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  1. You guys are weirdos. Wait till these movies open at least.
  2. This term is getting thrown around prematurely. 55 Metacritic and 70% RT isn't the greatest if you're talking critics. And it's too early to tell if audiences liked it.
  3. Don't be so sensitive/insecure. Of course you're still a movie buff. Better? I didn't say Flanagan was a crappy director. He made a tv show and a tv movie in Gerald's Game. He's not a bad director, but is he great? We know nobody can hold a candle to Kubrick, but the least they could've done is tried to lure an Ari Aster type, somebody with vision. Flanagan is competent. He's not the guy you want following up a classic.
  4. 13-15 mil OW isn't underperforming. That's exactly where everyone thought it would land.
  5. This might be true, might not be true. What is true is the trailers weren't scary at all, the reviews have been lackluster, and when people are done with Halloween, they're done with it. It was a mistake to release this in November. More than any of those, Doctor Sleep is not that a famous as a book and no movie buff in their right mind wanted a sequel to a Kubrick film that isn't directed by Kubrick. I watch everything, and I'm not watching this. Why? Because I have no desire to see Shining-lite made by a TV director.
  6. Really hate this term. It implies that moviegoers are actively avoiding a certain actor. We know that's not the case.
  7. This is true. Anton Yelchin was cast as Kyle Reese in Salvation because he kinda looked like a young Michael Beihn.
  8. My most anticipated for next year, more so now after watching The King. I didn't bother with Call Me By Your Name, thought he was amusing in Lady Bird, and he proved himself a pretty good actor in a rather unlikable role in Beautiful Boy, but in The King I finally saw the guy everyone's been raving about. He's watchable at all times and never less than compelling in that movie.
  9. I don't know if it'll make 500 million WW. I don't judge success on budgets anymore. Studios are out of control with them so I consider it a little unfair. I understand that doesn't make sense to most people here, but that's how I think. Doolittle was never going to be some uber blockbuster. It's the studio's fault that such lofty expectations were placed on it, all because the director wasted away money. 150 mil domestic is doable though, and would be considered a mild success for this movie under normal circumstances.
  10. This is good. The more old franchise movies flop the more studios will be reluctant to continue them indefinitely.
  11. I don't think so. The internet is a bubble and the trailer isn't that bad, should appeal to families..
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