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  1. That was a good save and many others weren't as lucky because they don't really have people that understand and can predict the numbers. Can't really blame them for last week, it was way below even the lowest of tracking.
  2. Yeah, that isn't true at all. They aren't happy with a roughly 50% less than expected opening that caused other good movies to abandon ship from release dates leaving a way too empty slate leading up to Dec. 15th. Theaters are like any other business and have to budget for training new seasonal employees, staffing of all positions, extra product orders in anticipation of a busy date, extra managers on duty to cover shifts, projection help, longer hours, etc..... When a movie like Justice League goes from a $150m/$400m anticipated movie to to a $93m/$225m actual, that costs theater owners real money. Many of them had likely staffed in anticipation of being busy all day and subsequently lost money on labor and excess product that was prepared in hopes of a certain number of customers. The industry is already down from last year and many were hoping for a late recovery, but Justice League killed a solid month of expected gains.
  3. Nolan wasn't technically signed as director but there were a lot of producer agreements with him, his wife and even brother that extended all across Warner Bros. including the in production Man of Steel at the time.
  4. There are dozens of sources, but the best one is Nolan himself. The quickest recap is actually the Wiki page on the development. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Knight_Rises#Development
  5. That isn't really true either. Yes, they were signed, but they had to drag Nolan and Bale back kicking and screaming to finish it and it showed in how completely sloppy it was and how uninterested Bale was acting in that movie.
  6. They freaked out because the cash cow of Nolan was walking out the door and they knew nobody at that point was really looking forward to Man of Steel 2, so at that ComicCon they had that last second announcement with a logo on screen and locked themselves into Snyder and a shared universe. They were also hoping they could throw a vault of money at Bale. It was a terrible mistake, but at least we got Wonder Woman out of it.
  7. Yeah, I'm going to have to go with who cares and it doesn't matter on this one. Not very wide from what I am seeing.
  8. This was all orchestrated by the Snyder and his wife to maintain control of the DC Universe no matter how BvS did. If people don't remember, they set the production date right at the opening for BvS so there was no chance for Warner Bros. to back out or fire them if that failed. It was a 1.99x legs disaster and they were stuck with them. Warner Bros. should have waited to see how BvS did and then made a decision on Snyder. They could have fired him in April of 2015, got their shit together and hired a new team and started production later that year.

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