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  1. I mean, can't argue that those previous iterations had the most human and heartfelt interpretations of Peter Parker (especially the Raimi ones). The Peter/Stark duo in the MCU is alright, but I think Uncle Ben, overdone or not, is just an inescapable element of Spidey lore in order to really make the character compelling. Plus, you can do a million different takes on something else and still make it stand out. Ben Affleck's Batman had the exact same origin story as all the others (BvS's opening scene was his parents getting shot) and it worked as fine as ever.
  2. Do tell then why would they give a budget that high to a movie that had no OS pull whatsoever and didn't even double it's budget WW. DOM it did well (120m+), but it was a flop OS, cause Ghostbusters doesn't have big OS appeal. They should've known better and been more careful with the budget. Also, Afterlife I imagine is cheaper.
  3. The issue is not whether or not fans of the original Ghostbusters movies deserve a third film or not. It's more that the only reason Afterlife is even happening in the first place is because Sony is desperate for nostalgia money, and since the 2016 movie lost them money in its theatrical run (they overspent, a 140m budget is absurd for a GB film) AND made man-children around the world cry because how dare they do a GB movie with female leads that in no way erases the 1984 film from existence, they did a direct sequel to the 84 and 89 films that, even if unintentionally, pretty much
  4. At last, WB graced the world with weekday actuals 👏
  5. Whether or not this is set in a multiverse is literally the only narratively interesting thing about it, because otherwise, this looks like a meme in the making and I'm disappointed that Jared Leto seems like he's not going full Jared Leto in this.
  6. Screening In-Competition: THE NEXT GOOD DAY Based On: The Next Good Day, by Oliver Bisky (on Reedsy) Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment, Anonymous Content Genre: Drama Rating: PG-13 for thematic material involving suicide, and language Format: 2D Budget: $15 million Runtime: 106 minutes (1 hour and 46 minutes) Director: Tom McCarthy Producers: Steve Golin, Tom McCarthy, Jonathan King, Liza Chasin Screenplay: Tom McCarthy Cinematography: Masanobu Takayanagi Music: Mychael Danna Cast: -
  7. Screening Out-of-Competition: DEATH IS NOT MY F R I E N D VERY LOOSELY Based On: A life of deaths CW: Death, by u/MetallicMintGreen from Reddit Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment Genre: Surrealist Drama Rating: PG-13 for language, thematic material and sexual content Format: 2D Budget: $25 million Runtime: 125 minutes (2 hours and 5 minutes) Director: Emily Harris Producers: Emily Precious, Lizzy Brown Screenplay: Emily Harris Cinematography: Ewan Mulligan Score: Paul Clark Cast:
  8. One was struck by HBO Max and a pandemic. One is also on the path for 270m OS and 360m WW, which is fine for a movie budgeted at 165m whose only financial goal is to justify a sequel. Also, the "considerably higher costs" are 165m vs 150m for BR2049. Also, BR2049 was a flop because of its OS being awful (260m WW); Dune is gonna do 100m more.
  9. Seems bullish on Ghostbusters. Would be surprised if it did much more than 100m DOM (wouldn't be that surprised if it missed 100m).
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