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  1. Just compare Thor 3 run with IT, and you'll see that what I said makes sense after all...
  2. But for sure Justice League has making a lot more money on licensed products than Thor 3 or guardians of the galaxy 2, sorry but no one cares for these characters out of theaters, they do not make money on licensed products like Justice League does.
  3. "Marvel definitely won the battle this year, once again." France box office in 2016. MCU Civil War = $ 23.2m Doctor Strange = $ 15,7m Total = $ 38.9m DCEU Batman v Superman = $ 21.3m Suicide Squad = $ 19.4m Total = $ 40.7m Sorry but your information is not correct. And when we have final box office of Justice League and Thor 3 , we'll know who's going to win in 2017, you're just talking about the opening day like it's the final box office, Lol
  4. "I think Spiderman will win over Wonder Woman when it comes to profits. Wonder Woman" No way! Wonder Woman is certainly a more profitable movie than Homecoming, Wonder Woman made more money on domestic than Homecoming and was less dependent on China's box office, domestic market is the most lucrative market for hollywood studios. . Wonder Woman domestic = $ 412m. real profit for the studio in the domestic market is between 52% and 55%. Wonder Woman = $ 91m in China, China returns real profit to the studios is only 25%. Homecoming made domestic = $ 334m and was more dependent on China(made $ 114m here), and homecoming also spent more on marketing. Logan is a bigger rival to Wonder Woman in profits than homecoming. "Also, regarding the reviews, Spiderman (92%, 7.6/10 average), Wonder Woman (92%, 7.6/10 average), and Thor (92%, 7.5/10 average) have almost identical critical reception in Rotten Tomatoes." You forget that Wonder Woman has much more reviews than Homecoming and Thor 3 on Rotten tomatoes, and everyone knows that the more reviews a movie has, the more% it drops on rotten tomatoes. Wonder Woman 92% Average Rating: 7.6/10 Reviews Counted: 355 top critics 92% Average Rating: 7.7/10 Reviews Counted: 50 Homecoming 92% Average Rating: 7.6/10 Reviews Counted: 301 top critics 91% Average Rating: 7.7/10 Reviews Counted: 44 Thor Ragnarok 92% Average Rating: 7.5/10 Reviews Counted: 295 TOP CRITICS 89% Average Rating: 7.2/10 Reviews Counted: 44 ON METACRITIC Wonder Woman 76/100 50 Reviews Homecoming 73/100 51 reviews Thor 3 73/100 48 reviews
  5. Thor 3 total is R$79.3m until yesterday, confirmed by Filme B, I think it will end around R$95m.
  6. I'm pretty sure that this data is only from North America or English speaking countries. And as I said, the data released by Comscore and Twitter are quite different. Comscore Spider man Homecoming total conversations in opening week = 2.6 million (something like that) Wonder Woman conversations in opening week = not even came in the 900k. Twitter releases on June 8 (when movie was released, not even a month later) that Wonder Woman is the most talked about film of 2017. Something is not right here.
  7. I remember Wonder Woman did not even have 900k total conversations, and Homecoming 2.8 million, and that did not reflect at the box office ... These data released by Comscore are controversial, when Twitter discloses they are usually quite different, Twitter said that Wonder Woman was the most talked about film in the summer, they are more reliable.
  8. Drop this week was higher than usual, does anyone have the numbers of Brazil this weekend (could be in Dollars) ? this would be only R$16m from Monday to today (Thor 3 had made R$63m until last Sunday), and there was not even competition this week, if those numbers are right, no way that will reach the R$100m mark , more like R$92m-R$94m.
  9. I'm amazed that there are people who think that Han Solo will make more money than Jurassic World 2..
  10. Raegr is just a internet character, some people have not seen this yet? Relax, he's harmless.
  11. 1. Jurassic World 2 - 198/520 2. Avengers: Infinity War - 195/445 3. Han Solo - 140/410 4. Incredibles 2 - 110/400 5. Deadpool 2 - 142/360 6. Black Panther - 120/310 7. Aquaman - 95/310 8. Mary Poppins Returns - 75/240 9. Ready Player One - 75/230 10.Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2- 80/210
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