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  1. Tell your parents you are having a hard time now. you don't need to tell them about your movie secret. but tell them you are not feeling well
  2. do you live alone? tell someone about your problem. they can help you
  3. Yep i figured the schizo symptoms. I'm surprised you only take Prozac. Didn't your doctor prescribe something else too?
  4. OK. You have to tell your doctor about your PTSD. He can help you. Or tell someone you know. I promise you,, nothing bad will happen. It will be better
  5. I see. Are you taking your medication?
  6. what was your diagnosis while you were in rehab, if you don't mind me asking. But you need to tell someone you know about your thoughts. This is important.
  7. sounds like schizophrenia to me. You need help. communicate with someone you know
  8. Mile 22 is direct competition. How much do you expect for MI-F this weekend?
  9. you're right. but the drops from last week are higher than RN
  10. yeah, the latest days have been under/barely over RN
  11. Watch MIle 22 win the weekend battle. lol
  12. CRA definitely affected drops. MI-F dropped 50% from last wednesday, while RN dropped 40%.
  13. wasn't deadline saying 6M? crap

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