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  1. They couldn't handle the TRUTH in the Wreck it Ralph 2 thread, so here I am.
  2. Oh, you are, but you are the type that lives under a bridge or mom and dad's basement.
  3. I'll trust the opinions of real people and not the angry internet faction.
  4. I forgot, showed this to a group of 4th and 5th graders and their moms today and the absolutely ate it up. They were like like 5 and 6 when the first movie came out, one of their first memories in the movie theaters. Their moms were in their early and mid 30's and grew up on Disney films. It's going to be huge. Way bigger than the first movie. Bash the fuck out of me if I am wrong, but this group never fails me on kids and family movies. FYI, they are bonkers for the Fantastic Beasts 2 trailers and lukewarm on The Grinch.
  5. You fucking people. They literally telegraph it in the trailer where they are going with this..... Vanellope looks out over complete chaos that is the internet "This is the most beautiful miracle I have ever seen!!"
  6. Who in the fuck has a brain and watches this trailer today and goes "Fucking Disney. Vanellope and Ralph totally walk around and go oh look Disney stuff this is awesome and look at Snapchat everyone should use it and buy Amazon products and use Twitter. I bet they all paid a bunch of money and the director and producers decided to make the movie a giant ad with no point." What possibly could lead any thinking person to that conclusion?
  7. Gee, I don't know, maybe because the movie doesn't fucking come out for another 6 months? I can discern from the dialogue and general theme of what I have watched so far that the point of including all of it will carry a larger message. The same way that you could tell Spielberg was using nostalgia to tell people to stop being nostalgic and get the fuck outside and live in the moment and talk to people. Now if I had simply watched the trailers with a negative eye, then I would have been convinced like a lot of people were that Ready Player One was a giant advertisement and it was terrible and would lose millions. Turns out there was something larger being said the movie actually made $600m and millions and millions of profit for the studio.
  8. I have railed against Disney on here. Called them fucking morons for not moving the Solo release date. Chided them for how they treat the film market. Rolled my eyes at their bullshit demands of theaters and their sky high licensing costs. With all that said, I am also insanely positive about them because in the last decade and especially the last 3 years they have pumped billions into theaters. They have provided high quality product that is also extremely well reviewed. They have had roughly 2 films in the last few years that lost money, and one of those films still made theaters a fuckload of money over what is usually a slow Memorial Day weekend. They are the reason you see lots and lots of theaters expanding and upgrading everything from their seating to projection and other things to make the experience better. If anyone is seriously posting why people treat Disney, the most successful studio by a wide margin, one way and struggling bomb factories like Sony and Paramount another way you don't really deserve to be listened to.
  9. Gee, maybe people form those opinions because X studio consistently makes good to great movies and Y studio churns out shit? That might be the reason, and the fact that Y studio actually does ridiculous product placement. Wreck It Ralph was filled with brand nostalgia. It was based off classic video games.
  10. Lol. No. It shows them (and the princess) ripping on themselves. Yes, it does make it fun for people to see Storm Troopers and Iron Man and Princesses, but the movie roasts Disney about it in many parts.
  11. Oh my. You think those are in there because of paid product placement?? The Disney Princess bit actually shits all over Disney and Pixar. It is pretty scathing in many parts. It is self-referential in a good way. The companies are not in there for paid advertisements or product placements.
  12. Oh yeah, there is a fantastic joke that takes a crack at Brave/Pixar.
  13. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I think it goes $300m+

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