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  1. I liked the tension, the physical action and the cinematography. Didn't like the accents, the CGI and the editing. Overall, it was a mixed bag of a trailer but I enjoyed it. @YourMother the Edgelord After the end credits and success of Far From Home, Spider-Man 3 is probably the biggest blockbuster of Summer 2021, bigger than even Batman and Jurassic World. Very little chance it misses 1B. And the Gunn Squad won't hurt it because it won't really do that well... I wouldn't be shocked if it gets Shazam numbers. Seriously, the 1st movie was hated.
  2. @CJohn Kitchen Nightmares blew up and buried both Married At First Sight and Nazaré. Ljubo is the GAWD of TV, next to Cristina and Gordo. Oh, and SIC officially announced The Masked Singer, possibly with Cristina. That's gonna be a juggernaut.
  3. Sorry to bring this up again but I really gotta disagree with this one. I don't see how it was a mess. It juggled all those elements about as competently and cohesively as it could have been. There was a LOOOOT going on and some of it was a bit all over the place, but there was a fine narrative string - cracks in the Avengers start to form because of multiple variables and it all leads to a fight - going on that kept everything in place. It's far from perfect but I really think it's horribly underappreciated in this forum, and part of me feels like a lot of people don't like it just because it looks ugly and they didn't kill each other (Hell, I used to be one of those). Well, to each their own, I guess.
  4. Believing Snyder has talent or not is no fact, it's an opinion. Plain and simple. You like his choices or you don't. It doesn't come down to "it's like saying the Earth's flat" at all.
  5. It's either that or Joker. The two behemoths of the moment. But trying to move on, Frozen 2 is doing phenomenally well, making up for an OW that was good but could've been higher. FVF and Knives Out on their way to 100M DOM is also highly encouraging.
  6. He's a sociopath that saw his people ruined by overpopulation and thinks that this is a noble way to save the universe. Even before the Titans were all gone, he thought half of them should be extinct. Yes, his reasoning is stupid when you account for the fact that you could simply grow resources to feed everyone and that his method is totally inhumane, but again, he doesn't exactly have what you call level-headed morality. He be a wacko. That's why you don't want him to succeed. And the great thing about him isn't the motivation per say, but that he's so convinced he's actually a hero doing the right thing.
  7. That's great for Knives Out. I was worried that the backlash regarding You Know What would affect it, but if anything, it just got Rian Johnson's name out there.
  8. So I saw this movie. And it be-LOWS. Ok, it doesn't completely suck. As a standalone action movie, it's pretty decent. The acting is quite solid, the action is kick-ass and it even has some well written, funny humor spread throughout. It's a total rip-off of the 1st two films, but again, it works where it needs to work. However, this isn't a random standalone action film. It's a sequel to Terminator 1 and 2. And as such, it makes some of the dumbest choices I have seen in a movie in a very long time. I dunno who's to blame for this - Miller, Cameron or both - but yeah, this didn't work. Miller's proposed premise of humanity losing to Legion would have been a lot better.
  9. None of them are exactly as popular as King fucking Kong, are they?
  10. Much better release date. I would argue that it should even go for the Christmas release, but Dune benefits more from it, so it's ok.
  11. Don't see why Jungle Cruise would make nearly twice as much as Maleficent 2. I just feel like The Rock's very few less successful movies and the Disney live-action bombs of the last few years make it an uncertainty. And the fact that it looks like a Jumanji 2.0 will only hurt it, me thinks. It does have star power, a good director, not much competition and Summer days to boost it, so it's definitely not impossible, but I feel like at best, it could hit like 120. Sounds a bit high for Tenet, but hey, Nolan + spies give it a high ceiling. 200 for West Side Story I think is possible if it has Oscar buzz. Without it, it's doing Mary Poppins Returns numbers at best. Agreed on Top Gun 2. But I'm leaning towards it pulling an Independence Day 2 and cracking the mark. Yeah, Dune is a wildcard. I think it could do well with the Christmas release really pushing it - Blade Runner 2049 came really close to 100M in October, after all. But it sounds like hardcore Villeneuve and that could be a mainstream turn-off even with all the fantasy elements at play. It depends on how audiences recieve a film like that. I think WW84 has a shot at 500. Not a big one, but one nonetheless. On top of that, I wouldn't be surprised at either Eternals or Soul hitting 400. Absolutely agreed that there will be a drop both DOM and WW.
  12. No guarantee it's gonna have better wom. Plus, The Rock's had his missteps, like Skyscraper.
  13. Mentioning the films I think can hit 100M DOM: Bad Boys For Life Birds Of Prey (And The Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) Onward Godzilla Vs. Kong A Quiet Place: Part II Mulan No Time To Die Black Widow Scoob! Fast & Furious 9 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run Wonder Woman 1984 Soul King Of Staten Island Top Gun: Maverick In The Heights Minions: The Rise Of Gru Free Guy Ghostbusters 2020 Tenet Malignant The Conjuring 3 Venom 2 Halloween Kills The Eternals Raya And The Last Dragon West Side Story Uncharted Tom And Jerry The Croods 2 On the fence about a few, like Jungle Cruise, Death On The Nile and Dune. Right now, I feel like these are the ones with ceilings at or above 100M.
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