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  1. I am thinking they will (He is the only one of the trio left sadly) plus dart vader plus Yoda, Plus another big bad, plus a shocking revelation about rey or Kylo, plus maybe they convince Ford back for a flashback now that my beloved Fisher is so sadly dead.
  2. I think he will do whatever he needs to to "save" the franchise to stratopherics numbers again.
  3. The next Star Wars JJ Abrams movie will do it. IMHO he is the key plus Star Wars Brand plus the end of a trilogie plus Christmas legs (Boom: Second weekend record broked)
  4. I like her since i first hear about her when she was nominated for Winter's Bone. I watched all of her movies and i definitely think she is a draw, you can put her in any movie and the movie will make more money that it would without her. For example, imagine if she was in Rampage.
  5. Baywatch was a really big tv show and had a really big cultural impact worldwide.
  6. Right now i believe that maybe the only actor alive to be a draw is Leo Dicaprio
  7. I love him, and i loved the trailer of rampage, i am actually really exited to go see the movie, loved jumanji. I am a fan of him as a movie star and as a person, i even once downloaded a alarm clock of him, but for me a movie star is only a draw when we know a movie wouldn't make as much money as it did if that actor wasn't in it.
  8. I am no denying iw will be a success, i think i am watching the numbers of BP as a fanboy of box Office, and will be watching the numbers of IW as a fanboy of box office and The Avengers.
  9. This really is a Half empty Half full kind of situation. I mean, i am really happy with the numbrs of BP i love it. But also i know i will be kind of sad if IW goes below BP numbers.
  10. Off Topic: Just wanted to say (again) that rth is my dream man. A guy that love movies and have inside numbers, so hot!
  11. I loved avatar when i watched it in the theather but it was really that the visuals was so amazzong, it was a great experience, but until today it still bafflle me its box office take. Having Titanic and Avatar in your resume (and i am only am talking about box office wise, even he is one of the greatest directors) had to make you some kind of legend in the box office history for decades and even centuries, its just so incredible and surreal that a Director could make the 2 biggest boxoffice movies of all time. Sorry for my bad english.

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