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  1. Uhh...there's nothing campy about The Last Duel. I think everyone ragging on the hairstyles are just showing their ass about history.
  2. Yeah, there was no excuse for that one shot during the climax of Black Widow. As for Jungle Cruise, if CGI costs that much more than going to shoot on location in the Amazon or another jungle...then just shoot more of it for real.
  3. It's a legitimately great movie until they rush that third act and give us an entirely unnecessary floating fortress in the sky. I guess the idea is that the Red Room is like Russia's version of Shield, but still... They also really botched the effects in a key moment involving Yelena. Alas, it's merely a good movie.
  4. A good villain is paramount to a great superhero movie. Without it, it's simply a good comedy with a little bit of heart. Nothing wrong with that, but not a Great movie with a capital-G.
  5. I'll never understand why these streamers won't release official numbers, even good numbers. Netflix does on occasion, but they're BS.
  6. A-level Endgame Civil War Avengers Iron Man Homecoming Infinity War Winter Soldier B-level Far From Home Ultron Thor Guardians 2 Ant-Man Black Panther Iron Man 2 Captain Marvel Iron Man 3 Ant-Man and the Wasp First Avenger Ragnarok Guardians Doctor Strange Dark World C-level Incredible Hulk
  7. Not sure how GOTG is so high on people's lists given the terrible villain and inconsistent effects.
  8. Heh. FATWS is my favorite of the three so far. Unless you mean it was less popular than the other two.
  9. I'd really like an industry analyst to break down why it's been so hard to get people to watch these major movies at home. We've been told for years that people preferred the convenience of home viewing, that streaming is the future, blah, blah, blah...if that is truly the case, then why did GvK flop on HBO Max and why are Netflix movies barely spoken about among casual moviegoers?
  10. Nearly every time a critic says "not a fucking thought in its head" they're literally lying. Tenet, Army of the Dead, probably Cruella....all with a lot on their mind.
  11. Some of the reactions here are very telling of everybody's taste. If you don't like anything remotely un-popcorn movie, maybe grow up?
  12. After harping on those snippets we got from Feige's presentation, glimpses that looked rather flat from a photography standpoint...I gotta admit this trailer is something else. Far and away better visually than anything Marvel has given us so far. You can really tell the difference here, so thank God for Chloe Zhao putting her foot down when it came to practical locations and more limited CGI. This looks pretty stunning. As far as the "where have they been?" question. The movie will obviously explain further. Just fucking wait and stop being an impatient child.
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