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  1. IURD are fucking disgusting power hungry greedfucks. Of course they'd Nazi the shit out of their propaganda piece. Lion King's success is baffling. Do people not see a shitty nostalgia cash grab when they get one? But either way, mind-blowing numbers. OUATIH had amazing marketing. It was everywhere. Dat Tarantino powah. (DiCap, Pitt and Margot a little bit too.)
  2. I got my barbed wire baseball bat ready for fools who eyeball me the wrong way THE 3RD SAFEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN
  3. @CJohn TVI is consistently going lower and lower on Saturday. 10% dead on this past Sat. Unfuckingbelievable To think Sat used to be one of their strongest weapons. It was still the source of their biggest day of 2019 so far (they programmed the Porto x Sporting Taça de Portugal game alongside a bunch of other hit bets). Meanwhile, GNR and PSP (our national security forces, for non-Portuguese writers) are threatening to follow the truck drivers way and go on strike. Are you prepared for The Purge here in Portugal?
  4. Good Boys great. Some holdovers good. Everything else PUKE. OUATIH and FFH having great holds despite the outrageous theater drops. TS4 being bombarded both by TC and Angry Birds.
  5. Great start for Good Boys! Not a great start for Exactly The Same Number Of Meters Down!
  6. That makes sense, but why didn't he land in the platform that he was supposed to? Wasn't the time GPS portal thing supposed to serve as a landing platform to hit exactly the right spot when travelling between timelines?
  7. @CJohn As TVI progresses towards ultimate floppage the merger with CMTV, they've announced they're dropping Prisioneira this Sunday and will instead choose the mini-series 37 as their prime time programming, which will flop hardcore, alongside a Rui Sinel de Cordes stand-up show at 11PM, which makes me guess they don't realize the Roast worked well because José Castelo Branco was at the forefront, but whatever. Also, Win Your Wish List has actually regained the leadership in the last two days, albeit without stellar results, so maybe it still isn't quite the mega flop that the Monday and Tuesday results made it out to be. As a matter of fact, its Thursday result was actually pretty good considering how poor its lead-ins all were, since it was a holiday and all.
  8. It's not a paradox when it comes to age matching or anything like that, but rather a paradox regarding how did old Cap end up in that exact timeline. The idea that current Cap goes back to the 40's and is old in modern times makes sense, but not when you put it in the same timeline as the one that he came from. Supposedly, going back to the past is the same thing as staying in the present, because it only creates alternate timelines instead of messing with the current status quo. Therefore, Cap should have NEVER been able to return to the exact same timeline that he came from. In the timeline where he goes back to dance with Peggy, the MCU would have gone down in a drastically different way. Sure, he would have still remembered Bucky and Falcon, obviously, but by no means would the timelines converge. In his timeline, he could have prevented 9/11 from happening, in example.
  9. It won't surprise me if TVI ceases to exist in a few years (and CMTV takes its place).
  10. Markus and McFeely made me laugh hardcore when they pretty much announced to the world that they don't get shit about time travel. They better not get a chance to work on it again. That being said, I remain on the solid ground that the handling of Endgame's time travel was well done. Maybe because I understood what they were doing and really didn't find holes in the logic throughout the film, apart from the Cap paradox at the end. I saw some people complaining about how they were hypocrites and actually were ripping off BTTF, but in BTTF, all life is affected by time travel changes; while here, time travel only creates parallel timelines. The only reason why they ever felt the need to return the Infinity Stones to their original place in time was to not disturb those parallel timelines, because, guess what, they're heroes and they don't wanna hurt civilians. As for the Black Order, I can understand the lack of presence, since the focus was on the heroes this time around. And it's not like they were ever super threatening, apart from Maw who was killed in the Good Snap.
  11. Hopefully it stays that way with help from the weekends. Also, speaking of TVI, they're about to be bought off by Cofina, the group that owns CMTV. Jesus fucking Christ, can you imagine a TVI and CMTV crossover? It's like a vortex of evil waiting to happen.
  12. @CJohn Holy shit, Win Your Wish List is a disaster Under 15% share on Tuesday. The Price Is Right, repeated, did 18.9%. These results are abysmal. The show is not good but it's the only new thing against two repeats, for God's sake. Doesn't affect SIC's domination, though, but it's the ratings disappointment of the year for sure.
  13. It might actually be the worst of the Disney remakes thus far, the more I think about it. At least Alice was trying something different, even if it was a failtastic attempt. At least Maleficent had a great Angelina performance, even if the plot was 100% bullshit. At least BATB managed to have a little bit more charm and a better cast, even if it was also a padded, quasi-identical remake.
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