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  1. I don't know what "messy" means. It's a lazy criticism, much like "too long." That being said, I'm not defending the movie. I'm curious. Also, Spectre rocks, and the Craig films don't have a house style. Sam Mendes' films look quite different from Casino Royale or Quantum. And Dune rocks even harder. Do not compare them to the MCU which is mostly lacking in personality.
  2. This feels similar to Black Panther 2 where there's apparently a new villain but no major casting news for said villain.
  3. I guess without having seen it it's difficult to know why critics are piling on this one above all of the other formulaic Marvel flicks. But it seems as if they tolerate the formula as long as the films are mostly snappy comedies. Because this is more serious they have less patience for it I guess? I'm interested to find out why one of the few to have any style or personality is somehow worse than the others that stick to their bland house style of filmmaking.
  4. Either you naysayers didn't see this in IMAX or you literally do not know what you're looking at when you watch movies. We can argue about everything but the visuals. The visuals are excellent and that's just a fact.
  5. I considered the sandworm stuff and Paul's dagger fight to be the climax. But it get it, people have been conditioned to think a climax must be huge.
  6. It's funny, pre-COVID everyone was talking about how older auds were keeping theaters alive. Now it's the opposite.
  7. I frankly don't understand why people are giving it shit for ending that way when Fellowship and Two Towers ended in similar ways. It's absolutely a complete film if you're looking at it from the standpoint of Paul's character arc and journey.
  8. LOL at people thinking ten years is a long time. I didn't say the world hadn't moved on. Get over the fact that not every moviegoer in the world gives a shit about comic book characters their entire lives. Once it's been done at a level not likely to be matched, there's nowhere to go but down. Reeves is a talented filmmaker but when you look at his resume, his originality is lacking. He peaked with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
  9. I've only seen the Brosnan and Craig movies, and MAYBE one of the Connerys when I was too young to remember. After No Time to Die, I've witnessed the best Bond era we will ever see and have no reason to watch them anymore.
  10. Oh, and the movie is amazing. You watch something like this and you wonder why some of Marvel's more talented directors aren't allowed to make something look this good or this expensive. The effects are photo-real (or as close as you can get) for the most part. Maybe it's just Denis. After Arrival and BR2049 and now this, it's clear he can work wonders with any budget.
  11. 40-45 mil OW likely means 100 mil dom, over 300 mil WW. Sequel guaranteed. Deadline isn't always this dumb. Perhaps they're rooting for the movie and want to set low expectations.
  12. If it weren't for the Nolan trilogy I'd be more jazzed for this. But I'm really high on that trilogy and despite some stylistic differences this seems to be covering similar and familiar territory. And I'm not fond of Penguin having a new yawk accent. What sets him apart from any mafioso is that he's a high society type with the voice to go with it. Paul Dano as Riddler is the main reason I may end up watching it in theaters. At some point, when you're in your thirties and you've seen three (four if you count Schumacher as his own) different iterations of Batman come
  13. I like Tom Holland, I actually liked Chaos Walking and Cherry, but this looks dreadful. Cinematically speaking, it looks like mid-tier TV until that plane scene at the end. Filmmakers need to be more picky with the cameras and DPs they use. In the digital age, it can mean the difference between looking like a commercial and looking a movie.
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