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  1. Last year Pirates 5 also made a nice profit. And I said 'underperformances', not 'flops' (FB1 could be argued that it didn't underperform, sure, but its domestic OW was seen as such at the time).
  2. We still don't know what the Thursday number is going to be, but it's safe to say that between this and Justice League, the third weekend of November is for WB what Memorial Day is for Disney: they keep putting tentpoles there that consistently underperform (hell, even Beasts 1 had a disappointing OW at the time, though it legged it out really strongly and had a massive OS result). It's been like that since Mockingjay Part 1, tbh, but especially noticeable now.
  3. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I dunno, these Fifty Shades movies are pretty cheap (relatively speaking to the popularity of the books) and if Universal somehow manages to bring back Dornan and Dakota, it'll make a healthy profit. Even if not, if they keep the budget down, it could still make them money.... unfortunately. (At least they didn't split Freed into two parts, amirite?)
  4. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I mean, yeah, they're not wholly wrong about the superhero genre, but the Fifty Shades thing is quite something else
  5. I recognize all of that and that's the reason why I agree that the likely scenario is SW9 hitting a billion and over TLJ DOM. I think it will be a safe crowdpleaser alas TFA that gets everyone back on board. But I can't lock it down for those results, especially the billion, since OS seems less and less receptive towards Star Wars with every passing movie. Avengers and Lion King are the only true locks imo.
  6. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I just argued with someone who said Fifty Shades is a good trilogy and way better than all superhero movies. They said that they liked the BDSM romance story and found it "way more interesting than those formulaic films that never change from the same thing". I guess there's tastes for everything. But some opinions........ is there a way to say that they are objectively wrong?
  7. I would not call any of them a lock apart from Avengers and The Lion King. Star Wars, after what happened to The Last Jedi (which still made 1.3 billion, yeah, but it dropped enormously from The Force Awakens) and the complete rejection of Solo, is no longer the absolute box office immunity we thought it to be. And Frozen could suffer from the overexposure that the brand was put through in the last couple of years (especially after that infamous "short" that played before Coco last year), as well as the fact that the 1st one already hit the zeitgeist and usually you can only go down from there. I'd still confidently predict both to cross a billion, sure, but I disagree with them being virtual locks.
  8. Seems like I got this in the bag (yeah, I predicted after BP's opening, but the club allowed me to anyway, so fuck y'all) @Asyulus Are we getting a 2019 billion movies club?
  9. MCKillswitch123

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Yeah, but this movie has been through significant production shake-ups, its plot has literally been replaced from scratch and it's one of the most unnecessary sequels ever made in Hollywood. Nobody asked for TS4. Nobody. And it doesn't sound like even Pixar have a clear direction where to take this, and that's probably going to be felt in the film itself (up until today I didn't know that Forky was the real plot of the movie, not the Bo Beep stuff that had been talked about for years). This only exists because TS3 made a billion dollars and Pixar wants dat sequel cash. Feels like a lot more cynicism was put into this than into either of the previous three films. Both are getting the short end of the stick in a Summer overcrowded with family competition. TS4 is a movie no one wanted and will have the family audience drained by Avengers, Pikachu, Aladdin and Pets 2, and also saving up for The Lion King (and Spider-Man). Aladdin is not getting the promotional push that BATB got and TLK will surely get and it's crammed in-between Avengers/Pikachu and Pets 2/TS4. It's far from an impossibility. I do think that the Solo comparisons aren't fully warranted because Solo was the definition of a wrong project at the wrong time, as these Disney remakes are pretty popular and Aladdin is one of their biggest animated films ever, but still, hardly does it sound like a stretch that these may underperform given the PACKED Summer they're in and the circumstances of their release.
  10. The Nun outgrossed The Conjuring 2 and Annabelle: Creation came pretty close to it, so I wouldn't just put down Annabelle 3 as a given to increase because of the Warrens. The Nun was not a well recieved movie and I feel like that will inevitably hurt the next Conjuring franchise film. Not much, but it might, to where 100M DOM may not even be a true lock... if Annabelle 3 bounces back quality-wise, then yes, the next one - The Conjuring 3, maybe - could beat The Nun. Plus, it opens next to Far From Home and faces The Lion King in its 3rd weekend. So I'm with @PANDA on Annabelle: it comes down from The Nun. It might increase from Creation, but only due to Creation being well recieved on its own right + the Warrens. And to everyone saying Godzilla has a strong chance.... I doubt it. You know that the GA kinda hated the 2014 movie, right? King Of The Monsters might have strong legs if it gives people what they want (huge monster fights), and yeah, trailer views are huge and it has hype, but too many people were burned by the Gareth Edwards reboot to confidently predict it will open and leg it out much stronger than Kong: Skull Island.
