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  1. For the record, I don't wanna come across as a conspiracy theorist or anything, it's just something I saw being spread I believe on an outlet... or maybe it was just Twitter. Maybe it was foolish of me to believe, but it wouldn't really be the first time Disney did a stupid thing. Either way, I really hope more representation is to come, especially from Disney who are basically the gatekeepers for major mainstream animation.
  2. I mean, in a world where Black Panther made 1.3 billion worldwide, it sure as Hell wouldn't hurt to try. Who cares if it flops, representation is needed, period. If the rumors are true that Disney sabotaged Raya because they thought SE Asians wouldn't show up, then they can go fuck themselves (for that and a million other reasons).
  3. Reviews are good. There are many middling recommendations out there (Dan Murrell's is an example, he recommended it but was on the edge), but there's also a bunch of high praise. The idea of it being darker is dope as that's what I wanted out of it. I hope the critical reception drives people to theaters to see it. Also @Fullbuster good on you for liking to watch things home but don't be selfish and calling it "good" that theaters would be on a theoretical death (they're not).
  4. I really don't think the lack of a Cinemark release will really affect it bad enough to open under 10m. As Charlie said, the AMC's alone will cover the vast majority of the money. NYC reopening will also influence heavily. And regarding the Disney and not Pixar argument, Disney Animation's success has been pretty much on par with Pixar's in the last couple of years, they're firmly estabilished as a brand at this point. Fans can get it from their TV... at a price of $30, not for free unlike HBO Max movies. Tom & Jerry was based on a very famous brand, sure, but Disney Animation is an even bigger brand these days. And with NYC, I doubt it will be Cinemark to stall Raya from making less than T&J, nevermind 10m OW.
  5. As I discussed with @DAJK on Telegram, I think T&J could've been an anomaly due to a big thirst for new family films in theaters. The last one America got was The Croods 2, which came out on November and has been on PVOD since December. So, there might've been interest for a new big theatrically-released family film (Earwig doesn't count, obviously). And as mentioned, T&J is a classic cartoon - enough to draw adults - with millions of views on YouTube - meaning younger audiences are in contact with it too. So maybe it was a breakout in the right conditions and who knows if it wouldn't do better than we think in non-COVID conditions as well. That being said, it's no coincidence that this OW came out a month after The Little Things, which too overperformed to its relatively small expectations (people were, iirc, putting it at 3m, and it ended up doing almost 5m OW). Judas and the Black Messiah was a bomb in-between, sure, but I don't think it would do much better in a normal world either. This as well as films maintaining very solid holds, including family films like Croods 2 and War with Grandpa having insane holds and sometimes increases. Vaccinations are rolling out fast, theaters are opening again and there just seems to be more of a vibe to return to theaters. Now couple that with the reopening of NYC theaters, the approval of the Johnson vaccine, the brand appeal of a big Disney Animation film that apparently may get good reviews (despite a not amazing marketing campaign) and the fact that audiences at home will have to churn out $30 to see it (unlike HBO Max movies where you can watch those releases for free) - sure, a lot more people have Disney+ than HBO Max, but I think the Premiere Access factor evens things out - I think Raya is looking good for something like 15-17m, which is where my hopes are at. If it doesn't do much better or better at all than T&J, then T&J clearly broke out for unexpected reasons and/or Raya's marketing just didn't do the job, but I feel like things are looking more up than down. We'll see what happens next week, but this is a sign that there might be light at the end of the tunnel. And of course, if Raya performs, then odds are GvK will perform, which will increase the odds of the May blockbusters not moving much further, and so on. So we shall see.
  6. SLASH, SPLAT, BOOM! Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment Director: Sophia Takal Writer: Sophia Takal Producer: Sophia Takal, Pierce Varous Release Date: August 30th Genre: Slasher/Thriller/Satire Rating: R, for gore and language Format: 2D Budget: $13 million Theater Count: 2.897 Runtime: 1h33 (93 minutes) Cast: - Willa Fitzgerald as the white woman - Kiana Ledé as Lillian Coates - Matthew Lillard as the killer Plot:
  7. Superficially, I am done with my slate, as I wanted to bank on a movie a month (in a few cases two) so as to not overcrowd the schedule with my stuff. However, I am planning on doing maybe two or three more fillers just to further pad things out.
  8. Well, considering most people are busy with irl stuff and/or watching 2020 films for the top 25 or the Boffies, you may not see much stuff being put out until after the Boffies are done. We probably should get closer to March to assess the situation, but I think some people may actually want to take until April. Also, Penpal has been moved to Y9, according to studio plans.
