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  1. Y1 (Part 9) When Winter Comes - This movie has some legitimate creepiness peeking at you through the door on certain moments, with a solid ghost story that can spark some interesting chills. Jennifer Connelly is always a treat to watch as well. However, it does itself wrong when the director asks Ethan Hawke to go weirdly hammy and over-the-top in a movie that demanded a far more subdued performance, and ultimately goes towards silly routes as it discards its setup. Not a resounding thud, but a shrug The Adventures of Scrooge McDuck - I got to read an updated version of
  2. Y1 (Part 8 ) Signed in Blood - A fantastic cast on paper (other than Gina "Beep Bop" Carano, fuck her to Hell - though I won't hold this against the movie) sadly awarded to director Olivier Megaton, who has already proven himself not to be a particularly good action director, with the likes of the Taken sequels. As is, this is a routine cat and mouse action thriller with a solid performance by Michael B. Jordan, ruined by Megaton's directing and bogged down by an array of action movie tropes Killer Plane - A Michael Bay movie about Wahlberg and Giamatti fighting terrori
  3. Y1 (Part 7) The Beckinsville File - Meh. It's found footage horror, a genre that promises little of surprising, and sure enough, this movie is nothing surprising. More stereotypes and more demons. It gets some props for trying the occasional trope subversion, as well as one or two atmospheric moments, but generally speaking, this horror mystery is mostly dull, tropey and unscary Don't Go Outside - Another found footage horror film, and it's even worse than Beckinsville. While Beckinsville had slim pickings for positives, this one doesn't even reach that level, amounting
  4. Y1 (Part 6) Salem's Lot - Having no familiarity with the Stephen King story, I can still safely say this is not a very good adaptation. It's basically a rundown of the book that you'd see for a school project. Characters are introduced, things happen, more characters are introduced, more things happen, even more characters are introduced and that's about it. It's a mess, there's no way this should've been a short hour and a half run. There are some kernels of interesting ideas and I think a better, more developed film could be a decent adaptation, but this didn't work S
  5. Y1 (Part 5) Rendezvous with Rama - I read this just before I went to bed and I ended up thinking about it a good portion of the night lol. It is a fascinating work of art, although one can question how much of a movie it really is, since there's barely any sort of plot or characters to speak of (even compared to 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was written by the author of the novel that led to this as well, that is clearly a narrative, something I can't quite say about this). I guess the central character itself is the spaceship of Rama and its intents and purposes, and I feel like th
  6. Y1 (Part 4) Extreme Dinosaurs - It's a movie that I can tell is a treat for fans of the original cartoon, which I'm not at all familiar with but I can tell there is a love for it in the film. That being said, for me personally, it was boring. It's a movie based on a 90's cartoon that feels like it's from the 90's, and not in a good way but in a very "this is totally outdated" way, from the Blockbuster Thursdays generic B-movie structure down to the characters having "extreme" names and looks. It has a few fun sequences and good visual effects, and I'm sure audiences can find mindle
  7. Y1 (Part 3) Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills - I kinda feel similarly about this as I did about He-Man, in that the movie clearly lives off its villain, the hilariously batshit Wesley Snipes' Gorganous, who is by far the funniest and most kinetic character in the film. You could definitely argue he's the actual protagonist and not the teen fighters, who are basically just dull caricature archetypes up until the exposition dump that humanizes them. Still, I would say that I enjoyed this a fair bit more than He-Man, maybe because I like sci-fi more than fantasy but
  8. Y1 (Part 2) Trump's America - A solid documentary with the usual cutthroat nature of Michael Moore Love at First Sight - A pretty competent LGBT+ romance. It takes an interesting approach by exploring a childhood romance - although it gets a little uncomfortable with how expressively sexual it is, given that the characters are teens - and it's just generally sweet, heartfelt, solidly written and crafted. Could've done with better characterizations overall, but still recommendable Minnie's Treasure Hunt - Another whatever kids adventure. Probably may enthrall
  9. Y1 (Part 1) SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron - It's pretty generic kids fluff. Nothing too bad - it has some very inspired casting, particularly Ryan Reynolds, Ving Rhymes and James Earl Jones - and I guess some decent visuals and pacing, but it's really just a tropey superhero movie with super bland characterizations He-Man - Kinda nonsensey in both a good and a bad way lol. Dave Bautista as Skeletor is easily the best, most fun part of the movie, and everything else is just dumb fantasy stuff, really. Didn't really feel anything about Adam/He-Man or his friends, tbh. D
  10. @CayomMagazine Phoenix Fire Entertainment presents SCORE DESCRIPTIONS FOR ITS Y8 SLATE (beware of spoilers) ---- THE LOST EMPIRE by Benjamin Wallfisch ---- FAR CRY by Cliff Martinez ---- MIGHTY FALL by Mark Mothersbaugh ---- Dreams doesn't quite need a description as it has enough of a score description in the movie already.
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