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  1. It does look it's trying to be its own thing rather than the usual straight up live-action remake like the past Disney animated adaptations. Still not 100% sold yet, though. It's only a teaser after all and we know how misleading Disney teasers can be. *Ahem* Cars 3.
  2. Why are you so hell-bent on hating this film? It's not like it's a big popular film that's going to make more money than your favourite movie or impact big studio films in away way, so why not just let people who want to see it enjoy it?
  3. Yeah an "art" movie is definitely not more accessible than Hereditary. 80% of people I know liked Hereditary. I'm sure this will be more polarising, but if this really did 1.1M previews with mostly "Aster fans" that says a lot about him as a director. He's made one movie before this. Definitely a director to watch.
  4. If Annabelle Comes Home taught me anything it's not to judge a movie's Opening Day if it's not on a Friday. I thought for sure that it was doing under 25M and it ended up doing 31M for the 5-day. FFH still has a shot at 200M 6-day IMO.
  5. I remember during the 2000s there seemed to be a rise in theatre counts for summer blockbusters every year. That kind of eased off between 2010-2018 where almost everything was getting just over the 4,000 mark but this year we're already having our 4th movie breaking the 4,500 mark, Previously only achieved by one film, DM3, which took seven years to beat The Twilight Saga: Eclipse's record.
  6. Where did all these theatres for every big release come from? Were there are a couple hundred that just opened in the last year all of a sudden?
  7. I guess that's pretty good then? It was selling pretty consistently with Annabelle Comes Home before Pulse went down.
  8. Lol, I was so ready to call Disney out and speculate they couldn't cross the 115M threshold with Dumbo to claim a loss and avoid tax or something. I guess that would be way too obvious. Still, it's interesting how much Toy Story 4, Aladdin and Endgame were under-estimated relative to everything else.
  9. I'm gonna assume that M is Midsommar. Is that good or bad?
  10. I'd be more worried about Day 2. Were Annabelle's previews discounted?
  11. Personally I don't see how Annabelle hits $30M 5-day. Even if it stays flat on Thursday from true Wednesday and follows The Conjuring 2's pre-July 4 weekend it will only do 28.5M.
  12. 2020 does seem very weak at this point. Wonder Woman is the only film I'm confident will make $300M.
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