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  1. The Snyder cut has become a MEME. Most people tweeting about it are just having fun with it....i doubt they are that bothered about not seeing the cut
  2. I'm pretty sure WB gave permission to Gal and Affleck to tweet. They aren't going rogue here. WB will release the damn cut
  3. this is so true, but bale is considered an acting god....you can't interrupt his scene
  4. also, this seeing a specific movie whenever you want is dangerous too. so many movies will not be seen because they are buried. at least on tv you could stumble upon a movie. But more importantly, who will actually have all, let's say 5 streaming services (replacing the major studios) in the future? To see the one movie you want to see you have to buy the streaming service full. Today, if you want to see a specific movie you see that movie in the theater. Let's say, i'm a fan of Brad Pitt and i want to see all movies with Brad Pitt, But he's doing movies for all 5 streaming services, what do i do....buy them all? it stinks
  5. So, i have to wonder. Are the studios ok with theaters going extinct? why are they doing anything in their power to extinguish theaters from existence? do they think streaming is the way to make the most money in the future? blurays are dead, so it will only be streaming, which will be like tv
  6. No more box office. how will we know which movies are successful if the streaming won't release stats for their films?
  7. walking around and driving is not exactly range, but he was mesmerizing doing it. does that make sense? he was just too beautiful to look at in OUATIH. and he deserves the oscar for that, dammit!
  8. This is blasphemy. Can you see dicaprio doing the joker performance? his acting stretching is The revenant....boooooring Joaquin>>>>Di Caprio without question
  9. i'm not into horror either, but I feel The Shining is the most mainstream of the old horror movies....the movie everyone knows about. but maybe it's just my perception
  10. The Shining did a respectable 44M in 1980. Doctor Sleep is not gonna make the same amount after 40 years. Sequels to old movies are having a hard time recapturing that magic. Top Gun 2 is next, especially since the first one is such a product of its time. The Shining transcends generations and yet the sequel flopped. BAd Boys 3 will flop too
  11. NO. Tomb Rider is the same situation. First movie a success, second flopped way bigger than the second Charlie's Angels. And yet the reboot with Alicia Vikander managed 23M OW. Face it, this Charlie's Angels is a mega bomb and KStewart is anti charisma. This flop is on her.
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