Men were working together as a team. - All the action scenes were pretty great, but the ones that stood out to me was the X-Men vs Jean scene in her neighborhood and the whole train sequence. - A lot of people blame the writing for the reason why this movie was weaker than the others, but in truth it was the direction. The writers, imo, tried. And I like that they stayed true to many of the characters, (except arguably Prof. X) especially that of Mystique, Jean herself, Beast, Storm, and etc. - I liked how even though this timeline's Raven stayed with Charles instead of Magneto, a rift started to tear between the two. She still kinda embodied Erik's ideals with the whole "Mutant-kind over mankind" thing. Planned to leave his ass over it nd everything. It goes to show that regardless of what she did in the 70s, her path would've probably eventually brought her back to Erik. Cons: - Okay, with this whole ass concept, and the "solar flare" in space and everything... I can get behind the idea that the cosmic entity or whatever that entered Jean sped up the process of her becoming the Phoenix. But I can't 100% get behind the notion that it was the actual Phoenix itself, regardless of how it was in the comics. In the canon X-Men universe (which, at least between DoFP, Apoc, and this one, can be seen as consistent enough) it was shown all throughout X-men: Apocalypse that she already had the force inside of her. She even used it to kill Apoc! So that's a mind-fuck. And a plot-hole. C'mon miss Kinberg. To get a little nitpicky, - lol I was annoyed when they didn't do the little x-men tune at the end of the 21st Century logo. Like bitch, hellooooo?? If you're gonna market your shit as the "final X-Men film" then don't throw away all the gimmicks that made the other X-Men films stand out! Logan had an excuse because the X-Men weren't really a "thing" anymore in his film; it was just him and Charles. - AND THEN they didn't the cool ass title sequence that they usually do! but i'll forgive that I guess, because of Zimmer's score or whatever. - They didn't have to do my good sis Mystique like this: as if a superior look wasn't already done decades ago........ cuz I mean sis.... like DP's Raven isn't terrible but... - Like I've seen others say, it's true that the new director kinda did manage to drain the emotion out of like, every scene. I kept finding myself fighting to care for what was going on, even though I was already attached to most of these characters. - How did they manage to kill my good sis Mystique off.... and make me not give a damn about it? - The "civil war"-esque action scene between the X-Men and Magneto nd his goons was.... a cute concept, but poorly executed because you could barely see anything. - These heffas (being the writers, director, and whoever the fuck else) are reaaallly fucking lucky that the end of DoFP happens 30 or so years after the events of this movie otherwise I woulda been cussing everybody out. Subtly messing with the continuity is one thing but don't be fucking stupid. Killing off Miss Grey like that. Making it seem like Charles dun retired or sumn. Making Beast the new professor. As if Logan didn't come back to something entirely different. At least they showed miss thing in the sky. So I guess that means that eventually she'll come back in her human form or sumn. They almost had me fucked up. Anyways, regardless of the hiccup that was this movie, I'm still an X-Men fan nd I'm still looking forward to New Mutants. But I'ma give this a 62% (C-).
