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  1. More than a terrible film critic, she's completely clueless about the box office side of things. The usual reason why she's the butt of many warranted jokes around here.
  2. Yikes, The Predator is a bomb. Unless it gets a late China release, it'll top out at 150M WW. Not exactly good on a 88M budget. Also, just imagine a world in which The Nun was a well recieved movie. 450-500M WW and over The Conjuring 1 DOM would be reasonable targets. As is..... quite the potential left in the table.
  3. If Deadpool 2 hadn't been released in its first five weekends, I think it could have been. But that's an element beyond Disney's control, tbh (well, to my knowledge, it was; otherwise they would've forced Fox to change the release date).
  4. Predator should be a little over 60M, and at worse O/U Pacific Rim Uprising numbers, I guess. Nun might end at the same multiplier as Paranormal Activity 3 (1.98x) or just ever so slightly above 2x. Anything better than that is a legs overperformance, given the poor wom + huge OW. I guess A Simple Favor will crack 60M and has a chance to beat Predator.
  5. When was the last time that we had two 40M+ openers in the same weekend? Because I'm feeling A Star Is Born is going to hit double digits with a 4 in the left more and more (and of course, I still have Venom pegged for 60/70M at the very least). And it's gonna happen in October of all months, too. Man, I don't know about that billion club, but if First Man does good business, Halloween hits the high end of expectations and these two skyrocket, it might stand a better chance at making a billion than we think.
  6. MCKillswitch123

    Halloween over 80 million OW club

    Pennywise won't forgive you for this.
  7. Ok, I'll admit that I was unaware of the kind of sex offense that was in question (I had only known about Olivia Munn chatting up about being around a sex offender in the Predator cast), as my idea of sex offense went directly towards sexual assault, above all else. Especially when you're targeting minors. I'm sorry, but if you don't see how something that is absolutely life changing and life scarring as one of the most traumatizing and horrifying felonies, then I don't know what to tell you. And even if it's just 'inappropriately chatting up a 14 year old on the internet', it's still predatory behaviour, period. Sure, technically speaking, he never physically engaged with her, so it makes more sense that he could be given forgiveness.... but the fact is: he did it, and he could do it - or worse - to someone else in the future. You correctly point that he can't be blamed/judged for something that he didn't do, but logically speaking, what are the chances he wasn't going to do worse? We'll never know because he was stopped on time before he could go forth. He's always gonna have that dark stigma attached to him, and it never won't be a risk to assume that someone can be fully rehabilitated, no matter how good they may seem. I've done research and works on predators.... the truth is that it's more than just a choice they make, but an animalistic instinct that only far and few between can hold back. A particularly interesting story that I read about a pedophile who is also an anti-pedophilia activist (who said he had urges in the past, but never actually did any criminal activities) taught me that pedophiles see their desires as nothing more than a sexual orientation, like I see myself as straight and you see yourself as straight/gay/whatever you are, despite many of them knowing it's a wrongdoing. I don't wanna say "once a predator, always a predator", but this isn't the kind of urge that you just fix with a few years in prison. So yeah, to be fair, this particular case doesn't warrant the same kind of wrath as other sex offense cases, but at the same, Olivia Munn or whomever else are in their right to speak up about being uncomfortable around someone like him. Also, James Gunn was fired because he made dumb, inappropriate jokes in the past, which might or might not have been a hotheaded decision. That's not the same as actually acting like an offender, nor is it being one or defending one. It's just.... shitty dark humor that probably shouldn't have been posted in the internet, or at the very least not without it being in an absolutely clear context of "dark comedy" (and even then, it's poor dark comedy anyway).
  8. Sex offenders are people who, simply put, should not be allowed out of jail ever imho. They do not deserve to breathe the same air as civilized people. You wanna commit one of the most traumatizing and horrifying felonies you possibly could, and then ask for forgiveness? Wait to see if the person you victimized will ever forget, nevermind forgive what you've done to them, and then we'll talk. And if you wanna give someone who did such thing a second chance, in hopes of rehabilitating them into our society, you also need to realize others' well-funded skepticism on that idea and not be an asshole about it. Simple as that, as far as I'm concerned.
  9. This one is only second after last year's It. Hotel Transylvania 2 came close at 48M iirc. The one-two punch of It + The Nun (+ next year's It Chapter 2) probably estabilishes the first weekend of Fall season as WB/NL's prime spot to open huge horror releases. I wouldn't be shocked if, for 2020, WB moves Doctor Sleep to that spot, to follow the momentum of Stephen King movies in that release date (after the It saga); or if they schedule either Annabelle 3 or The Conjuring 3 for the date. 2021 should see either another TCU film or maybe even a revival of an older horror franchise, like A Nightmare On Elm Street or Final Destination.
  10. HOLY SHIT, what an opening for The Nun. It had been said that it was going to open to 50M+ for quite a while now (@EmpireCity predicted it), but fucking hell, it's still surprising to see it actually do that, nevermind with the mediocre/bad reviews and wom it has. One can only imagine if there was some money left on the table as a result of those reviews, which is even scary to think about (no pun intended). Between It and now this, which are the two biggest OW's ever in September for the record, first weekend of Fall season is pretty much locked down to be the prime opening spot for WB/New Line horror tentpoles, kinda how Marvel kicks off Summer season in April/May. Now release a The Nun: Creation with a better director in August to "redeem" this particular spin-off franchise, and watch more gallons of money fly down on your shoulders. The Crooked Man and The Conjuring 3 should follow, tbh. Don't really get Annabelle 3, though, but whatever.
  11. Ehh, Insidious 2 was direct sequel. This is a prequel, but there might be just enough standalone pull for people who didn't see TC2 (assuming wom doesn't cripple it). And if this hits the high end, even a sub-2x multiplier gets it there. Hell, horror movies in general have gotten leggier as of late (even Insidious 4 had a better than usual multiplier for not well recieved horror sequels).
  12. How? It's the biggest Thursday ever for TCU and it was done outside of Summer, and it guarantees at least a mid 40's OW, low 50's in the high end. Sure, wom is mediocre and Predator may stiff it out next weekend (not that it needed competition for a 60% drop), but it's, at worst, slightly likelier than not that it hits 100M with an opening like that.
  13. MCKillswitch123

    NUN-BELIEVERS ASSEMBLE: The Nun over 100M DOM and 300M WW CLUB

    A Quiet Place disagrees, mate. I dunno if that's sarcasm or not, but if it is, you know there's a chance this goes the Annabelle route and misses both of those marks, right? And this is coming from the OP of this club It's no "It over 300M" bold club, but given that I made it a year in advance, I think it's risky to always assume this movie was surefire to be in the same level of success as the two Conjuring movies and Annabelle 2.
  14. Weren't you expecting only 35M? (Don't take me the wrong way, not judging here.)

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