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  1. I think they're joking. And saying "Slant Magazine sucks" isn't freaking out, it's stating a fact.
  2. Slant Magazine really does hate everything. And RT really needs to get rid of outlets like "Fat Guys at the Movies." Shit like that is why MC is better.
  3. You guys are hysterical. Get out of your bubble. Spider-man is doing fine. I'll say this, though...it feels like word of mouth doesn't mean a whole lot anymore. Everybody seems to love Baby Driver, yet it can't leg its way to 100mil. Everybody seems to love Big Sick, yet it can't get above 10mil for its big expansion. Everybody seems to love Spider-man, yet it still drops over 60% Wonder Woman is the exception, it captured the zeitgeist, which is a more intangible thing.
  4. It's amazing that Nolan has yet to make a bad movie by all measurable standards (reviews, box office, WOM, etc). Re-watched Interstellar recently and I'm not sure why, but on blu ray it's a much better experience. Went from the "good but not great" category in my book to a near masterpiece.
  5. If this were a holiday release it'd be near guaranteed for a Best Pic nom, assuming the buzz is correct. July though?
  6. Between this, Baby Driver, A Ghost Story (people are calling it a masterpiece), and Dunkirk, plus the gonzo scifi of Valerian, rest of the summer is looking great quality-wise.
  7. Renner is also in Wind River coming up which has great buzz from film festivals. Unless you're only judging these people by blockbusters most of them are doing fine, especially Renner as he's one of the few Avengers actors to have some "prestige" cache.
  8. No, it was supposed to be good. Funny thing about Book of Henry is it sounds like Trevorrow was trying to ape Spielberg AGAIN.
  9. Not that it would actually change anything but that would be great for the industry.
  10. Waiting for him to go back to making stuff like Magnolia and Collateral. I guess mid-life crisis hit him hard considering he's done almost nothing but action flicks for the past however many years.
  11. Looks great. My only issue is I don't buy Jordan as a major villain. His face is still too young to not come off as a punk.
  12. If people weren't idiots they could tell it'd be a slower burn kind of horror flick from the trailers.
  13. Also David Yates is ten times the filmmaker that Kurtzman is, and Yates ain't even THAT great.
  14. I always preferred AWE cause shit actually happens in it. Until the end not much happens in DMC.

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