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  1. Amazing trailer. Gives me Moonlight vibes. I definitely think this could sneak into the Best Picture race if it performs well.
  2. Midsommar really made the top 10 in only 16 theatres. I'm driving 2 hours to see it tomorrow.
  3. I could actually see Hobbs and Shaw going under 100M if opens to 40M or less this weekend.
  4. In to keep it consistent with the once every 2 year trend following 2015 and 2017.
  5. Wow The Farewell did great this weekend. If actuals come in around the same it broke an A24 record for highest PTA on a second weekend beating Lady Bird. Its chances for Oscar nominations are looking better and better.
  6. 2.6 would be some godawful legs for a family film. Worse than Shrek The Third. If OW is 230M then 700M is happening IMO. It's July.
  7. I'm not sure about the rest of NSW but Monday is a pupil free day here. Students don't go back until Tuesday.
  8. That's a good opening day for The Lion King. Not unexpected and not out of this world big but still good. I think it will play well over the week and have 20M+ 5 day.
  9. It does look it's trying to be its own thing rather than the usual straight up live-action remake like the past Disney animated adaptations. Still not 100% sold yet, though. It's only a teaser after all and we know how misleading Disney teasers can be. *Ahem* Cars 3.
  10. Why are you so hell-bent on hating this film? It's not like it's a big popular film that's going to make more money than your favourite movie or impact big studio films in away way, so why not just let people who want to see it enjoy it?
  11. I'm thinking it may be a Discount Tuesday with previews thing. Annabelle did 3.6M Opening on Wednesday after doing 3.5M previews on Tuesday last week.
  12. Yeah an "art" movie is definitely not more accessible than Hereditary. 80% of people I know liked Hereditary. I'm sure this will be more polarising, but if this really did 1.1M previews with mostly "Aster fans" that says a lot about him as a director. He's made one movie before this. Definitely a director to watch.
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