  3. Ah, hello! Yes, the baddest bitch is back (briefly) again to review potentially the biggest movie of 2019! Let's get started, gworls. Spoilers below, obvi. Cons, first, cuz, ya know we gotta get that out of the way, - Marvel literally does everything right, except for the score for their spectacle films. Dis. A. Point. Ing. It wasn't as bad as Civil War's score, but it sure was worse than IW's. Y'all they NEED to hire someone other than Alan Silvestri. He doesn't know where to go with these films, and I've about had it! Bitch I had to rewatch MJ2's sewer scene (and credits, whew JNH can make MUSIC, okrrt), DH2's battle scene, and hell, even BvS's Doomsday fight scene to relieve myself of the mediocrity that was the Endgame score. Miss Silvestri really took that one hit with the OG Avengers theme and ran with it, huh. I would like JNH or Hans Zimmer next time, por favor. Lord knows that Marvel can definitely afford both. Anyway. - Time travel was new, and I liked it (for reasons, it led to some very creative scenes.) but it got confusing at times. Like, as fuck. So, where's Gamora now? And how did Cap get old at the end? Or hell, if y'all can explain how he was able to get old, then how the hell did he end up back in the same place he left? Estoy confudido. - They gave my man a gratuitous shirtless scene........ with a POTBELLY. AND THEY KEPT IT. TILL THE END. IKYFL. - The beginning (after Hawkeye's scene) was like rushed as hellllll, lol. With Cap. Marvel and them going to Thanos and then ending it like that. Felt surreal. Dunno, maybe they could have slowed it down a little. - It was a lot more light-hearted than I thought it was going to be. Like deadass, lol. Thought it'd be at least consistent with tone, or something. Oh, well. At least kids can fully enjoy it. Kay, onto the PROOOS. - Hawkeye's beginning scene. Whew, child. - When Scott returned from the QR, might a fact alllllll the post-apocalyptic-esque scenes I fucked with. I needed mooooooore. - OKOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. - SHURRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII - THE ENTIRE 3RD ACT BITCH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AND THEY HAD LIKE ALL THE HEROES ND SHIT AGAINST THANOS ND HIS FUCK ASS MINIONS!!!! - WHEN DOCTOR STRANGE PULLED UP WITH ALL THEM CIRCLES ND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU FUCKIN SEE BLACK PANTHER ND OKOYE AND SHURI AND THEN LITERALLY EVERY OTHER HERO IN THE MCU PULLIN UP BITCH WE- - THE (short ass, might I add) SCENE WITH ALL THE WOMEN (and peter jjksjdskdjksdj) TEAMING UP ND SHIT IKYFL, GIRL POWEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR (plus peter) !!!!!!!!! THE RUSSO BROTHERS' MINDS UGH- - Lol I might've been the only one to notice this but a lot of scenes from this reminded me of other "Part 2s" like, Hawkeye's scene in the sewer with those aliens reminded me of MJ2's sewer scene, Thor and Cap fighting against Thanos lowkey reminded me of BD2 when Bella nd Ed were 2v1 against Aro. And THENNN the end when [redacted] got dusted 100% took me back to DH2. It prolly wasn't intentional, but hey. A sis ain't complaining. Overall, the score was ass. The movie was way more light-hearted than expected, but it still pulled through, I guess. Oh, and that final battle scene will be talked about for AGES to come. B-, (77%)
  4. It was good but Denzel's monologues dragged on for quite some time in the beginning and some other times in the movie. Viola was iconic and deserved that Oscar. Get it gurl. The guy who played Gabriel was excellent, too. Anyway, moral of the story is: Men ain't shit. That is all. B- (76%)
  5. YES KING !!!!!!! I see I'm not the only one with amazing taste on this here forum.
  6. This was such a Part 1 ass movie. They shoulda kept Part 1 in the title. Umm, iono where to start with this tbh. I'm not well. As y'all know, this'll contain spoilers. Cons: (no spoilers here) BITCH i'm bout tired as hell with these AVERAGE ASS SCORES! Sis. Save it for movies like Ant-Man (which actually had a really good score) or some solo movie or something. Not for the spectacle films! Same ass thing happened in Civil War. I need the score to JUMP OUT during these battle scenes, sis. Give me some HP shit, or Mockingjay Part 2 shit, hell even Breaking Dawn 2 had a great ass score for their battle! tuh. I ain't gon fully shit on it though, it did jump out a lil bit when Thor arrived during the Wakanda battle. That was good. But sis I've had enough of this wackness. Give me a build up to something grand. Give me something that enhances the scene other than it just being background music. Marvel needs to hire some new composers. Y'all better hit up JNH or Hans Zimmer or some shit. Continuing on that Wakanda battle, it could've used some more epic cuts. Like some Narnia shit lol, or at least that iconic ass thing they did with Age of Ultron when the camera circled around all the heroes as they kicked ass. They could've done that with the scene of Cap and T'Challa together. Felt a little jumpy in act 2 when it switched from storyline to storyline. That's about it. Pros: (all spoilers up in this bitch) They made Thanos a scary ass bitch. Hoo, sis. Miss Grape