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  1. Well if the definition of blockbuster isn't necessarily by budget but by a movie that is so popular that it has people lining down the block to see it, then yes and no. Obviously as others in this thread have said, you still have the big streaming films/miniseries/tv seasons that everyone flocks too in the first week, but it dies hard and fast and is subject to however people watch it in their own homes. You won't have physical crowds lining up for weeks like they did Avatar or Titanic, or even Shrek 2 or The Force Awakens. I don't think film as a medium will ever die, but it certainly won't stay the same. Even with tv screens getting bigger and closer to cinema sized screens, the experience is lost with watching something in a dark room with an audience. Probably the most fun I ever had at the movies was watching Paranormal Activity 3 in a sold out theatre on opening weekend, which turned what is a really a three star movie at best into five star enjoyment due to unity of people screaming, laughing and cracking jokes at the right times. Same with "event" movies. You don't get the vicarious validation of strangers enjoying something like you do and applauding at a great scene or during the end credits. It is kind of upsetting, especially to a box office forum, but for those who love film we are just going to have to adapt to whatever happens with industry and audience trends. There are still great artistic visions out there that will continue to explore the medium and even throwback to the event movie period we got so accustomed to for a time.
  2. The first movie was fairly well received among casual horror fans right? I haven't seen it, but the trailer for this one did absolutely nothing to differentiate itself from the millions of other creepy doll movies. If you take out the loud noises there was nothing scary or even really unsettling in that trailer.
  3. People need to consider the type of movie getting a CinemaScore rather than the CinemaScore itself. Major franchise films should only be compared to other major franchise films and B+ for a Star Wars movie which has millions of biased fans that will rush to it opening day is BAD. However, a B+ for a comedy is a good score and B+ for a horror movie is a great score as they are the most divisive type of films.
  4. Amazing trailer. Gives me Moonlight vibes. I definitely think this could sneak into the Best Picture race if it performs well.
  5. Midsommar really made the top 10 in only 16 theatres. I'm driving 2 hours to see it tomorrow.
  6. Wow The Farewell did great this weekend. If actuals come in around the same it broke an A24 record for highest PTA on a second weekend beating Lady Bird. Its chances for Oscar nominations are looking better and better.
  7. 2.6 would be some godawful legs for a family film. Worse than Shrek The Third. If OW is 230M then 700M is happening IMO. It's July.
  8. I'm not sure about the rest of NSW but Monday is a pupil free day here. Students don't go back until Tuesday.
  9. That's a good opening day for The Lion King. Not unexpected and not out of this world big but still good. I think it will play well over the week and have 20M+ 5 day.
  10. Why are you so hell-bent on hating this film? It's not like it's a big popular film that's going to make more money than your favourite movie or impact big studio films in away way, so why not just let people who want to see it enjoy it?
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