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  1. Yep the competition ahead for DU is going to be big. It will surely do great numbers and have good total but those won't be as excellent as they need to be for $200m. If it somehow wins BP then there is a very good chance otherwise I see it topping out at $170m as of now. Plus it is behaving as a blockbuster movie with big mainstream appeal so the Oscar boost won't be big with just nominations.
  2. Does anyone know how much TCM made at its 10pm shows? Plus I think it is doing close to $15m-$16m for the weekend.
  3. It looks like only DU and TH will fight it out for #1 position. LM should do well for #3.
  4. Much better than expected for TH. I thought it would be barely reach $4m so $4.4m is good.
  5. Dear friend you will be missed. Keep checking here once in a while to say hi.
  6. I am not sure if $150m will happen for LM. DU on the other hand should not have any problems.
  7. I think it was expected for Django to increase big still the increase just too big which is a pleasant surprise :)Hobbit is really doing great now. If it can hold well this weekend then $310m-$315m has a slight chance.
  8. Derail!! Derail!! YES!! YES!!Its so funny cause all the Monday numbers are not even out yet
  9. Hobbit would need about $70m-$80m from China to get $1b. Its not impossible but not a given at this point. It needs to hold really well over January to have any hopes of a billion dollar. Regardless Bond is going to beat it
  10. Not so good for TH and LM. Great for DU it might make more than the other two by coming weeekend
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