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  1. edmkh

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    Maybe a tv series following the movie? i mean, at the time the novels were wuge (also the two versions of the first movie were really great movies) and they could capitalize on the name alone (at the time) and make a tv series (or miniseries) of the rest of the books. Just thinking outloud.
  2. I am a fan of Jack Black, i love Cate Blanchett, and Eli Roth is one of my favorite directors, i love ALL the Hostel movies. I will watch this movies the first day at the theater.
  3. Yes, i was on mojo, back there i believe i was with the nick "axido" but i really don't remember because it was a few years ago and i log in here with my twitter. I didnt write a lot there or here because my english is really bad.
  4. I will always love you not matter what baby, being a fan since so many years ago that nothing that you do to me will make me not love you.
  5. I am such a fanboy of him that if something happened to him i wold die, i don't care even if he doesn't post more numbers here, just that he is ok because he seems like a really cool and nice guy.
  6. Well, i respect the people that hated JW but I Loved Jurassic World, i LOVED the Nanny scene, and loved the third act with all the dinos (including my beloved trex from the first movie) fighting the big bad guy and how it ended eated by the water dino. And the end showing from above my beloved trex standing mighty in the island. It was such a fun movie.
  7. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your avatar. Can i steal it for my twitter account?
  8. I been reading yoy guy and love your analysis. But for me simple, you cant replace Han Solo wit another actor so soon, i think a lot of people didn't went to the theater because of that, i love him in Hail cesar, but simply he is no han solo, and i think a lot of people didn't went to see the movie because of that. You can't replace Han solo, HAN Solo is Harrison in people minds, he is iconic.
  9. I am thinking they will (He is the only one of the trio left sadly) plus dart vader plus Yoda, Plus another big bad, plus a shocking revelation about rey or Kylo, plus maybe they convince Ford back for a flashback now that my beloved Fisher is so sadly dead.
  10. I think he will do whatever he needs to to "save" the franchise to stratopherics numbers again.
  11. The next Star Wars JJ Abrams movie will do it. IMHO he is the key plus Star Wars Brand plus the end of a trilogie plus Christmas legs (Boom: Second weekend record broked)

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