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  1. Where did we go wrong to elect an extreme right wing CMTV football commentator for the parliament? Seriously. TV popularity gets you far, apparently. Happy for Livre and Iniciativa Liberal, though. Not 100% on board for what they offer, but they are clearly welcome breaths of fresh air for Portuguese democracy. And yeah, 9 parties in that parliament. That's gonna be a madhouse, from here on out. Crazy that Santana came so close too. And yeah, Costa's speech confirmed that Geringonça 2.0 is so happening and it will include PAN too, as well as potentially Livre.
  2. Well, of course, Geringonça was successful enough and it was effectively the closest thing BE will have to being on top Btw, Aliança overtook RIR and both are close to the 1% margin, with Chega past that mark as well. This means that there is a chance that Santana Lopes, Tino de Rans and André Ventura could all be in the parliament. Jesus Christ the third.
  3. Santana isn't getting there, it seems. However, Tino and Ventura have a solid shot at it at it. That sounds insane and disgusting at the same time. Jerónimo and his guerrilla will always toast defeat, that's what they've been doing forever now Geringonça 2.0 could still happen at this point, though. But I think that if it does, it will be with only PS and BE on their own, as CDU is irrelevant now.
  4. That would explain why the Hell anyone's ever voting for a dumbass party like PAN. Their intentions are good but they are hilariously naive to the point where they just look like animal activists trying way too hard to be politicians. Abstention has luckily diminished to 46%. I was watching SIC's broadcast but delayed Still horrible, though. They better invite people to give a shit about their own country soon. Unfortunately, Chega rose to a potential 1.1%, meaning they are one of the small parties with the biggest shot at getting in the parliement. Livre, Iniciativa Liberal and Tino de Rans' RIR are also getting there, it seems. Aliança won't get there. But that's 10 parties. 10. Madness.
  5. I was about to comment this with you. Holy fucking shit, between the squash that CDS took and the loss of the biggest number of seats for PSD, the right-wing had a painful death tonight. As far as André Ventura, the latest previsions have that the only new call-ups will be Livre and Iniciativa Liberal, aka the Hipsters Party and CDS Lite. Thank God. Still, Chega shouldn't even be in the consideration for call-ups. The flopped out PNR is more than enough when it comes to Portuguese neo-Nazis. CMTV assholes better not even come close to the parliament. PAN will have 4-6 people too. I guess people love stupidity Also, up to a potential 51% abstention. FUCKING. RIDICULOUS. And then people complain about the damn government all the time.
  6. @CJohn Unsurprisingly, the Globes turned a massive audience. Combined with the SIC Caras broadcast, it hit nearly 18% rating and 40% share. Cristina's ridiculous dresses have become the ultra meme on Twitter and Instagram. She absolutely succeeded in manipulating the mentally frail Portuguese in making her the talk of the town as she totally wanted And now SIC is promoting their new soap, Terra Brava, which is basically Ouro Verde meets Espírito Indomável. It's gonna be another runaway mega hit. All the while TVI will have some game shows with Pedro Fernandes and Pedro Teixeira that, even if good (which they might be), are guaranteed flops. RAP is the only competitive thing atm.
  7. @CJohn The Golden Globes have completely taken over the PT Twitter. This thing might be touching 40% share. And Diana Chaves looked beyond description.
  8. If you're talking about the American handegg edition, that's about as much non-contact as boxing. Anyway, how come Downton Abbey is this popular? Didn't think it would do the kind of numbers it's been pulling off. Abominable... abominable.
  9. It lost 1.5 million people in its first few minutes and still came in under 10% / 20% when it aired with no break after the Benfica game, which did 21% / 41% Headed straight for biggest flop of all time status at this point.
  10. On top of that, MasterChef, at 11PM, did about half of what Alma e Coração does on weekdays and less than plenty of episodes of A Dona do Pedaço as well. 4.9% / 16.7%. Share's not too shabby coming off the Na Corda Bamba floppage, but that rating is the pits. And this is the show that will reoccupy 9PM next week. I guess TVI misses the 10% shares on Sunday nights. Holy fucking shit.
  11. @CJohn Another one bites the dust. Na Corda Bamba premiered to an abysmal 9.9% / 19.7%. Golpe de Sorte S3 did an explosive 13.8% / 27.8%. Literally DOA.
  12. @CJohn After a bit of a stumble on Thursday thanks to a stronger than expected second to last episode result for Amar Depois de Amar, Nazaré is back to explosive results. Nearly 14% and 31% on Friday. ADdA flopped with 9% / 20%. Carolina Loureiro is everywhere and everything. And I'm not complaining a bit over that.
  13. She is, indeed. Though it is worth pointing out that the Thursday result was a bit of a letdown. 13.1% / 26.7%. With that being said, if Na Corda Bamba does that kind of numbers on premiere, that's incredible for its standards
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