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  1. After watching it I kinda get it. I really liked the movie but it's one of those movies where you feel like you're watching people having fun instead of having fun with them. Great filmmaking energy on display that somehow doesn't translate to getting the audience energized.
  2. Because the marks are douchy Wall Street brokers who tanked the economy in 08. And most people aren't boobs.
  3. I haven't seen much of his work, but Elgort is quite good in that Jason Reitman movie.
  4. I'm not talking about post-Oscars. Obviously it didn't deserve the win and so I understand hand-wringing over that. However, leading up to the show it was trashed on Twitter by people who thought a movie made to "send a message about racism" was actually itself racist.
  5. Story is filled with Peter Pan logic, which is fine for Peter Pan, not so much for horror. I know I'm likely criticizing the book by saying this, but none of it makes sense.
  6. Looks good, even great...though I can't help but sneer at how it's so clearly aping Moonlight to some extent.
  7. The last shot with the helicopter is definitely dated. Maybe they're going for old school there? I like the two of them together so I enjoyed the trailer, but I can't help thinking I'm going to miss the balls to the wall tasteless orgy that was Bay's theatrics in the last movie.
  8. I'm assuming/hoping the older kids are in prison...yes?
  9. Might just be my own bias, but Good Boys has a shot at breaking out a bit this weekend. That's merely based on my crowd experience tonight. Theater was nearly full and everyone seemed to love it.
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