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  1. Okay, girl... We're still gonna need more scenes of MJ with the mace... Cons: I'ma need MJ to get that red hair dye sis, nd I mean SOON!! It's not all that important, but still. Miss Daya rocked it during the interviews. The first half of the movie was admittedly ass, and very poorly edited. All those quick ass jump-cuts, never letting anything have room to breathe. Many of the early jokes (that were hilarious in the trailers) fall flat in the actual movie due to this. BUT! Pros: Thank God the last half of thi
  2. And to think I couldn't stop smiling during the first 10-15 minutes of this. Whew. Oh well. Let's get into this, girlies. Pros: - The. fucking. score. was. phenomenal. At least one thing remained consistent with these damn X-Men films. God, Zimmer never disappoints. Bitch imagine if Endgame or Infinity War had this shit. Music that elevates the scene and further immerses the audience into the movie rather than it just being background "fluff." True potential could've been reached. Anyways. - The acting was great, the cast did what they could with what they were given, lol
  3. Ah, hello! Yes, the baddest bitch is back (briefly) again to review potentially the biggest movie of 2019! Let's get started, gworls. Spoilers below, obvi. Cons, first, cuz, ya know we gotta get that out of the way, - Marvel literally does everything right, except for the score for their spectacle films. Dis. A. Point. Ing. It wasn't as bad as Civil War's score, but it sure was worse than IW's. Y'all they NEED to hire someone other than Alan Silvestri. He doesn't know where to go with these films, and I've about had it! Bitch I had to rewatch MJ2's sewer scene (and
  4. It was good but Denzel's monologues dragged on for quite some time in the beginning and some other times in the movie. Viola was iconic and deserved that Oscar. Get it gurl. The guy who played Gabriel was excellent, too. Anyway, moral of the story is: Men ain't shit. That is all. B- (76%)
  5. YES KING !!!!!!! I see I'm not the only one with amazing taste on this here forum.
  6. This was such a Part 1 ass movie. They shoulda kept Part 1 in the title. Umm, iono where to start with this tbh. I'm not well. As y'all know, this'll contain spoilers. Cons: (no spoilers here) BITCH i'm bout tired as hell with these AVERAGE ASS SCORES! Sis. Save it for movies like Ant-Man (which actually had a really good score) or some solo movie or something. Not for the spectacle films! Same ass thing happened in Civil War. I need the score to JUMP OUT during these battle scenes, sis. Give me some HP shit, or Mockingjay Part 2 shit, hell even Breaking Dawn 2 ha
  7. Cringefest turned into a truly amazing movie. Wow. I give it a B (83%). The beginning was sorta cringy as hell because of the first musical number (and Emma's autotuned singing), but after a while, you get used to it; and it actually gets good. I love how they always try to add more diversity to the remakes. Even if they are just side characters, it's nice to see it on the screen. They did the same with Cinderella. It always brings a smile to my face. Good on you, Disney. Bitch I love me some Gugu Mbatha-Raw. ICONIC !!!!!! It was also very nice
  8. It's a 65% (C) from me. - The story was kinda weak, had some good moments but overall was meh. - The score was great for the world it was made for. Daft Punk did an excellent job. (Although, they should've worked with Junkie XL or something bc he knows how to make an emotional score on top of whatever crazy genre they need the score to have for its world, i.e. Divergent/Mad Max: Fury Road.) - Visual effects were amazing. - Great imagination put into the whole thing. - It had potential. The movie didn't reach that potential, but it did an alright job.
  9. I give it a C (70%). Worse than the last two, but I still kinda enjoyed it. Sad as hell that Newt (gay KING of YA fiction) and Teresa died. Dunno how it was in the book (I only ever read the first one), but Newt's death felt forced. Like he did not need to die nd they just did it so the audience could feel something in this explosion-fest. Acting was good all-round. Iono why my ass didn't realize Thomas was the Death Cure until Teresa said it lmfaoooo it was obvious. idk why I was expecting someone else. Score wasn't as good as it was on the l
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