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  1. I don't expect out of this world legs for this. Unlike Aladdin, which for all its faults, was an actual fun movie, I don't think LK will be delightful. Fun always wins
  2. eh it's just not this person tho. there was that one a few weeks back who said people at Cine Europe hated the trailer. I read on another forum what the movie is supposed to be about. sounds like an action movie.
  3. who cares how many followers he has? He's interested in aviation and he saw the trailer and says it sucks. It matches with what the other guy said about people hating the trailer a few weeks ago. BTW Kardashians have millions of followers and i wouldn't trust them on anything. Having many followers doesn't make your opinion more valid
  4. EOT is awesome movie. Doing a sequel is another awful idea. Cruise is stuck doing these sequels/remakes. He's lacking career vision. I predict this will be Mummy bad.
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