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  1. Critics don't think/work how you think they do. Enough with dumbfuck conspiracies or quasi-conspiracies by people that have no clue what they're talking about.
  2. Paramount is dumb as fuck for hiding reviews and not giving this a bigger push. At least marketing on par with The Shallows.
  3. I'll see it and probably enjoy it. That doesn't mean I'm not gonna rag on it if it's a fucking shot for shot remake.
  4. For, SM2 is the best but it's the only non-MCU Spider-man movie to do it better than they have. SM2 Homecoming Far From Home SM1 ASM SM3 ASM2
  5. I felt that way until re-watching Infinity War at home. Infinity War rose a notch after that viewing.
  6. I generally don't rag on critics, but Ehrlich gave this a mixed review and then called it "bad" on Twitter. Be consistent, people.
  7. I've been pro-Metacritic for a while but between this movie and Midsommar (two of my three most anticipated this summer) I'm beginning to like RT again.
  8. Yeah, no. Limit them as much as possible, please. The fewer there are, the bigger they feel.
  9. I thought maybe it'd have a different tone from the McG movies, but it's not that dissimilar. I'm no longer interested.
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