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  1. Thank you for #19, #17 and an honorable mention 🙏 And I request reviews for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and The Turkey Squad.
  2. @cayommagazine After the resounding success of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Phoenix Fire Entertainment announces a four-movie arc for the Pro Skater franchise, starting from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Gaten Matarazzo, Mackenzie Foy and Asher Angel will all play their roles as Chris Towers, Simone Johnson and David Loan respectively. Tony Hawk will also return in his supporting role as himself. More cast announcements to be made. The second movie is to be released on December 25 Y8. Pro Skater: Underground - based on Tony Hawk's Underground - will center on Loan after his failure to win the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater tournament, and his relationship with his friend Eric Sparrow. The Wire's Clark Johnson is confirmed to direct. The third movie, Pro Skater: Proving Ground - inspired by Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - will focus on Simone Johnson as she trains in a school of skateboarders, the Proving Ground, to hit her potential and be just as good or better than Chris and Loan. Proving Ground is tempted to an early March Y10 release, just in time for International Women's Day. Drew Barrymore, actress and filmmaker behind Whip It, will direct. The fourth and final movie, Pro Skater: Stand Your Ground, pits Chris, Simone and Loan all against each other in the X-Games. Stand Your Ground is to be released in Y11. No director confirmed at the moment, but expect either Barrymore, Johnson or Tony Hawk's Ryan Coogler to return.
  3. @cayommagazine Phoenix Fire Entertainment announces its brand new logo, with the character Vixen from Vixen And The Flaming Feather front and center. Vixen is officially Phoenix Fire's mascot, and the new logo will play from The Lost Empire onwards. This will also be the beginning of a year-long campaign for Vixen And The Sea Of Dragons, the sequel to the critically and commercially successful original Vixen, set to release in January Y9. Gianluigi Toccafondo is in talks to return as director. The major change will apparently come from the addition of a voice cast, with Annalise Basso and Sam Rockwell set to voice Vixen and the main villain respectively. Patrick Stewart will reprise his role as the narrator. In addition, Phoenix Fire also announces that it is in talks with Taika Waititi (What We Do In The Shadows, Hunt For The Wilderpeople, Thor: Ragnarok, Treasure Planet, Jojo Rabbit) to executive-produce and Madeleine Sami (The Breakers Upperers) to direct Eminem-Esque, a courtroom comedy about the Eminem copyright infringment case in New Zealand in 2014. The film will apparently be a parody of musical biopics, Eminem-Esque being the title of the song that New Zealand's National Party used that ripped off Eminem's Lose Yourself. Sami and Waititi themselves will also be in the cast, alongside Alan Dale, Melanie Lynskey, Eminem, John Oliver and Russell Crowe. Eminem-Esque will be released in Summer Y8.
  4. PHOENIX FIRE ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCES ITS MAIN MUSIC CONTENDERS OF Y7 Lisa Gerrard, Vixen And The Flaming Feather - Similarly to the Scott Free Productions logo, the score to Vixen is characterized with plenty of wind instrument sounds, particularly flute, in the more quiet moments, and in the grander ones, it is orchestrated, but attempts to fly with the same minimalism as the art-style and the presentation of the film, putting together the flutes with some moderatedly paced drums and other, deeper sounding instruments too. Atticus Ross & Trent Reznor, In The Doghouse - Very much in the Ross & Reznor way, the score to Doghouse is very eletronic ambience driven. The main sound you hear in this score is that of heartbeats, and around them, you get some dark and chilling industrial in the more tense moments envolving the bigger twists of the story, or you get some low scale themes in the vein of Gone Girl. Ludwig Goransson, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - For the dramatic moments, the main inspiration for the music of Pro Skater is Interstellar, causing an epic sensation despite the small scale of the character drama at stake. For the action of the movie (the skateboarding sequences), Goransson scored some upbeat, groovy, semi-electronic, heavily drum-based booms of energy.
