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  1. Yes. And it sucks. Don't just accept what they give you. Have standards. You don't HAVE to support the ongoing, never-ending franchises of today. Stop seeing them and studios will get the point.
  2. The big ones are always going to do well. I'm talking about lesser known properties not being able to break out. There will be no more Guardians or even Shazams happening.
  3. Onward will be successful, but it's going to suffer slightly due to how prevalent meta fantasies have been when it comes to animated films.
  4. Robbie hasn't had any lead roles till this movie. She was co-lead with Smith in Focus which did pretty well, co-lead in Suicide Squad, but otherwise she was supporting in everything else. I, Tonya did well for a small movie from a then-nascent studio. Most people I know do know who she is and they like her, and that's including non-movie people. Birds of Prey is possibly the first casualty of post-Endgame exhaustion with comic-book movies. It's coming.
  5. It's a cool title and it's dumb as hell to suggest the length of the title had anything to do with its box office performance. Not placing the name Harley Quinn front and center may have though.
  6. Shazam did not underperform. 140 mil for a lesser known character like that ain't bad. Birds of Prey though, a spinoff of the 300 mil-grossing Suicide Squad starring the very famous Harley Quinn front and center? It's underperforming.
  7. I don't care for this movie, but if Sonic doing well means Paramount keeps chugging, I'm all for it.
  8. There have been three Spider-mans. Not to split hairs, but this would be the 6th Batman on screen. It's just different. I don't really know how well it's gonna do, but I'm not talking about box office. I'm talking about how annoying it is that studios just won't give characters a break. It's going to take a big box office disappointment on the level of a Batman & Robin.
  9. You're missing the point. Wait at least 10-15 years (preferably 20, but I understand that's a difficult ask) before throwing another one out there. Grownups who aren't rabid geeks get burnt out on this stuff, even if it is good quality.
  10. Just saw the thread title and laughed. Tim Miller is a poor man's Matt Reeves. He's had some success and he's not untalented, but all he does is adapt big IP.
  11. 50 mil+ would be great for Onward. It's a March release and marketing-wise it looks more akin to Dreamworks than Pixar.
  12. Everything about this movie is my jam. But I just can't keep supporting the decision to reboot a franchise every five years for eternity. Also just makes no sense to have three different continuities going at the same time. We've already seen audiences punish WB for it once this year...
  13. I was planning on catching this late tonight and it turns out the studio isn't allowing previews? How strange...
  14. I'm curious to see what the plot of the movie actually entails. Originally they were marketing it as a "rural poor conservative good guys vs rich elite liberal bad guys" conflict, which simply doesn't fly in the age of Trump. Now it seems like there might be more to it than that and the trailers are showing it.
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