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  1. @cayommagazine Phoenix Fire Entertainment announces today that an Atlantis: The Lost Empire remake titled The Lost Empire is in works, with director Dean DeBlois and Eddie Redmayne attached. Release aiming for Martin Luther King Weekend Y8.
  2. @cayommagazine Madelaine Petsch, Omar Sy, Wyatt Oleff, Dylan Sprouse, Hank Azaria and Anna Gunn join Dylan Minnette and Diego Luna in the cast of John McTiernan's video game adaptation Far Cry, set to release on Summer Y8. Additionally, Finn Wolfhard, Olivia Cooke and Bryan Cranston are in talks to join Alex Hirsch's Looney Tunes western neo-noir Mighty Fall, set to release on Summer Y9.
  3. IN THE DOGHOUSE Best Picture Best Director (David Fincher) Best Ensemble Best Actor (David Harbour) Best Actress (Daniela Ruah) Best Supporting Actress (Florence Pugh) Best Supporting Actress (Viola Davis) Best Adapted Screenplay Best Original Score Best Cinematography Best Film Editing Best Sound Mixing Best Sound Editing TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER Best Picture Best Director (Ryan Coogler) Best Actor (Gaten Matarazzo) Best Adapted Screenplay Best Original Score Best Cinematography Best Film Editing Best Production Design Best Sound Mixing Best Sound Editing THE GIFT OF LIFE Best Documentary Feature
  4. Merry Christmas. THE GIFT OF LIFE Director: Tim Wardle Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment Genre: Documentary Release Date: December 15 Y7 Theater Count: 2112 theaters Runtime: 1:47 hours MPAA Rating; G Production Budget: $8.5 million Major Cast: - Unknowns Plot: We follow three different families, one of Indonesian descent, one of South African descent and one of American descent, as they celebrate Christmas in their own different ways. It is not immediately revealed, but we find out that these are families of survivors from the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean. We get survivor's memoirs about how they lived the tragedy, as well as how they are overcoming their trauma. The film is mostly about these Christmas celebrations and how these people of completely different cultures have in common their love of Christmas and are moving forward with their lives happily, but also their trauma of the event. It explores how this time of the year still brings about their memories of the tragedy and how they still struggle with it. But ultimately, they live on happily and healthy and the film mostly reflects that. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, after all.
  5. What's up, doc? LOONEY TUNES: THE CLASSICS REMASTERED Based on: Looney Tunes, by Warner Bros. Director: Darrell Van Citters Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment Genre: Animated/Comedy Release Date: July 6th Y7, with 3D (initial release) / July 21st Y7, with 3D (first expansion) / July 28th Y7, with 3D (second expansion) / August 4th Y7, with 3D (wide release) Theater Count: 4 theaters (initial release) / 12 theaters (first expansion) / 20 theaters (second expansion) / 1000 theaters (wide release) Runtime: 1:30 hours MPAA Rating; PG, for cartoon violence and sexual innuendos Production Budget: $20 million Major Cast: - JK Simmons as himself - Mel Blanc as the majority of Looney Tunes Plot: We see JK Simmons lying next to a pool, relaxing in a nice Summer day next to two women of roughly the same age. Simmons declares that he knows how to appreciate mature women, and welcomes the audience to Looney Tunes: The Classics Remastered. Simmons then goes on a very J. Jonah Jamesony rant about how moviegoers these days only bother to see things they know and are too afraid to dive deep into the unknown, but nevertheless, he's excited too about the prospect of being the host of a festival of some of the greatest cartoons this Earth has ever seen. He then kisses the two ladies goodbye, hops onto his car, and drives to a temple. The temple has huge statues of Looney Tunes characters, such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, among others. Simmons gives a brief introduction of the history of Looney Tunes, mentioning some of its iconic artists such as Mel Blanc and Chuck Jones, as he heads towards the temple's theater. He sits in the theater, puts on 3D glasses and tells everyone to prepare, as they are about to embark on a wonderous journey... that they've technically already embarked on before, but they're gonna embark on it again and it's gonna be even better! Then, the camera zooms onto the screen, and we start seeing the cartoons. This compilation of cartoons is completely remastered (aka, reanimated) from the ground up with updated technology, and in 3D, but in essence, they are the same cartoons with the same voice acting. The collection is as follows: - Duck Amuck; - Long-Haired Hare; - One Froggy Evening; - Rabbit Fire; - The Fast And The Furry-ous; - Robin Hood Daffy; - Tweetie Pie; - Rabbit Of Seville; - Feed The Kitty; - Duck Dodgers In The 24½th Century; - Operation: Rabbit; - Bugs And Thugs; - For Scent-imental Reasons; - What's Opera, Doc.
