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  1. Of course he is a movie star! And i have the stats to prove it: two very successful lead roles (The Fault...; Baby Driver) and working with Spielberg on his next success. Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Clooney were not as successful at his young age. I'm very surprised this forum can't see his potential. He's certainly had more success than forum favorite Chalamet.
  2. Eh those movies had the Spacey problem. THis was supposed to be a major movie 49M budget. She's BO poison. And she dragged Elgort down with her.
  3. Depends on legs. I think it can open with 25M in the US.
  4. What Went Wrong: The Goldfinch edition. Did Warner expect good reviews? Why did they premiere the movie at TIFF? Reviews completely decimated the movie.
  5. Don't worry. He still has his music career. Still a better singer than JLopez
  6. why? and i believe you think In The Heights will be a big hit. Why not WSS - based on a well known musical and directed by Spielberg
  7. Mary Poppins made 170M. A Spielberg directed WSS will do 200M, Not even joking now. It's a realistic prediction
  8. The Goldfinch is better rated than Hustlers on IMDB. Box office hit confirmed!
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