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  1. Don't underestimate Manzarra and Raminhos' power in a renewed, all-powerful SIC that has made 95% of everything they've done since Daniel Oliveira took charge work. Lip Sync Battle flopped but that was because of the botching of the premiere episode, and even then, it still beat the soap operas on its final episode and led on its 1st two episodes with Consolidado ratings, so the audience was there to watch it, SIC just didn't give them the product they liked the most. That may not happen this time, and plus, kids are cute and everybody likes to aww. The Catarina Furtado Saturday night kids show on RTP1 does pretty decent business, so I don't see the Manzarra show bombing. And Raminhos is a pretty big deal. And he's getting a Smart Face-like concept that could really pull audiences in. Oh, btw, SIC is starting to promote the new gameshow, which apparently will be called Fill Your Wish List. They did not announce Cristina Ferreira as the host, though, but it is heavily rumored that such will be the case, so we'll see. The Farmer is just unstoppable. This season is even stronger than the previous one. The shares this thing does are fucking mad. It's beyond comprehension.
  2. @CJohn Well, I'll be damned, TVI got a little win on Monday............... and by that, I mean that Amar Depois de Amar did more than 9% rating. That's it. But hey, it did start after Golpe de Sorte and end before it, AND there were still some São João festivities going on, AND it was a pretty hot Summer night. So that's not too bad. Prisioneira started directly after it and less than an hour later, and barely cracked 7% rating. Surely the new Vidas Opostas, at this point. So ADdA's result should be somewhat commended. That being said, it still got its ass kicked by Golpe de Sorte, as did TVI in general. At this point, it's pretty clear that Golpe de Sorte is no Dancin' Days, though. Which is a bit of a disappointment after what I think was one of the greatest marketing campaigns in Portuguese television history. It does Valor da Vida numbers. That's it. Maybe a little worse, even. However, Golpe de Sorte was also the replacement to two mega flops, while Valor da Vida was the replacement to a bunch of mega hits. While I would consider Valor a, at best, moderate hit that bordered on being a flop, I would unquestionably call Golpe a hit. There is definitely merit in Golpe's success and I think SIC is only gonna look further and higher from September onwards. Also, I swear to God I don't get The Farmer Wants A Wife, but my fucking Goodness, this show just KEEPS ON TROTTING ALONG LIKE A MONSTER. 8.5% rating and over 25% share at 7PM in June. That's INSANE. And just last week, it was doing, like, 9.5% rating and 27% share. This is like Portugal TV's Aladdin: a fucking behemoth that I cannot wrap my head around. Last year, SIC was doing about 8.5% share in the same period. And btw, SIC with another bombshell: there's a new entertainment show with António Raminhos and a musician pulling a Smart Face (Sabe ou Não Sabe) on unsuspecting civilians coming. On top of the Cristina Ferreira gameshow, the Manzarra children/family show, the celebrities meet cute animals show, the new season of Comedy On The Edge and the two soap operas that will be a Espírito Indomável rip-off and a riff on the Pedrógão wildfires respectively. SIC: they will own the fucking country by the end of the year.
  3. I think Somos Portugal was hurt by the S. João parties, which split the pimbalhada audience. SIC came out benefitted as they offered the alternative between the three main channels, and were the leaders of the afternoon. I wouldn't call the movie results stunning, but they weren't bad either - True Grit did alright and King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword actually did pretty good.... about on par with what GOTG Vol. 2 did last week. On TVI's side, the news broadcasts did solid business (Jornal das 8 won by a comfortable margin, and Jornal da Uma didn't but it did good too.... the Somos Portugal lead-in has done it a lot of favors). Apart from that, a disaster. Somos Portugal disappointed and Your Face Sounds Familiar...... undescribably bad. At this point, nothing can save them. Without the mornings working out, they will never be competitive again, and with Cristina in the other side, that's nigh impossible. The only shot they have is if they completely renew the morning show altogether. Somos Portugal boosted Jornal da Uma immensely on Sundays, compared to what Inspetor Max was doing; and need I say more regarding the Você na TV/Jornal da Uma pre-2019 and Cristina/Primeiro Jornal duos? And they also DESPERATELY need something to ramp up the 7PM and Sunday night slots, and if it's not called "Big Brother" or "Kitchen Nightmares", I doubt it will work out.
