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  1. I told you guys months ago the footage looks awful, the cast is shitty, the set design and costume design is poor and it is shot like a really bad Richie movie. It is going to bomb very very hard. Most likely.
  2. This is going to open to $50m+
  3. They have made a few good things, but overall their slate is garbage.
  4. Slash Film has it spot on.... "Action Movies Don’t Get More Incoherent and Exhausting Than This"
  5. It is an atrocious film and the quicker STX goes out of business or fires everyone at the top the better.
  6. EmpireCity

    Mandy l September 14th 2018 I Nicolas Cage

    This movie is completely bonkers and really good for what it is.
  7. It is a crowd pleasing film, but not on the level of IT. Should open big.
  8. I can say that pre-sales are very strong. This should go full August break out.
  9. The two leads are going to be pretty close to each other if not even tonight. I'm guessing around $10.3m and $10.5m or so.
  10. EmpireCity

    Venom Under $100m


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