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  1. people want this! it had 25 years worth of fans-new and old.. and, as i said, this is a sequel people wanna see. the original is a classic. i expect it to explode, at least OW. Legs will depend on quality
  2. From @grim22 The movie is DOA. I believe it open about the same as AA -if it's lucky. You can still join the club
  3. False! I'm not rooting against films just because i made an UNDER club about it. especially since this one has pretty good reviews. It just that i feel there's no hype for the movie. it already flopped OS where cruise is bigger draw. about the mummy: yeah i sensed it would be trash when i learned who the writer and director were. but i was not rooting against it. i would have been happy to be proven wrong
  4. I can't believe i thought Ninjago would outopen Kingsman. I blame @YourMother
  5. lol will this poster be shown at the cinemas? why would they waste even more money on it?
  6. I liked the first one. Haven't watched the second yet
  7. Was this posted? http://pro.boxoffice.com/long-range-forecast-justice-league-the-star-wonder/ They predict 150M OW and 330M total

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