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  1. Don't think SIC will do that. I think they're above the flashbacks strategy. Worst case scenario, they do like 25 minutes a day episodes to REALLY stretch them out.
  2. I believe they're airing Quer o Destino on Saturdays to boost the ratings of the show through the high amount of public watching on Saturday night + the lack of soap competition. The Saturday episodes have had the best results for the show thus far (over 12% last week, 13% this week). Last week it even won against the Árvore dos Desejos best-of; didn't beat the final episode of the show this week, but only by 0.1%. But yeah, I also think they shouldn't be stretching this too far. TVI has a new comedy show called Anti-Stress in the docket - it's kinda like Gosto Disto and Olhó Vídeo - and I think it's gonna be used at Saturday in place of Quer o Destino. I wouldn't take the soap out of Friday, though... Mental Samurai is a flop on Fridays anyway. Although, if they run out of episodes, I think they will use Mental Samurai repeats every day. As for Na Corda Bamba, the filmings for that show have been complete. They're just stretching it because they're trying to delay the premiere of new soap Amar Demais - which has nowhere near enough episodes to premiere right now; thus, they're trying to wait for shoots to return - as much as they can. Still, you gotta feel for Dalila Carmo. That's the third soap she's been in that has been stretched with flashbacks and stock footage (after A Impostora and Valor da Vida) If May turns out and there's still not enough Amar Demais episodes, I'm guessing they'll premiere a soap repeat. Probably O Beijo do Escorpião (another Dalila Carmo soap). With SIC, apparently Nazaré comes to an end in June, while Terra Brava runs out of episodes in May. They're fucked too. However, they have backup plans at their disposal. For one, we could see The Farmer Wants A Wife take the prime time mantle. If not that, they could buy some Brazilian soaps from TV Globo. (Even though Amor de Mãe, the newest one, is so far a ratings disappointment.)
  3. LOVE AFTER LOVING Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment Based On: Amar Después de Amar, by Erika Halvorsen, Esteban Garrido and Micaela Libson Director: James Foley Release Date: February 10 Y7 Genre: Thriller, Romance Rating: R, for language, disturbing imagery, sex and nudity Format: 2D Budget: $20M Theater Count: 3,279 theaters Runtime: 1 hour and 55 minutes Cast: - Jon Hamm as Matthew Andrews - Laura Dern as Rachel Alvor - David DeLuise as Damien Alvor - Rosa Blasi as Caroline Andrews - Jace Norman as Nicholas Andrews - Kira Kosarin as Alice Alvor - Blake Michael as Fred Alvor - and Tony Todd as Detective Frederick Walsh Plot Summary: A vicious car crash leads to the investigation of the dark private lives of two secret lovers. Plot:
  4. Just realized I never bought the rights to Portuguese drama Na Corda Bamba, the source material for In The Doghouse. My bad. Now I officially own them. Also buying the rights for Argentine drama Amar Después de Amar.
  5. Actually it's gonna premiere at 11PM, after Mental Samurai, so at least it's not gonna be a painful death. In all likelihood, SIC's gonna put a repeat of Comedy On The Edge against it, so it could even win. Btw, who would've thunk it... Quer o Destino is actually kind of a hit.
  6. MONSTER BUG WARS Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment, Science Channel, Beyond International Director: Alex Graves Based On: Monster Bug Wars, by Beyond International Release Date: April 21 Y7 Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror Rating: PG-13, for graphic depictions of animal fighting and eating and scary sequences Format: 2D, 3D, IMAX 2D, IMAX 3D, Dolby Cinema Budget: $80M Theater Count: 3,787 theaters Runtime: 1 hour and 50 minutes Cast: - Seth Green as Dr. Bishop - Fran Kranz as Vic - Kristen Connolly as Joanne Plot: We hear the narration: "In nature's fight pit, a host of ruthless bugs as bizarre as they are lethal slug it out in real life battles to the death. Witness epic encounters between swarms of marauding assassins, and vicious one-on-one clashes where only one bug survives. The world of monster bugs is a jungle, where there's just one law: eat or be eaten. Come and witness... the Monster Bug Wars, in person!". Then, we see that it's the year 2100, and we are in the Earth colony of Happee, where the sky is orange and the horizons are deserts. Within the capital city, Felicidad, we see a number of tourists enter a special science-tourism facility where the special attraction is witnessing "gladiator fights" between small animals in large style - these being the Monster Bug Wars. Dr. Bishop (Seth Green) explains that he and his team possess technology that allows us to shrink to microscopic sizes, and there, they are led to a pit, where they witness insects and arachnids, in their real size - which looks giant to them - fight for survival. The young couple, Vic and Joanne (Fran Kranz and Kristen Connolly), grow suspiciously wary of this dogfighting-like attraction. The audience finds out that they are journalists. The tourists and the scientists leading the expedition are shrunk by these small machines that emit shrinking radiation. Afterwards, they go towards the pit, which is made of dirt, and the scientists use remote controls to bring out a bunch of wild bugs. There, we see these animals fight: - A centipede defeating and eating a raspy cricket; - A giant rainforest mantis defeating and eating a spiky katydid. Afterwards, it's the fight between a desert scorpion and a wolf spider. As the fight starts to unfold, Vic and Joanne follow Dr. Bishop to the lab where they control the animals. The scientists are apparently in contact with the government, telling them to not let the press find out about any of this. Vic and Joanne are identified and kidnapped, but they quickly escape, and manage to fight off the scientists and free the animals. The spider and the scorpion rampage and start destroying everything in sight, and Vic and Joanne scramble to escape the confused "giant" animals in intense, horror-ish sequences. Eventually, it seems Bishop has everything under control again, but the scorpion eats him and the spider attacks the remaining scientists. Vic and Joanne find the shrinking guns, put them in "Grow" and grow themselves and the escaped tourists back to normal size, and free all of the other animals locked up in the laboratory, waiting to be unleashed in the gladiator pit. In the final shots, Vic and Joanne are watching the sunset as news of the scandal of the "Monster Bug Wars" broke across the remaining colonies and mainland Earth. They talk about their ongoing fight against opressors won't end just by freeing a bunch of bugs... they will keep the fight going against the real monsters.
