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  1. 1st the Burton Batman as Vulture, now the "was going to be but no more" Batman as Mysterio... what's the next Batman-related hero to play a silly Spider-Man villain, Christian Bale as Beetle? Nicolas Cage as Hammerhead? In all seriousness, this is a big get for the movie, just like Michael Keaton was for Homecoming 1 (and that turned out great). I could do with someone more talented than Jon Watts on the director's chair, but what the hell, he did a good job w/the 1st one, so let's see if he ups the ante for the 2nd one, especially in the wake of Infinity War. Also, the hint that Homecoming is on par or worse than the Amazing Spider-Man titles is pure heresy. Or just really, REALLY bad takes. Not that Homecoming is great, but come the fuck on. Tbh ASM1 wasn't bad, but ASM2 is absolute garbage. It makes Spider-Man 3 look like North By Northwest.
  2. Ok, so to me, I really enjoyed it. The humor is on part w/the original (Goddamn did that legs skit kill me), the action is terrific, the movie is a lot more well accomplished technically than the 1st, the characters are mostly great (Cable and Domino are excellent new additions), and the movie's drama was surprisingly heartwarming and compelling. It felt like a much more down to Earth movie than the 1st one, which was kind of a stoner comedy w/a Count of Monte Cristo meets Seth MacFarlane complex (not that there's anything wrong w/that because the original was also very good). And need I say anything about the post-credits scenes? Apart from the fact that I thought that DOFP had erased X-Men Origins: Wolverine from existence.... X-Men timelines are just the worst. That being said, I have to agree that everything from when Wade Wilson wakes up in the X-Men mansion up until the 3rd act felt really slow moving. Everything before, right from the opening scene to the Céline Dion opening credits was brilliant; then the X-Men stuff happens and the pacing spikes downward. There was a lot of great humor and banter along the way, but there's no denial that the movie felt loooooong and kinda exhausting as a result of the dour pacing in the middle. Probably a direct consequence of the billions of different directions the plot takes. And I do mean BILLIONS, it felt like the story went in all sorts of twists and turns. Too much of them, maybe. Still, a very worthy sequel to the original, and in a ton of areas better than it. Though if we are getting either a Deadpool 3 or an X-Force movie, I wouldn't bring David Leitch back as a solo act, since he clearly has some struggling w/properly structuring a story on his own (proven by both Atomic Blonde and, to a lesser degree, this). If Leitch is to come back, I'd bring him as part of a duo alongside his John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski (who also made John Wick 2 on his own). And @OdinSon2k14, if you put Juggernaut in a 2018 villain list in the last couple of days, that's probably a strong indication that Juggernaut is in Deadpool 2 (and he wasn't advertised to be). It could be unintentional, but that on its own IS a massive spoiler nonetheless.
  3. Finally saw Deadpool 2. It was really good, but I'm honestly not sure if I liked it more than the 1st one. It has some pacing and direction issues that did bother me a bit. That being said, it's every bit as funny as the 1st one, the action is terrific, the drama was actually compelling and the technical composition is a noticeable step up from the original (probably because 1) the director isn't doing a 1st time job; 2) it has a much higher budget). The post credit scenes is kinda what I expected it to be after seeing the movie, but it was no less awesome because of that.
  4. I think it's because they're accounting for Angola + Portugal's combined BO. I mean, Avengers is reported at like €2.68 million an----OH, wait a minute, now I see the issue: they have the movies converted for their totals in USD, not in Euros. I was checking IW's Euros total and BVS/Avengers' $ totals. Nevermind, then: IW has indeed beaten both BVS and Avengers .
  5. That's like the least of SS's problems Logic was completely thrown out the window for the plot of this film. Sometimes that's fine in big action films, but in SS's case, it's not even a matter of the film being aware of its idiocy but still taking us for a fun, if extremely flawed ride (alas Jurassic World), it's just a completely dumbfounded story that actually believes it's good. Tbh David Ayer was a part of the problem as this was too big a project for his little head, but it's almost undeniable that he also got fucked by WB in their post-BVS panic. I would've liked to have seen that dark psychological thriller version that the original teaser of the film promised (pre-3rd act reshoots, of course).
  6. Oh, I didn't go by tickets, I simply checked the raw box office numbers through Box Office Mojo (which includes Angola, for whatever reason); IW hasn't reached BVS/Spider-Man 3/Avengers numbers yet Shame about SS. Just the fact that it's a good movie makes it deserve better numbers than that piece of shit; the fact that it's borderline great is even more frustrating. Still a step up in every way from previous Disney MCU efforts, so there's that.
  7. Yeah, we got full-out Summer weather this weekend (apart from a couple of thunderstorms, and even they brought hot air with them), probably didn't encourage a lot of people to go to theaters. The Sporting thing, though.... dear God Infinity War's run has been amazing, though. Shame it won't get to beat Suicide Squad (seems too far out of reach), but over BVS is a lock now, it seems. Dunno about Avengers 1 or Spider-Man 3, but it would be nice to see that too.
  8. Yeah, you're right, Aladdin does release on Memorial Day itself. Confusion comes from my end because, as a non-American, I've always assumed that Memorial Day weekend was the last weekend of May.
  9. This is not as crazy as it once was. Still, I'm calling it OUT on DOM and, frankly, IN on WW. Solo is gonna bomb OS so hardcore.
  10. Good news, indeed. Very strong Sunday hold for DP2, let's see how it holds on Memorial Day (it should hold solidly, even against Solo). I still think it can get to 300M. Nice for Book Club too, will probably come closer to 13M or even past that. And of course IW was underestimated, 35.5% Sun drop? C'mon Disney 30-25% range for sure. Hope for 25% just so it gets to 30M, but it is optimistic to expect a 10% rise in estimates, so I'll just go for middle of the range at 27% and call it a 29.7M weekend. Honestly, about as good a hold as IW could've had with DP2 opening (I never bought the sub-50% predictions).
  11. A Quiet Place is a gigantic hit, non-original but non-sequel films like Greatest Showman, I Can Only Imagine and Peter Rabbit made quite the bucks, Shape Of Water grossed almost 200M WW (the most out of any Best Picture winner since Argo), Three Billboards was also a monstruous hit relative to its budget and sensibilities as an awards drama..... how come there's a lack of investment in original stories + new franchises? Maybe from Hollywood, but not from the audience. And regarding Hollywood's lack of investment, acting like CBM's are the sole reason why isn't gonna help, considering that the box office numbers of CBM's clearly back up the choice to invest in them. There's a lot - too many even - of ill-advised franchise attempts out there, cut down on those and try to focus on good stories that people will like and the problem is possibly fixed.
  12. Again, give it the same scenario as DP1 and I imagine the Saturday is at least a little higher due to more people out of work on Sunday. Though I will give you that its Sat proved DP2 to be frontloaded on OW, for sure.
  13. None of those had the kind of direct competition that IW had in their 4th weekends, though Seriously, DP2 was another massive superhero film that took away all of its premium formats. Thinking IW had an outright bad weekend (and I'm pretty sure Disney is lowballing it again anyway) is either stirring the pot or not understanding context.
  14. ....because unlike DP1, it didn't have a hugely inflated Sunday combo of Valentine's Day (DP1 marketed itself as a love story) + pre-President's Day Monday boost? DP2 opens in the same scenario as DP1, and I bet that it breaks the R-rated OW.

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