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  1. On Sunday it is much harder to be multi trending on twitter because of the many big sports events/games, Last Tuesday there was nothing to BW compete (today would be harder because of the champions league football games). I think BW will do well at BO, but I doubt trailer views will match the movie BO.
  2. Yep, but some people here only talk about China Lmao, as if China accounted for 70% of OS money from the first movie.
  3. DC movies is in a much worse situation/WOM at the time, and movie WW1 set hurts it too probably, I think it will have a good jump OS compared to the first movie.
  4. In absolute numbers? You're probably right, but there's a difference in legs, probably caused by that difference in Demo.
  5. I found Dr Manhattan HBO makeup terrible show still good. overrated (like Mandalorian) but it's good.
  6. Trailer views mean nothing (TROS would never have a chance to make $600m + Dom and $ 1.2bi WW if we were to rely on trailer views) even more considering that one of the characters died in a movie months ago, BW definitely has a number of trailer views which will not be reflected in the BO, views was inflated cause his death in Endgame. WW84 audience will probably be quite different from BW, WW84 more feminine and older, while BW will be more male and younger, this Demo also causes a difference in trailer views.
  7. Wonder Woman audience is quite different from a superhero movie, even compared to Captain Marvel. "Even though Captain Marvel launched on International Women’s Day yesterday, she continues to remain male heavy, 61% to 39% on PostTrak. Females over 25 remain the third best draw at 22% behind M25+ (33%), and Men under 25 (25%). And at 4 stars, an ‘A’ CinemaScore, and an 86% from females and 80% from males, everyone is just charmed by Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers’ exits are quite different from that of DC’s first onscreen female superhero Wonder Woman : Female moviegoers led the way to that pic, outweighng men 55% to 45%. Females ages 25 and up (32%) were the leading demo, followed by men 25+ (29%) and women under 25 (23%)." "Wonder Woman Box Office Success Driven by Older & Female Moviegoers"
  8. I doubt, this movie has a good chance of being bigger Overseas than 2016 Ghostbusters.
  9. Rank Title Release Date Daily Gross (Total) Admissions (Total) Number of Screens Revenue Share 1 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil U.S. Oct 17, 2019 $489,040 ($499,123) 69,923 (71,043) 986 27.98% 2 Joker U.S. Oct 02, 2019 $432,908 ($30,546,775) 62,311 (4,158,612) 874 24.77% 3 Crazy Romance South Korea Oct 02, 2019 $316,641 ($16,395,626) 45,718 (2,277,303) 698 18.11% 4 LOVE, AGAIN South Korea Oct 17, 2019 $179,438 ($301,935) 26,696 (46,180) 659 10.26% 5 Man of Men South Korea Oct 02, 2019 $74,450 ($7,871,547) 11,264 (1,116,466) 421 4.26% 6 Gemini Man U.S. Oct 09, 2019 $32,164 ($2,573,462) 4,889 (354,532) 358 1.84% 7 My Best Summer China Oct 16, 2019 $23,708 ($55,514) 3,586 (7,615) 160 1.35% 8 Weathering With You Japan Oct 30, 2019 $23,963 ($74,747) 3,180 (9,824) 15 1.37% 9 My Punch-Drunk Boxer South Korea Oct 09, 2019 $9,477 ($145,449) 2,159 (22,113) 50 0.54% 10 KIM JI-YOUNG, BORN 1982 South Korea Oct 23, 2019 $15,225 ($49,330) 2,017 (6,533) 9 0.87%
  10. 1.6m up on weekend numbers and $3,5m up on total OS. OS $354.7M now (estimates are $351.2m).
  11. 1.This time holiday day was on a Saturday. 2.It is Children's Day (I don't know how to translate). benefited more animated and family movies.
  12. Tom Holland will be Robert Downey Jr's little puppy? I already saw it in other movie franchise ...
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