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  1. Weren't you saying initial reactions didn't matter when the matter was being discussed before Birds Of Prey?
  2. Call Of Duty (Y3 - dir. Paul Greengrass) Call Of Duty: Of Their Own Accord (Y4 - dir. Paul Greengrass) Gateways (Y6 - dir. Pete Docter) Pandas (Y6 - dir. Drew Fellman) Wolves (Y6 - dir. Alastair Fothergill)
  3. For all of this movie's issues - and I haven't seen it, so I can't comment - at least it has Lucy Hale looking really fucking hot. Maybe the hottest she's ever looked.
  4. BioShock (Y3 - dir. Alex Garland) Chrono Trigger (Y1 - dir. Andrew Adamson) One Piece: The Journey Begins (Y4 - dir. Jon Watts) SoulCalibur (Y3 - dir. Paul WS Anderson) Splatoon (Y5 - dir. Craig McCracken and Rodney Rothman)
  5. Borrasca (Y6 - dir. Fede Alvarez) Broadway Selects: Network (Y6 - dir. Ivo Van Hove and Lorenzo Thione) Broadway Selects: The Band's Visit (Y6 - dir. David Cromer and Lorenzo Thione) Burnout (Y3 - dir. Robert Rodriguez) By The Balls (Y4 - dir. Tony Yacenda)
  6. Forget the damn GCS movie already, it's probably not happening.
  7. Hoops (Y4 - dir. Charles Stone III) Hoops 2 (Y6 - dir. Charles Stone III) Mirror's Edge (Y1 - dir. Pierre Morel) Psychonauts (Y5 - dir. Duke Johnson and Tim Schaffer) The Last Policeman (Y6 - dir. Cary Fukunaga)
  8. Can You Imagine? (Y4 - dir. Genndy Tartakovsky) Making Waves (Y6 - dir. Sean McNamara) Sir Thymes Time (Y4 - dir. Chris McKay) The Last Six (Y5 - dir. James Wan) Yin (Y5 - dir. Daniel Espinosa)
  9. It's too soon to say that. Besides the poorly marketed BOP, the last rwo major comic book movies we got made a billion dollars. And that was after the Dark Phoenix bombage. If Wondie underperforms, then maybe we can say there might be some signs of fatigue going on.
  10. Birds Of Prey is proof that you can and will bomb if the circumstances go wrong for you no matter what date the movie comes out on. Sonic came out one week later and it's doing just fine. That's my point. Sonic is currently tracking at a 19-20M true Friday according to @cJS. That means Friday without previews. Which would put it at a 22-23M OD, higher than Pikachu, so no, it's not trending under Pikachu. It will likely open above it if that stays. Deadline's report is a massive lowball. JW3 doesn't appeal to the same demographic and neither does Godzilla. Aladdin would be competition but it was a breakout that hit higher than expected numbers, therefore, Sonic would be perfectly able to co-exist. See also: Jumanji and Dolittle dropping just fine on this weekend of Sonic's release. Pika meanwhile was naturally frontloaded due to the amount of fan rush it had. Sonic would maybe have a lower OW but better legs. You keep pushing the narrative that the focus should be on Paramount getting a win, which is not untrue, but it's so fucking obvious that you are butthurt beyond recognition that Sonic could outopen Pika that you're leaving yourself open to be ridicularized about your own ridiculousness.
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