  5. #1 - Laika #2 - Ms. Blakk 4 President #3 - Toons V Reality #4 - Tower Of Babylon #5 - The Scavenger Wars Part III #6 - Roman Fever #7 - Birdwing #8 - Countdown City #9 - Notorious #10 - Fatal Attraction
  6. #1 - Yang - #19 #2 - Megalo Box - #14 #3 - Looping - #11 #4 - Green Lantern Corps: Home - #12 #5 - Pillars Of Eternity: An Ancient Legacy - #17
  7. #1 - The Layover - #20 #2 - Adult Swim Bomb Scare - #24 #3 - In The Doghouse - #25 #4 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - #18 #5 - Higher Ground - #13
  8. #1 - The Final Cut - #22 #2 - Scooby-Doo: Cult Of The Creeper - #24 #3 - Ms. Blakk For President - #5 #4 - The First Month - #10 #5 - Until Dawn - #16
  9. SEPTEMBER (3:37AM - To be perfectly honest, I expected this to be worse. No, it's not good, but as a mystery thriller, it kept me engaged. But it was also pretty dull, it blends into the Groundhog Day genre like any other of those movies and found footage horror is totally outdated at this point. - C-) (3:38AM - Now this is the DUD I expected the first one to be. It's exactly the same movie. Like, 100%. The only key difference is it's a guy instead of a girl. Talk about no effort whatsoever. - F) 3:32AM - Laughing. My. Fucking. Ass. Off. I don't know what's funnier: the fact that this is a prequel that's completely pointless because it doesn't explain anything, or if it's still exactly the same movie. - F The First Month - At the top of the first month (LOL) of the fall is this WWIII drama from Numerator, brought to us by a director with strong irl output and... not so strong CAYOM output (BioShock, anyone?). Thankfully, this is not another BioShock. The First Month is a triumph in writing, ensemble acting and directing. It's a smart script that brilliantly explores the many different reactions that a group of people, all of whom supposed to be iron-faced, would have to a catastrophe out of their control. It's fascinating to see all the discrepancies in the ways people cope with the disaster. Of course, the script would have little to it were it not for the great cast boosting this movie up. Everyone is really good to great, with extra kudos going to Bruce Greenwood for his stupendous supporting performance. The tension is palpable with a butter knife and the editing is terrific as well. The only downsides to this movie are that it starts off a little shaky, as the movie throws so many characters at you that it's hard to feel anything for all of them up until the plot truly begins to unravel; and the villain, while serviceable, felt a little cartoony at times. Still, The First Month is a really strong putting from Alex Garland and one that's sure to have my attention in a number of Oscar ballots. - A- Banjo-Kazooie - After last year's quiet and ponderant adaptation of Pikmin, New Journey Pictures' latest attempt to bring a Nintendo game to the screen is this musical animation revival of Rareware's legendary Banjo-Kazooie. What is there to say about Banjo that you can't say about your typically solid and entertaining family adventure? Well, it's definitely a strong adaptation of the game, so if you're a diehard fan of the game and just want to see that be faithfully adapted, you're getting an A+ effort here. But does that work as a movie? Yeah, it does. At its core, this is a simple musical family adventure, and it works for two reasons: the voice cast, which is great all around (highlight, besides Freddie Highmore and Beanie Feldstein, is Frances McDormand as the film's wicked villain Gruntilda); and the core relationship between the nutty but courageous Banjo and the sassy but intelligent Kazooie. The animation is good, the adventure is fun and the characters are likeable. The movie comes to issues in terms of structure, because it really feels like the video game adaptation that it is, with its "go here, go there, collect this, collect that" approach to its plot that sometimes puts character development behind for the sake of adventure. Also, the musical numbers, while fine, were pretty redundant for the plot. But overall, Banjo-Kazooie is a solid achievement that should give anyone of any age some enjoyment. - B Columbine - Hmmm... this is a weird movie. The second of two Cannastop Productions launch titles, after the honestly terrible Lena And The Featherweights, is this awards hopeful from Sam Mendes about the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. Most reviews have pegged this as a gross cash-in on a tragedy, but @SLAM!'s review kinda highlighted another interpretation that you could have towards this movie (that of an exploration of how sudden and unexplainable evil can really be). After watching the movie for myself, I can kinda see both interpretations. On one hand, you have a movie that barely touches on any sort of motivation that the two perpetrators of the incident could have had to go on and do something as monstruous as what they did (there's some rumblings of bullying and mistreatment). It just shows you what the life of these two teenagers was and then goes on in graphic detail to depict the massacre itself, almost as if Mendes was shooting one of his war sequences from 1917... only about the mass murder of innocent youngsters instead of a heroic rush. (Yes, that's exactly what @cookie said, and I back him up.) On the other, if you see it from that other point of view, you can kinda see some hidden brilliance in the film simply depicting a tragedy with no explanation for why it happened whatsoever. That being said, it doesn't mask the fact that this movie is without a doubt misguided, because whoever thought it was a good decision to turn the Columbine massacre into a Hollywood spectacle of sorts where we see, no holds barred, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold unleash the carnage that made them an infamous piece of history should really rethink how they approach movies. Nevermind the fact that the cast, while supremely talented, is totally overqualified and miscast... we're talking about people who are both and/or either way too old for the roles they're playing or