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  1. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    What does that have to do with how they smell, and why did you ask me that in the 1st place?
  2. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Same goes to you and your silly ass wet dogs question.
  3. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Do you have any personal opinions or statements on why the universe isn't a sponge?
  4. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Well, Cristina did fall below 35% on Wednesday, she only hit 34% But then again, it was Wednesday, so of course that would happen. Let's see what happens with the result from today's show, since it had Júlia there and was a big party at Cristina's house. If it touches the 40's again....... Goddamn. Você na TV is one of, if not the biggest reason why TVI got lazy for 149 months. When you had something so ridiculously overpowered boosting your entire daytime and the competition is mere goose in comparision, of course you'll have a freebie to win day after day on end. SIC did make things competitive during the Dancin' Days era, but even their absolutely brutal prime time wasn't enough to stop TVI. So to say that seeing it flop like this is absolutely baffling.... is kind of a total understatement It barely cracked 20% share on Wednesday. And that is considered a small step FORWARD Agreed on Goucha and Secret Story. Tbh, I'm not sure if they'll even pull the Secret Story card this year or anytime soon, cause they know that the show will drop immensely from that previous season's results. DWTS has Rita Pereira's beautiful cleavage and it barely makes 10-12% rating, why would something that would already feel tired (SS with Goucha again) go that much higher? If anything, they'll go full desperation and give Big Brother another crack. Or they'll think "nah, Big Brother is just more of the same" (and it is), and they'll bring back Survivor or Perdidos na Tribo instead........ only to then remember how massive of a flop that 50 Hours show was not that long ago Now I remember that they're gonna attempt that Contentor show about naked people in the streets, but I'm not sure if that does much better than Love On Flop. Pretty sure I have read that it will be Cristina helming it, yeah. I thought that they were keeping the Cristina on prime time trump card for later, but I guess they wanna cash in on the hot iron right now and I don't blame them, especially if Lip Sync Battle doesn't take off. Remember how HUGE The Biggest Loser was back in 2011 with Júlia hosting? Prepare for something even bigger with Cristina's new show Kitchen Nightmares is undoubtedly the only thing that TVI could feasibly put in front of it and not get embarassed. And since Ljubo does whatever the fuck he wants, I don't think that's happening unless they pay him €500K or something like that, he's like the Brock Lesnar of Portuguese TV
  5. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    But it wouldn't take a genius to see that Cristina's popularity dwarfs Júlia's, as it's not just the typical granny audience of morning shows that loves her.... she has a Goddamn million followers on Instagram or something like that, she's a true four quadrant megastar. Her interview on Jornal da Noite before the premiere of Alma e Coração hit like 40%+ share as well, and she has been relentless in advertising her new show (and not like Júlia, who promoted her show in an aggressive but pretty awkward way). But again, I don't think anyone expected Cristina's show to stay at this level nearly 2 weeks after it started, or Você na TV to be a total bomb against the competition. Unbelievable. Apanha Se Puderes will probably continue, they'll shoot a new version with Leonor Poeiras in all likelihood; but TVI will be so stupid that they will think the show itself sells well, and not just Cristina It's a great format and a very entertaining show, but once the Cristina version is done, people won't care anymore. Especially now that SIC is revamping the 6PM timeslot and will likely start premiering unaired Globo soap operas there, given the success of the Gabriela and Avenida Brasil re-runs. Dude, TVI and laziness go together like peanut butter and jelly, it's hilarious Like, how the hell have they not fixed their early afternoon programming yet? Catastrophic failure in that end. And I actually think that Goucha on his own would be doing slightly better, and to his credit, he can say that the Secret Story season he hosted was the most successful one in a while, so I do think that he does have a draw appeal to him as well. But as far as this battle goes, it really doesn't matter who would've fought Cristina: the show would've been a bomb anyway. This is madness, shall I say, and I'm so curious to see where it goes from here on. As for Dancing With The Stars, I'm not sure about that. It actually beat Lip Sync Battle in its premiere, despite Lip Sync having literally every circumstance in its favor. Reason why is because Lip Sync got horrible word of mouth from the audience. Raul Meireles' performance made waves, but otherwise, wom was piss poor, and I'm not surprised, cause the show was pretty boring and the format is even weaker than Dancing's. If Daniel Oliveira makes drastic changes to the format, maybe it can still be competitive and lead a couple of times, but otherwise, DWTS will lead, and SIC won't take Sunday nights back until Cristina's new show (The Farmer Wants A Wife, or something like that), which is going to be in the same vein as Married At First Sight/Casados à Primeira Vista... and it will likely hit 50% share or something like that Unless it's not that good, like Driven To Love/Carro do Amor. Then it will only do 45%
  6. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Você na TV had a lower rating and share than the fucking re-run of Mar Salgado, which has been a flop and fell to sub-20% share from the over 30% that Primeiro Jornal had. Unreal. Ironically, TVI's programming starts taking the lead when Apanha Se Puderes comes on But Avenida Brasil is already catching up and it will eventually take the lead for sure. And you are absolutely right: Cristina would destroy in just about any channel she came on. However, I feel like the insane promotion that the SIC transfer has had, and just the general quality of her show.... yeah, this was basically a Big Brother in 2000-like perfect storm. I still think TVI can win this month based on the weekends, and Cristina isn't staying at 35%+ forever unless she constantly finds way to renew herself (though never doubt the queen). But yeah, this is amazing. And I don't think Maria was a mistake. I actually like her a lot. The problem is that TVI are M-O-R-O-N-S if they thought that she, a virtual unknown whose only feat was a somewhat popular talk show on Porto fucking Canal, as well as a slightly revamped Você na TV could take on the most buzzed about transfer maybe in Portuguese TV history. But I didn't think that Cristina would lead with THIS much intensity... Jesus. And the scary thing is that SIC would be way higher if prime time wasn't complete dogshit ratings-wise. Alma e Coração is a billion times better than Paixão, and yet it's a bigger flop. And Vidas Opostas is the flop of the decade. The TVI shows aren't doing amazing either, tbh, but compared to SIC's, it's not even close. @Napoleon TV Globo's soap operas have been a constant of Portuguese TV for decades now, and TV Globo Portugal (a cable channel) is the 5th most watched channel in the country. I'd beg to differ.
  7. MCKillswitch123

