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  1. I posted that way back in April, changed quickly long ago. Not owning shit as things change.
  2. I'm in your town @Stutterng baumer Denbrough Toronto is a beautiful city.
  3. I'm in Toronto and saw Molly's Game. It is really fucking good.
  4. IT over Get Out ($175m)

    I never said Wonder Woman was "a mess". Get your quotes right, I said it was a "borderline mess" and that is opinion based, but we are talking numbers here my friend. I liked Gal and Pine a bunch, but that ending was a mess. Don't forget I was one of the few that was adamant way out and even after I saw it that said it was opening $100m+ Your $175m is out of reach statement is wrong. With the tracking and pre-sales it isn't out of reach. =)
  5. IT over Get Out ($175m)

    The hype isn't fake. Sales are stupid on this movie.
  6. Disney has Thor tickets going on sale soon, doubt before then.
  7. Correct and not sure what the hell he is talking about. It doesn't matter if at one point in time people thought late May and June would be strong, all that matters is what happened. Same thing could happen in November and early December for Justice League, but given the releases are either strong domestic or original Disney properties, movies loaded with Oscar potential and sheer number of studio pressure, the chance is a lot less that all of November and December goes to crap and allows Justice League to keep the number of screens it needs to run to the levels we are talking about.
  8. Again, this doesn't make any sense. Those movies were weak immediately upon release. They were terribly reviewed. It helped Wonder Woman that nearly everything around it ended up being dogshit. It had a direct effect to help the numbers go higher. Let's say that The Mummy was a 90% positive reviewed film that opened to $60m+, then it would have held onto more screens and likely costs Wonder Woman a screen at larger complexes or affected the house placement. It moves it from a 400 seat house to a 250 seat house. Smaller house, less screen space, less showtimes equal less $$$$. This isn't some controversial thought and doesn't discount anything about Wonder Woman.
  9. I think people are going to be very happy with this movie. Hope it can get to around $150m domestic.

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