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  1. Correct, many of us on here had it $185m+ for the 4 day but going to $240m+ is another level. People expected it to be huge, but it vaulted into the cultural phenomenon level.
  2. Usually when a film doesn't have any real name recognition to drive it forward if it is only mediocre. It might do it, but the film is mediocre and don't see $100m in it.
  3. I have been saying for over a year I expected this to be a gigantic watershed cultural movie. The last few months I felt it would go $185m+ for the 4 day, so to see it heading towards $215m+ is incredible.
  4. Not me if that is what you are implying, but if you have a problem you want to discuss instead of making up complete lies because you are chicken shit, you are welcome to PM me and we can handle this very easily and not clutter up the board.
  5. Yeah, this is going well over $1b total.
  6. James Cameron thought the last Terminator movie was great, so what he thinks of projects he doesn't direct is of little consequence.
  7. This is going to do very, very well for them. I think can do $200m+
  8. Yeah, that isn't really true. Rodriguez was talking to Cameron in an office and he asked him what he was going to do coming up and Cameron told him he was pretty much only making Avatar movies going forward. Rodriguez asked him what was going to happen with other projects like Alita: Battle Angel and Cameron told him nothing. He said that if he really wanted, he could take a crack at the script and see if he could figure it out. This wasn't something where Cameron was really eager to make the movie, he was asked by Rodriguez, he told him give it a try and it happened from there. Supposedly half the reason was to start getting the money to test some further stuff he wanted to try with motion capture and effects. I think this movie is going to not make a lot of money.
  9. It isn't that far fetched. The "official" tracking numbers are $170m+ for the 4 day opening weekend, but the internals are showing $200m+ is possible. Needs about a 2.5x - 3.0x multiplier to reach $500m+
  10. Yeah, this movie is great and could do very well if Paramount can get their head out of their ass.

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