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  1. MCKillswitch123

    US WEEKEND THREAD l Us 29-30 Friday, CM 9 (Asgard p. 18)

    We get it, Mr. Snyder. You're pissed. Move on.
  2. MCKillswitch123

    US WEEKEND THREAD l Us 29-30 Friday, CM 9 (Asgard p. 18)

    Nolan had Batman Begins and The Dark Knight before Inception, so I presume it will be the former.
  3. MCKillswitch123

    US WEEKEND THREAD l Us 29-30 Friday, CM 9 (Asgard p. 18)

    What is it looking at WW, 900+? Jesus fucking Christ.
  4. MCKillswitch123

    US WEEKEND THREAD l Us 29-30 Friday, CM 9 (Asgard p. 18)

    Wow, it hit nearly the same Thursday preview number as Halloween, which is massive considering Halloween was a franchise entry with decades of pent up nostalgia and an opening date relatively close to its name-sake holiday. Have a feeling it will either touch or cross 200M DOM. Safe to say.....
  5. MCKillswitch123

    US WEEKEND THREAD l Us 29-30 Friday, CM 9 (Asgard p. 18)

    Why are people bummed that an original horror movie is doing 6M in previews? I don't care if there was potential for a lot more, it's still a fucking original horror film sold entirely on the Jordan Peele hype post-Get Out, and it's gonna nearly double GO's opening. I think that's phenomenal, actually. Say what you will about Blumhouse, but even Happy Death Day 2U - which was, by all accounts, a gigantic disappointment compared to expectations - turned a big profit at the end of the day. (And as for Pet Sematary, 30's opening sounds about right, yeah.... especially if Shazam doesn't break out beyond 50-60 range.)
  6. Wrong. Hallloween had one-week-only IMAX, just like Us will.
  7. .................most people who hate(d) the way the trailers look(ed) loved the original. Is that racist and xenophobe too?
  8. On the Captain Marvel + trolls topic, SOMEONE who knows their shit is having a smart, rational discussion about it.
  9. I mean, it's hard not to say Avatar because it came out in mid-late December 2009 and made most of its money in 2010 But in all seriousness, I feel like this is a discussion we should have only by the end of 2019/beginning of 2020. We don't know what Endgame will do, we don't know what The Lion King will do, we don't know what Frozen II will do, what Episode IX will do..... hell, what if Detective Pikachu laughs in the faces of all joke predictions and actually becomes the new Jurassic World? There's a lot of elements at play here and maybe something comes out that outshines everything else that has come before. That being said, as of right now, it comes down to two: The Force Awakens and Infinity War. These are two (at least) 10 year in the making behemoths that broke records upon records upon records. However, I'll give TFA the edge, because it might've been the single most anticipated film in movie history, because of the impact it had in the North American box office where it broke the DOM and WW OW records in Christmas of all seasons (still holds the record adjusted for inflation and probably would have smashed 300M or close if it had come out in the Summer) and shot all the way to nearly 1B DOM, and the simple fact that, as of right now, it remains the highest grossing film of the 2010's WW as well (beating out IW by about 10-20M). Although IW had more cultural impact than TFA, the amount of records it broke (including the DOM, China and WW OW records) were also impressive, the single most awe-inspiring OS performance since Avatar, and amazing legs for the kind of movie that it is.... it didn't benefit from the Holidays like TFA, should have been a frontloaded team up movie with a downer ending that would normally give it bad legs, and had tough competition, so while TFA pulling the opening it did in its conditions was insane, IW having the legs it did in its conditions was insane too.
  10. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    To my knowledge, Rui Unas won the whole competition (spoilers lol). But he wasn't the co-host, César Mourão was. And most of the shit he's been in has been generally successful. Manzarra otoh hasn't been a particularly big deal since the 1st seasons of The X-Factor and Anything Goes. It's been a while for him. Although he got more bearable in this show tbh. I dunno about that, but truth be told, I doubt either would've looked anything less than pathetic next to Farmer. WWTMMS only did 22% share pretty much by default due to the amount of people who still watch TV at 11PM on Sunday nights And also because the Farmer audience didn't want to stick around for a re-run of Comedy On The Edge and they saw the other recently premiered dating show in the other side, so they likely gave it a shot. It'll probably thrive on Sunday nights alone and that's it, cause in the weekdays, it's gonna bomb hardcore against Farmer and The Price Is Right. And as far as Stripped goes, what TVI should have done is, well, promote it That was the mistake they committed with WWTMMS, and they did it again. They think this is still 2017 when they could get away with underpromoted products because they're TVI and everybody sees them all the time, but they are so fucking wrong. Floptastic bunch. Way to waste a great concept and let it get pounded by a stupid ass reality show about fake farmers (yeah, some of them aren't even farmers in real life)
  11. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    You mean César Mourão and João Manzarra? But it wasn't entirely their fault, the premiere was very poorly organized. It got wayyyyy better from the 2nd episode onwards, but it was too little, too late by then (although the rating was higher in the 2nd episode due to Raul Meireles going viral, but yeah). The show was doomed by a poor pilot, cause if the pilot had been good, it would've crushed Dancing With The Stars. Who Wants To Marry My Son did 22% share this Sunday despite bottoming out completely at 7PM (11% share sometimes ). Granted, it was virtually no competition (just a Comedy On The Edge re-run..... which still hit 20% share as well, mad impressive for a re-run, albeit it was coming off Farmer's huge result), but still, it did better than First Dates last week and First Dates was in its last episode. So I don't believe Stripped is going below 20% share.... yet. But I've seen stranger things happen, and I really don't think this is gonna be another Kitchen Nightmares and go up either. 10% rating and 20% share sounds reasonable. Farmer is gonna mince it, though. I have seen her filmography (or some of it) too. Mastitpiece. .....and I have also seen some of Sónia Araújo (from The Farmer Wants A Wife)'s..... artwork.
  12. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    A shame, because I enjoyed the twin girls' naked assets GODDAYUM Stripped quite a bit. I had a few criticisms of it, but overall, it was a fun format with shockingly down to Earth participants for a TVI reality show I mean, it did worse than Who Wants To Marry My Son last week, despite less poor promotion and less bombastic competition (although The Farmer Wants A Wife still did pretty damn well)..... how the fuck is the world so unfair? If it had premiered in SIC, it would've done 17% rating (Which only makes the Lip Sync Battle floppage weirder in hindsight..... then again, the premiere show had a huge rating % in its 1st few minutes, so I guess everyone hated it and ran away to Dancing With The Stars.) And yes, Sónia Kel does in fact have a bright future ahead of and behind her.
  13. I presume the next will be The Galactus Saga. I wonder if the origin stories of the characters who will play the next Avengers (Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Spider-Man, etc.) will all play as a part of it as well and it will be treated as an individual arc/saga, or if it will be promoted as a direct continuity of The Infinity Saga.
  14. A lot of your reasons are fucking outstanding.....ly stupid. Really? BOT thread pages? That being said, the club is fairly reasonable. I wouldn't be shocked. As a matter of fact, I'm IN.

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