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  1. At the moment the only other one I can think of is Flight 7500
  2. Think your second week Solo totals are off a wee bit based on your opening weekend frame
  3. Saw G.I. Joe last night at an early screening, 500 seat theater was about half full but i think that was because nobody really knew there was a showing that night, hell me and my friends who are super nerds who follow movies everyday didnt know about it until we went to the theater to see Olympus Has Fallen and decided to see Joe instead. The crowd seemed to like it, generated quite a bit of laughs and when it was over everyone clapped and cheered, a real crowd pleasing action movie if i've ever seen one.
  4. Dead Man Down: $7.45 Oz: The Great and Powerful: $94.37
  5. Phantom: $2.05 The Last Exorcism: Part II: $9.75 21 And Over: $15.76 Jack the Giant Slayer: $26.51
  6. so on my computer it says i posted this at midnight, but on my mobile it says i posted it at 9pm, so to be safe im confirming my investments now
  7. 100% in The Host 100% in Tyler Perry 100% in Admission and 100% in The Call (if there's any left)
  8. Escape From Planet Earth: $14.75 Beautiful Creatures: $15.67 Safe Haven: $22.43 A Good Day To Die Hard: $43.45
  9. You can't invest in The Call or Tyler Perry yet, movies only become available for investment 1 month before release. So The Call will be available on the 15th, this Friday and Tyler Perry on the 28th of this month. Check the table on page 1 for info.
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