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  1. And? Both were mediocre "blockbusters" with awful world-building. WB is a far cry today from the studio that produced The Dark Knight trilogy, Gravity, and Affleck's crime thrillers.
  2. Does anyone know why streaming films get such a smaller number of audience reviews on RT compared to theatrical releases? You'd think streaming would be expanding the audience for these films, but Mortal Kombat only has 2500 reviews, whereas most even moderately wide theatrical releases have at least 3-5,000.
  3. After the Snyder Cut's success, it should be obvious to them...give filmmakers carte blanche and stay out of the way. It's clear the problem is studio-wide though. Godzilla v Kong was factory-made top to bottom, no Adam Wingard thumbprint whatsoever. And Mortal Kombat apparently had 30-40 minutes cut, including major fight scenes.
  4. Bay is a better director than Watts. Yeah, I said it. That being said, Watts has done a good job with these movies. Is he a singular filmmaker? No. He would need a signature style for that.
  5. Weird thing about Iko is he's still young enough to get big roles in Hollywood, but either he chooses not to or...I don't know. Speaking of, why wasn't he cast in this movie?
  6. This makes Marvel and Feige look bad. Marvel should always aim for real locations when possible, they have the money for it. Practical sets and on-location shooting will always look better than a green screen. Feige actually seems surprised by that, which is pretty laughable.
  7. He was the only consistently good part of the movie. It's like the writers knew how to write for him and no one else.
  8. Same old same old social media nonsense of trying to derail someone's career before any facts have surfaced. Ex-girlfriend of his is claiming emotional abuse or some such thing and people are up in arms because she was 17 and he was 20.
  9. I think we all just wish, no matter how much we like the MCU, that they would give it up and let a director spread their wings. It's not going to ruin continuity for a filmmaker to be allowed to embrace their own style. If Zhao's Eternals doesn't look different from the rest, I don't think there's any hope for this happening in the future. They've already got her working with an anonymous Marvel DP instead of her own DP (her partner Joshua James Richards).
  10. It boggles my mind that streaming numbers for these movies aren't at least three times larger on OW. Unlike Netflix, HBO Max actually ensures every subscriber is aware of the movies debuting there. Unless I'm forgetting SAMBA TV only for certain households?
  11. Promising Young Woman, Soul, and Ma Rainey are hardly only for stuffy critics. Neither is Mank, a Fincher film that thumbs its nose at Hollywood.
  12. This kinda shit is so laughable... He was only 20 and they had a relationship. Hardly a predator.
  13. They have control over that. Just move! Dune oughta be in December, so move Matrix to April 2022.
  14. She had some of the best moments in Ultron. I actually thought she was ill-used in Infinity and Endgame. She had more to do in Civil War than either of those put together.
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