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    @CJohn Dude, following Portuguese TV channel ratings is exciting again...... SIC has been leading since last week (apart from the weekend days, where TVI won) and has a good chance to snatch the 150th consecutive month in leadership away from TVI Cristina Ferreira is a fucking PHENOMENON. None of her shows have fallen below 35% in share, and her 1st two went above 40%. She single-handledly dragged SIC's daytime and afternoon programming to crushing leaderships, all the way until prime time when the night news shows become competitive and then the TVI soap operas annihilate SIC's. It's like the opposite of 2013, when SIC had the Avatar of Portuguese TV shows (Dancin' Days) and a killer prime time, but then lost on the completely boneless programming that came beforehand. This feels kind of historic, actually
  8. MCKillswitch123

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    Eh. Kinda looks like a 2000's superhero movie. It's pretty ugly on the eyes, and there's better CGI in the Raimi films, for God's sake. Jon Watts excels at the smaller moments and the comedy (the things that made Homecoming good, besides the cast), but he suuuuucks at bringing spectacle to the screen and making his films feel like films and not just high budget TV specials. Fishbowl was cool, but Gyllenhaal in the Mysterio suit looked kinda dumb. And it feels completely unimportant... at least it made sense with Homecoming, but this is the 1st post-Endgame movie and it has such a so non-chalantly Ant-Man And The Wasp-esque vibe to it. I thought AMATW was okay, but shouldn't we be going for something slightly more striking than that? At least they didn't flat out spoil Endgame, and the Fury reveal was funny. And I'm sure the movie will be fine and entertaining, but it really could be a lot more than that. So, yay? Marvel Studios, just hire Lord and Miller to do the next Spider-Man movie.
  9. One of these is not like the other. Captain America does not belong next to Star Wars, Avengers and Dragon Ball. I mean, he's cool and all, but.... c'mon, now.
  10. And I wonder if it wouldn't go even higher if STX had promoted it better and if Kevin Hart didn't have controversy around him at the moment.
  11. Hey, it's your fan @IronJimbo who I always read as saying 3 billie. I don't even know where can you get 3 billie from, are you going to find asscracks of the world that no one knew existed and had goldmines inside th----nevermind for asking, you've already done the impossible multiple times, Mr. Cameron. I love your action movies, btw. Any chance we'll get the real Terminator 3 one day?
  12. So much for Avatar 2 making 3 billie. Now it will gross 2.999.997 billie.
  13. In bold are three words that make all the difference. GA's don't really care about the mid budget or non-commercial films unless they have an attractive concept nowadays. That, alongside recognizable brands, mass appeal genres and nostalgia, is what sells in the current world. Very few movies are sold on actual names, this isn't the 80's and 90's anymore. That's why few originals are huge hits, as welcome as they may be (though most hit originals are horror films). Also, why is gaming being used as a metric? Gaming's problems straight up border on anti-consumer, and as a result, the gaming community is way less lenient on giving backlash, as even the big commercial game releases can be crippled, rushed out the door or destroyed by the greedy inclusion of ways for studios to make more money on top of the big load of cash that had already been paid upfront. Big budgets going to franchise films is not really anti-consumer, and if there is a film people just don't have any interest on, they won't show up for it, period (case in point: Solo). But if people do wanna see them, why stop them? I'll be the 1st to tell you that Disney's remakes, apart from a handful, are completely useless from a creative standpoint and only serve to mindfulnessly entertain and nostalgia bait for a while.... but I'll also be the 1st to tell you that if people like them and they make a fucking shit ton of money, then why wouldn't you bank on them? Either way, I'm not sure if this conversation is even relevant for The Lego Movie 2. The 1st movie was, y'know, legit excellent. Why in the world would they not do a sequel?

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