  4. @CJohn Holy SHIT, TVI now does 15% on Sundays too They lost by 2% to SIC. Not even Somos Portugal saves them at this point.
  5. ....."original"? What's that? I only trust things that I actually know. (That's the likely real response by the average GA joe, btw. The casual moviegoer is increasingly skeptical of their movie choices, meaning they will be more and more picky with the movies they watch.... thus, leaving the generally big brands as the only ones a lot of them might go to. Pixar is a big enough brand to carry originals easily, but still, why are you surprised that people actually want more of what they like? We are talking about the same audience that is carrying fucking Aladdin to a billion dollars. And they literally just got something that no one should've wanted and yet got great response and was a record opening for its franchise; plus, if they could find a way to make a TS4 even after what seemed like a pretty conclusive ending, don't be shocked if they find a way to make a 5th one and everyone will collectively blow their wads over it. I'm not condoning that line of thinking, and I too never wanted TS4 to begin with, just like I don't want a Lion King, I didn't want an Aladdin, I didn't ask for a Dumbo, I certainly didn't ask for a Cars 2, a Cars 3, a Dory or a Monsters Inc. prequel, etc.. I'm just asking why is it really that much of a shock. After TS4 - which, let's face it: BO-wise, it was overhyped by idiots, because I myself didn't even think 100 was locked before the trades reported on tracking - I'm pretty certain most people will want a 5th movie, it will probably happen sooner or later, and it will probably make more on OW than the majority of non-Disney/Pixar original films in total.)
  6. Were it not for presales and all the trade bastards like DHD and THR, I don't think anyone would be saying that Toy Story 4, arguably one of the most greedily greenlit projects ever (regardless of how well crafted it turned out to be), opening above TS3 would be an underperformance. Even just a month or two ago, I was on the fence about 100 altogether. It will make more on opening week than Detective Pikachu. That's a twist of fate after the initial trailers came out, if there ever was one.
  7. Maybe it was just my pettyness, but I didn't see it. I didn't see why there would be more interest for a completely unnecessary fourthquel to a trilogy that ended in absolute perfection than there was to a 1st sequel to Finding Nemo, which, however unnecessary it too may have seemed, was far more in-demand from the GA than I think people believed it to be. And I'm not gonna lie: when the movie apparently did turn out good, which is awesome and all, and with the presale data, I was fully ready to lose all those points that I bet, so this took me by surprise as well.
  8. @MattW @YourMother the Edgelord I'm not usually arrogantly cocky, but.... ,,,,sorry.
  9. I read the description and I was both amazed that it was basically a Ben Affleck biopic, and disappointed that it wasn't a sequel to The Accountant.
  10. One had a 300M budget, didn't even hit 100 on OW despite being the literal equivalent of The Avengers for DC and its performance out of the gate made it look like 700M WW would be a reach for it (and ergo, it didn't even get there). It probably still made WB some profit, but it was likely by the skin of its teeth. This one, on the other hand, has a 200M budget and will likely make 800-900M WW, and will be one of the few animated movies to open north of 100 despite being a completely unwanted fourthquel. Will also be the highest opening Toy Story movie and in the top 5 animated OW's ever. And it is nowhere NEAR the level of high profile that Justice League was. It's almost like comparing Shrek to Star Wars. Disappointment is one thing. Disaster is a whole different thing. An Age Of Ultron is a disappointment. A Dark Phoenix is a disaster.
  11. It's gonna make more than Aladdin in a couple of weeks, so yeah, FLOP territory indeed!
  12. @CJohn On third episode, Amar Depois de Amar did 8.8% rating and 19.2% share with an extended episode that took on SIC's commercial breaks in two instances..... and couldn't even lead against them. Oh, and Você na TV had its worst result EVER. The Summer of TVI.
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