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  1. Does it matter? WB released it knowing how fucked the market is right now. No movie can be released in the next month or two (at least) and be held to a pre-pandemic standard. Everything right now will have an asterisk. Whether Tenet fails or succeeds, we'll never know how it would have performed in a normal environment.
  2. Probably. They haven't begun marketing either so they have nothing to lose to move to next year. I'm more concerned about December. I'm hardcore stanning for Dune and for once a movie like that was more or less going to have Christmas to itself. Now? Not at all.
  3. I don't know what these studios are thinking. They better band together because even if everything is back to normal sooner rather than later, they're going to eat each other alive with so many big movies scheduled back to back to back. A Quiet Place, Monster Hunter, Candyman, and The Conjuring in the same month? Top Gun during an already stuffed Christmas schedule?
  4. Nah. When the crisis passes things will return to normal. No reason to believe otherwise at this juncture.
  5. So what do you do when your employer has no plan for the virus (save for buying "cleaning supplies" like hand sanitizer and clorox wipes) and are still requiring you to come into work, even though the job could easily be done from home (we're a semi-small streaming video company)?
  6. Surely some of these studios will turn to streaming...
  7. Yup. Authoritarian governments are obviously no good, but they're preferable in a time like this, assuming the authoritarian govt gives a shit.
  8. The 2009 swine flu pandemic. Go the CDC website, those are the numbers. Estimates, but still.
  9. Yeah, I assume this response is due to the fact that we've learned something from swine flue, SARS, etc. On top of the higher death rate and social media's effect on society.
  10. Exactly my point. Swine flu infected 60 million people in the US alone, and far more worldwide.
  11. My only question is why there wasn't more panic surrounding swine flu. I know the death rate is higher with corona, but swine flu infected an estimated 60 million people in the US. Over 12,000 died in the US. I remember it was a big deal, but not a "cancelling movies and NBA seasons" big deal.
  12. If they were smart studios would try to sell off some of them to Netflix for huge sums.
  13. People are dumb and they underestimate these kinds of things. "Media hype!" They say this because they remember the news coverage about Ebola and Zika, both of which were pretty small outbreaks. Most people don't know how to read news.
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