  11. Anything could work on the big screen, but GTA is probably one of the toughest games to adapt, simply due to the fact that a big part of the appeal of GTA is lost on the fact that filmmaking and open world gaming are ridiculously different mediums. Gaming in general and filmmaking are already vastly different, but I feel like with the majority of games, you just need to find the sweet spot between the gaming experience and a linear cinematic narrative to make a great video game film out of any franchise.... but GTA's sweet spot is quite tough to find. You could make a heist movie in Liberty City or Los Santos, but I feel like that would run the risk of being generic unless you put serious thought into the worldbuilding, the script and the characters (and with a plot like that, you would NEED the GTA V main character trio to make it work). GTA V did all of that really well, so it's not impossible, but that was 15-20 hours of storytelling that would have to be compressed into a 2-3 hour film. Though, they could find a way to somehow make GTA an open world movie or something, which, if well done, would probably allow it to make Avatar numbers worldwide, and if poorly done, could be legendarily Godawful In all seriousness, in the last two days, I have been a little more receptive towards Detective Pikachu, because it really does feel like they put thought into making a game adaptation that leans itself towards cinema. Zootopia with Pokémon, on paper, is a genius idea and the worldbuilding, despite the washed out colors, looks stunning. I just don't think that PG Deadpool stuck in a Pikachu's mouth is a good idea, never thought that and still don't But we'll see. It will make all the money in the world, that's for sure. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug, after all. I agree that GTA doesn't have a face as marketable as Mario or Pikachu, but I feel like it doesn't really need to because the GTA brand itself is the icon. Whether you've heard of it because it's the godfather of open world games, because you have played it or seen youths play it, or because it's the game you immediately think of when Fox News and conservatives in general are complaining about violent video games, I feel like GTA is entrenched in global pop culture in a way that a handful of other game franchises are. And I think that locations such as Liberty City, Vice City or San Andreas trigger pretty big memories and nostalgia on their own too. I'm telling you: I think that a good looking adaptation of GTA could skyrocket to massive numbers. Then again, any good looking game adaptation with a strong hook to it could make massive numbers - earlier this year, a Rampage movie made nearly 100M DOM and over 400M WW after all - but GTA is something special. Though your point about Rockstar does ring. Who else would fly a western game in Red Dead Redemption 2 to nearly a billion dollars on opening weekend? And yeah, Mario and Pokémon definitely have an advantage on the fact that they reach multiple different mediums and platforms.
  12. Oh, my bad, I thought you had simply asked "name a game franchise as big as Pokémon". Yeah, Mario did have a '93 adaptation starring Bob Hoskins, which is arguably one of the best worst movies ever made. It made around mid 20's DOM (43M adjusted for inflation). But that was still in Mario's young years, so it's hard to compare..,, a new Mario movie that doesn't look like dogshit would probably easily blow that one out of the water box office-wise. And a GTA movie has indeed never happened, but one with a good marketing machine behind it could be a 100M+ opener given how gigantic the Grand Theft Auto name is nowadays. (The only issue with GTA is that it's not really a game that translates well to filmmaking, since GTA's biggest selling point is the open world freedom, but there have been some iconic characters in the franchise and the landscapes/worldbuilding is legendary amongst gaming history, so you could work around that. In that regard, I do like that they were careful to approach this Pokémon adaptation by trying to make it as cinematic as possible, but on the other hand, I do still feel like Ash's underdog story is pretty cinematic on its own right.)
  13. Mario and GTA. I mean, Pokémon is the highest grossing franchise of all time, sure (then again, there's been bajillions of games coming out all the time since 1996 and they all sell millions of copies, plus the anime, plus billions of merchandising products like toys, cards and so on....), but it's not the most popular franchise of all time. I agree that there are a ton of people who don't know anything about games and know Pokémon and Pikachu. But I feel like those two that I mentioned, at least based on anecdotal evidence. are far more well known and/or appreciated. To those not well versed in gaming or even cartoons, Pokémon is known as "that Pokémon Go crap from a few years ago"... most people recognize Pikachu, and that's about as much as it extends. So, awareness of its existence - and revolt against Pokémon Go for influencing children into finding themselves in legit danger sometimes - is what I notice. EVERYONE knows who Mario is and what it plays like, and EVERYONE knows what GTA is and what it plays like (even elders know what these are). Individually, GTA V has made more money than literally any other movie, book or game ever with 6 Goddamn billion in USD sales. [Granted, a game like GTA makes $50 on purchase alone and then all the GTA Online freaks put hundreds of millions into in-game shit, but still, that's an impressive stat.... and GTA V still has the biggest media entertainment launch in history, it made a fuckin' billion dollars in a weekend.] And yeah, you could argue "well, GTA is not more iconic than Pokémon"..... can you argue Mario isn't either? And Mario has also made hundreds of millions, maybe billions, as an all time franchise. So, that statement is not really true, at least as far as my knowledge goes. Does it change the likely scenario that this movie is going to be massive and the damn fact that Pokémon is a juggernaut brand? Nope, so have at it.
  14. Are you not counting Glass? That should count as a sequel imo. And I think it definitely goes up from Split. I also think John Wick and Spider-Man have a good shot at increasing from their predecessors. And then Star Wars is the true question mark here....... for the moment I'll have it at OUT as I suspect Episode IX could bounce back and outdo TLJ's 620M.
  15. Wait, I thought you were talking about overall grosses (as in Pikachu's total is going to be bigger than Avengers' when their box office comes to an end, which, NOPE). If you're just talking about the weekend it opens, then yes, Pikachu is going to be #1 virtually everywhere on Earth (or mostly everywhere). And btw, yeah, it has a good chance at beating John Wick 3, but Aladdin will top it. Pikachu will have already been in theaters for three weekends at that point, but even if the two opened on back to back weekends, Aladdin would still be #1. It won't be BATB huge because Disney is dumb and doesn't realize the box office potential at hand, but it will still likely open to Solo numbers. Maybe even 100+ for the 3 days.

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