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  1. Phoenix Fire Entertainment presents... The studio's official entries for the Y9 Film Festival ----------------- Screening OUT-OF-COMPETITION... "After experiencing trauma early in her life, Sasha begins having visions of a dark creature, whose intentions are unknown." A film by Emily Harris (Carmilla) Hannah Rae | Olivia Thirlby Natalia Dyer | Moisés Arias | Erin Doherty with Naomi Watts with Liam Neeson and James Jude Courtney Loosely based on the Reddit post A life of deaths CW: Death
  2. I side with Blanks: about one or two weeks after totals and WW are complete. However, if peeps aren't ready for it at that moment, early to mid October would suit fine as well.
  3. For me, I agree with @Alpha regarding the necessity to cut budgets down, not keep any f them as they are. I do like the proposed budgets of 30m for IC and 75m for OOC, as it allows IC films to remain low to mid budget, and OOC mid to high and relatively commercial, as @4815162342 mentioned. As for the judges question that @SLAM! mentioned, I am still of the mind that it should be someone who isn't submitting anything at all to the festival, so as everyone get commentary on all of their films from the judges. That being said, I suppose we can work with judges who at best can only su
  4. Congratulations to all of tonight's winners - especially @4815162342, who won Best Picture, and @Blankments, who cleaned up shop. Well done.
  5. Surprised this list has never been posted before: Top 10 OW PTA's: And the Band Played On (limited), Y2 - $202 137 O, Maestro! (limited), Y5 - $132 747 The Parvelli Reunion (limited), Y2 - $123 901 / $199 738 Everything We Miss (limited), Y8 - $108 395 56 Days of Love (limited), Y2 - $105 431 A Month at Belmond Lane (limited), Y4 - $95 391 Returning from Hell (limited), Y8 - $90 111 Paradise Island (limited), Y6 - $69 920 Learning to Care (limited), Y8 - $68 923 / $84 753 The Knight (limited), Y2 - $64 499 Top 10 Wide
  6. @CayomMagazine Phoenix Fire Entertainment is fast-tracking production on a yet untitled adaptation of Gizmondo's Spectacular Crack-up, a Wired Magazine article from 2006 by Randall Sullivan, detailing the history of the people behind Gizmondo, an ahead of its time but ultimately ill-fated video game console created by people linked to the Swedish mafia. Cory Finley (Thoroughbreds, Bad Education, Dealer's Choice) will write and direct this black comedy crime thriller, and Academy Award winner Hugh Jackman will team up with Finley once again, after Bad Education, to play
  7. Gizmondo's Spectacular Crack-up - Wired Magazine article by Randall Sullivan
  8. Also claiming the rights to Soil by Arianna Reiche (Joyland Magazine).
  9. Dropping the rights to Meme Run - I wanted to make the troll meme movie but @YourMother the Edgelord got ahead of me. And claiming the rights to: - A life of deaths CW: Death by u/MetallicMintGreen (Reddit) - The Next Good Day by Oliver Bisky (Reedsy) - Saffron Farm by Claire Rudy Foster (Split Lip Magazine)
  10. @CayomMagazine Grand Theft Auto comes out on the 4-day Memorial Day Weekend Y9. Phoenix Fire reveals right now that the trailer will be released during the Academy Award Y8 ceremony.
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