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  1. Fanboy

    Love, Simon (2018)

    I've seen Alex Strangelove, it was okay... A bit too formulaic for me.
  2. You can really look at whichever, but films with bigger Tuesday jumps and larger Wednesday drops mainly just indicate that they are playing to a different audience. Ocean's 8 for example is playing well with women and having bigger Tuesday jumps than most films at the moment.
  3. Monday: Wednesday comparison. Generally soft Monday: Wednesday drops are a sign of a good multiplier.
  4. Spider-Man: Homecoming jumped 23.4% on its first Tuesday and fell 34.2% on Wednesday. There's nothing surprising about JW's numbers.
  5. Eh, the more impressive the Tuesday number, the harsher the Wednesday drop. It's better to judge Monday to Wednesday IMO.
  6. That 10.6 figure for Incredibles 2 was in AUD. I2 and JW2 basically had the same OW here.
  7. Fanboy


    $40M is a very good result for this and I still think Collette is going to sweep most of the critic awards at the end of the year.
  8. Fanboy


    $50M isn't happening but $40M is basically locked. It might not be AQP level breakout but it was never going to be, being an artistic horror film from a small studio with marketing almost exclusively limited to online.
  9. Very good result for Incredibles considering School Holidays haven't started anywhere, but I was kind of hoping it would challenge Shrek 2. Man, Shrek 2 was an absolute beast in Australia.
  10. Not that either of you know who I am but my username was Avatarfan back in the Mojo days when I was 13/14. Changed it to Fanboy when I joined BOT forums cause I was embarrassed by it. I'll probably change it back when the Avatar 2 trailer comes out just for a throwback. Also, on topic: JW2 missing 100M OW would be more shocking than when JW opened over 200M in 2015, so I have to say OUT.
  11. Against JW opening I don't think it will drop <50%. Stranger things have happened though, I guess.
  12. Really good Saturday number for Incredibles 2. I know it's probably unlikely, but I really want it to beat Inside Out's record for biggest weekend at #2 next week.
  13. Fanboy

    Hereditary (2018)

    No one really know how they would react to a situation as traumatic as that until they are in it, but I wouldn't be surprised if 17 year old me would react a similar way to Peter did. If anything, Peter reacting in a rational way would be unrealistic. One thing I love is how the movie portrays PTSD. That minor scene where Peter is smoking with his friends and re-enacts the scene in his head as if it was happening to him was so good.

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