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  1. But what character? The man was dull/glum. Not an interesting character. As i already said, not every man who accomplished great things merits a biopic.
  2. Yeah, me too. It was an ambitious club and the end result is very close
  3. Agreed. I too called out that line when the trailer was released. It was awkward. But i enjoyed Fallout. Agreed again about having a bad feeling about TG2. I was against it since they announced, just like i was not in favor of The Mummy. Call it a hunch
  4. Just finished Argo. How the heck did i miss this crazy movie?! Shit was intense.
  5. Lies and fallacies... Anyway, Mcquarrie is not involved in this in any way. He just took some pictures with the planes. He said on twitter he has a new project he's working on
  6. I get the feeling you didn't quite like Halloween. Am i correct?
  7. Can a mod unlock my Goldfinch OVER 100M club? we are less than a year away. Now Ansel elgort is an actor who's gonna be a huge success. @aabattery @grim22
  8. Hems better hope this is a success. If not, i don't see studios giving him other tentpoles. And with Thor over, i can't see him nabbing character roles in indie films. He's made for big budget movies, but so far they haven't panned out
  9. I said this before seeing the movie, but this film is taking it to whole nother level. Its actually infuriating
  10. My God, First Man deserves to flop. What a booooring movie. Not every man who accomplished great things merits a biopic. The man was glum and devoid of any interesting character traits (at least that's how the movie presented him) FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOPPITY FLOP
  11. damn, RF can't catch a break. I'm not gonna judge too hard, though. This is a movie for kids
  12. Alli

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    have you heard anything or are you speculating?

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