  7. @CJohn Have you been in on the Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho train? He's the new Portuguese superstar.
  8. @CJohn Emergency state officially declared by Marcelo. 1st in the country since April 25 1974. Holy fuckballs. Hey, at least we have the #EuFicoEmCasa Festival.
  9. The ratings in general went absolutely fucking mental last night. Jornal da Noite actually did 17.2% rating, not the 16.9% I had said. Jornal das 8 came 2nd with 12.1% (and it did under 20% share with that rating, btw ). 24 Horas de Vida took the mental lead-in from RAP and increased from last week, doing 13.2% rating. Mental Samurai did 8.3% and a Got Talent best-of did 7.7% or something like that. Just For Laughs (Não Há Crise) did 10.8% and TVI's 7PM news did 9.5%. Two million viewers between the two main channels at 7 fucking PM. Primeiro Jornal broke record again and did 11.4%. Jornal da Uma did 8.6% and Jornal da Tarde 7.4%. THESE ARE 1PM SHOWS, BY THE WAY. A Marco Paulo concert on TVI filled the Somos Portugal void pretty well with a 7.5% rating. AT 3 FUCKING PM. The Mass had ludicrous results: the RTP one at 10AM did 5.4% rating and, I believe, 17.6% share, while the TVI one at 11AM did 5.6% rating and 15.5% share. 10AM and 11AM shows combining for over a million viewers. Infuckingsanity. It all went bonkers. The only massive disappointment was the "antestreia" of Brazilian soap Amor de Mãe, which bombed with 6.4% / 16%. Still, it beat Na Corda Bamba (cause of course it would, it had a 13% lead-in and Na Corda Bamba is a laughable failure).
  10. *insert the Money In The Bank theme song* That's why shoppings aren't closed yet. Btw, Jornal da Noite and RAP did 16.9% and 18.7%....... RATING on Sunday. Fucking Hell.
  11. You were on the mark. Just announced: BB2020 was delayed. Wise and inevitable. The corona has impacted TV positively, though. News broadcasts have been big hits in the last couple of days, including a string of consecutive days where the three main news broadcasts at night crossed 10% rating. Also, the all-day long coronavirus special on Friday on TVI was a bit of a flop, but the atypical Saturday programming didn't go too bad as the replacements to the live shows maintained the same results and the prime time did better than normal: Inspetor Max replaced the Isabel SIlva Você na TV specials and it did about the same, if not slightly less, so it was a flop, but at least it cost nothing and wasn't a copy of the competition; Conta-me como És, the Fátima interview show, moved back to 2:45PM and slightly improved its own and the time schedule's results; A Querido Mudei a Casa repeat did 10.7% share... enough for 2nd place; A Kitchen Nightmares repeat did 11% share, again enough for 2nd place; A news broadcast aired at 7PM and did fine, about 13% share; Jornal das 8 crossed 10% rating again and beat Telejornal for 2nd place despite a worse lead-in; Mental Samurai lost to A Árvore dos Desejos, but maintained normal results; Na Corda Bamba won for only the 2nd time and hit 18.3% share, one of its best shares yet; The midnight news lead as well. RTP's atypical programming also kept itself together: A repeat of the Catarina Furtado kids show Aqui Mandam as Crianças saw its final stretch above Max in 2nd place; The early afternoon bombed, but the Got Talent repeat recovered and trailed TVI decently; The Price Is Right capped the afternoon off with 15% share, not terrible for a Saturday afternoon with a 10% share lead-in. SIC only had a Baião repeat as atypical, which did meh, but they comfortably won the day with mostly normal programming (Jornal da Noite, Primeiro Jornal and Árvore dos Desejos in particular all did great; Alta Definição, E-Especial, Crocodile Dundee and Suicide Squad also overperformed).
  12. @CJohn Somos Portugal cancelled. Dancing With The Stars cancelled (replaced with a Big Brother documentary). O Programa da Cristina cancelled. Júlia, Olhó Baião, Aqui Portugal... all cancelled. The apocalypse is here.
  13. Yup. I'll be relieved from work after today for the new few weeks myself. Unfortunately, people will mistake this quarantine for vacation and be idiots in beaches or supermarkets/shoppings.
  14. @CJohn TVI just announced a coronavirus special from 10AM through all day for either tomorrow or Saturday. Cofina did buy them after all. The nerve to take advantage of a global pandemic for easy ratings.
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