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  1. It was BOM who misleaded me into thinking the previous OW was $182 million, that's all. Wow, all I said was underperform and you get shot at on here
  2. Oh I see, i'm with you all now lol. It's Box Office Mojos fault as this page says OW $182 million, when you click on it, it says $63.5 million! So really it's on par with the last film. And I never said it's disappointing, just less than we all thought. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=intl&id=fast7.htm
  3. If that's the case it's even worse! $180 million from Sunday-Tuesday was amazing, I didn't know it opened on a Sunday (what a strange day to open on). So 2 years later from Friday-Sunday OW it really should have been higher, am I wrong? What does everyone think the film will end on, will it beat F7?
  4. It made $180 million OW back in 2015, so I thought it would do a lot more than $200 million. Didn't it have higher presales? I never said it did badly, it's done amazing, but not as much as everyone was expecting.
  5. I thought FF8 would gross over $200 million in China OW? A lot of people thought $250 million was virtually locked, so I guess it's under-performed.
  6. Can someone tell me what the official final numbers were for Resident Evil? I know it's over $161 million and 1112 million yuan, but is there official numbers anywhere? Edit: Found this gross, is this an accurate site? $161,294,600 http://www.boxofficechina.com/beta/2017-03-23
  7. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $26,844,692 8.6% + Foreign: $285,412,558 91.4% = Worldwide: $312,257,250
  8. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $26,844,692 8.6% + Foreign: $285,412,558 91.4% = Worldwide: $312,257,250
  9. This is from Box Office Mojo, with the international gross updated to last weekend: Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $26,818,385 8.7% + Foreign: $280,705,081 91.3% = Worldwide: $307,523,466
  10. Looks like we won't have any more updates as it closed in China yesterday with a total of $161.44 million. Sony didn't report any international gross on Sunday but the-numbers.com have the gross at $280,451,649 but Pro Box Office have it at $277,010,970.
  11. Why have they stopped showing it? It would have grossed about $2-3 million more! How annoying when XXX is still being shown!
  12. I thought XXX had left Chinese cinemas? It's still being shown?
  13. We have an international figure from The-Numbers.com with $280,455,000. Up to last Sunday I had the figures at $274,164,144 but Pro Box Office had it down as $271,412,256. I just wish we had accurate numbers!
  14. Well it's grossed $2.6 million in China this week but Sony haven't released an international number this week. Probably because they keep on getting it wrong. So the total gross up to this weekend will be something between $304.2 million to $313 million.

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