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  1. Harry Potter was an extremely front-loaded franchise in the last few movies similar to The Twilight Saga. Its legs were normal, they were slightly worse than DH1 due to Midnight/OD being so big and DH1 getting a Christmas boost.
  2. Today will gross about 1.6-1.7 times more than the Monday before IW opening, so if it can maintain a high percentage (I believe IW percentage was in the mid 60s on Movie Tickets at the end of Monday) that would be a very good sign.
  3. Well now I just look stupid that I was ever in this club. But surely Endgame HAS to be the most a movie can theoretically make in one weekend. At least one with a three hour runtime.
  4. Speaking of which I don't know how they're going to show everything in the script with an R rating.
  5. It's hard for me to get excited about this considering how bland BR was. Probably won't see it unless it gets an R Rating tbh, but I understand it makes a lot more sense commercially for a film like this to get a PG-13.
  6. Yeah I think this will definitely be just as if not more divisive than Hereditary. It's so disturbing even the script hasn't left my head so I can see a lot of walkouts when the film is released. Sadly I don't think it'll be as successful for A24 as Hereditary was.
  7. Infinity War was coming off Black Panther buzz and probably generated more interest after Opening day/Opening weekend because of people spoiling it online with memes, etc. Its opening weekend just felt like the perfect storm where interest was at a maximum and it's hard for the perfect storm to strike twice. That being said, I do think its drop will be very minimal. I just don't think it CAN go much bigger than Infinity War unless it takes the plot in a radical left field direction AND has exceptional word of mouth.
  8. I'm IN but for none of the reasons you mentioned.
  9. Fanboy

    A Star is Born OVER 200M club DOM

    Which it will have unquestionably. No way this misses 200M.
  10. People are gonna eat that teaser up but I hope that's not a sign of what the film will be like. It's basically shot-for-shot of the original. I don't see the point other than $.
  11. Yates is hit or miss for me (DH2 was paced horribly), but Order of the Phoenix was pretty much perfect with pacing. It moves just as smoothly as Azkaban IMO.
  12. Aladdin is my favourite animated Disney film but that teaser was boring tbh. Almost looks fan-made.
  13. Those preview numbers are more in line with what I expected for both movies. Can still see Venom in the 60s and ASIB in the 40s for the weekend.
  14. Just got back. First 45 minutes were dreadful, like painfully bad, but once the Tom Hardy/Venom plot gets going it becomes pretty entertaining. If the movie was any longer it would have been too much. I don't know if a sequel would do very well because it's a pretty disposable film and audiences will move on pretty quickly. Besides laughter in a few scenes there wasn't much reaction out of the audience even leaving the cinema. The theatre I saw it in was pretty full, about even with Thor: Ragnarok, which performed similar to US in Australia, although Thor did play on a school night unlike Venom.

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