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  1. Creating new, non-Caucasian heroes and having colour-blind casting wherever possible are not mutually exclusive...
  2. I'd definitely be fine with Wright. Not that I necessarily believe the rumor. Call me old-fashioned but any competent director would be a step up from a barely-competent writer.
  3. A Christmas present from Paramount. Now it doesn't have to be awkward between me and Mr Irastev when he wants to see it in cinema.
  4. I can't believe this is being discussed - and I'm not even the biggest Nolan fangirl. He'll be fine. Hopefully, this (very, very relative) failure will motivate and enlighten him. He's a smart guy.
  5. Maybe the reviewers are trolling us in the spirit of Halloween. Ok, guys, you've scared us, ha, ha! Now give us the real reviews!
  6. Protecting a teen boy from an immediate threat is not quite the same as bringing up a 9 yo girl. She needs food, shelter and education -- none of which were high on the list of priorities during the 24 hours over which T2 took place. Did they go around robbing people to feed and shelter her? That would not be the optimal way to bring up a child. Or did Terminator find a steady job in the local building industry? Then he loses some of his Terminatory appeal.
  7. I hope this movie works out for you. Sincerely. I hope you'll enjoy it and you get all the sequels you want. They will in no way change my love for the first two movies. I am not opposed to this movie existing but, by golly, I reserve my right to mock it.
  8. Raised by Terminator? "How do you like your perfect infiltration killing machines, sir?" - "As fatherly and nurturing as possible!" Frak that.
  9. OMG. I need Ewan McGregor in MCU. In this role, or any other. Marvel, please make this happen.
  10. I hate waking up to this kinda news... That said, both parties will be just fine. Edgar will not run out of work; and Marvel Studios is no longer in its early days when directors didn't return their calls. I wonder if they can get Drew Goddard for it. Nah, he's probably locked in a Sony contract for Sinister Six.
  11. And, while we are at it, let's cast Shia as the next secret villain, who is totally not the lost space probe, give it a $400M budget, release it against Avatar 2 and call it "Star Trek: The Compendium of Our Smartest Ideas and Something Something Darkness", or STTCOOSIASSD for short.
  12. Great news. I was afraid that this movie wouldn't get made, and that Nolan would be doing a biopic as rumoured. So, for me it's two pieces of good news...
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