had me QUAKING in my seat. The good sis really dun snapped his fingers. Y'all. jdsknfsjfnkjdsnf Had the whole ass theater shook. Doctor Strange prolly had something else up his sleeve (when he gave away the Time stone) that'll come into effect in Part 2, but for now, sis, the clown came back to bite. That being said, I actually really enjoyed the Wakanda battle. Also, the battle on Titan was pretty amazing too. Chris Evans' fine ass is always a plus for me. Sis I cannot wait for that Nomad outfit. Yes, ma'am. Best characters for me in this was Strange, Cap, Okoye (even though she ain't get too much to do), Scarlet Witch, Miss Widow, and Groot. And Shuri, I can't forget my good sis Shuri. Thor, Gamora, nd Wong were pretty iconic, too. I'm sooo glad that those grey alien bitches got killed in this movie. I just know they would've been annoying as hell if they stayed in the MCU wreaking havoc nd shit. They were too damn powerful, lmao. Felt something when Gamora died, and T'Challa. And the beginning? Sis, I might not recover from that shit. Not so much for the others, tho. Groot's death was sad but he had already died before so I was kinda unphased. I'm not gon talk about when Pete got snatched. Nnnnnnnn. End credits scene was really good, like maybe the best one in the MCU. Anyways, I'ma give this an 80. (B-)
  7. Cringefest turned into a truly amazing movie. Wow. I give it a B (83%). The beginning was sorta cringy as hell because of the first musical number (and Emma's autotuned singing), but after a while, you get used to it; and it actually gets good. I love how they always try to add more diversity to the remakes. Even if they are just side characters, it's nice to see it on the screen. They did the same with Cinderella. It always brings a smile to my face. Good on you, Disney. Bitch I love me some Gugu Mbatha-Raw. ICONIC !!!!!! It was also very nice to see some familiar faces at the end of the film. Great acting all round, score was great, songs were excellent, etc. etc. LeFou was gay as hellllll and my ass was HERE for it !!!!!!! And that dance at the end when he found himself a new man? Prosper King! I actually liked the enchantress/witch in the movie. They gave her like one line and still, she was memorable. Don't really know what else to say about it. I'll probably watch it again sometime. It was fun.
  8. It's a 65% (C) from me. - The story was kinda weak, had some good moments but overall was meh. - The score was great for the world it was made for. Daft Punk did an excellent job. (Although, they should've worked with Junkie XL or something bc he knows how to make an emotional score on top of whatever crazy genre they need the score to have for its world, i.e. Divergent/Mad Max: Fury Road.) - Visual effects were amazing. - Great imagination put into the whole thing. - It had potential. The movie didn't reach that potential, but it did an alright job. +5 for Shirtless Garrett hsbdjhfbhjbshf - The acting was fine. Characters were okay. Whatever. - Miss Quorra had potential to be iconic but the director had to have ha ass flake out half-way through the film. - I didn't expect to see Michael Sheen in this. He was good in his role. - The only excellent scene for me was the ending. Imagine living your entire life in a digital world (all black, neon lights, etc), and then finally seeing Earth for the first time. (Sun, forests, nature in general.) Chills. Dunno why I was so late watching this movie. Anyway, hopefully Disney reboots it. It definitely has potential that wasn't tapped into in this film. 65% (C)
  9. I give it a C (70%). Worse than the last two, but I still kinda enjoyed it. Sad as hell that Newt (gay KING of YA fiction) and Teresa died. Dunno how it was in the book (I only ever read the first one), but Newt's death felt forced. Like he did not need to die nd they just did it so the audience could feel something in this explosion-fest. Acting was good all-round. Iono why my ass didn't realize Thomas was the Death Cure until Teresa said it lmfaoooo it was obvious. idk why I was expecting someone else. Score wasn't as good as it was on the last two films. Looooved the action scene at the beginning and the tunnel scene with the cranks. I really liked Ava Paige in this one, omg! She was an asshole in the first two, but they really get you to sympathize with her in this one. It's cathartic that they actually did find a cure. Gally coming back was STUPID. This man DIED. We saw his ass die. Keep it! Nd I understand it was in the books nd yada yada yada, but oh well! Y'all shouldn't have killed his ass in the first one then! In the books, Gally only got his ass whooped! He ain't get a spear to the lung like in the film! If you gon diverge from the books, at least have continuity and stick with your artistic choices. And plus, it's not like the Hunger Games where in the Capitol/District 13 they had advanced ass medicine, sis. Him coming back was poorly explained. ("They patched me up.") Okay, girl. Umm, good world building nd a lot of questions the previous movies posed were answered. Made me want to return to the first one again. Maze Runner > Scorch Trials > Death Cure
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