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  1. Have you seen The VVitch 2015? Saw it a few days ago. I really liked it. the director just had The Lighthouse premiere at Cannes to raving reviews.
  2. Peter Sciretta of /slashfilm has rated it 3 stars on letterboxd. He gave Pika 3 stars too
  3. I don't know which was worse US or HIGH LIFE. At least US had good production values. HIGH LIFE was garbage through and through
  4. 100M+ 4 day. but i wouldn't be disappointed with a little less. The movie has had lots of detractors
  5. No offense, but Shay is not an actor, so his looks are not important. He has the right to criticise the looks of this actor when looks are an important part of why most actors are successful.
  6. I hope US doesn't pass GET OUT. Such an awful movie. All hype. Critics really screwed up this time
  7. I was little busy yesterday and didn't get to track reactions, but looking at letterboxd the reviews seem to be good. I'll be really surprised if this doesn't get at least 65% RT
  8. I watched Florence Foster Jenkins a few weeks ago on Netflix. RF has a small role. Really enjoyed the movie
  9. Keanu who? Johnny Depp's The Professor comes out today too. It has a stellar 0% RT. Hopefully Waiting for the Barbarians is a return to form.
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