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  1. This was a slightly different version of what they showed at CinemCon 6 months ago. Said on here it sent chills through the room and people went crazy for it. Stand by it having a chance at both domestic records.
  2. I said on this forum 6 months ago when I saw that teaser footage extended opening that this movie had a chance to be the biggest of all time unajusted. The teaser today only reinforces that. It hits every single demographic and people are going to go nuts for this.
  3. Absolutely. Nutcracker headed to maybe $16m or so for the weekend.
  4. EmpireCity

    Overlord | October 26, 2018

    The movie is ok, but the reviews so far are festival fever.
  5. It's what lazy people do when they don't have anything else to offer. I caught the same shit with Venom. Hey, maybe I will be wrong. I have been before and will be again. When you post stuff like this though, if you aren't 100% accurate on everything it gets thrown back in your face. Oh well. It's an opinion.
  6. I haven't thought about it very much, but could see $60m and $195m-$215m or something like that. Going to be crowded and think Bumblebee has a real chance to shock people.
  7. Correct, that isn't hating it and flesh out in the full spoiler what I liked and didn't like. I never hated it, said flat out it would be a giant success that people would love and support. It's almost like the English language has words that have specific meanings and even has this thing called a dictionary that tells you what those words mean. Do you need me to link you to a Google dictionary? Seems like you are struggling here.
  8. That is exactly what my extended fleshed out spoiler review was. You people keep saying I HATED it and other dumb shit. I didn't. You made it up. Everyone keeps repeating it. It's lazy. Be better.
  9. Gee, seems like I totally HATED it and was so against it. I didn't like it, didn't think it was good but pointed out things I really liked and was spot on the opening weekend and $300m+ domestic total. You guys have shitty memories. Luckily a numbers site like this keeps the relevant info around.
  10. @Nova can you politely remind everyone that I didn't hate Wonder Woman and I simply said the third act was a borderline mess? Also, can you remind them I said without hesitation even after I saw it that it would open $100m+ and $300m+ domestic total. Thanks.
  11. Oh my this is another bad movie. Not as bad as Justice League but as bad as Suicide Squad or Venom. It will still put up some numbers, but it is likely the very worst of the 12/14 and 12/21 releases.

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