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  1. Jesus...the dislikes on youtube. This is entering Ghostbusters territory
  2. LMAO I love how the bitchy sailors are acting like they own the ship. Tom Cruise has probably paid more taxes than all of them combined Even tho they were explicitly told no pics, i saw some photos on facebook Anyway, this is about to blow up. Better make a statement
  3. i get some bullshit errors
  4. the forum is acting wonky again. i can't access certain threads
  5. Holly shit, at first Jussie thought the police arrested two random guys and he was ready to put them in jail by filing the complaints. Crazy guy
  6. The story is spreading. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/tom-cruise-top-gun-sequel-uss-theodore-roosevelt-reported-tensions-505966161.html Damage control in 3,2,..
  7. Yeah, that statement they put out was so stupid. They admit he paid the nigerians the money.
  8. The Jussie Smollett story has kept me entertained this weekend.
  9. still having issues with the forum
  10. I assume the MAGA country is the primary audience for this. They hold the military in high regard. If you piss them off, then good luck marketing your movie towards them. They hold a grudge

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