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  1. It's a stretch to call this pure animation. It's more of a hybrid abomination
  2. Wonder Woman OVER Spider-Man 1 (domestic) | GLORIOUS VICTORY

    The most extreme polars one-two punch of all time: Tele following this club with the Terminator 3D one.
  3. Oh, here we go again with the victimization. Of course you're allowed to have your opinion. I'm posting my own opinion that Zootopia deserved it in a rather sarcastic way. I don't actually want you to get a brain check, it's just a joke. Relax a little bit. (But there's a side of me that yes, really wants you to get one )
  4. Hey, anybody complaining over Zootopia winning the Oscar should get a brain check, because it 100% deserved it, with or without Kubo being there. But yes, the Brave and Big Hero 6 wins were BS if you ask me. This year, I really hope Lego Batman at least gets a nomination, but Coco is probably gonna win.
  5. Looks like Paddington, if Paddington were about a bunch of stoners. Not really funny, though. Kinda lame, actually.
  6. MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS | 11.10.17 | Fox

    Really excited for this movie and the content itself looks great. But am I the only one who feels like the trailer was cut a little awkwardly?
  7. If you can invest in October movies in this thread: Happy Death Day - 100% Madea Halloween 2 - 50%
  8. The Equalizer 2 | August 3 2018

    I guess studios took note of how barren August was this year and how it allowed smaller scale movies like The Hitman's Bodyguard to breakout (as well as how more outside the box action movies have seen success before), so they're just jumbling everything together here. I don't know about Scarface since Ayer left - and if it does move onto production, it's probably gonna be moved closer to awards season, maybe to try to get consideration for Diego Luna or the Coens in writing categories. But Predator is already scheduled for August, and Meg could also be a sleeper hit, if The Shallows and 47 Meters Down prove anything (COULD, not saying it will, Statham doesn't have huge US influence..... but shark movies tho). The Equalizer 2 could still be a mid range performer, but I don't think it's hitting 100M again unless wom is really good.
  9. D'oh, not looking all that great after all, hein? Oh well, most of the reviews say the movie suffers due to its similarities with the formula - kinda like what they say with Kingsman 2 - but quite honestly, I don't see that holding audiences back from enjoying it. If it's funny, and outlets are saying it is, then it will succeed, especially with so little competition (My Little Pony isn't really going to be a huge detriment to the money it makes).
  10. Tuesday: IT 5,37 mln; Annabelle passed 100 m$ domestic

    Yeah, I guess you can say WW has the edge in terms of legs, and Deadpool opening-wise. Albeit nobody expected Deadpool to open as big as it did, and by proxy nobody expected it to reach 360M+, so by default I find it more shocking. I know it's hard to believe many months after the fact, but I was always on the Wonder Woman 100M+ OW/300M+ DOM bandwagon - but I definitely never expected it to make 400M+ or outgross every superhero movie except The Avengers 1/2 and The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises.
  11. Tuesday: IT 5,37 mln; Annabelle passed 100 m$ domestic

    I think he meant Annabelle. To which I say: who knows, will there even be one to begin with? What else can you do with the doll? Also, @FantasticBeasts, Deadpool is a bigger surprise than anything this year except It imo. Get Out and Wonder Woman were formidable stories, but Deadpool is a whole new level of pure shock.
  12. Tuesday: IT 5,37 mln; Annabelle passed 100 m$ domestic

    What did BATB change? Reaffirm that Disney remakes make a lot of money? Surely nothing people clearly didn't know after Alice, Maleficent, Cinderella and TJB all made monster cash *sarcasm*. Box office wise, It is easily a bigger story. BATB was expected to pull its kind of numbers by plenty of people, while It had top of the line predictions at high 100's, some cracking 200, and it's going to demolish that, despite being a 30M budget R-rated horror movie with zero starpower in September. Deadpool wasn't 2016's highest grossing film, but it sure was the most memorable story BO wise.
  13. Your argument is very persuasive. I WILL DO. And probably fail
  14. Thank God Sucks that I have to wait until next week to watch Kingsman (don't care about the reviews), but oh well. Also, good on them. Tom Cruise sells, while [SPOILERS] does not. I would love to convince my peers to go see Blade Runner 2049 too, but some of them haven't seen the original yet, which sucks.

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