way too talented for them. This is a deeply, deeply flawed attempt at touching at one of America's darkest moments, and while there is an underlying element of interest in the way Columbine approaches its subject matters, it really isn't a movie that I can honestly recommend. - D Dawn Of The Last Six - I was probably one of the most positive reviewers of the original The Last Six that I know of. Personally, I found it to be basically The Avengers lite, but fun for what it was. So I actually had some sort of expectations for this sequel, directed by James Wan who knows how bring spectacle together. I walked out of Dawn Of The Last Six pretty disappointed. This is a boring ass movie that dives way too deep into exposition and takes too long to get to the meaty bits. Now, those meaty beats are fun and unique. But to get there, you have to go through a slog of exposition and honestly uninteresting character interactions. The characters here are not as well written as they were in the first movie, and with a less interesting villain and another new character that is basically annoying to the point of where you could punch him. The sad thing is the movie is actively trying to be more dialed down and more centered on character drama, but it just falls flat on its face because the writing doesn't live up to the necessary quality. And I don't even know how it got a 200M budget, it feels cheaper than its predecessor. It takes points for its takes on what would the point of home be if there wasn't anyone else in it, as well as for its gender-bending fun third act, but generally, I'd suggest you just go and watch The Long Way Home again if you're still seeking action tentpole thrills in September. - C- Fish Fry - Meh. It's another Tyler Perry movie. It's heartfelt enough, but it feels perfunctory. There's hardly much of a plot beyond just this one guy getting better as a person, which, again, is commendable in spirits, but makes for some seriously dull filmmaking, especially in the hands of someone who handles drama so cartoonishly overdramatically like Tyler Perry. - D+ Laika - First thing's first: FUCK HUMANITY. Like, fuck it. Fuck human beings. Okay, that out of the way, second thing's second: I know that my position to talk about a movie that deals with animal cruelty should be limited due to my Love After Loving fuck-up, but again, that was a mistake. What the humans depicted in Laika - humans who were very, very real, by the way - did towards this innocent fighter, to them, wasn't a mistake, however, and that is honestly the most shocking thing that this story has to teach: there was a point in time where humanity didn't value life outside of its own. The selfish, arrogant nature of our kind to the point where it completely dismissed inhuman life is explored here to maximum degree of emotional effect. It's impossible not to feel empathy for poor Kudryavka - I refuse to call it Laika, by the way - and for anyone to tried to save her from her harrowing fate. Carey Mulligan, Douglas Hodge and Olivia Colman stand out in this superb voice cast ensemble, while Michael Sheen's performance gives some degree of humanity to even the dark side of "scientific necessity". The animation, despite running on a small budget, looks beautiful, it being directly inspired by the graphic novel. And the score? Haunting. There's just nothing else to be said here... this movie will haunt me for a long, long time. And if you are a dog lover, I think it's best for you not to watch this movie, as it will traumatize you for life. As for anyone else... I dare you to face humanity at its coldest. This movie stunned me.
  10. @CJohn Mere days later, TRASH has already hit BB. That Hélder moron apparently spouted off homophobic insults in front of, well, a homosexual guy (and the others backed him up). The older people on social media support him too, while the younger are ripping him apart. So, yeah, reality show controversy... it's happening.
  11. April Hilda And The Midnight Giant - 68.9M / 241.2M Father II: The Resurrection - 21.3M / 44.7M Snow Leopards - 6.7M / 20.1M Vengeance - 20.2M / 61.7M Looping - 29.7M / 101M Monster Bug Wars - 32.3M / 88.8M Whoopsie-Daisy - 16.6M / 50.2M I’ll Always Be There - 12.4M / 33.5M May Dual Consequences - 55.7M / 136.5M Sir Thymes Time 2 - 71.2M / 231.4M Cruis'n USA - 19.7M / 48.3M Fatal Attraction - 36.2M / 121.3M Call Of Duty: Eye Of The Storm - 56.8M / 68.4M / 161M Flying High - 7.8M / 9.6M / 20.1M
  12. @cayommagazine In response to the unexpected (moderate) early critical success of Monster Bug Wars, Phoenix Fire Entertainment is in talks with Jan de Bont (Speed, Twister) to direct Monster Bug Wars: Carnage Unleashed, a sequel that will see the evil scientists avoid detention and further weaponize the bugs by turning them giant, and the resistance fights back by getting the kings of the jungle, the black widow and the emperor scorpion (now giant), as well as other new monster bug party members, in their side. Also in negotiations to enter the cast, in addition to previous film leads Anna Hutchinson and Fran Kranz, are Nathaniel Parker and Vivica A. Fox. The sequel is setting its sights to release on April Y9. Also, Monster Bug Wars: Deadly Duels, a compilation of every single bug duel depicted in the Monster Bug Wars TV show, will have a limited theatrical release on April Y8. Anna Hutchinson and Fran Kranz will cameo in the film - similarly to JK Simmons in Looney Tunes: The Classics Remastered - which is to be directed by Monster Bug Wars' own Alex Graves.
  13. We have the greatest Big Brother ever created. This is an existential meme and I'm here for it. It was insanity defined, Those videos... madness. There's another, different gif running on Twitter and Instagram of Cláudio Ramos getting pissed at the contestants for not listening to him. It's the gift that keeps on giving. AND I DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER A VOZ LMAOOOOOOOOOO WTF THEY BROUGHT A VOZ FROM SECRET STORY AND CALLED HIM BIG BROTHER I CAN'T EVEN
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