  6. The journey of a lifetime. TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER Based on: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, by Neversoft Entertainment Director: Ryan Coogler Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment Co-Writers: Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington Cinematography: Maryse Alberti Original Music: Ludwig Göransson Genre: Sports Release Date: October 6th Y7, with IMAX and Dolby Theater Count: 3427 theaters Runtime: 1:38 hours MPAA Rating; PG, for mild language Production Budget: $25 million Major Cast: - Gaten Matarazzo as Chris Towers - Mackenzie Foy as Simone Johnson - Asher Angel as David Loan - with Joaquim D'Almeida as Gerald Towers - with Keri Russell as Keri Towers - and Tony Hawk as himself Other Cast Members: - Erin Cardillo as Elizabeth - Brandon Graham as himself - Craig McMorris as himself - Tom Holland as audience member that berates Chris - Billy Unger as Chris and SImone's friend - Spencer Boldman as Chris and Simone's friend - Kelli Berglund as Chris and Simone's friend - Tyrel Jackson Williams as Chris and Simone's friend Plot Summary: Chris Towers, an Aspie teenager that struggles with low confidence and a family with financial issues, takes a gamble and enters the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Tournament, a skateboarding tournament for teens where the prize includes formation with Tony Hawk himself, as well as $1 million. Plot: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WpS4UdTNcvz-kUJ_t5Br3U9OawwyxBr8bNongco85sU/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Some secrets are best kept hidden. IN THE DOGHOUSE Based on: Na Corda Bamba, by Rui Vilhena Director: David Fincher Studios: Phoenix Fire Entertainment and Propaganda Films Co-Writers: Andrew Kevin Walker and Rui Vilhena Cinematography: Jeff Cronenweth Original Music: Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor Genre: Thriller Release Date: March 3rd Y7, with IMAX and Dolby Theater Count: 3401 theaters Runtime: 2:03 hours MPAA Rating; R, for language, graphic violence and sex Production Budget: $50 million Major Cast: - David Harbour as Phillip Wolfhard - Daniela Ruah as Lucy Wolfhard - Florence Pugh as Alice Wolfhard - Dylan Minnette as Gabriel Wolfhard - McKenna Grace as Emily Wolfhard - Joe Keery as Edward Waters - with Pedro Lacerda as Phillip Waters - with Daniel Kaluuya as Leonard Dexter - and Viola Davis as Olivia Dexter Plot Summary: The three children of Phillip and Lucy Wolfhard start uncovering the dark past of their parents, while Phillip and Lucy desperately begin to plot how to get away from the imminent danger as they find themselves in the doghouse. Plot: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fL13D_nh7au4Pi3HsSxVMb7dS5C1-UBevENR-iBe0ck/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Yeah, she did what she could. She brought Who Knew and Mental Samurai, two shows that have done solid business. Her downside was a bajillion weird decisions like endless repeats. But on a budget that's under zero, chances are you're kind of at a dead end. Who knows, really. RAP, the entire team of Governo Sombra AND the entire team of Gente Que Não Sabe Estar are all in the channel, so God knows how much did SIC have to cash out to get this. I guess so. Ratings-wise, Farmer is the strongest. We'll see. Curious to see how SIC's newest reality show, OAP B&B (Amigos Improváveis), performs, on that note.
  9. I agree, but TG is probably a strong contender too since she was the OG and the new TVI director Nuno Santos (Filipa Garnel was fired on the same day as RAP went to SIC LMAO) is a friend of hers. I fucking hope not. Married Season 2 was proof that these love reality shows are fading out quick, and that's the best one of the bunch (not that such is saying a lot).
  10. Fernando Mendes ain't leaving RTP ever, so that sounds nigh impossible, but if they can negotiate Ljubo in, somehow, they will be unstoppable. At that point, they're gonna be TVI 2.0, but hey, don't mess with a winning formula, I guess. I don't know, I think it has a shot at working. People might be curious over the brand, it is a mighty brand in Portugal after all. By the time it comes out, Cofina may have already gotten their hands on TVI, so Big Brother is gonna get free publicity from Correio da Manhã. And I think they may actually give the format to Fátima, not to TG or Goucha. We don't know what will SIC's counterprogramming be either...
  11. @CJohn RAP IS GOING TO SIC Were it not for Ljubo and the upcoming return of Big Brother, TVI would have been canceled by now.
  12. Yeah, New Years Day is probably the biggest TV day of the year, second being Christmas Day. Other highlights: Cars 3 did 25% share and Kidnap, the Halle Berry movie, pulled an insane 27% share, while an Andre Rieu concert on RTP beat The Huntsman: Winter's War on TVI. TVI only pulled in 13.3% share despite Ljubo. SIC did a ludicrous 24%.
  13. @CJohn Holy shit, the ratings went mad last night The Masked Singer won, it did 15.5% and 28.5% share. Its highest moment was 18.9% rating. But Kitchen Nightmares didn't bomb. It did 13.7% / 25%. Manzarra and Ljubo drove people to TV overkill. Madness. EDIT: Nevermind, Kitchen Nightmares actually did 14.1% and 25+% And Jornal da Noite was more watched than it too! People showed up on New Year's Day. EDIT2: Actually JdN wasn't the 2nd most viewed show of the day, Fate Of The Furious was 15.1% / 29.8% result. Highest peak was 16.1% / 30.7%. MONSTROUS.
  14. Yup, it's batshit crazy XD. But it's fun spectacle and it's cool to try to guess who are the celebs.
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