  9. Y7 - THE MOST RECENT YEAR For an abbreviated version of Most Valuable Blockbuster, Y7 was one of the most profitable years in the game so far and had a lot of huge hits. All the data can be found on this link: But the relevant stuff: #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 Other big movies were Blankments/Shining Star's Sir Thymes Time 2 ($168.1 million profit), Alpha Pictures' Fatal Attraction ($142.8 million), Numerator's Countdown City ($141.9 million), Horizon Entertainment/Tall Tales Animation's Starlight ($141.4 million), Blankments' Temple Run ($128.8 million), Blankments/EssGeeKay Studios' Scooby-Doo: Cult of the Creeper ($120.8 million), Hunt Productions' Dual Consequences ($119.6 million) and Numerator's Call of Duty: Eye of the Storm ($102 million). Biggest bombs of the year were Phoenix Fire Entertainment's The Turkey Squad ($31.2 million loss), good.movies studio's The Disappointment ($35.9 million loss) and New Journey Pictures' Wii Play ($66.9 million loss). Every Y7 movie, ranked by profit: ------- And now... THE TOP 100 CAYOM MOVIES RANKED BY PROFIT:
  10. I'd say it's because PWSA is a Goddamn hack, almost everything he does is shit (except MK 1995 and Event Horizon) and Monster Hunter looked like it was going the Resident Evil route. I haven't seen it, but apparently, it really did. PWSA Resident Evil sucks bad. This looks like a stupid movie (duh, it's Mortal Kombat), but at least not painful to the eyes with atrocious cinematography and boring desert landscapes (bad CGI tho). And while I'm not the kind of person who cares if a movie is faithful to the source material or not, it does help that, in case, it actually seems like it loves the source material - unlike Monster Hunter lol.
  11. @CayomMagazine More Y10 news from the animated divisions of Phoenix Fire Entertainment. Phoenix Fire Artstyles' Until There Was Nothing, the PG-13 experimental animation sci-fi movie based on a Paul Trillo-directed short of the same name, will be released in the first weekend of August. Amy Acker (known in CAYOM for her role in the Pokémon franchise) will be the lead voice star of the film, which will tell the story of a Philosophy teacher, voiced by Acker, who decides to join a NASA expedition to a black hole that is moving towards the Solar system. Every crew member in the expedition is, by choice, a sacrificial lamb provided by humanity to study the black hole from the inside and try to provide ways to destroy it from the inside. However, Acker's character discovers the real purpose of the mission. Paul Trillo, who directed the original short, will make his full-length feature directorial debut with this adaptation. From Phoenix Fire Family Animation, as we previously discussed, Steve Moore, creator of the likes of Metalheads, In the Bleachers and Open Season, recently departed the position of director of Sackboy. However, he was still in negotiations with the studio for a different style of animated film. We can now confirm that Moore is indeed directing an original movie for PFFA. It is titled Sprint, and it's right in Moore's wheelhouse, since it's a sports movie. John David Washington and Lupita Nyong'o voice Haraka and Saumu, two cheetahs who live in Olympiakós, an alternate version of Earth where there are no humans, but rather antropomorphic animals who love sports. Their lives are turned upside down when a human boy named Fred (voiced by Ethan Pugiotto) is brought to the reality out of nowhere. The child learns that he has to win an Olympic gold medal in order to return to his reality, and Haraka and Saumu, who hold no grudges towards humans, bring him in to make him a professional sprinter. The boy, however, seems a bit more hesitant to be taught by animals, and other animals in Olympiakós, upon finding out of his arrival, also don't hesitate in harassing him or the cheetah family. Fred learns to question the convictions he was taught as a child in this anti-prejudice, pro-acceptance tale of warmth and friendship. Sprint will be PFFA's first original feature and it will run into theaters in February Y10. In the same year, the much discussed Sackboy, also from PFFA, will be released in June. Helmed by Danger & Eggs creators Mike Owens and Shadi Petosky, the LittleBigPlanet adaptation will be strategically released on Pride Month as a celebration of its LGBTQ+ themes. Sackboy revolves around a young man of the world of LittleBigPlanet, inhabited by wooly creatures known as the Sackpeople. "Sackboy", our protagonist as he chooses to name himself (voiced by Nico Tortorella), works in a theme park as an attraction inventor (or "level creator", if you will). He is going through an identity crisis, though, because he's coming to gripes with something that he's repressed all his life: he feels just as female as he does a male (which is not helped by the fact that he's attracted both to female and male Sackpeople). Henceforth, he decides to go through a drastic change and become a Sackgirl (voiced by Miley Cyrus). But Sackgirl then second guesses her choice. And on, and on, and on.... Sackboy will feature a voice cast mostly composed of LGBTQ+ actors.
  12. @CayomMagazine Last night, Phoenix Fire Entertainment announced that Phoenix Fire Family Animation's Sackboy would feature Ian Alexander and Brigitte Lundy-Paine as central voice performers in the film. That is actually not the case anymore, but both will still feature in the voice cast, which will mainly consist of LGBTQ+ actors. The lead roles will actually go to Nico Tortorella and Miley Cyrus. Amandla Stenberg will still be one of the lead stars.
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