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  1. Just thinking out loued what if Disney told JJ Abrahams in private that this would be the first part in a 2 parts finale and just suprise everybody with a end card that says "Part 1 of 2", how would this affects the box office of this OW and the whole box office of what would had been a 2 part finale for TROS hypothetically. (sorry for my bad english)
  2. I love it at first, and i still think it was a great introduction to the new characters. I only hated the second Star Destroyer plot-
  3. Just a random thought i got: J.J. is good at creating cliffhangers (loved lost for example). What if Disney told him in secrecy "this will be the first part in a two parter finale, you now have two movies to write a good finale to TFA and a cliffhanger for TROS, and then Disney would surprise everybody at the end of this movie with something like "TROS PART I", how much would have this movie make OW and how would it maybe change all the ideas that JJ Abrahams did have for TROS
  4. I myself loved HP so much, loved the books so much and the movies, i skipped a test at my university to go watch HP1 at the theaters at 10 am (first showing at my city). And even i am 40 right now, i want to do a Fawks tattoo in my leg where i got a really bad scar this year. I myself welcome this new space wizards and witches, headcannon SW and HP are at the same universe lol
  5. I refuse to watch any movie with dogs in it since i watched the movie "Marley and me" at the theater, i was crying like a little bitch for half a movie and all around me, not only my friends, were laughing at me.
  6. I think that a lot of people here, and i mean a lot, are underestimating (even if they liked TLJ) how mucho that movie hurted this movie TROS weekend box office.
  7. Also, he loves the characters and the world so he would be adamant to made them right. He also had the storyilne guidelines for Episodes 7, 8 y 9.
  8. Hola! soy de Venezuela. Yo vi Frozen 2 dos veces en el cine, una vez en español y la otra en inglés, las dos veces me encantó.
  9. lol people thinking this is a bomb, a flot, really makes me laugh with all respect, it is a disappointment, not a bomb.
  10. A few thoughts from me (first, sorry for my bad english). I hated The Last Jedi, it was beautiful directed but come on! the missed the amrk with the whole Fin Rose story line. The people behind this movies are being paid millions of dollars, the have the responsibility to deliver a god product and TLJ wasn't one. I watched The OT in VHS, then i watched this movies at the cinema when my loved George Lucas released the with the digital changes. I watched TPM, AOTC and rots at the theaters, i loved them all 3. And i watched all the last 3 movies at te cinema too. I watched TROS yesterday and i love it!!!! it was so much fun and so entertaining and well directed, the last scenes with (don't know if i can write names for the spoilers policy) but fuc... me this was awesome and so cinematic, it was so awesome watching this in the big screen, i loved, i am gonna watch it again tonight, i told my boyfriend to watch it together but he only watched Episode IV when i came out at the theater ( i am really considering to dumping him lol, but now my goal is to watch this movies with him in blu ray together). They really missed the mark after Episode VII established Fin, Rey and Ren so well to make this characters in TLJ more awesome so they can used them in the next movies, JJ Abrahams did everything he could but TLJ just fucked this up. Also, for me, they can make 10 movies every year and i will watch them, but i want them to make GOOD movies, this is not so hard to ask, and is not trolling, i love this movies, they make millions in profit, the writers make a lot of money, come on, write good star wars movies and cohesive and coherent stony lines. Also, the Kennedy lady, i don't have nothing against her, but if she truly was in charge of this trilogy she just didnt do a good job, creatively and commercially. I know this lastet movies made humungus amount of money, but they had the potential to make so much more so this is money that the owners missed getting. Gonna watch the movie for the second time again today and then in digital. I want this movie to exceed expectations money was because i want more Star Wars Movies this next years, but i want good movies of course.
  11. I think that Jennifer will get a Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe win. If Gwyneth Paltrow won the Oscar for Shakespeare In love, and Sharon Stone was nominated for one for Casino i think Jennifer Lopez can do it. And for the Oscars and the golden globes could be a win when they nominated her because unlike other nominates in past years at least Hustlers is a Box Office hit which could translate in better numbers for the award shows. Jennnifer Lopez, te amo mami!!!
  12. I loved AOU and i watched Civil War first day at the theater (it was full) but imho civil war want that good of a movie and the color palette was just so bland, like eating a harboiled egg wit no salt. That is why agree with you about the legs of Civil War. A lot of people went to see it at first but the didn't had much repeat business.
  13. I really liked Lost in the woods. i liked Frozen 2 a lot is just not asChristmasy and doesnt have catchy songs as Frozen I, iis all that i am saying, i truly believed that Frozen II would become the biggest box office movie for 2019 over Star Wars 9 and TLK. I am a fan no a hater Want to give you an example from pop music, a lot of people say that the new music from Carly Rae Jepsen is better than Call Me Maybe, but Call me maybe was just the catchier song, thats all what i am saying, Frozen II doesnt have any song as catchier as let it go or do you want to build a snowman, the closest i can think is Into the Unkown. In box office numbers or comercial success imho it doesnt matter is a song better or worse than let it go, what does matter is it is a catchy and liked as let it go or do you want to build a snowman.
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