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  1. Ultimately, who cares because this isn't a decade ago. The budget doesn't matter now that they need streaming content. WB is going to make the sequel, because the economics have changed. They want content and paying $150m or $250m means nothing when they are building towards a certain number of subscribers years from now.
  2. Oct. 22nd. It will have a few flares in regions where it hadn't burned through yet, but essentially Delta is done in the United States.
  3. I mean, I get some of this, but some of this is just insane. These productions cost millions and millions of dollars and they are already under a tremendous time crunch to even bring in the production on any sort of a budget and avoid delays due to weather, location availability, talent schedules, etc.... Having all of these crazy rules and hard stops and penalties makes it a nightmare. https://www.wrapbook.com/blog/meal-penalties-producers-guide
  4. I keep mentioning this, but do not underestimate the impact of either theaters not being open, theaters operating on reduced hours and theaters operating at reduced capacity still has. I can tell you with absolute certainty that some of the box office has been muted at various chains due to labor shortages. That might not be a giant percentage, but it does have an impact. Even if that impact is 5%, that is a $5m-$7.5m impact given the size of a weekend.
  5. Never trust the ad spend numbers. Most of the spend is on Disney owned channels and the money just shifts from one company account to another, and usually at an inflated amount.
  6. Let me know up front if this is a you are done with me or as a mod you are now threatening to give me points or whatever it is. I have stayed on topic in this thread and discussed the issue. I'm not trolling anyone. Just because you don't like my opinion on it doesn't mean I should start getting mod threats to silence me.
  7. Some do though. Sorry that hurts to hear. I'm not reducing people working for their rights to that, I reducing the ones that are doing it to chase media attention. They exist, not everyone on the union side is a good actor in this situation. By the way, I work in the industry. I'm part of it. The industry has been through a whole ring of shit the last 18+ months and the last thing it needs AFTER the leadership agreed on a deal is to vote it down. It doesn't just affect them, it affects hundreds of thousands of others as well that get s
  8. This is on topic, but sort of off topic as well. Some of the stuff that is made as a hard sticking point also can be very counter productive. For example, in many industries you have a work day for periods of time that can be longer or on the weekends if the job requires it. If you have a big sequence of shooting, sometimes it is better to get in 4 or 5 16 hour days in a row or need to shoot on a Saturday/Sunday. As long as there is time given back to make up for it, should be something that can be done. What has sucked is when there is a hard stop when you could
  9. Well, from the comments coming out, very clearly yes. You're kidding yourself if you don't think there is a larger than insignificant number of people who want war, not peace.
  10. Yeah, I do think they should take a deal that got them a lot better terms than before that the leadership they put in place negotiated. I don't back off that at all.
  11. Completely agree and I feel bad for people like you that are working hard and good faith to get a fair deal that get torpedoed by people with a blatant agenda to say no to whatever is/was agreed to so they can have their day on strike in the media spotlight.
  12. I completely agree, which is why I'm a bit heated here. We haven't even seen the details yet and already one side is hitting up their media contacts and making a giant stink of how bad the deal is and trying to preemptively kill it and garner the support of the public.
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