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  1. Why not just flat out do a 4-day OW, though? You're getting a full extra day's worth of service rather than to fake like Thursday previews + OD gross were anything all that impressive.
  2. 4PM previews for Equalizer 2? LMFAO.
  3. MCKillswitch123

    Tuesday's Numbers

    HT3 with an anything but kid-friendly increase.
  4. Alright, fair enough. Though for all I care, the Sony thing was an exception to the rule in their part. JL cost a presumed 300 million, could be a little more, could be a little less.... I don't find it that hard to believe that a money loss from a 650+ WW gross (of which 230 are DOM) could have happened.
  5. How do you know that they have no idea? By this point, I'm pretty sure they've already made their math. Either way, I'm going by what they said, and usually they are reliable when it comes to these profit estimations they make.
  6. DCU films that gross 650M WW on a 300M production budget and still lose their studio ~60M. Are we gonna refrain from calling movies that were amongs the most anticipated of the year (supposedly), should have made bajillions in profit and ended up losing their studios money anything but a flop? Gotcha. Also, you kept harping on about why it was, according to you, a 'flop', to respond to your quite with letters in white background, so that's why I did the same.
  7. Again, you're describing a disappointment, not a flop. It's the MCU, but not every MCU movie has to gross 300M DOM. This is Goddamn Ant-Man 2, the character didn't even appear in Infinity War, it's his 1st sequel and the original opened to 57M and grossed 180 DOM. I imagine there were some lofty predictions for it, but those were usually wishful thinking more than anything. I'll give you that it is being more quickly forgotten by the masses than the other two MCU films this year, as it was apparently a disposable film (I haven't even seen it yet). And should it do better than it's doing? Yeah, it should at least be on par with Doctor Strange imo and it's gonna fall way short. But the term "flop" does not unironically apply to any movie that isn't a "flop". It just does not. Disappointment is not the same thing. And clearly that last line proves you're still bitter about Justice League. May I remind you that JL made 200+ and 600+ on a 300M budget? 300. And it was reported to lose around 60M according to Deadline. A big movie like that should not be losing any money at all, and 60M isn't John Carter, but it's still substantial. AM2 will end with similar, probably inferior box office numbers but it has little more than half of its budget. Do you not see the damn difference? Ugh, anyway.
  8. ...but it's not going to miss 200M. Spider-Man: Homecoming legs get it to close to 217M and it dropped on par in its 2nd weekend. It likely won't get that kind of staying power due to more competition but even First Avenger legs get it over 200M. Fuckin' War For The Planet Of The Apes legs get it a little under that mark, but this is a family movie while that was, well, not. Again, it's a disappointment. A big one. But I wouldn't call a film that will make over 200M DOM alone on a 162M budget a "DOM flop", especially if that represents at least an 11% bump over the original's DOM total. The only other sequel to even bump 1% over the original or its predecessor this year was Infinity War ffs. I don't know if this is gonna get me called a Marvel loonie or not (I'd like to think that I'm a mere Marvel fan, and not an uncontrollable fanboy), but while there is zero argument that AMATW is a financial disappointment, it is by no means a fucking flop. Flop means failure, people, and do you unironically think this is doing flat out failure numbers? Cause you need a reality check if you do.
  9. .....wouldn't actually being directed by Cameron elevate its chances of meeting this club's target?
  10. Its budget is 162 and it's gonna do north of 500 WW, probably over 600, without a doubt. Disappointment? Absolutely. Flop? It doesn't have a 300M budget, so nope.
  11. Good for Hotel, totally expected for Ant-Man (though retaining 2nd place is a decent headline, I guess; legs are gonna start kicking in around next week very much like Homecoming), better than originally for Skyscraper but still not great by any means. Incredibles riding along nicely, JW also doing well and is likely crossing 400M at this point, Purge holding surprisingly well and has a shot at the 70M range of the last two films, solid increase for Sorry To Bother You, Sicario 2 will edge enough for 50-55M, Uncle Drew..... doing what it's doing, Ocean's 8 pretty much a lock to beat RPO for biggest WB film of the year so far. Fun weekend, all in all.
  12. I want this to happen. Which means it probably won't.
  13. Because it's not. Simple as that. Also what @That One Guy said. Skyscraper could be a flop, though. At a 125M budget, it better hope that OS is really great (I presume it may be in China), cause it may not make 60M DOM with an OW like that. HT3 doing about what I expected, which is good and very much in line with the other two films.

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